Senate Passes $12 Billion For Ukraine

As long as it takes …

Another $12 billion for Ukraine.

$1 billion for natural disasters like Hurricane Ian.


“The U.S. Senate voted 72 to 25 on Thursday to pass legislation funding the federal government through mid-December — days before an impending government shutdown.

The bill, which now goes to the House where it’s expected to quickly pass, includes an additional $12 billion in aid for Ukraine, $1 billion in heating and utility assistance and emergency aid for natural disasters …”


The 25 Nays and 3 NVs are all Senate Republicans.

Every single Democrat in the Senate voted for another $12 billion to support the war in Ukraine. Half of Senate Republicans including Tommy Tuberville voted against it this time.

Note: Tuberville voted against the previous Ukraine package in May. If JD Vance and Blake Masters get elected, it will shift the balance of power within the Republican caucus further against Mitch on Ukraine who is losing several of his allies like Roy Blunt and Richard Shelby who are retiring.


      • So the obvious thing to do is to dox the Republicans that did vote $20 billion to fund the war in Ukraine while our border is being invaded by the Camp of the Saints.

        Dox them and their families, their donors. Don’t lem enjoy their golf games at the private golf clubs.

        Where do they go to Conservative churches – get some Russian Orthodox Christians to confront them at their churches, confront their priests and pastors. Key their luxury cars.

        First thing to do is:

        Name Names – don’t just complain about impersonal institutions like the Conservatives GOP establishment.

  1. This war between the west and Russia over Ukraine has nothing to do with democracy.
    Russia is a democracy, Ukraine isn’t.
    Ukraine has been warring with the people of the Donbass, who’re ethnically Russian and want to secede from Ukraine.

    It appears Russia is no longer Marxist, it’s a relatively national populist state, a multiethnic state, predominantly Russian with some Circassians, Turks and so on, but nonetheless a national populist state, and that’s why the west hates it, Belarus and Hungary, because the western ruling class are global progressives and NeoMarxists, not centrists like they feign to be, even centrists are now intolerable to woke progressives.

  2. 12 billion for Ukraine, yet the same USZOG won’t rovide care for the US veterans that suffered atomic poisoning at Enewetak.

      • “From 1977 to 1980, around 4,000 US servicemen were tasked with cleaning up the former nuclear testing site of Enewetak Atoll. ”

        Guys would be 60’s, the ones who cleaned up Runit Island.
        They were exposed to all radioactive debris.

  3. Hunter can you list the 12 Senate Republicans that did vote to fund the war in Ukraine?

    I know it sounds lame but please call your US Congressmen, US Senators talk to low level staff members who’s job it is to listen to customer concerns, develop a dialogue back and forth and don’t rant or threaten.

    We’ve gotten rid of some real bad military industrial war mongers that always go with the Neo Conservatives Zionists. There is Tulsi Gabbard as the lone anti War Democrat.

    We have to do what we can – sigh it’s football FOOTBALL season in Ohio, Texas and the South. Our people are wasting 5 days a week, glued to the TV boob tube worshipping Black felons.


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