Allahpundit: Does MAGA Care If The Herschel Walker Story Is True?

I don’t care.

Why would anyone who is pro-life care about this story?

Democrats are campaigning on nuking the filibuster in order codify Roe into federal law. They also want to codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The only thing that is stopping them from doing that and a lot of other things which are much worse is the filibuster.

The argument from people who are pro-abortion is that you should be so angry with Herschel Walker that Raphael Warnock should be allowed to hold that Senate seat which would keep Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate which would guarantee the legalization of abortion nationwide.

The Dispatch:

“Looking at the PRRI data, one might confuse cause and effect. Because the Republican Party’s white Evangelical base had changed its views over time about the importance of character, you might reason, Donald Trump was able to win the presidential primary. I think the truth is the opposite. It’s because Donald Trump was able to win the presidential primary that the white Evangelical base changed its views about the importance of character. …

We might ask, finally, why it matters what Herschel Walker does in his private life so long as he votes the right way on legislation. Neither side disputes that he’ll reliably support his party’s agenda as a senator, which may or may not eventually include a national ban on abortion. If he’s pro-life publicly, should we care that he’s pro-choice privately?

It would make him a hypocrite, sure. But if hypocrites were unfit for office, we wouldn’t be able to staff the government. …”

A decade ago, White evangelicals might have been dumb enough to fall for this. When the True Cons like Allahpundit ruled and defined conservatism, there was nothing more virtuous than losing on major social issues to the Left. These people tried to throw the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, White evangelicals got tired of losing.

They shrugged off the disingenuous character arguments from people like David French and voted for Trump. As a result, they succeeded in tipping the Supreme Court dramatically to the Right, which ended Roe which was the biggest victory for social conservatives in generations. The dividends from that decision will continue to pay off for decades as the Supreme Court rules on other social issues.

It also wasn’t just voting for Trump which produced the Dobbs decision for White evangelicals. It was showing up and voting in the 2014 midterms. Republicans won control of the Senate which enabled Mitch McConnell to blockade a ton of judicial nominations including Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court after the death of Antonin Scalia. Imagine what the Supreme Court would be like today with a 5-4 Democratic majority with Chief Justice Merrick Garland and Ketanji Brown Jackson on the court. This is the scenario that Never Trumpers like David French and Allahpundit wanted.

I’m not endorsing Herschel Walker. I’m just saying … it is a positive development that most conservatives have wised up and can see through these fake oppo morality plays. It is a positive thing that these professional chumps like Allahpundit are no longer taken seriously. Politics is about nothing but power to the Left. Give them an inch on an issue like gay marriage and they will take a hundred miles.

All kinds of awful things have passed the Democratic House under Joe Biden including amnesty for all illegal aliens, the Equality Act, Build Back Better, codifying abortion, contraception, gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law, DC statehood and $60 billion dollars for Ukraine. The Senate is where most of that has gone to die due to the filibuster and Manchin and Sinema’s reluctance to get rid of it. Senate races are the most important races in the country because that is the chokepoint. The only thing stopping Democrats from pushing through their entire agenda is two Democratic senators. The only way for Republicans to push through their agenda is to control the federal courts and the Senate.

If the Democrats lose control of the Senate, this will have major ramifications. Joe Biden becomes a lame duck president who will be paralyzed and consumed for the next two years by investigations like the 1/6 Committee. Judicial nominations including for future Supreme Court nominations grind to a halt. The filibuster remains intact which guarantees that nothing awful like amnesty for illegal aliens has a chance of passing the Senate. Half of Senate Republicans also opposed the latest $12 billion for Ukraine which means it will be extremely difficult for Mitch McConnell to continue funding this stupid war in Ukraine without deeply dividing his caucus and relying on Democratic votes.

If Chuck Schumer remains Senate majority leader, Raphael Warnock is reelected and Democrats can muster two new Democratic senators (Fetterman in Pennsylvania and Ryan in Ohio), the filibuster will be nuked to codify Roe. Everything awful that has been stopped by Manchin and Sinema will be passed. The flow of arms to Ukraine will continue for two years. Joe Biden and Schumer will also stack the federal courts with as many people like Ketanji Brown Jackson as possible.

Today, few people remember several of the cucks who were elected to the Senate in 2014 like Cory Gardner. The fact that Gardner was elected to the Senate in Colorado in 2014 though is what prevented Merrick Garland from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Gardner lost to John Hickenlooper in the 2020 election. He served his purpose which was preventing that disaster from happening.


  1. Lol, Hunter. Just LOL. No, the Magic Negro won’t save us. It gets to the point where we should think about some dignity, self respect, common sense. The Rabbis are playing us, having a good laugh. “Will the goyim endorse anything, a snake, a Muslim (Oz), even a sportsball ape? Oy vey, let’s try the sportsball ape. It will prove the Goyim are nothing but cattle. They will endrse whatever we tell them to.”

    • Specifically, it is the filibuster that has saved us from lots of bad legislation that has passed the House. The filibuster has hinged on Manchin and Sinema. Democrats need to flip two Senate seats to nuke the filibuster.

      Once the filibuster is gone, any stupid idea that passes the House like DC statehood or Puerto Rico statehood can pass the Senate. It is for the best that this doesn’t happen

  2. ‘Does MAGA Care If The Herschel Walker Story Is True?’


    After years of being manipulated by the Jew England Yankee World Order, I long ago reached the point where I want a fighter up there for me.

    If the fighter is crooked, has an imperfect past, are Black, White, or speckled, sexually degenerate, ungodly, or violent I do not care.

    I do not care how many affairs Marjorie Taylor Greene has had, how many times Sandy Smith (one of our congress-ladies they are smearing) has beaten up or run over a family member.

    I simply do not care.

    I used to care, but, this system cured me of that.

    My great great granddaddies and uncles were all imperfect men, yet they did the right thing and fought with the Army of northern Virginia under General Lee, just as did their granddaddies in fighting the Jew England Rothschild racket of their day in the 1770s.

    I want the South to be represented by vicious mean, aggressive, tyrannical and unyielding public personalities.

    Whatever they are in their personal life is totally meaningless – not just to me but to practically every Rural Southerner I know..

    Even the lily whitest of the old white Baptist biddies are prepared to vote for Donald Trump again, whilst holding their noses.

    I have heard them say this to me, over and over again.

    We are at war, because a war has been made with us and we will get as mean and uncaring as we have to get.

    • Who contested, won the German streets against the worst, sick pervert J Communists in Red Berlin and Bavaria…

      Ernst Rohm and the SA….

      Hardly super clean, Christian choir boys.

      However, it’s generally never a good idea to try to put a lot of time and effort, hopes in to electing Magic Negro, Conservative, patriot Blacks like Hershal Walker, that US Senator from South Carolina, Alan Keyes as Illinois US Senator running as a Republican against some then unknown, mixed race Illinois State Rep, Community organizer with a Muslim name….

      Barack Obama

      I was in the belly of the beast when all this happened. Barack and Michelle were my neighbors, I grew up in a brown stone 2 blocks from the Obama mansion next door to a Jewish Synagogue that looks like an Islamic Mosque.

      We simply need to get better at identify politics – do stuff like endorse more sensible Black Conservative Christian Democrats in solid blue districts. How about defeating that horrible anti White J*w Democrat Cohen US Representative that represents a very Black A American district outside of Memphis TN?

      Black A Americans don’t really care about issues like abortion, or even great replacement mass Hispanic, 3rd world, Asian, Muslim immigration – they are against these things same as us, but in voting they vote strait Lib Democrat, BLM, hate White People, reparations, Affirmative Action, love to see race baiters like Al Sharpton, Robert Mugabe threaten and scare us.

      Look at the OJ Simpson event? Do you think Blacks in LA or anywhere else really cared about fair, color blind legal system, Constitutional Law, English Common Law?


      • @Jaye Ryan…

        Your example about Ernst Rohm is a good one. That’s why then General Manstein tried to protect Werner Fritsch, when the latter’s homosexuality was made public, Manstein saying, ‘We cannot forget the honour of the soldier.

        Field Marshal Manstein was right – when it comes to protecting our people, we have to let all kinds comes forward and respect those who make the effort, whether we like them or they like us.

        As to how Negroes vote, and that, as a group it is often against what they stand for in person, I have often presented to them in my continous goings-ons with them in our community.

        Some of them get it – many do not.

        Case in point is the fine Negro who restored my porch. He dared put a Trump sign in his yard and, well, with the way his blood kinsmen treated him, you would have thought he was advocating for a return to Black chattel slavery.

        He was made anathema, but, so be it – we, the White business and property owners here will support him, because he does honest work for a fair wage, and because we respect his courage to stand up for what is right.

        All complexities aside, and there are, as you have well described, so many, I will stand with any citizen in this country who is making sense and or for sense.

        Be well!

      • Ah yes, Illnoize’s famous ‘Model T’ senate race (U can vote 4 any candidate you want as long as it’s black). The hapless Keyes was appealing to dindus saying he’d make machine guns legal as I recall. He should have told them Hussein was half-white while he was the purer African (which was true). The dindus obediently voted as told – for the mulatto with the Muslim name: Schlomo’s Housenigga Hussein.

      • @Jaye Ryan,

        The fundamental problem is that politics is wealth redistribution, first and foremost. I came across this political cartoon from Henry Clay’s American System.

        Blacks are going to vote democrat because we have a patronage system of federal funds distribution. That is the reality in a nutshell.

        Our system was always designed to create bitter partisan fighting. The only successful politicians are compromisers or sell outs.

  3. link

    During the Republican Senate primary, Walker openly backed a national ban on abortions with no exceptions for cases involving rape, incest or a woman’s health being at risk

    Women have higher voter turnout than men (link), and women who are only lukewarm about ‘a woman’s right to choose’ may be motivated to vote when confronted with the reality of ‘no exceptions’ — so as I suggested before, overturning Roe may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory in the short run, while you may be correct about the ‘dividends’ from other (upcoming) SCOTUS rulings.

    If Republicans are interested in standing on principle, they had a golden opportunity to do so with the Jackson nomination, which they should have boycotted as a bloc.

  4. > During the Republican Senate primary, Walker openly backed a national ban on abortions with no exceptions for cases involving rape, incest or a woman’s health being at risk …

    That was the primary, where candidates typically toss out scraps of red meat to the base. Is he taking this absolutist position now that he’s the candidate for US senator in GA? Yes it’s true that in several states, the R-jerseys have been overplaying their lucky hand on abortion. That being said, someone contributed a very interesting post on this thread which might offer some insight about what is really going on with the issue nationwide.

    > overturning Roe may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory in the short run

    Definitely a short-term danger. The D-jerseys are the ones spending the big bucks on ginning up fear among white females about the issue (15 times the R-jersey spending). Even so, apart from the exceptions already mentioned (tossing red meat), Repukes seem to be paying less attention to the issue on the national level, which is a good thing for them overall. As HW has noted, keeping the filibuster alive is important. R-jerseys need the GA senate seat if they have any intention of keeping the Obama agenda from being enacted.

  5. And everyone, please promote moderation on abortion. The Illinois Governors race is now all about abortion, the idiot Religious Right, Religious White/race denying White GOP candidate is campaigning to end all abortion including cases of rape and incest which are what ~1%.

    Sigh. It’s not called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

    • @Jaye…

      Though it is totally unlike you, I am suspicious that you have missed the underlying situation about abortion, and it’s current ‘immoderation’.

      It’s a proxy fight, one which is only the beginning, between the Jew England Yankee World Order, all it’s layers of proxies, and an awakening White Rural and smalltown Gentile might.

      Buckle your seatbelt, because this is only Round #1 of ‘immoderation’.

      All the best to you and yours!

    • > The Illinois Governors race is now all about abortion, the idiot Religious Right, Religious White/race denying White GOP candidate is campaigning to end all abortion including cases of rape and incest.

      That’s pretty batshit-insane in a godless shithole like Illinois. Even so Jabba the Pritzkerhutt is so utterly loathsome and disgusting and the elections there are at least as rigged as those in California so he likely knows it’s a lost cause and just goin’ thru the motions. If only those in the downstate could saw off Crook County and its neighbors and shove them into Lake Michigan….

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