Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s FBI Arrests Pro-Life Father

Tucker Carlson zeroed in again on my top issue last night.

Of all the things that are wrong with Joe Biden’s America, the single worst thing which has motivated me the most to vote against the Democrats in the midterms in the weaponization of law enforcement. It is not just anti-abortion groups that are getting harassed by the DOJ and FBI. It is everyone who is being classified as a “semi-fascist” or a “domestic extremist” by Merrick Garland and the FBI. More than anything else, this abuse of power is why Democrats deserve to lose control of Congress.

Note: This is currently the top story over at The Atlantic. This shows where this is going. Opposition to Joe Biden is “domestic extremism” or “semi-fascism” or “authoritarianism” and is therefore criminal by definition. The FBI is acting more and more like the Stasi or NKVD.


    • How could they possibly spin the Hebrew God into being for abortion? I notice a real autistic streak has snuck into Judaism since they lost their nation state in 70 AD and lost all connection to political responsibility and reality. Crap like the Sabbath means you “can’t carry keys in your pocket because that is doing work” and you have to remove the refrigerator lightbulb otherwise when you open the door it “does work.” Isn’t it pretty obvious the meaning of the Sabbath is you don’t spend the day toiling in your warehouse job, or flipping burgers, basically not do real sweat and toil work? Taken to autistic extremes by centuries of Nebbish Jewish Sheldon’s. “Don’t boil a calf in its mother’s milk” means don’t be sadistically cruel to animals, not “don’t eat a cheeseburger” or keeping separate spoons for stirring meat and dairy dishes. This however is merely spinning 20th century yenta career bitch selfishness into some fake religious excuse. Sort of like how some white druggie lowlifes used to claim to be “Rastafarians” or “Church of Native America” as a pretext to do drugs. I remember in the 90s hearing about this white hippie bum whom some guy in the dorm knew who ended up getting deported from Jamaica as an undesirable who was then pursuing some religious based legal claim to smoke weed as a convert to “Rastafarianism.” People like this are quite simply troublemakers.

  1. If they really have something legitimate on Trump, what are they waiting for? An interesting thing, Trump gets constant press and as they say, bad press is better than no press. I believe the guy is a consummate phony. I can’t help but wonder if he’s being groomed as The Great White Hope come 2024, only to sell us out?

    • I’m pretty sure Garland has the goods to indict Dump for espionage but won’t prosecute because it was espionage for Israel and Dump and Garland are united by MIGA.

  2. Who are the specific FBI/NKVD thugs that did this? What are their names? Where do they live? Who do they sleep with? Where to they drink, play golf? Maybe some try to go to church.

    They must not be allowed to remain anonymous.

    This is mistake our side always makes – just whining and complaining about supposedly all powerful evil institutions “Da Gubermint”, the “Liberal Media”, “the Globalists” etc.

    It’s imposible to fight the entire Government, or fight Leftist places like New York City. It’s like Caligula fighting Neptune having his soldiers slash the waters of the ocean.

    Again, we have videos of the FBI, NKVD thugs here – we need to Dox them. Sing Christian Hymns at 4 AM outside their homes “Repent, Repent you agents of Satan”.

    We need to incite their children against them.

    There are other ways Frodo.

  3. If the woke cult was just a few million idiot leftists on twitter, it wouldn’t be much of a threat.
    Unfortunately the majority of our ruling class have ditched liberalism for woke and completely taken over the leadership of all formerly left of center parties in the western world and even some formerly right of center parties.

    • “They’re going after people that won’t fight back”

      Yep. Nobody’s going to take on the FBI with his wife and seven little children there. People remember how the FBI filth shot Randy Weaver’s wife in the head as she held a baby.

      The FBI scum are basically holding his little kids hostage to make sure he surrenders without incident.

  4. Tucker’s wrong. It’s not “Biden’s FBI.” Biden so senile he doesn’t know what fucking day of the week it is.

    It’s the Jew Attorney General Merrick Garfinkle’s FBI, and he’s carrying out a vendetta against whites, Christians and Republicans because the GOP denied him life tenure on the Supreme Court after the bisexual mulatto atheist nominated him.

    • “because the GOP denied him life tenure on the Supreme Court”

      They don’t need a reason, they seethe with hatred.

    • It’s been under ADL control for a long time, probably since the gay old says of J. Edgar Hoover. They totally own it now. It’s ready to be used as an NKVD/Cheka type of unit. Garfinkel is the current boss but some other Jews are giving him orders. Yes naming anything as “Biden’s” is ridiculous. One would be better off naming whatever it is as “Bozo’s” since we live in clownworld.

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