Adam Kinzinger Reacts To Kevin McCarthy’s Plan On Ukraine Aid

The 1/6 Committee is going away.

Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse aren’t coming back.

New people like Joe Kent and JD Vance are about to be elected to Congress. Public opinion among Republican voters is also rapidly souring on endless rounds of aid to Ukraine.

Note: Mark Levin will definitely chime in on this.


  1. Mark Levin is a jew fooling his audience by masquerading as an American 1st “conservative”

    He did nothing but attack Dump when he was running and lost half of his audience and when Dump became President he starting supporting him because he had no choice. It was about ratings and money. jews like Levin and Kinzinger are for jews 1st and America last.

    • Kinzinger isn’t Jewish. And there are enough “SUH-YES-SUH” imperialist Anglos in Washington (like John Bolton) willing to lead us into disaster against Russia, without the Jews and their Slav vendetta.

  2. The Republicans actually have a history of opposing intervention. It was Sen. Henry Capot Lodge (R. Massachusetts) who opposed Pres. Wilson’s League Of Nations, particularly the clause that required the U.S. to go to war if another country were attacked and the League voted for war. This provision would have stripped Congress of its ability to declare war.

    Sen. Lodge had previously supported the Spanish-American War and reluctantly supported Wilson’s entry into WWI. He soured on intervention, the Versailles Treaty and the League of Nations because of WWI. He led the opposition in the Senate to ratification of the League treaty.

    Sen. Robert A. Taft (R. Ohio) opposed U.S. entry into WWII, Bretton Woods and NATO.

    There were many other Republican non-interventionists who helped prevent U.S. entry into WWII until Pearl Harbor. Even then FDR didn’t ask for a declaration of war against Germany until Adolph foolishly went before the Reichstag Dec. 11th, 1941 and unilaterally declared war against the U.S.

    The caliber of men who held public office more than a century ago was nothing like today. There were some statesmen 100 years ago and plenty of scumbags. Now there are only scumbags and lunatics in charge but at least they fear losing office.

  3. So Adam Kinzinger cannot fathom why Israel won’t give weapons to the Azov Battalion. He exclaims that Israel, of all countries, should support Neo-Nazis in Kiev after their experience per the Third Reich. What a bozo.

    • Jewish-Ukrainian billionaire and oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi was one of the primary financiers of the group.

    • Putin has been good to Jews in Russia (apart from the rapacious oligarchs like Khodorkovksy and Berezovksy); Israel knows this, and also doesn’t want to be butting heads with Russia in Syria.

  4. How about Putin enthusiasts? Are we welcome? Screw Pence.

    My view on Kinzinger hasn’t changed either. He’s still worse than useless.

  5. I love these NPC clones with the if you don’t support Ukraine then you’re a traitor.
    This has to be the stupidest society in human history.

  6. >Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse aren’t coming back.

    That’s only 3 people (2 in the House plus 1 Senator); perhaps you meant to append et al but forgot — do you have a longer list? — typically material (military) and financial aid to Ukraine has passed both the House and Senate by wider margins — and it’s worth pointing out that you seem to assume their replacements, however many will be replaced, will all vote against aid to Ukraine in 2023 (if it comes to that).

    • There is a much longer list of people who aren’t coming back and those who are likely to come in. The trend for the last three cycles (2018, 2020 and 2022) has been more MAGA types getting elected to Congress and people who represent the old establishment like Paul Ryan leaving Congress.

  7. Speaking of Republicans, here’s one:

    Opinion: The real culprit behind inflated grocery store prices? Look to the farm

    Grocery store bills are hurting American families, but the roots of these high prices can be traced back to the farm. … As a farmer myself and someone who collaborates with farmers every day, I know that the farmworker shortage is one of the main reasons for these higher prices at the grocery store.

    He forms a nice bookend to Stacy Abrams, don’t you think? — Abrams thinks (or maybe not) abortion is a fix for inflation, and this guy thinks mestizo peasants can fix inflation.

    I for one cannot wait for the new, glorious era when Republicans are in charge — how long until the election again?

  8. Another Republicans will save us update:

    UPDATED: HS Volleyball Player injured by Transgender Competitor in North Carolina — Cherokee County School Board moves to protect female athletes from “unfair advantage” and injury

    “A wise legislature does not go out looking for social issues to tap,” said Republican House leader Tim Moore when he declined to put the Save Women’s Sports Act up for a vote last year. Moore said the House would not consider legislation prohibiting biological males from competing against girls in school sports without examples. … An example can now be found in Cherokee County.

  9. Southern nationalism, is superior, too anything the dumbocrats, or the party of lincoln, espouse……maga included……but we have too start somewhere, the Republicans can make up for some of the crimes they committed against the south, by listening very closely too the words of wisdom, spoken by the Southern Intellectual and implementing our policies..

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