Republicans Take House

It was a good night.

It wasn’t a great night or a spectacular night.

It would have been nice to win more Senate seats and have a larger House majority, but the only result that was ever in the cards for the next two years was gridlock and divided government. The single most important objective was always turning Joe Biden into a lame duck president.

If Herschel Walker wins his runoff, Republicans will have traded a Senate seat in Pennsylvania for a Senate seat in Georgia. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are both facing voters in 2024.


  1. Wonder how much “bipartisanship” and “we need to work with the ‘president'” bullshit will be blown from the usual orafices come January. If they were an actual opposition party they could do quite a bit to toss sand in the gears of the evil agenda of our (((overlords))). Most of them are on tapes held by Epstein’s successors, so I’m not very optimistic they will much of anything apart from their typical assumption of the position.

    It’s arguably better than not having a majority, but that’s all that can be said.

    • @Exalted Cyclops…

      After thinking about it, I realize that the Republican leadership has the party exactly where they want it : they can block anything they choose of the Democrats, without actually having to do anything, themselves.

      This will go on until the GOP electorate says enough.

  2. How many of those republicans will side with the commiecrats to keep sending arms and money to Ukraine while the people in this country can’t afford the basics?

    • “Montgomery, Alabama | What Happened To This Place?”

      Hahaha……..What Happened To This Place?…… nggrs !

      Think of all the nice WHITES who built those homes……..then displaced from all they knew and loved…….losing their equity in the process of being dispossessed. You know there are a lot of tragic stories behind those wrecked houses.

      America is a sick nation.

  3. We didn’t win a thing.

    The establishment controls the house by about the same margin they did before and have already made it clear they will work toward their own agenda together (the presidents agenda) before they do anything the house freedom caucus wants.

    I doubt at this point that they will do anything differently. There was no mandate, they saw to that. They can do anything they want now.

    Nobody should take any solace from this.

      • I’ve been consistent for a while now on the position that national politics is a cul de sac. This election was only confirmation of my point.

        Whitey’s only hope is for our enemies to sabotage themselves through excesses of malicious spite, hubris and sheer incompetence.

        If they manage that, the states we live in will be the defacto governments, which may or may not end up just as bad, but there’s at least a chance some states can be eventually saved as an independent Whiteganistan.

        Barring that, we are totally fucked. We have nowhere to run and nobody is coming to save us. Everyone wants a piece of Whitey’s ass and its open season.

        • “Whitey’s only hope is for our enemies to sabotage themselves through excesses of malicious spite, hubris and sheer incompetence.”

          That will definitely happen at some point. The only thing to worry about is how long it will take and if there will still be a viable number of Whites who want to remain as White still existing.

  4. Big deal, Kevin McCarthy becomes the next Speaker of the House in January. So nothing is going to change.

  5. Mr. Wallace, Arizona is now a solid blue state, regardless of whether the voting practices there are fair and legal or not. There is no way Sinema loses in 2024. That’s just reality. The border between California and Arizona is now just a technicality. They are one and the same.

    • House Republicans in Arizona ran 6 points ahead of Kari Lake. Doug Ducey won there by 14 points in 2018. Neither Arizona or Georgia are Blue States. Nevada and Virginia are trending in the right direction.

      The problem is that Trump is so polarizing that MAGA candidates win the MAGA vote and forfeit anti-Trump Republicans and Independents. MAGA voters go out and vote straight Republican and those people in the suburbs split their tickets or vote Democrat. Youngkin won in Virginia because he didn’t bear hug Trump.

      Lots of people love Trump. Some people have Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s my take. In order to win in states like Arizona and Virginia, you have to have a candidate that can win the Trump voters and the suburban voters

      • I’m sorry, but the Cazador is right. AZ is a blue state. It’s half Mexico/Central Am now.
        Whites are literally being displaced.

        • Whites in Arizona are responsible for the outcome of the last three elections. Notice how the Republican House candidates ran 6 points ahead of Kari Lake

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