Elon Kills Bird Site

Not officially.

Most of the staff is gone though.


  1. I would rather be on GAB than Twitter. At least with GAB you can say what you want about jews and every other racial group without being banned or censored. You can’t say that about Twitter even with Mush in control and I doubt you ever will under his watch.

  2. God forbid that the Ukranian/Russian war ever go nuclear but if it does, I hope mega blue cites are the first to be vaporized.

    • Whitewash, My god man listen at yourself, babies, our elder’s, The all time Satanic blood sacrifice, It is going to happen, knowing that, you don’t have too hasten it, there is still much too be thankful for, lights are still on, shelves still stocked, petro still available, you and your family healthy? The Southern. Intellectual leadership, along with the Southern Army, Is the last line of defence, keep your wit’s about you man, I don’t want America, North or south or west, too come under attack, this is why, without the guiding hand of the Southern, Christian, Intellectual leadership, the people will die, just like the old Republic did 1776-1860…..I want the Southern Republic too be a light, too the world, like the old Republic was………..Once upon a time , long ago, A man named William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Took a picture of this land and those that live here, for the world too see and the world loved America……..

  3. Since the ADL has pushed a boycott of twitter, elon should pull out all stops. Let it run full throttle, with a cheap indian staff who couldn’t care less about wokeness.

  4. https://youtu.be/bvim4rsNHkQ

    Musk deserves some award just for stressing out Lefties as he works through some “hard” landings…

    If he shuts Twitter down for good he should get a brand new category Nobel prize for “Conservatism” in doing away with this anti-free speech Commie liberal antisocial media snitch-on-the-Nazis platform…

      • Given that Musk was merely one of an ‘investor group’ (apparently he only put in 14 billion or thereabouts based on his offloading of Tesla shares), it’s entirely possible the whole plan was to asset-strip Twatter and then sell it to Blackrock or some other gang of buzzards for pennies on the dollar of its former valuation.

        > Let it run full throttle, with a cheap indian staff who couldn’t care less about wokeness.

        That would be hilarious, but I doubt that Musk’s fellow (((investors))) who no doubt contribute to Pope Noseferatu’s ADL, would approve of such a plan.

  5. Mass exodus is almost inevitable in any takeover/acquisition. When you add the very public nature of this, and the ideology of tge people employed by these Zog box tech companies, this was inevitable.

    All the major tech firms are purging staff. These people don’t have many places to go. There is plenty of fentanyl to spare for them in Eastern Kentucky, where out of work coal miners have yet to learn to code. Fuck each and every single twitter employee in their commie woke Ivy league ears, i hope they all starve in their shoebox apartments. I’ll see them in hell.

    Elon should troll them on twitter then move his staff from Tesla over there to work a second shift. With all the layoff tech talent, he is bound to rehire good people on the cheap right now.

    • It’s funny, these faggots used to worship the guy too. The ticker practically called him every woke pejorative under the sun like a petulant child throwing a tantrum. This should be further proof that being called something like racist or colonizer is as meaningless as calling somebody a buttface and the like.

  6. I understand there are some interruptions, but Melon can run Twitter with a thousand techies. He has tens of thousands of those at his other companies.

  7. The only possible significance I see in this is that another Big Tech giant of the previous decade is wobbling.

    We are in a new era, no doubt, but, what precisely this means I am unsure…

      • “Hopefully, it just goes bankrupt”

        Could be a clever strategy. Let the value drop, buy out the partners for pennies on the dollar. Elon gets the company on the cheap, has full control and is free to exercise his will in any direction he chooses.

      • “…nothing is changing…”

        This is not true. It’s not all you want, but it’s better than before. Why the hell do White people if they don’t get everything they want immediately want to burn the whole thing down? Here we have a White guy who it is not entirely out of the question is on White people’s side in general. He’s given lots of subtle hints about this if you pay attention. Who now owns a huge media platform that will NOT run by the Jews 100% and everyone thinks we are doomed because he won’t buddy up to Alex Jones? This makes no sense. Haven’t all of us been in high doom because the Jews own all the media? Here’s a chance to slowly move the needle.

        We could learn a lot from the Jews. They will take any, any gain no matter how small and continue to chip away at whatever they want and they run this country now. We can do the same.

        I made much the same but more detailed comment in this article.


        The glass is at the least over half full with Musk running twitter.

  8. Elon Musk could use the unprofitable Twitter employees for work in Tesla and SpaceX since they are wasting time/money at Twitter.

    Human test dummies for Tesla. Maybe they can make tweets during their crashes.

    First human test dummies’ flight on the latest SpaceX rocket. Hate to have some SpaceX employee get hurt when they have expendable Twitter employees.

    5..4..3..2..1…KAAAAAAABBBBBOOO#$&#$%&OOOOOMMMM!!! ………Well, maybe we can at least reuse some of the scrap metal…

  9. Terry I agree with you that the good shouldn’t suffer because of the evil.But the White,Christian world has been so brainwashed and changed by the Satanic Jews that even if they were gone the old ways we love just wouldn’t return because too many people love race mixing and equality etc.God could make a miracle.But unless that happens I say let it all crash before the Jews and non-White filth rule over us.The victory has already been won by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.I am certain He will return soon.Then the Jews who purposely perverted His children will be sent to the abyss forever and our beautiful and peaceful home in Heaven will be where all who receive Christ live for all time.The Lord God will receive all who call upon Him.

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