Review: 2022 American Renaissance Conference

I attended the 2022 Amren conference this weekend in Tennessee.

I had been leaning toward going for a few months. I had family and friends who went last year. I wasn’t sure that I was going though until the last minute. Ultimately, I decided to go to touch base with people who I knew were going to be there after everything that has happened to us over the past several years with the rise of BLM, the rise and fall of Trump, the rise and fall of the Alt-Right, etc.

I haven’t been to an Amren conference in eight years. When I attended the 2014 Amren conference, I had recently gotten married. My wife was pregnant. This was at the height of my activist phase with the League of the South and CofCC. It was shortly before the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach were there. The Alt-Right was about to take off and redefine the movement. Obama was president. This was about a year before Donald Trump announced he was running for president. Jeff Sessions was still in the Senate. Social media was still relatively uncensored. The True Cons still controlled the Republican Party. David French was still a highly respected conservative commentator. The Weekly Standard was still in business. Daryle Lamont Jenkins was there with a small group of Antifa, but no one paid much attention to White Nationalists or Antifa who were still firmly on the fringe of the “mainstream.” Mitt Romney had lost the 2012 presidential election less than two years before. In hindsight, I look back on it as the last year of the old world and decades of stable post-World War II politics.

I’m old enough now to have spent half of my life involved in radical rightwing American politics. I formed my political views back in the early 2000s in the George W. Bush era at a time when True Conservatism (™) was ascendant and we were still politically marginalized. There was a sharp ideological divide between the mainstream center-right and the “fringe” far right. Conservatism, Inc. engaged in routine purges of anyone who dared to say anything provocative and who crossed the line. We have always thought of ourselves as radicals, outsiders, dissidents and bomb throwers in a largely anonymous underground scene. Many of us have lived a double life within the institutions of Conservatism, Inc. and paid lip service to its “respectable” ideology while expressing our true opinions only in anonymous precincts on the internet.

We’re now eight years into this tumultuous new era.

My overall impression of the conference was that some things have changed while some things have remained the same. Sam Dickson, for example, returned to a familiar theme about American democracy which he believes was doomed to fail from the beginning. He believes the American founding stock was selected for individualism and materialism. We are too enamored with an antiquated liberal ideology that romanticized freedom and equality and individual rights while devaluing authority and the community. We also have a habit of looking for quick fixes to long term structural challenges and problems like a black minority which is incapable of assimilating to the norms of the White majority.

Sam Dickson has said all of this many times before. The difference is that this time it happened in the backdrop of the midterm elections in which Joe Biden was denouncing a third of the country as “semi-fascists” who are bent on destroying American democracy which was on the verge of death less than two weeks ago. Joe Biden has defined his own presidency as a battle for “the soul of America” against this threat. When I last attended the Amren conference, I noted that “it was refreshing to be in a room and hear someone finally name democracy and the American Revolution.” Today, Sam’s skepticism of liberal democracy and the absurdities it leads to is far more widespread on the Right than it was eight years ago. Charlie Kirk now agrees with Gregory Hood and Sam Dickson that democracy is a bad idea.

Jared Taylor also spoke about White liberals and what animates them and the importance of undermining negative stereotypes and forgiving those people. This was also a very familiar theme. Jared Taylor has said this many times before and spoke about it at the 2014 Amren conference. The difference is that White racial attitudes have become much more polarized over the last eight years. In the wake of Trump, White conservatives are now fuming about anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement. White liberals and leftists have embraced Wokeism which is a far more extreme version of antiracism which was just beginning to surface eight years ago. “Woke” has also become a favorite slur and attack for conservatives. Conservative messaging in the midterms heavily leaned into how White liberals and leftists and Democrats have become too woke, too politically correct, too antiracist, too anti-White to be trusted with power. The cultural divide on race in White America is now much larger than it was eight years ago.

My old friend Gregory Hood spoke about how White Americans have become a degraded, abused and stateless people who are ruthlessly repressed and punished by the system. He brought up how Chuck Schumer recently endorsed the Great Replacement. It was another familiar theme. This has been his view for as long as I have known him which is 13 years now. This is also my view. The difference is that so many more White people now believe this that even Ben Shapiro is saying it. Tucker Carlson has covered it hundreds of times on his show. The attacks on Whites have become so much more common and extreme that millions of White people have become angry and more sensitive to it. The impossible demands which are being made on Whites are also encountering mounting resistance instead of passive grudging acceptance. The charge of “racism” isn’t taken as seriously as it used to be. There is more widespread immunity to it. Affirmative action could fall at the Supreme Court next summer.

Former Iowa Congressman Steve King spoke at Amren this year after being condemned by Congress and stripped of his committee assignments and ultimately purged from Congress in his primary for being misquoted in the New York Times. It all happened over the course of 2018, 2019 and 2020 when the NRCC and Kevin McCarthy felt it was necessary to take a strong moral stance against “racism” to keep Republicans on track to losing control of the White House and Congress. It was a key episode that had the effect of depressing “far right” turnout and interest in the 2020 election. Republicans went on to lose the White House and Senate. The House remained under the control of Nancy Pelosi. Remarkably, it seemed like there was very little of that sort of policing by Kevin McCarthy ahead of the 2022 election, as a combination of COVID, the George Floyd riots, the spread of Wokeism, Trump losing the 2020 election and Joe Biden’s presidency has all had the effect of radicalizing the Republican base since 2019.

Even though he is no longer in Congress, the fact that Steve King attended and spoke at the Amren conference and socialized with and drank a few beers with a who’s who list of the top “domestic rightwing extremists” in America (i.e., people who hold traditional views of American identity which would have been familiar to Theodore Roosevelt) is itself an indicator of how much our politics have changed since 2014. I enjoyed his speech which was a strong defense of Christianity as the bedrock of Western civilization. King celebrated the colonization of the Western hemisphere and the founding of the United States by White, Western man. Our people used to be so scared of the New York Times writing a nasty editorial about them or the SPLC or ADL putting them on their enemies list. Notably, there were also no “journalists” at the conference this year, which is another change from recent years when people like Jared Taylor wanted to talk to the press. The Free Press (™) is now universally seen as the enemy on the Right.

Laura Loomer was also there and spoke at the conference about her congressional campaigns in Florida and Big Tech censorship. She was asked a question by someone in the audience about the disproportionate number of Jews involved with policing online speech. Loomer responded that even though she is Jewish those same people had banned her from everything including Uber Eats and Airbnb years ago and that she wasn’t optimistic about her Twitter account being restored by Elon Musk. She acknowledged that those people are behind censorship. There is no denying the obvious. Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL were a topic of a lot of conversation at the conference. Over the weekend, Elon Musk restored Trump’s account while refusing to bring back Alex Jones. Jonathan Greenblatt declared total war on Twitter because he wasn’t consulted and had no say in Musk’s spontaneous decisions. After all, it is up to Greenblatt and the ADL to decide how the richest man in the world can use his own property or whether a former president of the United States is allowed to speak in public and you are a “conspiracy theorist” for noticing this.

Daniel Vinyard, a retired White police officer, spoke about how BLM and progressives have destroyed his profession over the last eight years by creating a hostile work environment for White police officers. Pattern recognition is immoral. Crime statistics are racist. Arresting black people who commit crimes is systematic racism. Every potential encounter between a White police officer and a black suspect has the potential of becoming another cause célèbre in the media which fuels riots and identity politics hysteria. No one wants to become the next Darren Wilson or Derek Chauvin. The conference wasn’t over before Antifa were doxxing him on Twitter. The mayor of Boise was already denouncing and vilifying him on Twitter before I arrived home. It is taboo to talk about the reality of black crime because our culture is hypersensitive to bogus accusations of “racism.” This was the most traditional topic which was covered at the Amren conference. Heads nodded. Everyone knows the ordeal that police officers go through who have to walk on eggshells and who can’t speak honestly about the patterns they see with their own eyes because of progressive activists. Vinyard shared an anecdote about how he was present during the filming of an episode of COPS which was in his state to collect footage of arrests of only White suspects. The show was later canceled anyway during the “Racial Reckoning” at the height of the George Floyd mania.

Ruuben Kaalep, an Estonian nationalist, spoke via a recorded video about how Estonia is an ethnostate and how ethnostates are the norm in his region of the world. He made the case that Ukrainians were fighting Russians to preserve their ethnostate. This is a very common view in eastern Europe where most nationalists have a much less sympathetic view of Russia than American White Nationalists. Centuries of Russian imperial domination are understandably fresh in the mind in eastern Europe. Americans, however, are preoccupied with how much they detest their neoliberal imperial overlords and their endless adventures to spread “liberal democracy” around the world whether it is in Iraq or Ukraine.

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice gave a point by point presentation in charts about how the world is going off the rails. The war in Ukraine is driving inflation and deglobalization. Even a year ago, I doubted that our liberal elites were stupid and reckless enough to incite a full blown war with Russia which would inevitably lead to all sorts of unintended consequences throughout the global economy. Europe is on the precipice of a long and cold winter which will probably lead to political upheaval on the continent.

Zman was the first speaker at the conference. He spoke about how conservatives need to become radicals. I’ve spent the last two years documenting how this trend is registering in poll after poll. The more pressing question for me though is how should those of us who are veteran radicals – people like Gregory Hood or Greg Johnson who was also in attendance – engage with conservatives who have become radicalized only in the last two or three years. Should we continue to act like marginalized outsiders circa 2010? Should we reassess our position in the new political firmament now that our views are more mainstream?

As usual, Daryl Lamont Jenkins showed up at the Amren conference with some Antifa counter protesters, but this was the smallest and lowest energy group that I had ever seen protest the conference. Maybe it was because it was so much colder than usual outside. Maybe it is because they were so much further away from the building than usual down by the lake. I went outside on the balcony and waved to DLJ to let him know that I was there. We later found out on Twitter that a group of Proud Boys from DC showed up and confronted them outside the building and hit one of them with a baton. They weren’t associated with the conference. No one was aware that they were coming and it came as a surprise to us.

Inside the building, I spent much of the weekend talking to Jason Kessler who was there. We didn’t get the chance to talk in person for more than twenty seconds during the ordeal that was the Unite the Right rally. Far from being a vast conspiracy, I remember it as a one big blur in which our plans were severely disrupted and we were bounced around Charlottesville as chaos ensued due to a lack of security both at the UVA torch march and at the Unite the Right rally at Lee Park. Jason seems to have developed a new appreciation for how much better we have it in Tennessee where our people aren’t getting doxed or getting into fights or getting hit by bags of urine and feces or getting sued for millions of dollars because there is still respect for law and order. This massive difference between our experience with holding real world events in Tennessee and Virginia is why I encouraged my own readers to go out and vote for Glenn Youngkin. We both agreed that it is time to turn the page on Charlottesville and that whole era of politics. Charlottesville was a preview of what we saw in other cities during the George Floyd riots.

I enjoyed meeting and talking with old friends and seeing how their lives have changed over the years, the insights of several longtime readers and lurkers on the site as well as new people who have gotten involved over the last few years. I talked to some people who were blackpilled who were struck by how much more upbeat I am on this site than I used to be when Dump was president. I’ve tried to become better at staying positive and handling inevitable setbacks after the Trump years. We have enough depressed and demoralized people in this space. I think that much of the excessive negativity from the Trump years is unwarranted. We drew a lot of extreme, kneejerk conclusions on the basis of Donald Trump’s failures as president. Joe Biden’s extremism has pushed millions of his supporters in our direction.

Eight years ago, a National Divorce and secession was an idea on the fringe of mainstream politics. The Great Replacement was celebrated by both parties and only White Nationalists grumbled about it. Whites were invisible and untouchable in the national conversation. The term “anti-White” wasn’t mainstream. It was deeply taboo to talk about the Jewish Question. “Nationalism” was considered radical. “Populism” was radical. Immigration restriction was taboo and treated as radical. “Isolationism” was condemned by both parties. Just a few years ago, MAGA was thoroughly civic nationalist, but today White people are far more willing to explicitly link their politics to perceived threats to their racial and religious identity. Trannies like Lady MAGA and Caitlyn Jenner and dancing homosexuals like Ricky Rebel were also being aggressively promoted and celebrated on the Right. It was nice to meet Dalton Clodfleter whose clips I have enjoyed seeing featured on Right Wing Watch. Christian nationalists have pushed back against a lot of the MAGA era degeneracy. Matt Walsh recently held a Rally to End Child Mutilation in Nashville and has also gotten a lot better since he was being heckled and taunted by Groypers during Q&As three years ago.

For a conference that is supposed to be about “white supremacy,” race struck me as being an afterthought at the conference. Most of the conversations that I had this weekend were about the intensifying cultural, religious and ideological divide with White libtards who are destroying our civilization. Jared Taylor made the remark that liberal and progressive Whites are inverted white supremacists. They are addicted to virtue signaling and feeling morally superior to and better than other White people. Hence, all the stupid yard signs which you see in upper middle class White neighborhoods in large metros, suburbs and college towns. Sam Dickson insisted on not underestimating the evil that these twisted people are capable of. We’re really living in the world that these people have constructed where we are browbeaten, policed and punished as heretics for refusing to go along with all of their absurd fantasies, dogmas and little rules of etiquette whether it is on race or trannies or COVID or crusading for democracy around the world. The same class of people are the common denominator in why we have to live this way in all of these areas and it was refreshing to see relatively fewer people making excuses for them than usual.

UPDATE: Amren has posted a short review of their conference.


  1. No other group of people or race has been brainwashed, indoctrinated, told to hate themselves, their history and culture like Whites.

    Whites didn’t wake up one day and decide to hate themselves, it has been pushed upon them for decades by nonstop brainwashing by the media, schools, universities and of course the jews that are main culprits on the war on Whites. Divide and conquer the strongest and smartest race is their forte.

    • “””…Whites didn’t wake up one day…”””

      Our ones did. In the 7th November 1917 when our beloved college students, intellectuals and just neighbor’s, like the one on the “hate has no home here” sign, rushed out and started to murder their fellow noncommunist co citizens.

      Communism or liberalism is genetical.

      Also Russian Empire did not had TV, video games, public education and other popular bad asses. And in Medieval Witch Hunt, often there were no Jews in 500 mile radius. White Liberals are natural born genetical evil.

      They have even sign of the beast on the forehead. Liberals have different brain structure
      Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure in Young Adults

      This was discovered first in ancient Egypt after the Aten Cult and bloodbath. Egyptians discovered that cultists liberal brains frontal parts remind some kind of their numerical combination. Then this legend floated around the Middle East 1500 years and finally found its way to Bible. that the evil people are marked by Devil.

      Future white homelands will have medical passport. This will be the proof that person brain is scanned and no liberalism discovered. They wanted digital tyranny, now they get one.

      • That was than, this is now. The Whites were slowly indoctrinated right after the 1964/65 immigration and civil rights act. Right after, the boiling frog technique was introduced. Slowly and methodically teach the Whites to accept the diversification of their homelands and the rest is what’s happening today.

        • And that can be now. Leftists are an existential threat to freedom, liberty, and the lives of those who disagree with them. They cannot be rehabilitated. We cannot co-exist with them. They are genetically subversive.

    • “Divide and conquer the strongest and smartest race is their forte.”

      “Spread confusion among your enemies, so that you may destroy them.”

      They’re just following the plan.

  2. “Jared Taylor also spoke about White liberals and what animates them and the importance of undermining negative stereotypes and forgiving those people.”

    No. White libtards are a genetic disease.

    • Some would see the light in very hard times. Very, very few are redeemable in the cushy times we have right now.

      • You hope they are redeemable. I very much doubt it. Leftists have an incurable hatred for the truth. They are fucking insane.

      • Why should we even care if they “see the light?” They’ve already proven themselves to be subhuman garbage and liabilities. If it’s possible to brainwash them into kneeling for George Floyd, then it’s clear that they are genetic garbage and worthless to us, even if they decide to change their minds at some later date. Whites don’t need those kinds of weakminded retards that can only continue to drag us down.

        • Correct. Shitlibs are race traitors right down to the bone & the double helix. They are far worse than the muds & even the jews they fellate, who at least have the innate loyalty to their races to stick together for mutual survival in a remorseless cutthroat world. Sure, they’ve been subjected by the kikes to a unique & relentless brainwashing attack on all fronts since WW2, but that should have only served to force them to see the hook nose sticking out from behind the curtain & hardened their resolve to resist – but it didn’t, because they’re inferior: the very lowest scum on earth.

          And when we get the chance they must be dealt with accordingly.

          • Alt-MSNBC gets the Wall first. I like Juri’s “brain scan” idea. It would allow us to identify and weed out the likes of Richard Spencer, the Appolonians, Pat, Political Profile, Michelle, Alex, and all the other subhuman filth that blend in among us in the Pro-White Movement.

            Left wing values would be banned and ruthlessly suppressed in a White Ethnostate. Liberalism has no place among the White Race. Social Democrats are the cancer of the Aryan.

  3. How about the Boise comrade worry about the knifey stabby enricher that is on the loose.
    Virtue signalers are so pathetic and worthless.
    The Jared Taylor and the SBPDL mastermind Paul Kersey pods are usually worth a listen even if I don’t agree with everything.
    Look for reality to come back hard in 2023.
    Infiltrated group get togethers?
    I’ll have to pass.

  4. If its ok to be White, then Whites have legitimate interests.

    To ensure those interests, we either need to be given space to realize the 14 words, or must be prepared to fight for the space we need.

    Neither has happened in my lifetime. We are dying. They are killing us. Defiling our children.

    Forgiveness is for those who beg it and show contrition. White race traitors aren’t doing this. Its them or us, one way or another, eventually.

    I won’t show contempt for men like Uncle Jared, but I do expect them to eventually, after a near lifetime of singing the same tune, and seeing things get rapidly worse despite it, reformulate their worldview to comport with the reality of the situation we are in.

    If guys like Jared were advocates of White interests instead of trying to reconcile populations whose philosophical ancestors have been at eachothers throats for 400 years, we might be somewhere by now.

    No one sits the fence. Reality doesn’t work that way.

    • We are dying. They are killing us. Defiling our children.

      Forgiveness is for those who beg it and show contrition. White race traitors aren’t doing this. Its them or us, one way or another, eventually.


  5. Sounds like the movement is beginning to “grow up” if you want to use that term. The weird, and rather crazy people have slowly been weeded out over time. Not having people like “Fash hair” Spencer around helps normal people not feel so nervous associating with the dissident right. Like you yourself have pointed out, religion and culture matter as much to white normies as racial identity does. My definition of success is, will normal people comfortable bringing their families. Sounds like this conference was like that

  6. That’s a very thorough and interesting review of how things have changed since the turn of the century. The attention shift to culture is a good sign.

    The thought of you waving at DLJ from the balcony made me laugh. Neither of you has ever quit. Not many can say that.

    As for Estonia being an ethnostate, this definitely makes them a target.

  7. ” BLM and progressives have destroyed his profession over the last eight years by creating a hostile work environment for White police officers. ”

    Exactly the reason BLM is financed, to make cops afraid to arrest blacks and instead go after WHITES. This is the design, to create so much cultural alienation that our society is torn apart and replaced with a jwzish system, ie communism or other terror tyranny.

  8. This was an excellent informative post. You are a good observer and historian of White Nationalism.

    Like you said, it seems “some things have remained the same” at Amren, and in White Nationalism. If it wasn’t so, it would not be White Nationalism. The view that “White Americans have become a degraded, abused and stateless people who are ruthlessly repressed and punished by the system” is typical, and classic.

    I respond to it that there is no such ethnicity as “White.” Even if there were NO Blacks, Asians, Indians and Hispanics at all, in the mixture that I call the “population” of the imperial homeland, the population would still be mixed and still not A PEOPLE. I also respond that the White population was created by, and belongs to the system that “ruthlessly represses and punishes” them now. Everything comes down to the evil of the U.sury S.ystem, but the White Nationalists still love it and want to keep it.

    “(C)elebrate the colonization of the Western hemisphere and the founding of the United States by White, Western man,” and “democracy is a bad idea” are two more typical WN talking points you mentioned. I respond that colonization by force, and for profit was just as wrong then (it is called imperialism and neocolonialism now) as it is now – and that democracy, as such, is always good and essential. Plutocracy, the opposite of democracy, and the enemy, perverter and destroyer of democracy, is the REAL bad idea.

    Of course there had to be some anti-Russian propaganda at your conference. You report that “Ruuben Kaalep, an Estonian nationalist, spoke via a recorded video about how Estonia is an ethnostate and how ethnostates are the norm in his region of the world. He made the case that Ukrainians were fighting Russians to preserve their ethnostate. This is a very common view in eastern Europe where most nationalists have a much less sympathetic view of Russia than American White Nationalists. Centuries of Russian imperial domination are understandably fresh in the mind in eastern Europe. Americans, however, are preoccupied with how much they detest their neoliberal imperial overlords and their endless adventures to spread liberal democracy around the world.”

    In reality, “Estonia” is an unnatural, over-sized (persecuted, under-counted Russians still constituting almost one third of the population, and the majority in some areas) imperial proxy-puppet, just like Galicia/Khazarkraine – that exists to fight for the U.sury S.ystem, NOT to “preserve their ethnicity,” as some Ests (and Galicians) may be deluded to think. Russian socialism (but not the Tsarist empire) respected and guarded small, minority ethnic communities within border of the federation, or union of brotherly republics.

    The tiny ethnicity of “Ests” is not better off, is not safe at all, under the imperial wing of global capitalism that uses ethnic nations and tribes as proxies, and finally consumes them. Just wait. You’ll see.

    I’ll end with the notion that “conservatives need to become radicals”: It is absurd. All true radicals are seated to the left.

    • Yes, Estonia is not anything close to being an ethnostate (neither was the Ukraine frankenstate). The country is something like 30% Russian. And, being aligned with the west, they are subject to replacement immigration just like all other western countries. To what little extent they have been spared being overwhelmed by immigration, it is only due to the fact that Estonia is a shithole and nobody wants to live there. Not even native Estonians, who have been mass emigrating and depopulating the country for years. Actual Estonians only make up about 60% of the very small Estonian population (the entire country only has the population of a small city), so only an idiot or a liar would classify it as an “ethnostate.”

    • Your Uncle Joe rammed those Russians all up into “unnatural, over-sized” Estonia. You guys are hypocrites.

    • >I respond to it that there is no such ethnicity as “White.”

      How is this attitude at all helpful during an age where white demographic majorities are threatened everywhere (e.g. including now Ireland)? — do you largely agree with the passage you quoted, or not? — ‘White Americans have become a degraded, abused and stateless people who are ruthlessly repressed and punished by the system.

      White people are a race — the modern, working definition of ethnicity, as now used by e.g. the US Census, as well as many other organizations, pertains more to national origin — as a race, Whites of various national origins, i.e. various ethnicities, are rather obviously far more closely related to each other genetically than they are to other races, including members of those other races who now inhabit, and threaten the demographic integrity of, the same nation states as Whites.

      In the current context of of mass non-white migration threatening white demographic majorities in historically white countries, trying to nitpick distinctions between race and ethnicity is not only pointless, it is harmful to the group self-interest of Whites.

      But I see similar bullshit all the time — apparently guys like you think it makes you a big brained thinker on the subject — or something — honestly, it’s tiresome.

      • “the modern, working definition of ethnicity, as now used by e.g. the US Census, as well as many other organizations, pertains more to national origin”:

        Yes it pertains to national origin, but more so to homogenous, organic, geographic, national connection (ethny).

        “as a race, Whites of various national origins, i.e. various ethnicities, are rather obviously far more closely related to each other genetically than they are to other races”:

        We are talking about two different things.

        “trying to nitpick distinctions between race and ethnicity is not only pointless, it is harmful to the group self-interest of Whites”:

        What I think really is pointless, or impracticable, is your plan to a segregate genes derived from immigrants from many different European countries (everything from Slavic to Sicilian and Basque genes) within the atomised, consumerist cosmopolitan population of a global capitalist empire. You are trying to create, or manufacture, an artificial ethny, White America, that could come to life and be self-sustaining. It might be possible. But while you experiment or dream, the economic system you belong to, and support or ignore, is busy mixing and destroying NATURAL nations, peoples and tribes including White or European ones.

        • >is your plan to a segregate genes derived


          Look, everyone born in America when it was 90% white, as I was, knows it made very little difference what your ethnic background was: we were all just white, we were all Americans — German, English, Irish, Polish, Italian, whatever, we all spoke English, we had all assimilated into a culture that was uniquely American, we had all assumed a distinct identity as Americans, and the ethnic background of one’s family/ancestors made very little difference — as I said here before: not that long ago, being American was synonymous with being white.

          I don’t want to ‘segregate genes’, whatever the hell that means — I want America to remain majority white — more generally, I want Whites, as a race, and whichever national entity they may now inhabit, i.e. regardless of their ethnicity, to remain coherent, self-governing population groups.

          Like I said: this kind of nitpicking is idiotic midwit bullshit, and does nothing to help Whites form a group racial identity so they can defend their lands against a literal invasion of non-whites that threatens to dispossess and disenfranchise them — regarding racial tribes, it’s still a rule or be ruled world, and I want Whites, as a race, to continue to rule their own nation states.

          • “form a group racial identity so they can defend their lands against a literal invasion of non-whites that threatens to dispossess and disenfranchise”:

            Ethnocentrism is a natural tendency, force or law, In its place (for lack of it since ot has been destroyed) you want to “form a racial identity”: “all Americans — German, English, Irish, Polish, Italian, whatever (…) all assimilated”:

            They are “assimilated” (chewed, swallowed and digested) BY the “American cullture,” that I call “the system,” the same system that assimilates (destroys) all lands, cultures and peoples around the world. It wages endless imperialist hybrid war, and it is the cause of all the mass migrations happening around the world, including the current “invasion of non-whites” into the imperial homeland.

            “we all spoke English”:

            Common language is not enough to create or to define a distinct people.

            “it’s still a rule or be ruled world”:

            That won’t change until the CLASS that rules the world is gone. Until then, imperial wars and exploitation (and mass migration) will continue and there will be no peace among nations. Conservatives and populists, and the fake left, all accept this state of affairs and work to preserve it.

          • @ Merthyr Rising, 1831 NOVEMBER 22, 2022 AT 5:01 PM

            >Common language is not enough to create or to define a distinct people.

            So now you want to tell me I didn’t experience what I experienced.

            Actually, among other factors, the most important being race, it did do that in a 90% white America of half a century ago, just as I described, as well as in other places.

            Read a book about 19th century German history — how Bismarck united Germans whom you would have perhaps seen as ‘distinct peoples’, with regional cultures, traditions, and dialects (even today it is often not difficult for one German to immediately know where another German is from just by their manner of speaking, their dialect).

            None of what you write makes a lot of sense — certainly not in the real world of today, which is racially threatening to Whites; it has zero utility, it is of no practical value — like I said, you are a midwit (if that) pretending to have a big brain take on a lot of meaningless esoteric bullshit — the political Right is, and has been for decades, plagued with airy, useless doctrinaire dolts like you — meanwhile, the Left acquires and exercises real power.

          • “the political Right is, and has been for decades, plagued with airy, useless doctrinaire dolts like you — meanwhile, the Left acquires and exercises real power”:

            I’m not on the political Right so I’m not plaguing it as you say.

            The Right does have power, much more power than you admit, but it must inevitably lose power.

            “Bismarck united Germans whom you would have perhaps seen as ‘distinct peoples’, with regional cultures, traditions, and dialects”:

            I know the Germans were too (unnaturally) divided. I’m not advocating division of nations or states into smaller and smaller ones, into sub-ethnicities, tribes, etc., unless to done to establish independent socialist republics. There can be no fraternity, among nations or within nations, and there is no freedom, without equality. Where those exist, there is peace within and among nations and tribes. There are many nations and tribes, and three or four races including Whites, but there is only one human race, and one planet to share.

            We are “talking past each other” about different things from two entirely different viewpoints it appears. I think an “American” ethnicity, consisting of all people of White/European genetic heritage living within the borders of the “homeland” does not exist, and is not likely to be developed, at least not in a short time. It can’t happen naturally in a short time.

            “What you write (…) has zero utility, it is of no practical value”:

            I think that “saving the race” within the class system, instead of concentrating on ending and replacing the system that is the source of evil, is what is impractical and doomed to failure.

            But nothing is perfect in this world. We look forward, in faith, to a better world. Thank you for your response.

    • Dang. JB could not have said this better. My husband does not engage in social media, and watched and waited for me to come back to sanity.

      Conservative Inc is always around…. Claiming Blacks are on a plantation.

  9. I agree with your framing of 2014 being approximately the end of an era. The movement for as long as I can remember was sort of a gnostic club of people trying to get the word out to people unable to see what lies down the path. It felt like a legitimate sub-culture with names, personalities, styles, music, etc.

    Nowadays with the combination of the Trump campaign, Various awareness campaigns (/pol/ trolls, Anti-Racist is a Codeword for Anti-White, etc.), collapse of the Alt-right and light, other events occurring in real time as well as the movement’s overall increase of awareness of media and sociology mixed with the Left and particularly the Democrats witch hunt of anyone to their right, the mood has completely changed.

    The atmosphere feels more dissent-like, and if anything, the Left seems less like an overwhelming popular cultural force and more like a weird sub-culture of weirdos who believe in crazy things (Ukraine is going to invade Russia, Trump is two steps away from becoming Mussolini, boys can be girls and vice verse, saying bad movies and music are actually good, etc.).

  10. >a strong defense of Christianity as the bedrock of Western civilization

    Christianity is very prevalent in Central and South America, but the countries there are nothing like the US, Europe, or any other nation that most would consider Western — in fact, people from those regions have been flooding into America for decades, as they still are today, in order to escape the living conditions created by people like them.

    So I think there’s another important factor that has made Western civilization what it is — to use the language of mathematical logic (link), it seems Christianity is not sufficient, whereas this other factor is necessary.

    • In most of S. and Central America Christianity has been present, more or less for about half a millennia, since about 1520 AD. The Christianity there is unrecognizable to one who was raised as a Christian, Protestant or Catholic, in the U.S. or Europe. Outside the tiny, mostly White, elite, ruling class in those countries the religion practiced is a pagan syncretism of Catholic saints repurposed as demons (Santa Muerte i.e. ‘Saint Death’), the prosperity gospel from U.S. evangelicalism and the strongest element present, paganism i.e. demon worship.

      Christianity south of the border is just a veneer, a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep, there is very little substance to it. The ancient, natural, pagan religion of pantheism/demon worship is ever present, especially in the countryside. Catholic Church condemnations of devil worship (i.e. Santa Muerte), violence, theft, misogyny etc. fall on deaf ears while all is allowed under paganism.

      With a religious tumult like that combined with natural violent and other criminal tendencies the U.S. Government is importing criminal populations to destroy the U.S. Vile Chamber of Commerce ‘bidnessmen’ enjoy cheap labor profits and Democrats enjoy the votes until the roof caves in and these savages revert to type. They will turn out to be much more dangerous than the blacks when GloboHomo implodes, anarchy and destruction is their natural condition.

      • Thank you for pointing this out. The kind of Christianity in almost all third-world countries (if not all of them) is indeed a mix of some Christian ideas with whatever indigenous version of paganism the people have. Much of it is Pentecostalism and Charismatic chaos. It impacts the people’s lives about as much as Christianity does among Blacks – meaning, they get all emotional, cry and sing till their hearts are content, and then they go back and live anyway they wish. There are exceptions, of course, but I’m speaking in general terms of what I have seen.

        The Christians in such countries are completely ignorant of historic Christian theology, and doctrine and Bible interpretation is not something they stress. Again, it’s purely an emotional, formalistic, and liturgical kind of Christianity that appeals to them with the little need for involvement of the mind.

        The Gospel message they adhere to has little impact upon their lives in terms of holiness or personal transformation.

        Also, whatever ‘Christianity’ they may have does not have any real influence on the government because their officials are so corrupt. Bribery, blackmail, and kickbacks are what greases the government wheel.

      • I don’t really get your point — oh well.

        Actually, it would have been better to simply say ‘Yeah, it does appear white people are the real bedrock of Western civilization.’

    • Eah, it came from higher IQ and impulse control, forged by evolution in a temperate climate.

  11. Didn’t read anything in there about specifics that would lead to a Renassaince. They have nothing. There will be no Renassaince. . ZOG will lose the big war now brewing and then it will break to pieces. There are enough believers in the Southland to make a go of it.

  12. OT

    Hopefully Poland won’t need a Polish Renaissance organization in the future.

    Watch the video below of some guy confronting American soldiers (four, it looks like two Blacks and two Whites) as they walk thru a mall in Poland — it’s both hilarious and sad at the same time:


    The guy making the video speaks English quite well, so it is not clear to me if he is a native Pole or not — he could be, because after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Poland, like other former Eastern Bloc countries, dropped Russian and introduced English as the required second language for college-bound HS kids, so now most of the young, better-educated Poles speak competent English — many American and Western tech companies now have development offices in Poland in order to take advantage of the cheaper (hiring an engineer in Poland costs about 1/3 of what it does in Germany), competent, and English speaking workforce — there is a heavy concentration of these companies near Wroclaw (formerly the German city Breslau, ceded to Poland after WWII).

    Poles were notorious visa overstayers, so in the past it was difficult for a Pole to get a visa to travel to the US, e.g. on vacation — but Poland was allowed to join the visa waiver program during the Trump administration — they joined NATO back in 1999.

    • @eah and anyone interested … “Wroclaw (formerly the German city Breslau, ceded to Poland after WWII).”

      by Brian Boru:

      Yes, Wroclaw was once the German city of Breslau in Silesia; as German as Berlin or Hamburg or Munich. Seventy-eight years ago this month the city was still pretty much intact. It hadn’t experienced the genocidal bombing most of the country was enduring at the hands of the British and American air terrorists, being generally out of range, or perhaps being saved for a Dresden like experience. The population would have known that the war was lost and that worse was to come, but life went on as normally as was possible under the circumstances.

      Breslau was a beautiful cultured city like many other ancient German cities with exquisite buildings, museums and parks and had been German for centuries. All over eastern Europe the situation was the same. The Germans were the great civilizers. They built the roads, bridges, canals, cathedrals and so on in that particularly beautiful style exhibited by a high civilization. Traces of it survive everywhere in the east despite the catastrophe of the jew victory over Europe and its people. I spent time wandering around the old city and trying to imagine what it had been like for the people then. They must have had an idea that it was going to be bad with the constant stream of refugees and wounded German soldiers, but it is doubtful if any of them would have imagined how bad, even in their worst nightmares.

      In January the Soviets began their last overwhelming offensive. Belatedly, the authorities allowed civilians to escape west, many of them the illusory safety of Dresden. Scores of thousands of women and children died in the cold on the way. By February 15th the city had been surrounded by the Red Army and a ferocious battle began which lasted until the totally shattered city surrendered on May 6th, just before the final surrender of Germany itself. All over the east the Germans fought with despairing heroism, unrecognized and unremembered. You can still see some effects of the battle today although the Poles have done a fair job of renovating the city centre. Naturally, the Soviet troops, urged on by their jew commisars, went on a rampage of rape, torture and murder after the surrender. In the next couple of years the city, and all of Silesia, was emptied of all of its Germans, as was all of Eastern Europe with maximum brutality. It had all been agreed upon by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin beforehand. Today the city is Polish. There is little to no recognition that it was ever a German city.

      White people everywhere need to realize that we are in a similar position to the Germans of Breslau of 1944. There is the same ominous feeling that something bad is coming down the road but we can’t really wrap our minds around it. I can assure you that it will be every bit as terrible as our German brothers experienced. We don’t have a bloodthirsty Red Army at our borders this time. The enemy is already inside the gates and hates us as intensely as the Soviet soldiers because the same Talmudic monsters motivate that hatred. If the white race ever becomes as helpless worldwide as the Germans were in 1945 we can expect no mercy. One can say that the Americans and British deserve no less because of their disgraceful part in that evil jew-inspired war but that would be pointless. We are all in this now regardless of whether we live in South Africa, or Britain or any American city you care to mention. To paraphrase a line from a well known film, ‘we have been targeted for termination’. There is no negotiating with the jew and its minions. No concessions will ever satiate it. That parasitic life-form intends to destroy us and all we value, unless white men resist it and deal with it finally.

      • >There is little to no recognition that it was ever a German city.

        There are, or were, still recognizable signs — the main town square (Stare Miasto is the Polish term for the main square of a town; here is a foto of Wroclaw) has been nicely restored, and is now a major tourist attraction — but if you explore the streets far enough from the main square, it still looks a little rundown, and you can find remnants of the German past — I remember seeing a dusty, boarded-up old shop with a fading sign above it that said Konditorei, which is a German word for a pastry shop — it had certainly been there since the end of WWII.

    • ZOGbot trash are the worst. It’s amazing that we still have White conservatives defending these losers who sign up for the US military.

      • >these losers who sign up for the US military

        Alternative viewpoint: the people who work like slaves within the coercive tax system, paying the federal income tax and financing ZOG with a good chunk of their lives (Tax Freedom Day), are bigger ‘losers’ — some of these guys go in at 18, pick a marketable specialty, e.g. something in technology, put in their 20 years, then leave with a monthly retirement check (plus other benefits) and get a good job with good pay in the private sector — I met a number of techs working who’d done that — companies are eager to hire them.

  13. Most people who vote left do so because they hate neoliberalism, not because they’re Marxists, or woke, but just because they hate neoliberalism.
    Only a minority of leftists are Marxists or wokeheads.

    They need living wages, affordable healthcare and housing.
    They’re people who’ve been hurt by neoliberal crony and vulture capitalism, free trade, mass (illegal) immigration, offshoring and outsourcing.
    They’ve been hurt by Reaganomics, and that’s why they don’t like the right, not because they hate nationalism, and traditional values.
    Both the right and left have embraced Reaganomics but of course the right more so.

    If the right wants to make itself appealing to many working and lower middleclass people it has to get over its affair with Reaganomics.
    Reaganomics isn’t conservatism, but neoliberalism, a form of liberalism.
    Real conservatism takes care of working people and those who’re willing, but unable care for themselves like orphans, many veterans and the elderly.

    Of course neither the left nor right will get over Reaganomics easily, it’ll probably take an economic collapse, which is probably coming soon, as neoliberalism, and the petrodollar and US hegemony are unsustainable.
    Until then, this bullshit culture war between left and right won’t resolve itself.
    Two parties, both corrupted by neoliberalism, fighting over toxic cultural bullshit.
    Most people are centrists or lean right on cultural issues.
    The left can push its wild and insane cultural agenda only because the right sux so bad on economics.

    • > Both the right and left have embraced Reaganomics but of course the right more so.

      @Karl Logan. The so-called left is no different from the so-called right when it comes to economics. The D-jerseys and R-jerseys are merely two squads of Team Bankstein. A segment of the idiocracy still falls for the (((gaslight media))) lie that the D-jerseys are for the “little guy” while the R-jerseys are for “big bizniss”. That’s total bullshit as both squads are entirely owned. The official oligarchs (Soros, Bezos, Gates, Wall Street in general) all solidly back the D-jerseys who are main party funded by the mega-rich. Note who’s rabidly behind the giant self-licking ice-cream cone in Jewkraine (D-jerseys). The only opponents are a minority of the R-jerseys (probably to keep up the scam that opposition exists).

      R-jerseys are the ones who love to publicly extoll the virtues of the “free-trade” lie and assorted Reaganite bullshit – their assigned role in the overall racket. Their base includes a large idiocracy contingent as well: so-called ‘Christians’ who worship the Judeo-Christ, ‘muh Izrael’ and jump to obey the diktats of the Synagogue of Satan. These typically join the military to go off and carry out mass slaughter against anyone opposing the evil empire they serve – especially actual Christians who are now nearly extinct in the middle-east.

  14. “Jared Taylor also spoke about White liberals and what animates them and the importance of undermining negative stereotypes and forgiving those people.” Forgiving?
    He is kidding? Like acquiescing to the other side will do any good. Look at how it has worked in the past. Try never forgetting.

    • “He is kidding? Like acquiescing to the other side will do any good. Look at how it has worked in the past. Try never forgetting.”

      Taylor is good on some issues, but he is so bad on other issues that he would undo any good that he would do.

  15. Agreed! Toothless.
    But then again, free speech is a thing of the past in this totalitarian state we live in.

  16. HW: Because of the narrative from 2020 by Trump, whose reelection was opposed by the dissident right, of stolen elections (stop the steal also) and the subsequent Jan. 6th clusterfuck, the real issues in key counties of key states like Arizona have not been covered here or really anywhere on the dissident right. I believe this is in error.

    It is becoming clear there were more issues than just split ballots or white swpl soccer moms voting D that contributed to the results in Arizona in particular.

    Please take a second look at this issue, and set aside Trump to look objectively at this for what it is. Not all claims of fraud and malfeasance are false. Broad brushing this issue, especially at the state level where we have a real chance to affect change, would be an oversight. Governors are important to what we need to accomplish.

  17. I’ve come to a realization I should’ve come to long ago:
    The only way things are really gonna change, for better, and/or worse, is economic and societal collapse, and that is coming soon, in all probability, as neoliberal crony crapitalism, the petrodollar and US hegemony are totally unsustainable.
    Until then, this back and forth between contards and libtards, each one promising change, but not delivering, will continue.

    Once things collapse, people will violently demand actual change, and then you will see genuine alternatives to neolibearlism pop up on the left and right, moderate and substantive changes to extreme, totalitarian changes, but at this point we’re just circling the drain, milking every ounce of juice neoliberalism and US hegemony still has, until the edifice comes tumbling down.

    In the ashes of the neoliberal world order various radicals and revolutionaries will arise and humanity will again be at a crossroads, the future dark and uncertain, no one can predict with any certainty what will come from it all, anymore than one could’ve predicted the events that took place between 1914-1945.
    People are just too selfish and/or shortsighted and stupid to read the writing on the wall and anticipate the neoliberal world order’s demise, that’s how these things work.

    • You are correct. The only question is how long it will take and if there will be enough left to salvage. Whites will be swamped. There has to be a group of us who make the willful decision that we are going to remain, and survive, as Whites.

  18. >Affirmative action could fall at the Supreme Court next summer.

    ABA votes to end law schools’ LSAT requirement, but not until 2025

    The arm of the American Bar Association that accredits U.S. law schools on Friday voted to eliminate the longstanding requirement that schools use the Law School Admission Test or other standardized test when admitting students.

    Perhaps this means law schools will no longer be required to use LSAT scores in admissions (if it’s required then all applicants must take it) — if so, some schools may still choose to require applicants take it.

    However I recommend reading the entire article — the situation is not as straightforward as one might think:

    Without the testing requirement, admissions offices might place more weight on undergraduate grade-point averages, recommendations or the prestige of an applicants’ undergraduate university — which are more subjective factors that could hurt the chances of diverse candidates, the 60 law deans warned in their letter to the ABA.

    The ’60 deans’ are opposed to dropping the LSAT requirement — with the way everyone has to rhetorically tread on eggshells when talking about/dealing with race, it is hard to be sure what people really think.

    But one thing you can be sure of is that diversity causes a lot of fucking problems and wasted human/societal energy.

  19. I’m disappointed in you, HW. Attending one of those dumb right-wing “meet, eat and retreat” conferences is just a waste of time and money. Nothing ever gets accomplished. We need more revolutionaries and fewer reactionaries.

    • I think Hunter got a wife and started a family by attending lots of Conservative meet, greet and retreat gatherings.

      • I enjoy socializing with people I have known for years. It has its value and place. No one believe that attending a conference will save the world, but it is good to get off the internet from time to time.

  20. I have no problem “forgiving” White liberals – especially those who are vehemently anti-White – so long as they actually ask for forgiveness. But there must be some recognition of what they have done to destabilize and destroy this once great nation. There must be some sense of remorse, including a willingness to support our people and our cause.

    Otherwise, we’re like the foolish and naive woman who openly states that she ‘forgives’ the murderer of her son even though the perpetrator has expressed no desire for ‘forgiveness.’

    • On the subject of “forgiving” and accepting reformed sinners – this is one of the very effective components of certain forms of Christianity. The reformed sinner will often fight the hardest against the sinful, bad life he/sheleft.

      One person who has done very well as a reformed sinner is the very beautiful nordic White ex wife of Tiger Woods. She apparently married a White hunk guy and they have a lovely child.

      • She needs to have about ten kids to make up for the mutants she made with Tiger. The telegony will have damaged her DNA, anyway. They never would have got together if it hadn’t been for a Swedish cuck golfer who introduced them. So disgusting.

  21. “…liberal and progressive Whites are inverted white supremacists. They are addicted to virtue signaling and feeling morally superior to and better than other White people…”

    These people are going to be depopulated due to their far higher take up of the vax. I think there’s a large amount of evidence that the vax is very bad for you. This is going to hurt them.

    • There is plenty of evidence it’s bad for you. Not sure if it’s bad enough to dent the lefty population, though. Then you have lowlifes like Fauci still telling everyone to get all their shots. At this point, anyone stupid enough to still be taking them should get as many, as often as they want.

  22. I think the timing of the week before Thanksgiving was a good choice. The American nation is preparing for a 4 to 5 day family vacation, friends get together. It’s hard to get Leftists or the mass media to drop most of that to concentrate on Amren at Montgomery Bell state park.

  23. Hunter,

    Correct me if I’m wrong – but wasn’t it good news, reality that there were NO/ZERO cult followers of Ron and Rand Paul open borders, cuck to BLM BlackLiesmatter, Justice for Breona Taylor, privatize our Interstate Highway systems to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Zucker, Jeff Bezos idiots there this time.

    My feeling is that most of this cult is still around but they’ve crawled back in to their coffins, gone back in to the closet.

    And should get most of the credit for that?



    • It is indeed good news that Randtardians have disappeared. But what about those eccentric middle aged white guys with their Mexican wives? Is that still a thing?

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