Greg Johnson: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

Greg Johnson isn’t ready to jump on board the Trump Train.


“Trump won in 2016 on a national populist platform with the slogan Make American Great Again. By the 2018 midterms, he was a shadow of his former self, but when he floated the idea of ending birthright citizenship, I felt a shred of hope. By 2020, the swamp had consumed him. In 2020, he ran and won again as a normie Republican with the slogan Keep America Great, as if he had spent the past four years keeping his promises and had really Made America Great Again. Trump discovered that the American political establishment is fanatically opposed to any policies that would help preserve the white majority and our way of life. Eventually, he threw in the towel and took the path of least resistance. There’s no opposition to giving favors to Jews and blacks, so he did plenty for them, including the flurry of shameful pardons he gave to Jewish swindlers and black rappers as he exited the White House, leaving the January 6th protestors to be tormented by his enemies for the last two years. …

Trump’s speech announcing his candidacy was shockingly bland in content and low-energy in presentation, focusing on such traditional Republican themes as economics, law and order, and foreign policy, with precious little on immigration. Instead, Trump’s main objections to the collapse of our Southern border are now the flow of drugs and “human trafficking” rather than the flow of millions of migrants. The whole speech sounded like it was the product of many hands: pollsters, political consultants, and focus groups. It was heavy on bragging and superlatives, which are definitely Trump’s hucksterish touches. What it lacked was the old Trump energy and the nationalist, populist red meat that put him in the White House in 2016. Is Trump trying to “normalize” himself? Is he counting on a backlash to put him into power? Backlash politics didn’t produce a Red Wave in 2022, and it won’t sweep Trump back into the White House in 2024. …

The bad idea of Trump 2024 will be unstoppable only if people are willing to keep their reservations to themselves because they are intimidated by real or imagined opposition, or if they think that giving in to cynicism is the mature thing to do. Thus, it is important to create safe spaces where people can share their reservations about Trump and dream a little about what would constitute an ideal candidate. Counter-Currents is one such safe space.

What are your thoughts? …”

What are your thoughts?

1. In 2016, I was swept up in the enthusiasm and was too dismissive of Trump’s critics who spent most of the election attacking him on character grounds, but I can’t say that we would be better off today if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio had won the primary. We were repeatedly warned about Trump’s flaws and scams. We didn’t listen because Trump was so useful in destroying the conservative establishment.

2. From 2016 to 2020, I reacted to the dismal reality of the Trump presidency by becoming too skeptical and too blackpilled. The Alt-Right collapsed. We were deplatformed from the internet. It felt like we were stuck or in retreat. If I was too uncritical of candidate Trump in the 2016 election, I was too critical of him as president. To be crystal clear, most of the criticism was warranted, but I was too negative because change wasn’t happening on my schedule. Trump supporters were radicalizing. It was just taking them longer to reach some of the same conclusions. Trump also reshaped the Supreme Court and the consequences have largely played out under Joe Biden with Roe v. Wade being struck down. Affirmative action seems poised to go down next summer. We might even get rid of the Voting Rights Act.

3. In the 2020 election, I was too dismissive of the damage that a Joe Biden presidency could cause. I was angry with Trump about his failure to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. I didn’t take seriously enough the possibility that Joe Biden and the insane Russiagaters around him would start a war with Russia. While Trump largely failed to achieve his objectives on immigration, he had to deal with the federal courts and True Cons and later Democrats in control of Congress. He was stymied. Joe Biden has simply dismantled immigration enforcement. There is no comparison. At the same time, I was correct that Trump losing in 2020 would radicalize his supporters, which makes our job easier.

Right now, I don’t what to think about the 2024 Revenge Tour.

I’m not in the least bit excited by it. I have no plans to vote for Trump in the 2024 primary. It also strikes me as stale. The only agenda here is Trump vanquishing his various personal enemies. The election is solely about him and his restoration to power which isn’t exactly inspiring.

What’s the alternative though? Are we going to vote for Top Gov Ron DeSantis? Mike Pence? If there is any lesson that I have learned over the last few years, it is that being angry at the last guy over yesterday’s issues can cloud my judgment about the new guy. Back in 2016, I was so angry with the conservative establishment that I overlooked all of Trump’s glaring flaws. Then in the 2020 election, I was so angry with Trump that I downplayed the damage that Joe Biden could cause and he coasted to victory.

Do you go with the devil you know (Trump) or the one you don’t (DeSantis) in 2024? I feel like we know what to expect with a Blumpf presidency or a Biden presidency. We don’t know what to expect with a DeSantis presidency. My main worry about Ron DeSantis is that he is a Trojan Horse that Conservatism, Inc. wants to ride back to power. We’re angry and disillusioned with Trump and someone like Ron DeSantis could take advantage of that and get elected and prove to be an even greater disappointment.

I’m not ready to say at the moment that Ron DeSantis would be a better president than Our King. It is a wash at best on Israel and the Jewish Question. The idea that DeSantis is going to govern the whole country like Florida is laughable. Rich Lowry is also supporting DeSantis. Would a President DeSantis govern more like Trump who occasionally did good things like trying to get along with North Korea and Russia, OR, as a standard conservative and across the board disappointment?


  1. A lot of people in our sector have been apprehensive about Ron DeSantis for a good long minute.

    It’s just that nobody can seem get a good reason for their apprehension off the tip of their tongue.

    I’m here to get it off the tip of their tongue.

    There are two reasons. One is general, and the other is specific and taboo.

    The general reason is that we don’t truly believe that he has moved beyond lamestream conservatism, and he’s not really any kind of true third way pop-nat-alt-rightist. That, any pretense that he is is going to be all talk, but, should he actually make it all the way to the White House, it’s going to be right back to Conservative Inc business as usual.

    The specific reason? Buckle up. Though, I doubt I’ll have much in the way of pushback, here.

    Follow it through. Ron DeSantis -> Florida -> Jews -> Jewish donors.

    Who in turn want no part of our agenda in any way, not even the watered down kiddie pool Fisher-Price toy civic nationalism of the type that Trump sold (for awhile).

    So, there you go.

    It’s why I’m beating the Josh Hawley drums, and not just because I was a ground floor investor in his whole political career from back in 2015.

    • This /\ /\ /\. Reservations about Josh though, he looks like a big opportunist although as Hunter implied above: The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.

      • I know what your reservations about Josh Hawley are.

        But let me put it to you this way:

        The person of Donald John Trump during his Presidency somehow found a way to be more pro-Israel than George W. Bush, and that was saying a lot. That didn’t prevent America’s and the world’s (outside of Israel itself) official sorts of publicly visible organized activist Jewish interests from hating his guts, and then helping to foment a soft Soros-style color revolution to oust him.

        And to be fair? OAJI are fairly warm on DeSantis but pretty cold to Hawley, from what I can see, albeit from a long way away.


    9-4 odds Trump vs Whitmer will be the choice

    1-2 odds Trump vs. Newsome will be the choice

    1-6 odds DeSantis vs. Whitmer will be the choice

    1-16 odds DeSantis vs. Newsome will be the choice

  3. I’m just going to watch and wait. I don’t know what the hurry is. Lots of things can happen between now and then

  4. Desantis is almost certainly a Trojan Horse. For example Paul Ryan came out with this right after the midterms.

    I remember seeing a “small business owner” who had thousands of dollars of PPP loans forgiven only to be part of the lawsuits filed against the 10k student debt forgiveness. Ryan himself benefitted from social security as a child. Elon Musk the libertarian got rich off government contracts and subsidies. More than ever Long’s famous equivalence of the Dems and GOP rings true.

    Trump is worn out. He knows it. I could see the resignation in his face when he began his speech the other day. It was an awful speech. It wasn’t low energy as much as it was doomer energy. He was uninspired and self conscious. I think he personally does not want to run but feels he has to, maybe because of fate, who knows.

    I think I might have to walk back my comment the other day. Biden and the Dems are truly awful in an absolute sense but if Desantis is the Trojan Horse he seems to be, and all the signs are there, David Frum and Paul Ryan playing setup, then he too is a devil we know.

    • The Mid-term election presented the perfect opportunity for Trump to get out of his own way, but his Middle Child Syndrome was too strong for him to recognize that.

      Like it or not, the more closely the January 6th protest rally is examined, the more it looks like it was designed to deteriorate into violence and to set up Trump as the fall guy. They counted on Trump being too vainglorious and too determined to pressure Pence into helping him remain president not to take the bait. Trump further disgraced himself by leaving his supporters twisting in the wind, to rot in the Washington DC gulags.

      Trump’s farewell address should have not contained a concession, but stressed the need for a peaceful transition of power especially in the aftermath of the BLM/Antifa riots the previous year. He also had the option of launching his 2024 campaign speech by laying out a “Trump Doctrine” emphasizing energy independence, restoring our manufacturing base, rebuilding our infrastructure and ending any drug/human trafficking by finishing the border wall. He should have asked any would-be rally attendees to stand down and work toward electing candidates who would support his goals during the next elections.

      Trump failed to recognize the trend where the longer a politician is absent from the public arena, the more popular s/he becomes. Any mistakes one makes in the public eye become more glaring. The surest way to obtain office appears to be to avoid any vetting process whatsoever.

      No one left office in greater disgrace than Richard Milhouse NIxon, but his stature grew out of the public eye when he was writing his books and then he morphed into an elder statesman giving sage advice on news shows. George W. Bush’s long absence spending his retirement painting rehabilitated him in the public eye.

      Hillary’s ratings were high, even after Ben Ghazi during the two years she was sidelined.
      Only when she ran her inept campaign did it expose her to the vetting process and hurt her badly. It most certainly helped rather than hurt Katie Hobbs when she refused to engage Kari Lake in a public debate in the most recent election. Last but not least, even the most competent Democrat, Michael Bloomberg lost the primaries to Joe Biden who then went on to beat Trump while hiding in his basement.

      By holding all these rallies and publicly endorsing openly MAGA “election deniers,” Trump helped the Democrats in their successful six year long campaign against him. Trump Fatigue was strong in the average voter after he was hamstrung by both the Co-Vid hysteria and the Antifa/BLM riots in 2020. Trump’s best option was to stay away from the media and play golf, categorically refusing to comment on any hypotheticals, i.e. both the 2020 and 2024 elections.

      I do not know why he announced his run when he did rather than just keep a low profile and not wait until February of 2023 to make any announcement, one way or another. I think he, too, bought into the “Red Tsunami” hype and greatly underestimated the Trump Fatigue that is still strong with the normies.

      Even then, I feel that Trump is doing a great disservice to himself by throwing his hat back into the ring at all, especially in lieu of how Deep State operatives have launched lawfare against any people willing to work with him. Anyone in his administration who was not under attack most certainly was a saboteur and that was why s/he was left alone. Trump’s first term was already a lame duck session with anything he accomplished quickly being reversed by the Biden administration even things it would benefit Biden to keep in place. Any second Trump term would be even less successful.

      All the money Trump blew on lawyers trying to get the election overturned and then fending off the escalated legal harassment he is facing he could have used to elect Republicans that would be amenable to pushing through his agenda. For a guy who ran with the Jews so much that he comes off more like a New York Jew than your average American gentile, one would think that he would pick up the lesson that it is better to set policy behind the scenes and let your hand-picked candidates take any flack over it then make yourself a target.

      Really, all Trump needed was the one campaign where he outlined the Trump Doctrine, if you will, and one term in office where he could check off as much of his to-do list as possible before being run out of office by those in the Deep State who were betting against the country. He’d be like Obi-Wan-Kenobi; much more powerful and influential and statesman like, if he made it clear that watching Joe Biden convinced him that the presidency should be a younger man’s job, and like many others, he would be seeking and supporting the best comparatively youthful man he could find.

      All I know is that, while I like what Ron DeSantis has done for Florida, I don’t think it would benefit the country as a whole for him to run in 2024. The best thing for the Republicans is build their state, city and local power bases, find candidates with quiet MAGA leanings to run for both houses of Congress. Republican leaders also need to train their base to take advantage of early voting and their own mail in ballots.

      Last, this may sound counter-intuitive, but the Republicans should save a lot of time and money by not doing more than running a designated loser for the White House in 2024. The fix is already in for the Democrats to keep control of the Presidency. The best use of time for Republicans between now and 2028 would be to purge all the Neo-Con RINOS from their ranks much the way the Progressives purged any Centrists, Moderates or even Populists from theirs.

      The best straw man candidate for the job would be Mike Pence. The MAGA supporters despise him and the reaction of the average Republican normie ranges from a total lack of enthusiasm to wary distrust. Only the Neo-Con RINOS would be on board with him. Pence losing 2024 to Biden, of all people, would be the best way to start purging this blight on the party and then 2026 could be the primary focus of taking out Romney and McConnell.

  5. ” My main worry about Ron Desantis is that he is a trojan horse that conservatism, Inc. wants too ride back to power”, I sincerely hope the host of this site, will trust his instinct on this one….

  6. Sat out 2020 out the same reasons you state. But Trump 2016 will be the last Republican President in American history.

  7. Look how wise Donald was when he made MAGA all about himself.

    Now MAGA will never replace old warhorse with Jew Trojan Horse. Hitler, Stalin Putin and Orban survived and surviving with personal cult. For Jew, with their enormous recourses and propaganda machine , it is very easy to make Nationalist Party II in Hungary. In the beginning it may be even conservative and after current Fidez is destroyed beyond repair, new Nationalist Party can come out from the closet,

    Now only Orban cult avoids rising “young decent credible nationalists” who will create multiple camps and destroy Fidez with nationalist infighting. Loyalty to warlord is one of the army greatest assets. Also this is also enemy greatest strength. Enemy voters letting enemy away with everything, hyperinflation, economic crash , personal problems. Our side betrays our leaders by smallest mistake so our side does not have maneuver room at all.

    One communist nicely explained why they should support vegetable. Yes, he is vegetable but he is our vegetable. In the important moment someone holding his hand so he will push right button and this is all what we need.

  8. McConnell and McCarthy hate their voters and they’re going eff their base in the A. If I knew they would be in charge I wouldn’t have voted at all. What’s definitive is an unrestricted money pipeline to Ukraine and laundered tax money through crypto exchanges apparently going to corrupt politicians.

  9. I prefer an ‘all of the above strategy’, meaning:

    1) Attack Trump as a jew lover and back stabber
    2) Support Trump as the anti-establishment candidate. Love him or hate him the establishment fears him with a passion. My personal opinion is that they used the mid terms as an opportunity to diminish and attack Trump and his supporters by allowing more ballot harvesting/stuffing shenanigans.
    3) Attack DeSantis as a jew lover, establishment boot licker.
    4) Support DeSantis if he wins the primary.
    5) Support the NJP, financially and in public as an actually alternative, or as spoiler to destroy the GOP
    6) Not vote because voting is an endorsement of the system
    7) Vote because hope spring eternal: preference NJP>Trump>DeSantis

    Now I realize Hunter can’t really do the above because people won’t take him seriously. I’m just a nobody on the inter webs, expect to find me around endorsing all of the above.

    PS Keep up the good work Mr. Wallace and can’t wait to have you back on twitter. I remain optimistic it will happen.

  10. What advances the general campaign of a “National Divorce” more?

    See how easy that was? Put Trump on the General Election ballot and anything can happen to put him over; recession, war; scandal, assassination, gaffe. Then what? Secession from the Left 2025: they actually have the True Faith to do it unlike the Right – but we would help them and push this over the top.

    PS Trump Will be running as an outsider again, not as a mixed-bag President.

  11. Also, the movement is better prepared to capitalize on a Trump 2.0

    Last time, The Triumvirate rapidly blew up the movement (intentionally?); now it is too big and too broad for that to happen (which was probably what The Triumvirate was worried about…)

    Heck, a sitting member of Congress called for dissolution of the Union and won re-election!

    I think the main problem people have with Trump is that despite going to Wharton, and despite his uncle teaching him nuclear, he’s an idiot;

    But he’s our idiot!

  12. To vote or not to vote….

    All l’ll say for now is that the worst of the worst neocons jumped on the DeSantis bandwagon immediately, and that is a more unappealing/disqualifying look for me than anything I could imagine.

  13. I’m pretty much of a mind to vote for the Democrat, then lie and say I voted for Trump or whoever the R candidate is and squeal fraud.

    Joe Biden has been a disaster. Trump, depending on who you ask, eventually at some point in his first term was also a disaster. For me it was his high cuckery on Covid. I didn’t give a shit how many brown people he bombed. Or anything else people got tore up about.

    Whitey gets fucked no matter who sits in the Oval office. So bear with me a second here and I’ll explain. I’m a tedious motherfucker I know.

    I am beginning to see it this way.

    Trump positives – polarized the shit out of everything. Drove the libs crazy to the point they engaged in serious overreach that they will never be held accountable for but have alienated White voters. Was generally hands off with the economy, cut taxes, standard basic bitch boomer Reaganist. Socially, got nothing done because he didn’t have any institutional support on anything. Got three Supreme court justices (biggest accomplishment imo). Didn’t start a new war. Got Roe overturned.

    Trump negatives – Total Zionist shill. Didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Had no idea he couldn’t trust even the military to follow him so got totally hamstrung on day one. Criminal justice reform to pander to the blax. Totally shit the bed on Covid and let the economy he should have gotten credit for go all to hell because of the greatest gayop in the history of gayops. Let his dumbass kids run his administration into the ground.

    Biden positives – Has also been generally hands off with the economy. Hasn’t raised taxes. Also a basic bitch Reaganite. Got us out of Afghanistan for whatever reason. Polarized the shit out of everything. Drove conservatives crazy with his dipshit social policies. Further alienated Whites by criminalizing being a dissident, corrupting the Doj and FBI openly. Has gotten basically nothing else done. Has taken all the blame for screwing up the economy.

    Biden negatives – The man is a veggie, is clearly not in control. Also a total Zionist shill. Has destroyed our energy independence. Owns the greatest inflationary period since Carter at least. Has continued the covid gayop and will roll it back out given the excuse. Has put us on the path to war with China and Russia. Through weakness has lost hold on vital wildcard countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India. Has totally screwed over European Whites and American Whites. Has declared war on White dissidents.


    There are more points positive and negative for each I’m sure. On net, Trump and Biden each have been total disasters for White working class people. The only real difference is who gets blamed and gets the albatross hung around their neck.

    If a Republican wins the presidency in 2024, R’s will feel like they have to circle the wagons around a president who will be in the same position Trump was, unable to accomplish anything because of the deep states resistance to reform. Normal election trends will continue and a divided government will emerge after 2026 and nothing will get done. R’s will get blackpilled again and stay home and the cycle will repeat.

    If a Democrat wins, the same thing will happen. Whitey gets the shaft either way. The only difference is that by not owning the problem and being openly disenfranchised, Whitey and R’s will be uniformly radicalized and keep pushing for more change and resistance at state levels, as we’ve seen since 2020 accelerate to a degree we had never anticipated.

    National politics is a lost cause. We should push for divided government so that it stays clear the national parties are one in the same and utterly corrupt. Elections illegitimate and without real world consequence because nothing ever gets done. Meanwhile states keep trending toward Balkanization and reforming their election systems to reduce fraud being pushed by the national party operatives and the feds themselves. One zionist governor in Florida can’t do much damage because of their proximity to the base which is becoming far less Zionist very rapidly. Zionist presidents do massive damage to Whitey, and just as much damage to the empire itself. A net positive for White advocates as it puts the issue in stark relief where everyone can see it clearly for what it is, absolute antiwhite racism deep seated in both parties.

    Our only hope is balkanization of the states until the empire falls apart and we can go our own way.

    So we vote for whoever keeps Washington dysfunctional, and for whoever is best serving White working class interests in our states. Forget Washington, except to point and draw people’s attention to the corruption.

    So, this is a third option from what you, HW, have put forward as only shit options we have being loyal R voters. Ultimately I think dysfunction is inevitable in Washington and the empire is going to keep declining. The more it declines, the less it can manage to start wars with any hope of winning. The less damage it can do to Whitey. In the end, no vote for president will win us anything, but we might be able to be the spoiler margin (like libertarians always are) that fucks over whichever side has the momentum.

    Tactical cynicism I call it. Why should we play the game that is rigged against us?

  14. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because they’re all controlled by the same cabal. As long as that cabal controls the media, banks,entertainment industry, etc. nothing will ever change for the better. As long as the tapeworm is allowed to grow in the intestines and get bigger, it will make you weaker and sicker.

  15. Secesion from both Trump AND the likes of Greg Johnson!

    even if it leads to war with the Federal Gov it´s worth it, the US will soon have a Three front war to fight so i think our chance is fast approaching!

    Deo Vindice and death to “America”

  16. We’ve solemnly discussed & weighed everyone’s views of President’s Trump’s declaration to run, except this important man; one whose boots, some are habitually wont say, the 45th president of the disU,S.A. would wish to fill…

  17. Secession or nothing. Biden is the secessionist candidate, so I will be voting for him. The very last thing we need as secessionists is another Trump term or Desantis that would only serve to get contards reinvested in the system and believing that America is “great again.”

    • Could not agree more Dart!

      Compliancy and comfort is the worst enemy we have! if any of those two gatekeepers can lull the uninformed sheeple back to sleep were back at square one!

      Biden is the indeed the secessionist candidate! as he actually have been so far

      He have unwittingly preformed miracles for our cause and made the thought of a “national divorce” go mainstream

  18. It’s degrees, Trump’s a hell of a lot better than Dark Brandon (inflation, WW3, etcetera), and he’s better than neocons and RINOs like Jeb and John Kasich, but that’s not saying much.
    And on climate and pseudo-medical mandates, immigration and woke, Desantis has proven with his own state he’s better than Trump.

    Is Desantis a white nationalist?
    Probably not, but he’s another step in the right direction.
    The only question mark on Desantis I can see so far is on foreign policy, would he defund or fund Ukraine?
    Would he put Israel’s security ahead of ours, and the world’s?
    As a governor, he’s never really been tested on foreign policy.

    Desantis is also younger than Trump, and can get more done with less bullshit narcissism and drama.
    So sick of boomers, let’s put an Xer in charge for a change, Trump’s gettin a bit senile, in another few years he could be as bad as Brandon.

  19. Re: “Would a President DeSantis govern more like Trump who occasionally did good things like trying to get along with North Korea and Russia?”

    You write (and maybe you think) like an imperialist, making it sound as if DPRK (“North Korea”) was doing something to the U.S. that the U.S. should tolerate or overlook, to get along – whereas in reality the DPRK has been under constant hybrid war attack (sanctions, blockades, threats of invasion) by capitalist Hegemon for over seventy years, and does nothing but defend itself! Ditto for the “trying to get along with Russia” narrative.

    Be assured that your future President DeSantis populist-conservative-capitalist-imperialist-hegemonist puppet figurehead will do exactly what the elites want, which includes not “getting along with” but trying to destroy the DPRK and any other true ethno-socialist republics, and any that may be going off the reservation veering toward ethno-socialism (like Russia). DeSantis will do whatever the Zionists and global Banksters want, just like Biden, Trump and every other U.S. president.

  20. I actually felt good about voting for Gov. Desantis last week. No sense of cynicism or trepidation. If he runs for president I expect I shall vote for him feeling the same way.

  21. TRUMP 2015/16 really was a global phenomenon. A promise that seemed too good to be true. And it was. Today any nationalist I know thinks about Trump: “literally who?” Although that’s been the case since 2018 and most Euro nationalist parties stayed somewhat clear from Trumpism and Bannon. Also Blumpf seems really like a broken man now, tired and old. Sad!

    People warned you about Zion Don since late 2015. Infinity banned you for it, because SHILL! SHILL!. People also warned you about Peterstein since 2017. And about CIA agent Tucker Carlson since 2018. Amerianons are so desperate for a savior, they follow one false prophet after another. Lack of father figures maybe. And it seems very obvious who always remains in real power no matter who you vote for. Kinda like Twitter with the richest man in the world… I guess DeSantis is good, if you’re a Zionist or plan on converting to Judaism soon.

    I feel sorry for the Christian Nationalist base who deserve better, but have zero institutional power or representation. TL;DR on white nationalism is: white nationalists mistook popular awareness for real power; because that’s institutional power. So today millions upon millions of people know their memes, messages, ideas and also about the tribe. But the real power structure has not changed at all. White nationalists who knew what was going on since the 1960s should have started their own long march through the institutions. Then there still was decades of time. Today the entire burden falls on a dead broke Millennial generation and a 27% LGBT and majority non-white Gen Z which never stood a chance. Too little, too late.

    However, people on the right have moved significantly further to the right, just as the left did. And I also still think the last true believers are America’s lib-left, Airstrip One and the West-German media-political complex/EU establishment. Unfortunately those are very powerful groups as well, but everyone else moves further and further away from the great GAE.

  22. Based on current realities Trumps messaging is probably the best one to have for his possible success.

    The most discussed things in my real world human interactions at the Orthodox Church we attend, which is primarily made up of white socially conservative, not hyper online and consume minimal mass media, is 2 fold….my gas/oil costs and grocery bills are through the roof….and tranny/gay stuff is everywhere and I want it out of schools and away from my kids.

    They are pretty representative of white, non-shit lib voters in the country. When they had little economic concerns they were concerned with similar things we are.

    Being married with 3 kids and a mortgage, even I am falling into that camp.

  23. If you’re struggling over to vote for Trump or DeSantis you’ve lost the plot.

    Things are only getting worse and you can either vote for more oligarchy slightly slower or more oligarchy at the same speed. Both are antiwhite. Neither is socially conservative. All of it Jewish.

    Keep trying to pump the brakes on a vehicle without any. It doesn’t matter. It’s all going off a cliff and we are all going with it.

  24. No matter who gets (s)elected Israel and the private banking cartel Federal Reserve win.
    Watching videos of DeSantis with the pointy hat on and speeches praising the indispensable ally.
    Fear of no ride on the rapture train is my theory of all the azz kissing and they will start WWIII in the hopes of speeding up the process.
    The first result for search query on Johnson says White ethnostate nationalist and he had the stones to make the quote that blacks don’t find White civilization comfortable, so you can see whey he isn’t fond of Emmanuel Trumpstein of the MIGA fame.

  25. “…The only agenda here is Trump vanquishing his various personal enemies. The election is solely about him and his restoration to power which isn’t exactly inspiring…”

    Trumps enemies are our enemies. The odds are if, big if, he can get in office he will punish them. All good for us. As countenance said DeSantis is almost surely totally in hock to the Jews. The odds are extremely high he will just be another Republicon. Sure he will do a few good things but he will never make a big change. Trump might. With him at lest there’s a sliver of hope. I think Trump might tackle the fake vote problem. I do believe they stole the election from him, and he’s a guy that doesn’t like anything stolen from him. I’m betting on Trumps narcissism to crush his enemies, which are ours too after all, and that’s not a bad bet. I think when the election was stolen, all these guys around him gave him terrible advice which dragged on and on and on until finally he looked up and…they had booted him right out. If he had good advisers, I think it could have been stopped. If he had jumped on it right away. Or even better if he had attacked the fake vote problem in the mid terms or earlier. I do believe that he learns from his mistakes.

    Already his daughter and the Satan whisperer are out. No more bad advice from them. That should tell you something. If we could get control of election fraud we could get enough power to do some of the other things I have harped on so much like changing voting rules and locking down the voting process. Next step, get enough control to get rid of the illegal court decisions that made all the cities the power centers in each State, They made regional Senate representation illegal in the States. We get rid of that, and then we will be in control. We will be in total control, just like the cities are now. All this talk about those foolish ranchers in Coronado that people heap abuse on, they will run the State. Nothing will get done without their approval, and the same for New York State and California. Nothing will get done without our approval. If we have the guts to take the reins handed to us. If we had acted as aggressive as the Democrats, they would be on the ropes now and we can still do this. Every time they steal a vote the risk goes up for them. All these people they have stealing votes are going to get very tired of sticking their necks out when they know good and well they could possibly have them chopped off at the slightest turn of events. I have a theory that they are running out of cash and positions in the deep State. Look at how their bitcoin ponzi scheme collapsed. They’re running out of cash. They have run down and impoverished the US so much that it’s becoming more and more difficult to fund and retain people to do such risky things. A lot of their cash washing deals are being scrutinized and if we could get anyone, even one person, to prosecute the whole house could come down on their heads. Most of the people involved are not really true believers. They want power and money, not Biden and the Jews. And if the money goes, and they see the opportunities for power are going then…they will just sit it out.

    Here’s how to take over the whole entire country in a few steps in this comment and the ones linked from it in a few years time,

    Everyone needs to vote Trump in primaries in record numbers, because it will stress the system. It doesn’t matter if he wins or not, it will drive them nuts, force them to move to ever more risky schemes to win, and that’s worth something.

    Why can’t we take some advice from the Left and use their strategies? They run things, let’s cause the most intense stressful amount of grief we can, and voting for Trump in the primaries will make them break out in hives. Even if you hate him, the trolling effect of this is beyond anything else you could do. They give us Biden, we give them the Cheetos wrestler just to spite them.

  26. Debt jubilee, is biblical and I cannot think of a more undeserving generation, than the one now, but it really was an academic hustle, perhaps a better way, too have handled it would have been someway for them too work it off……
    The debt will not , just disappear, the tax payers will pick up the tab as usual…….

    • No, as an academic, the only way to stop this is tying loan payouts to schools based on strict employment statistics to grads in jobs requiring their degree, measured out in multi-year snap shots.

  27. Conflating censorship of your site with supporting Trump is a false relationship. Can we get over the hurt feelings? We need unity of action and recognition that the election was stolen through quasi legal measures promulgated in the run up to the 2020 election. 2022 mid-terms had the same shenanigans though with less operatives harvesting, mailing unsolicited ballots and less stuffing.

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