GoodWhites vs. BadWhites

I was thinking about this at the Amren conference.

I was sitting at our table, watching the speeches and for some reason this dichotomy that I had seen somewhere on the internet kept popping into my head. It occurred to me that I was surrounded by BadWhites who are defined by their rejection of “mainstream” liberal values and narratives.

The conference wasn’t about race realism or “white supremacy” so much as it was a gathering point / refuge for BadWhites who question all the stupid dogmas of the GoodWhites on race and sex and a long list of divisive issues. The GoodWhites, of course, were vigilantly protesting outside, posting angry tweets on Twitter, taking notes, releasing doxes and preparing harassment campaigns to punish anyone inside the building who dared to deviate from their cultural orthodoxy. This cultural and ideological divide between GoodWhites and BadWhites was on display in all of the speeches and the conversations that I had and what I was seeing unfolding on Twitter with the reinstatement of banned accounts. If we are being honest with ourselves, we represent a swath of our race with a distinct point of view.

Ruuben Kaalep, for example, talked about how the Estonian Constitution had created a homeland for Estonians. He defined his own identity in relation to other living Estonians, past and future generations of Estonians and to the land that is Estonia. He obviously takes pride in being Estonian and European. This was resonating with me as a BadWhite nationalist. I have a similar traditionalist worldview and values. It got me thinking about how the GoodWhites who were on Twitter who were furious about Elon Musk reinstating Donald Trump’s account completely reject our sense of identity, worldview and values. In their view, the only justification for a place like Estonia continuing to exist in the world is uplifting marginalized and oppressed Black and Brown Estonians who can hopefully replace the native stock or sticking it to Russia which they associate with all sorts of things they dislike both at home and abroad.

During the conference, I met an attendee from Wisconsin and we got to talking about all the various religious, cultural, ethnic and ideological divisions in his state which was settled mostly by Yankees and Germans. Wisconsin is one of the whitest states in the country. The exit polls show that the Wisconsin electorate was 88% White in the 2022 midterms. And yet, Wisconsin is the most bitterly polarized state in the country. It narrowly reelected both its Democrat governor and Republican senator. Madison in Dane County, WI has a national reputation for being a GoodWhite stronghold. Blacks in Milwaukee and GoodWhites in Madison and the Milwaukee suburbs are the Democratic axis in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin exit polls capture the difficulty in trying to describe this divide: White women, unmarried women, people who live in cities, college graduates and people who live in college towns like Madison were all more likely to vote Democratic. Liberals overwhelmingly voted Democrat. The NBC exit poll didn’t ask about religion, but it is safe to assume that political ideology is strongly correlated with religiosity in Wisconsin as it is everywhere else. There are GoodWhites who live in rural Wisconsin and who don’t have college degrees though. There are BadWhites with college degrees and professional class jobs. There are BadWhites who are unmarried women and GoodWhites who are married men. PMCs tend to be GoodWhites who donate heavily to the Democratic Party, but there are plenty of exceptions. It is values and mindset and attitudes toward their own race that separate GoodWhites and BadWhites. GoodWhites have a negative “woke” sense of White identity. BadWhites have a positive sense of White identity. The former support the Great Replacement and anti-White “racial justice” policies. The latter oppose them due to their lack of racial guilt and orientation toward the interests of other races.

At some point, the conversation turned to these John Steuart Curry paintings of Bleeding Kansas, the Civil War and Jim Crow era, which captures the GoodWhite vs. BadWhite divide which has always existed. The second one “Freeing of the Slaves” is on display at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ask a Southerner.

GoodWhites worshipping blacks is nothing new.

Is it everyone who lives in the North? Of course not. These people with their White savior complex have always been present there though as well as here although to a much lesser degree. They exist in other countries too.

This is a Democratic cartoon from the Civil War.

Back then, GoodWhites were Republicans and BadWhites were Democrats. In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln had to pretend that he was opposed to abolishing slavery and flooding Illinois with free blacks because of the politics of his state which were settled by different groups. He lost to Douglas.

I don’t remember who it was who said it.

I believe it was Jared Taylor though who compared GoodWhites to drug addicts whose entire sense of identity is based on feeling better and morally superior to other White people. I can imagine John Steuart Curry getting dopamine hit after dopamine hit as he created these paintings.

Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With” (1964) is another example of how GoodWhites have always centered blacks and their problems and interests while denouncing and disassociating themselves from their own race. Wokeism is only the culmination of a mindset that has always existed. It was the same spirit that animated abolition and Reconstruction and later integration and affirmative action.

Future historians will interpret this yard sign as belonging to this tradition: it is simultaneously a virtue signal, a scold and a moral judgment – informed by the peculiar GoodWhite ideology, values and mindset – that is being passed on other people who live in the community.


  1. Segregation has always been, and ever will be, the best most peaceful and moral solution between those who vehemently disagree.

    The way that will work itself out in this country is in newly independent states and confederacies – more specifically those who wish to head to a future life, based on unproven hypothesies, self-deporting to Blue & Blueish-Purple confederacies, states, and or newly independent parts of states…

    For those who want a traditional life, there will be Maroon/Violet Purple and Red confederacies, states, and or parts of states.

    It will be this way no matter who wants what; no matter who tries to do what.


    Because people are tiring of living this way and no one wants to war eternally with others who will never change.

    This will be the primary historic aspect of live in North America, well into the latter part of this century.

    The map of this country will be entirely redrawn.

    • “P.S. We will be down here making merry – with pineapple lime seafoam salad, string bean casserole, candied cinnamon sweet potatoes, my wife’s special celery corn bread stuffing, fresh homemade cranberry salad, and, yes, a slow-cookt turkey with all the juices and gravies.”

      Sounds very good and I am sure it will be. Best to you and yours.

      • Thank you, Dear John.

        Sorry I am only now getting to this!

        And, oh, yes – it was so extraordinarily scrumptious!

        My wife is such a blessing!

  2. There are no Good Whites or Bad Whites. We are White and we had better stop this nasty.

    I see the writing on the wall.

    Think Family and Land.

    • The ironically named goodhwites don’t see it that way. They were the ones who invaded the south – not the other way around. (Though there were certainly southern fire-eaters and the like who wanted to expand slavery to other states who only inflamed matters). Goodhwites practice a type of religion – a pseudo-moralism under which they assume moral authority to force badwhites to bend to their will. They are more than willing to use the jackboot of state power to do so, though they reject all the traditional doctrines of Christianity.

      WNs here routinely underestimate the number of such whites. It’s true they tend to be concentrated in shithole states like NY, CT, MA, NJ, CA, OR, WA, IL, etc. and are not as numerous in southern states who actually have greater numbers of the precious black and brown minorities they worship. The believers in the big lie Gleichberechtigung über alles among whites are at least 40%, though the number willing to kill over it is less. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity might be their motto but they despise their any of own who beg to differ.

      The false morality of goodhwites infests every single institution which whites founded. A permanent divorce is the only way to resolve the issue without horrific violence and slaughter. Being hitched to Jewish financial power, goodhwites are materially rewarded for their self-righteous moral superiority. Feeling morally superior, Goodhwites will not grant a divorce. They instead want to grind the jackboot onto the face of badwhites forever. Look at the number of goodhwites who participate in BLM riots, and their outrage that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t lie down and allow the Antifa thugs to kill him.

      • Exalted Cyclops, ” The false morality of good whites” Well the Host of this site, skillfully identified and labeled these people, I use that word loosely, you Mr.Cyclops identified their crime just as well, here is a few words from the LORD, for these goody ,goodies,………Mark 10:18 “And JESUS said unto them, why callest thou me good? There is none good, but the Father……..Isaiah 64:4 But we are all as an UNCLEAN thing and all our Righteousness are as filthy rags, and all do fade as a leaf; and our inequities, like the wind, have taken us away…..

      • In general, being more agrarian, rural, etc. has been a blessing for the South. Large cities along with their more disposable wealth nurture degeneracy and corruption along with members of the tribe being city dwellers. Rural life requires realism, honesty and mutual support to survive. These are the reasons for large population areas of Blue corruption in the North.

    • Unfortunately, the Goodwhites are like a crewman on the Titanic who tells the Captain: “clear sailing ahead for the next 10 miles, no icebergs on the radar”. Meanwhile he tells the helmsman to steer a few degrees starboard into a collision course with a 100 foot tall iceberg, visible for miles. When the collision happens, his fellow Goodwhites rush to open as many valves as they can, letting even more seawater into the boat.

      The Badwhites are busy trying to get women and children into lifeboats while trying to keep Goodwhites dressed in women’s clothes from also getting into the lifeboats. The Goodwhites are entitled, entitled dammit to get in the boats first. They are going to sue the Badwhites when this thing is over for ‘Civil Rights’ (sic) violations.

      There is no reconciling these two groups, one will prevail. The good news is that the Goodwhites generally are as useful as tits on a bull in a crisis. Badwhites know what to do because they are busy in day to day life doing what needs to get done. They just want things to work properly and be left alone.

      The wheels coming off GloboHomo Shopping Mall naturally favors Badwhites against Goodwhites. The Badwhites can fix things, make things, get things done. The Goodwhites excel in protesting, filing grievances, milking useless diversity jobs, and bad causes. The Goodwhites are damn fools to wreck the system they depend upon for their daily bread. They just can’t help themselves though.

  3. One of the main political talking points behind school desegregation was that integration would bring Blacks up to the level of Whites, as we know the opposite happened. One only has to look at any integrated school system in the country to realize that White people were taken in by that political lie. We can than Taylor for pointing this out by both by anecdote and fact.

    Estonia was part of the old Hanseatic League, which stretched from London to the Baltics, after the Reformation with a few minor exceptions, it was a Protestant commercial alliance that covered Northern Europe.

    • The mention of Estonia by both Hunter and yourself, brings to mind a notable issue. Of the 3 Baltics, Estonia has the most Russians –

      Estonia Russians 29%
      Latvia Russians 25%
      Lithuania Russians 6%

      ‘Identity’ for Balticos is somewhat defined against Russians, who are mostly recent settlers under the post-1917 USSR. Russians are rather discriminated against in the Baltics, sometimes in ways that make me cringe.

      Yet these Russians stay in the Baltics, often saying that ‘2nd class in Estonia we’re still better off than in poorer, rougher Russia, even tho we’d be top in ethnicity there’.

      Differences haven’t gone away but became generational. The fear of Russia invading to ‘protect’ their Baltic Russians, when the EU-West-Nato get weak enough, is common Baltic table-talk … as is talk of ‘kicking the Russkis out’ one day.

  4. “GoodWhites” are the ones indifferent to or complicit in the Genocide of their own race.

    “BadWhites” are the ones opposed to it.

  5. More like aware, responsible, Whites, vs. liberal looney virtue signallers and those cowardly fools they intimidate.

  6. Good Whites are the ones that can see though all the we are all one race the human race and diversity is a strength BS. The bad White believe the all the BS they’re told by the media and the anti-Whites. Common sense vs uncommon sense.

  7. It’s worth pointing out that Helter Skelter, the apocalyptic clash prophesied by Charles Manson to his acquaintances and acolytes half a century ago, was a war between whites, i.e., between GoodWhites and BadWhites. The scenario was basically the following:

    1 — Manson and the members of his group, nowadays referred to as the Manson Family, would release a music album whose songs would have messages. These would draw the (white) hippie chicks to join the group.

    2 — Black men would, in consequence, be left without the white women whom the hippie culture had made sexually available to them.

    3 — No longer “pacified” by that sexual access to white women, black men would take out their political frustration over their lower-caste status in America by attacking the establishment. Specifically, blacks from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts would go up into Beverly Hills and Bel Air and carry out gruesome murders of whites.

    4 — BadWhites, fear-struck by these attacks, would go into the ghetto and start shooting up the blacks.

    5 — The “true black race,” as Manson had it, meaning the Black Muslims or the Black Panthers, would sit this out. They’d watch compliant blacks be slaughtered by the BadWhites.

    6 — When the smoke had cleared, literally, the so-called true blacks, would come out of hiding and make a pity-appeal: Look what you’ve done to my people. This would “split whitey down the middle, between the hippie liberals and all the uptight conservatives.”

    7 — During the resulting clash between GoodWhites and BadWhites, Manson and company would be hiding out, underground, in the California desert. The two great tribes, of the GoodWhites and the BadWhites, would destroy each other.

    8 — When it was all over, Manson et al. would emerge from their safe-place and be, in effect, invited by the blacks themselves to rule over the blacks, who’d find they, the blacks, were unable to put the world back together on their own. Blacks’ centuries’ worth of frustration over their treatment by whites in America would have been discharged in the course of these events, and everyone would live happily ever after. It would be a sort of nationwide plantation in which the whites, i.e., Manson and company, would preside over black servants.

    If you’d like to read about this in “Helter Skelter,” in which it’s laid out by Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (and his co-writer), the following link should get you there:

    The term Helter Skelter, for the apocalyptic clash, was taken by Manson from the song of that name on the so-called White Album, released by the Beatles in late 1968. Manson told his followers that the Beatles, in songs throughout that album, were prophesying the conflict just as he himself was. In fact, he argued that the Beatles were trying to communicate with him and his followers via the album.

    PS There’ve always been persons who’ve argued that this argument by Bugliosi, as to Manson’s thinking and the way in which it prompted the murders that made Manson notorious, is without foundation. Their arguments in opposition to Bugliosi’s view have never struck me as convincing.

    • Manson was a colorful small-time career criminal whose antics attracted the attention of a few dozen hippie dropouts. But he never had any intention of starting a race war. I think he just wanted to find some place in the desert where he could ride his dune buggies (using parts from stolen VW Beetles) and play his guitar while taking lots of mescaline. Both Vincent Bugliosi and his Helter Skelter theory have long since been thoroughly discredited.

      • Undoubtedly, that’s why you’d never try to parasitize his glamor by calling yourself something like Spahranch1970.

  8. The class system approves this message, because it draws the attention of the exploited from reality and the real problem.

  9. So the U.S.’s Baltic proxy Estonia gets sympathy at the White Nationalist conference, but nothing is said about dozens of nations, ethnicities and tribes such as indigenous Palestinians and Yemeni Houthis that are being destroyed by the U.S., Israel and their satellites. The Ests will be destroyed too, and they are but don’t know it, like the closely related Finns. Finland has gone completely neoliberal, the last trace of the sold-out Finnish Revolution is gone.

    • Finland, the Baltics and the Ukraine all need to be re-absorbed into a Russian-dominated Commonwealth or Confederation. Otherwise they will be turned into hostile and aggressive vassal states of the US, the EU and NATO.

  10. Our host pointed out the differences between good white/ bad white, this was done with some good writing, what he didn’t come right out and say the people who base their mind on a petty and irresponsible minority group, meaning the liberals and the blacks, these people are seriously disturbed.

    This country has indulged the concept of self absorption and obsession for so long, many have lost any connection with reality The left thinks anybody who disagrees with them on anything is practicing ‘hate speech’ .What’s the definition of hate speech exactly?

    This is crazy and it’s stupid, and terribly destructive.

  11. Terrible Tommy was right, around half the white race just isn’t worth saving. Let us leave them to their well-deserved fate at the hands of the jews and Negroes whom they worship.

    • Let nature takes it course with the vaccines they’re all taking. Watch Stew Peters “Died Suddenly” documentary about it. In a few years they’ll be dead or mental vegetables.

      I have two family members that took the Dump approved and pushed shot and one is in a nursing home and the other died from some mysterious blood disease 3 moths after taking the cull shot. Both were completely healthy before they took the “vaccine”

      • I just saw where an airline captain in training suddenly died in flight behind the control yoke. Co-pilot had to declare emergency alone and land plane.

    • But that doesn’t happen, they trampled us while escaping the mess they made, then they force their lunatic laws on us

  12. I disagree with almost everyone here. This false bravado is just that.

    The fact that I get along with my mulatto neighbor more than my folk here is a sign of the times.

    And we wonder why shitlibs exist. We drive them to it.

  13. Hanging out with losers suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Yes, they call themselves the bad ones, and they believe it. Such people are worthless. Our cause is good. But it is not the same as Taylor and his small group of unbelieving losers.

  14. >unbridgeable cultural divide

    It didn’t always exist — it is a fairly recently induced phenomenon — therefore it is not really ‘unbridgeable’, it is remediable.

    Also, only a fraction of Whites are a problem, not the majority; so it’s manageable.

    The reality of Whites being demographically dispossessed is the far more serious problem, because racial differences and racial animosity are far less remediable; they have existed throughout human history.

    • >Also, only a fraction of Whites are a problem, not the majority; so it’s manageable.

      linkI personally find it embarrassing and wrong that our culture is thought of by other cultures as a mob of strange homosexuals, trying always to advertise and force homosexuality onto others. … The strata of people like this in the west is extremely small and overrepresented by the institutions. … They are not the norm, the promotion of their life choices and the amplification of their voice is part of an ongoing subversion campaign, which has reached the stage where it no longer requires very much maintenance from outside forces … It should be known that while the people in the west may be naive and have twisted priorities, the majority of them are still family and work orientated. The people here are bullied and exploited, they often lack purpose and have fading spirits, but they are not beyond saving

      I would add that this small fraction of the population is overhyped by the media.

      But the above is also largely true for ‘goodwhites’ — election turnout shows a significant fraction of the population doesn’t care enough to vote — they are mostly apolitical (some because they are so turned off by the whole shitshow).

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