U.S. To Send Another $4.5 Billion To Ukraine

In case you were wondering, this isn’t something new that Congress has voted on since the midterms. Congress hasn’t voted yet on Joe Biden’s latest request for $37 billion in Ukraine aid.


“The funds, which were approved in September as part of the stop-gap government funding bill, were aimed at “bolstering economic stability and supporting core government services,” Yellen said in a statement, adding that other donors should increase and accelerate their assistance to Ukraine as it defends against Russia’s invasion. …”

This is from the last aid package in the government funding bill which was $12 billion that was passed by Congress in September. It was approved on a vote of 72-25 in the Senate and 230-201 in the House. Every single Democrat in the House and Senate voted to pass it.

As with so many other issues, it is GoodWhites who support Ukraine and BadWhites who oppose aid to Ukraine. GoodWhites have Ukraine flags in their Twitter bios. COVID was another example of the divide with GoodWhites supporting lockdowns, mandatory masking and vaccines mandates in order to stick it to the BadWhites. The mask wasn’t worn to stop the spread of the virus so much as it was to express and display values. GoodWhites are people who support both The Science and our “trans girls.”


  1. “GoodWhites have Ukraine flags in their Twitter bios. COVID was another example of the divide with GoodWhites supporting lockdowns, mandatory masking and vaccines mandates in order to stick it to the BadWhites. The mask wasn’t worn to stop the spread of the virus so much as it was to express and display values. GoodWhites are people who support both The Science and our “trans girls.””

    Didn’t you support the lockdowns way back when?

    I wonder if you’re going to be supporting Christian Zionism in a few years. Can’t possibly tell the low class Christian whites they’re wrong about anything.

    • In the early months of COVID, the issue wasn’t as polarized. Every state including Alabama had some type of lockdown. The turning point was the George Floyd riots which made it clear that public health wasn’t really guiding COVID policy. After the George Floyd riots, public opinion rapidly polarized along the familiar GoodWhite vs. BadWhite lines.

      The same thing is happening with Ukraine. Support has declined over time because public opinion is becoming more polarized. GoodWhites continue to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes” and shout down anyone who has any concerns about the trajectory of the war like House Progressives. Meanwhile, BadWhites are consolidating as the opposition.

    • China has shown the world that eradicating a disease, even such a contagious one as Covid is possible by following public health science in a socialist system. But China also tries to balance capitalism with people’s public health, which is impossible. It cannot serve both masters. So the virus is finally being set free in China, and has just caused the first death since May, whereas the U.S. with a much smaller population and no effective control has lost hundreds of thousands since May.

      • China was targeted by a bioweapon, as was Iran. The same bioweapon (in a somewhat milder version) was deployed in Kayfabeland and elsewhere in the Empire of Lies, so the (((usual suspects))) could deploy their vaccines, which are neither safe nor effective and have made many billions for them. China’s reaction is understandable in light of what is actually going on.

      • China hasn’t eradicated anything.


        To date, because of their population and population density they’ve had a harder time controlling these recurring outbreaks than basically anybody in the world.

        China is a breeding ground for disease. Like India who has the same issue. All of Asia basically. Japan and South Korea less so because they aren’t as dirty as Chinese and Indians.

        Our country may be a mess, but at least we aren’t all living on top of one another like fucking feeder goldfish.

        • “Our country may be a mess, but at least we aren’t all living on top of one another”:

          Your “country” IS a mess, and very over-populqted, but you mqy be living in a NICE open rural area where you don’t SEE hundreds of millions of people who are living on top of one another because the U.S. is becoming the world’s third most populous state, after China and India.

          “aren’t as dirty as Chinese”:

          A common slur, like the English saying “The Welsh are dirty” and “The Welsh don’t even clean their houses.” Where is the evidence?

          The imperial homeland is very dirty, but mabye not yet in the area where you live.

          • You want evidence they are dirty? Like what? Did you not see the fish market stuff when they were originally still shilling that retarded natural origin narrative about pangolins? Their own arguments were even basically, we are dirt balls, so covid from bats spontaneously emerged at a fish market right next door to a fucking bioweapons lab…lol.

            Beyond this, is not the rampant and repeated uncontrolled spread of a generally flu tier respiratory virus not evidence?

            Living like termites on top of eachother is dirty. I don’t care if Urbanite scum here also do it, fuck them too. Doesn’t change that the Chinese are a bunch of grodey little bastards.

            The Irish are also total dirtballs. If they were whiter, they wouldn’t keep having famines and having to bum land from other Whites.

            None of this is controversial.

            And yeah, may as well agree, the welsh too.

        • “Living like termites on top of each other is dirty. I don’t care if Urbanite scum here also do it”:

          If the urbanites who live on top of one another ever spread out to become clean – (because living on top of each other is dirty) that won’t please you either. I submit that the outdoor markets in China are clean and very safe. Most of the fresh food eaten in China comes from outdoor markets such as we saw in Wuhan, not from the supermarkets. I’ve heard first-hand accounts from travellers who visited China saying they “wish we had such good food sources here” in the U.S.

        • I’ve seen plenty of Amerimutt fatsos leave the restroom without even thinking about washing their hands.

      • Everyone got taken in by Chinese propaganda. Remember the video of Chinese going into convulsions on the street? LOL. Or even their current Covid complaints. What a bunch of Chink bullshit.

        • Hear hear. I’m getting sick of seeing China fagging by the dissident right.

          Its gotten worse since Russia shit the bed in Ukraine and folks have gotten less comfy with trying to rationalize their imperial revanchism.

          I don’t see them as any better than Zog. Just different flavors of the same monstrous system.

  2. Get to work egalitarian equity unity hive borg taxable unit serf members, the CPUSA ca$h Laundromat Ukraine is hungry.
    Vote on it? Bwahahah! That is so cute.

  3. In this new neoliberal era where the neoliberal left fight with the neoliberal right over sociocultural tokenism like immigration (both are in favor of mass immigration, just the right slightly less so), then I guess I’m one of the bad whites, but really I wish we were fighting, or rather collaborating on fiscal, kitchen table issues like living wages, affordable healthcare and housing.
    I can’t take either side very seriously.

    And both the left and right seem to want to start WW3, the left more with Russia and the right more with China, meanwhile both still prostrate themselves before Israel, the right slightly more so.

  4. Oh well… “ain’t gonna be my problem much longer” is the most common response I hear from all of the boomertards on every topic

    • Yes, an amazingly self-centered attitude that is shared by more than boomertards.

      Just as stimulus checks caused inflation, so to this profligate spending.

  5. Not just financial aid is being sent. Plenty of regular U.S. military are “serving” in Khazarkraine, operating the HIMARS and other high-tech weapons that the Khazarkrainians have not yet learned to operate. Americans are targetting, range-finding and firing the U.S. weapons to kill Russian civilians and military. No doubt some Americans, not Khazarkrainians, are shelling the nuclear power plants in Zaporizhzhia now. Craven IAEA officials observing the attacks in Energodar say “Whoever is responsible for this should stop doing it immediately.” LOL

  6. Never any mention of peace talks or diplomacy, just more and more military “aid”. Isn’t there supposed to be a Secretary of State in Biden’s jew infested cabinet?

  7. Some WNs, Alt-Rights, Right-populists, and other conservative reactionaries believe that some Republicans do not support, and might work to de-fund and end the U.S.’s Khazarkrainian hybrid war operation to destroy Russia.

    By your definition, such Republicans who would de-fund and end the war might be “Bad Whites”? Well, not if they wear Khazarkrainian flag lapel pins.

    So which kind of White (Good or Bad?) is the WN/Alt-right/conservative-populists’ current favourite likely 2024 Presidential candidate, Ronald DeSantis?

    I submit that DeSantis, who is STILL a U.S. military officer, will never REALLY work to de-fund and end the U.S. operation in Khazarkraine. DeSantis is a PROVEN supporter of endless imperialist war, regardless of how cruel and brutal, and he is SNEAKY about it. Here is more evidence – his actions versus his words – to prove my assertion:

  8. The U.S. is boasting that its oil price cap scheme will work. Now that Biden has finally issued blanket immunity (something Biden promised he would never do) to protect the Khashoggi-murdering chief House of Saud gangster from prosecution, the Saudi crime family will help the U.S. drive down the price of oil to harm Russia. China is tempted to join the effort by reneging on some of its order and holding out for an even lower price. India will also want a better deal from Russia, the U.S. says. This is the nature of U.S. imperialist hybrid war. Read and be enlightened: https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2012/02/empires-double-edged-sword-global.html

  9. One would think it should be obvious that the USA is running a racket here and some are lining their pockets but good. That’s not the case. The average I-know-about-current-events-because-I-watch-CNN American can’t think independently and immediately jumps in line with the herd. The ignorance is very frustrating.

  10. Don’t forget the war against China, on which the U.S. is also spending untold billions, the rate of spending increasing as it escalates.

    Kamala Harris is seen here meeting with the Second Marcos, the U.S.’s current brutal puppet-dictator of the Philippines neo-colony, discussing Marcos’ role in the war against China: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2022/11/23/wsws-232/

    “Kamala Harris had a busy schedule: meeting with both President Ferdinand Marcos Jr and Vice President Sara Duterte, arranging for the expanded basing of US military forces in the country, and escalating preparations for war with China. But she managed to squeeze in speaking at an event on the importance of defending human rights….”

  11. The money is not going to ‘The Ukraine’, but, to certain people there, many of whom will kick the money back to American politicians and a vast CIA/MI6 web.

    Every reliable independent media source asserts and confirms this.

    Everywhere President Biden haunts, the place becomes a den of in unspeakable iniquity.

    The money laundering operation that has been The Ukraine, since then Vice-President Biden (at the behest of President Obama) overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovich, is only one of numerous aspects which relegated that country to a living compost pile.

    The stink of the United States’ Government run Ukraine is so bad we smell it in the Northeastern North Carolina swamps.

    Vladimir Putin and Russian/Allied soldiers are cleaning it up, and it will be to the benefit not just for them, but, to the whole world.

    I deeply lament that our country long ago became the flagship of Satan Inc.

    That we keep showing films of those ‘bad Germans’ in WWII, has become a sad joke, for this country long ago surpassed them.

    One thing we do know how to do better than German Nazis – maintain the appearance of propriety via prevarication.

    That said, everyone in the world knows, except most of the American People who STILL, as of 2022, remain under a vast pile of snow so tall it defies even the largest snow plow truck.

      • @Methyr…

        Yes, it’s gotten so bad that they do not even bother to select someone who will try and present a veneer of respectability and sanity – as if to suggest that they think they can do these things and they can control all the consequences.

        Pride goeth before a fall.

        Thank you for your comment.

    • @Methyr…

      Yes, quite a haul.

      That said, I am sure that the vast majority of Monopoly bills that are sent over there in our name will never EVER be accounted for.

      It’s another in a line of scandals in recent years that, though it galls us to no end, will thrill fans of history in the future.

      Ironic, but, the worst times always make the best viewing.

      Just look at how many views specials on the Eastern Front get!

      All the best to you and yours

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