Senate Passes Bill To Codify Gay and Interracial Marriage

Thank you, Senate Republicans.

Thank you for “standing with Ukraine.”

Thank you for voting to impeach Trump.

Thank you for passing that gun control bill.

Thank you for making Juneteenth a national holiday.

Thank you for codifying gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. It was all worth it because at least you can say in January that you took back the Senate from Chuck Schumer.


“Driving the news … The 12 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill include:

  • Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)
  • Richard Burr (R-N.C.)
  • Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)
  • Susan Collins (R-Maine)
  • Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)
  • Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
  • Rob Portman (R-Ohio)
  • Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska)
  • Mitt Romney (R-Utah)
  • Thom Tillis (R-N.C.)
  • Todd Young (R-Ind.).

I can’t say that I am surprised.

Every single Senate Democrat voted for this. Most Senate Republicans voted against it including Shelby and Tuberville who represent us in Alabama. Roy Blunt, Richard Burr and Rob Portman are retiring. Susan Collins is from Maine and always votes for shit like this. Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski voted to impeach Trump. It is the rest of this crowd that really plunged the dagger in the back.

Note: The vote on this was postponed until the lame duck session because Todd Young was afraid of voting for it before facing voters.


  1. On the surface it stinks to high heaven.

    Below, I sincerely doubt that it matters.

    In fact, it may even be a good thing – because it will be yet another enticement for Republican Supermajority Red states to flex their growing identity muscles by nullifying it.

    When South Carolina passed a law in 2015, stating that the state would not be following any future Federal laws that placed limits on firearms’ ownership, we entered into a new age of nullification – a very distant echo of what was going on in the 1850s.

    LGBTQ laws, some of the last major tyrannical anti-American acts of the now expiring Jew England Yankee United States will be the first to go by the wayside, over this coming decade.

  2. Elections have consequences. Especially when they are stolen.

    We haven’t even had 6 years (a full senate term) to see just how bad mail in ballot fraud is going to get.

    This is just the beginning. There is no future for Whitey in DC.

    • As I’ve posted many times,

      The electorate is too stupid,
      it will take natural forces of crisis to change the trajectory of this nation.

  3. The democrats always vote according to party lines while the so called “opposition” republican party in many cases always votes with the democrats. I’ll say it again, there’s no difference between the uniparty. Both parties are anti-White and pro fag and pro Israel. Screw them both.

  4. The interracial part doesn’t surprise me. As far right-wing as I perceive myself to be, even I have a difficult time with the idea of enforcing miscegenation laws. I find it silly that a “codification” law would be passed, but the same ideology is in play. If there isn’t something explicitly unnatural about a sexual pairing, I think most people can’t justify supporting laws that ban it. It would be like making it illegal to allow a Collie to breed with a Dalmatian. While I know that white people and black people are distinctly different races and would not naturally be in proximity without colonialism and globalization, I can’t lie to myself and believe that matings didn’t naturally occur when large scale migrations occurred in the past.

    I wouldn’t care if antimiscegenation laws were passed by the government, in fact I’d find it funny to see how shitlibs react to that, but I can’t say that I believe a law like that to be particularly justifiable considering our current paradigm. If we ever managed to create ethnostates, then I definitely think that an ethnostate has the right to preserve itself if the people within it are compelled to do so. When we had “Jim Crow”, we had, in effect, pockets of localized ethnostates. We were segregated. Forbidding race mixing in that milieu was reasonable. If a community of people peacefully chooses to separate itself from society at large (like Amish people basically do), then it is perfectly reasonable that they forbid bringing aspects of the culture that they’ve barred themselves from, including other races.

    Otoh, gay marriage is a joke against nature. It is not even arguable that it is reasonable in a serious society. Only a totally decadent shithole can justify this. To be frank, I do not have the slightest ability to understand why even the democrats are so staunch in their support of this. It amazes me that there aren’t dissenters. It’s bizarre.

    • The Jews, Irish and blacks are the key Democrat coalition. Sexual deviants like mental illness are the results of incestuous breeding practices, when parental blood is too close there is a much greater chance of you coming out as a homo sex deviant. The Jews and the Irish both breed and produce children within their own bloodline and correspondingly produce a high proportion of sexual deviants. And the Jews and the Irish want to do what is best for their own. The Jew and the Irish just want their sexually strange, sexually deviant offspring to be happy.

      • @RB

        No, you are of Satan the Devil preaching lies because you are the father of lies. You show no stats/Scriptures/etc to support your ridiculous false “doctrines” because your are mentally retarded and don’t know how. You have posted a link on here to child porn in the past yet you accuse my mother and grandfather who were Irish of being sexual perverts. There were unlike you straight people and would never post links to child porn as you have done, Satan.

        You are not Christian and you do not have White skin. You complain about White skinned people persecuting Muslims — this hatred of Whites must be the source of nutty religion.

        • I just want people to understand why things are the way they are. Self interests is what dominates in the Jew and the Irish political person. They want to do what is best for their own kind and to hell with the greater good of society as a whole. These people, your kind, should not be in a position of political authority, you just do not give a shit about anybody but your own kind. And that is the problem.

          • @RB

            No, you are just trolling your lies, using pejorative terms to refer to others and accusing their relatives of sins they never committed just to get attention since you are a physical and spiritual bastard.

            With your blatant lies you want the world to know that you do INDEED have a father, the father of lies — SATAN THE DEVIL!!!


      • The Roman Catholic Priesthood is homosexual by its very nature. So there is no opposition to homosexual marriage from the Roman Catholic Church. That’s a fact not a debate.

        The Roman Catholics are little different than Blacks and Jews on this issue. Regardless of how much they may claim otherwise.

        Just like the Roman Catholics like to tell us that the Pope is “only infallible under certain conditions”. LOL.

        • I think the RC hierarchy is more concerned about keeping their 501c status than anything else. I don’t doubt this is true of non-Catholic churches as well. This helps to explain the silence of Christian authorities on Politically Correct issues which contradict Christian teaching. A saint once said that the basement of hell is littered with the skulls of bishops.

      • @(((Bob Browning)))

        Wow, Bobbo. I guess you really are a low brow/low IQ $PLC inbred troll. Stop projecting on your betters what you are.

        • The Irish do not try and help their own and but the interests of their own kind over the interests of whites or the society as a whole, is that the line of crap you are trying to sell Mick?

          • @Bob Browning

            You mean the Irish “leaders” are as sorry as the English “leaders” when it comes to helping their own? I agree, just check out the new prime minister of Britain.

            Bobbo, you’re the blind pig whose found an acorn! Atta boy, the blasphemous limey bastard.

    • Your analogy is flawed. “It would be like making it illegal to allow a Collie to breed with a Dalmatian.”

      This isn’t kin to what happens when a black and a white have a kid. The more apt analogy would be a law against breeding a dog with a wolf and selling the offspring as pets. There are laws against this in many places because the offspring of that pairing is notoriously dangerous, has difficulty being fully socialized and tend to be physically too fierce to control (depending what it was bred to (normally its malamutes, huskies or German Shepherds, which were bred to guard against predators so fierce in their own right, but not predatory in nature)).

      This is just like the mutts that Blacks and Whites have. They don’t generally fit in anywhere, are melancholy and hostile as a result and are generally a dangerous miserable lot with more aggression and brains than anybody should have in combination.

      Blacks and Whites are not compatible, in most cases, for too many reasons to list. Forbidding that pairing, which is cruel and selfish, is the province of just law.

      In a better world, there would be an ocean between us and the law would be irrelevant. In a perfect world, there would be planets for Whitey to live alone. Instead we are stuck here on the planet of the apes trying to make due. At least we can make rules that keep dumbass white chicks from becoming breeding stock for a misbegotten race of Uruk-hai that hate actual blacks as much as Whitey.

      White men that breed blacks…. need sense beaten into them. Fortunately this is rare and the result is usually more positive, owing largely to the fact that White men tend to actually provide for their kids, and don’t generally marry coons, but usually better off upper middle class black girls that are more well adjusted.

      Nobody likes ghetto black women. Nobody intentionally breeds them either.

      White women are the problem, as usual. I don’t generally speak up about that, but its an issue that White men used to know how to deter… i’ll leave that there.

      • @ISA — That is a great analogy and so true on so many levels. If White men who breed with coloreds need a beating, no need to stop short on your criticism of White women.

        The West keeps shoving women into positions of authority, leadership, and power, but women can barely lead toddlers, and biology soon appears to remind everyone what women’s place actually is. As it happens… men are left to deal with the aftermath of women’s mistakes, but as the Left rules, there is no one is allowed to fix their mistakes. Women need to be put in their place from an early age, instead, women are now “liberated” from a very early age from their natural function. They’re let loose on a degenerate world that is constantly working to pervert them. If White men allow their women to be degenerates, they’ll be degenerates. White men to reassert their dominance over these sluts. Their place will be the place White men put them into, but we have to act. We have to put them in their place. If we force making White babies, they’ll once again be proper women.

      • Ironic

        I don’t disagree with your overall assertions. I won’t get into the weeds about the morality of it vs dog breeds. I made a general analogy that I think most reasonable people can understand, but this isn’t a defense of interracial breeding. The truth is, most working and middle class black parents who love their families are not particularly fond of their kids mixing with whites. Not (necessarily) because they hate whites. Not because they’re against it on principle. Rather, because it is an unnecessary and unjustifiable complication to the harmony and cohesiveness of their family. I can turn a blind eye to some disgusting, obese, low class trailer park white chick messing with blacks. I don’t care for it, but it doesn’t cause me to lose sleep. I do, however, despise it when our “good” women, the smart ones, pretty ones, motherly instinctive ones, cute ones, etc have mixed children. It’s a travesty, for them ultimately because it rarely ends well, and for the children. For both the families, black and white, and particularly the parents of the woman. (I don’t give a shit what shitlibs say, no father wants his daughter mixing with blacks)

        All of it is unnecessary bullshit.

        But I still can’t justify laws against it, given that we live in the world as it exists today. What I DO think should be a god given right is for a father to FORBID his daughter from doing it. It should be made clear what the consequences are, and his wife should support him in doling them out. A white woman who does it should be socially ostracized from her family and friends.
        A father should not have to fear losing his job, being ousted from a church, or being attacked on social media for his god given rights as a father to impose his expectations. Our society should institutionally protect the rights of a father to lead his family. Period, full stop.

  5. But if dems tried to pass a living wage or higher taxes on the 1%, rest assured 100% of republicans would oppose it.
    That’s because many republicans aren’t really conservatives, they’re neolibs, they just care about cutting social welfare, but corporate welfare and trillions to the military industrial complex?
    That’s a-okay in their book.

    • When Bernie the Bolshevik was running for President in 2020 he proposed that wealth taxes be levied against super rich oligarchs like Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos et al. Pocahontas also supported wealth taxes in 2020 as did some other Left Wing politicians. After appropriate private conversations from the oligarchs’ representatives to the political scumbags preaching this heresy, talk of wealth taxes ceased, never to be brought up again.

      The Republicans joined with their Democrat (supposed) opponents to also condemn the very idea of wealth taxes. There wasn’t a millionth of an inch of daylight between the supposedly opposing sides. The Lügenpresse didn’t show an ounce of curiosity about wealth taxes either, quickly dropping the subject.

      The oligarchs controlling the two “opposing” parties pay their bills so they call the tune and they aren’t about to have their wealth and therefore their political power clipped. They also control the Lügenpresse which accounts for their lack of curiosity about the subject.

      The Republicans are never going to take the side of their voters. They’re already bought and paid for by someone else and they regard their voters as a necessary evil whom they must humor, like children or dogs.

      • That’s why people need to abandon the two party system, vote 3rd party or don’t vote, join a militia instead and prepare for economic collapse because it’s coming, don’t comply with draconianism either.

    • Aren’t really conservatives? Frankly, there are no “conservatives” and every piece of shit in the congress is plainly antiwhite, yet rank and file Whites have no clue.

    • Since the lame-dick house is controlled by the D-jerseys, it will pass the house with ease. It should be against the constitution for lame-dick sessions of congress to pass any legislation at all. Such sessions are routinely used for all sorts of crap.

      • ” It should be against the constitution for lame-dick sessions of congress to pass any legislation at all. ”

        Amen, amen !

  6. America is the first faggot empire in history, even the Athenians weren’t this flagrant about sodomy worship. It isn’t just the first, by that virtue it’s also the most powerful. When in history has an empire had the ability to send missiles of death to another country just to defend faggot parades and vulgar imitations of marriage? It is very enlightening to see that at virtually the same time Fagmerica is passing this law, Russia is passing anti-homo laws. Which country is on the right, natural, side of history? Which country is following biblical precepts against these degenerate freaks?

    • The antiwhite US gov promotes homosexualism, racemixing, feminism, and anal sex as the highest values globally, as a mask to establish tyranny, decadence, and degeneracy thoughout the world, because this is what jew democracy is, and of course because “that’s who we are”. “ITZ our values”.

      A major part of the problem with most White Americans is that they are unwilling to acknowledge and accept the fact that the country that they were born into, the country that they have always pledged allegiance to and felt patriotism for, has become a stinking, rotten, corrupt, evil, murderous, war mongering jewish haven for subhumans, freaks, and parasites. It is a country where every one of it’s politicians are money grubbing jew worshiping, nigger and faggot loving, scumbag whores that don’t give a damn about our folk, and only care about jew blood stained shekels.

      The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is Democrats are lisping faggots, and Republicans are faggots who try to hide their lisps.

  7. Very Orwellian 1985 Newspeek. The words mean the exact opposite of what they should be.

    “The Respect of Marriage Act” is to destroy the institution of Christian marriage. “Love Means Hate”,, “Freedom means Slavery” etc.

    Very sorry to see the once White traditional LDS Mormon Church going all in for this – some LDS BYU commentators on Youtube say it’s because the LDS church is cutting deals with the Feds not to persecute the Church and make BYU bow to all laws dictating well everything.

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