New York Times: California Panel Sizes Up Reparations For Black Citizens

Why is this happening?

Blacks are 5.7% of California’s population.

Blacks are 15.4% of the population of Arkansas.

Arkansas was a slave state. California was always a free state.

What sense does it make for California to pay reparations for slavery to blacks who were never enslaved there? It only makes sense when you realize White coastal libtards rule California.

New York Times:

“In the two years since nationwide social justice protests followed the murder of George Floyd, California has undertaken the nation’s most sweeping effort yet to explore some concrete restitution to Black citizens to address the enduring economic effects of slavery and racism.

A nine-member Reparations Task Force has spent months traveling across California to learn about the generational effects of racist policies and actions. The group, formed by legislation signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, is scheduled to release a report to lawmakers in Sacramento next year outlining recommendations for state-level reparations.

“We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,” said Jovan Scott Lewis, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who is a member of the task force.

While the creation of the task force is a bold first step, much remains unclear about whether lawmakers will ultimately throw their political weight behind reparations proposals that will require vast financial resources from the state. …”

See the other recent bill which made California the first “sanctuary state” for “trans kids.”

See California’s ban on gas-powered automobiles.

See the results of San Francisco’s experiment with progressive DA Chesa Boudin.

See the crime and homelessness in Los Angeles which recently elected Karen Bass as mayor.

Pew has a new poll out about reparations for slavery.

80% of Whites are opposed to reparations.

77% of blacks support reparations.

91% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents oppose reparations.

Nationwide, Democrats are split 49/48 on reparations for slavery. While this particular poll doesn’t break Democrats down by ideology, reparations is an issue that splits moderates and progressives. White libtards are the people who support this in California and who are making it happen.

Pew Research Center:

By political ideology:

California is 29.8% liberal, 13.12% conservative.

Arkansas is 44.3% conservative, 14.2% liberal.

By religion:

California is 20% evangelical Protestant, 28% Catholic, 2% historically black Protestant, 27% none or irreligious

Arkansas is 46% evangelical Protestant, 8% Catholic, 8% historically black Protestant, 18% none or irreligious

Note: For those who say it IS NOT White coastal libtards, I will remind you that Democrats swept every House district on the Pacific coast a few weeks ago.


    • “What sense does it make for California to pay reparations for slavery to blacks”

      HW You have the audacity to speak of ‘sense’. Are you sure that you’re an American and not some foreign subversive ?

    • “Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust sees concentrated redemption requests from Asian investors, helping trigger monthly and quarterly redemption caps.”
      Yahoo news

      Asians are spooked and dumping AMERICAN real estate, most of it in Calif.I’ll bet the asians will be overjoyed to see that they can’t get out. This will really provoke a rush to sell.

      The woke libtards praised the Asian influx and their cash. I want to see how they like the tide going out, as their real estate drops in value.

      In 5 yrs, Calif will be lucky if it can maintain basic services and pay its pension obligations.

    • Pay close attention to California’s devolution. California has always been a harbinger for the fate of America.

  1. > What sense does it make for California to pay reparations for slavery to blacks who were never enslaved there? It only makes sense when you realize White libtards rule California.

    Jews rule California. White libtards are basically their house-negroes or whores – soon to be replaced by Asians and (Dot) Indians. Perfect example of Goodhwites and Jews working to stamp the jackboot upon the face of the hated untouchables – forever. We need a divorce from these assholes. They’re utterly evil. Interestingly, my bet is that if California were a province of Mexico, this issue would not be anywhere near the menu. I wonder what the Mexican majority in CA, who would be taxed to pay the holy kneegrows their reparations for slavery which never was practiced in CA, might think of this plan to spend their tax dollars?

    The evil wench described here is most likely a descendant of slaves, so the billionaire’s heiress would be getting reparations if she moved to California. So would “Ye” and many rappers (aspiring or expired), multi-million-dollah afleetes, and numerous folks in high-paying government jobs there on the basis of skin color. There has to be an angle here, for most of the money extracted will end up in the pockets of the usual suspects at the end of the day. Maybe Newsome and his Goodhwite supporters want to move the negro population from 5.7% to 57%. That would be a great blessing to other states. Might not be so attractive for Mexican revanchists who want to take it back though. Shitlib states passing reparations laws could be a great way to lighten the load for states like AL and accelerate the divorce.

  2. “””…Why is this happening?….”””

    Replacement therapy. When religious nuts run out of ideas how to save their beloved whatever they turn to virtue signaling.

    When communists killed Nicholas II , Russian aristocracy in exile spent months in busy work, who has right to throne of Russia. Also all other aristocratic rules and regulations pushed to the limit. Simple dinner was prepared many days to follow all rules and regulations.

    But they never discussed situation in Russia and what to do, to stop Lenin Army advantage. 1919-1920 there was time to do something but nobody had no ideas what to do.. Even 10 yeas later they pretended that communist rule is temporary and sooner or later they will called back. Only thing needed is LARP Empire somewhere in Europe.

    Now liberals think that when they stay firm and follow their religion, then Gay God will send transsexual tornado and anti racist rainstorm which blow 100 million MAGA people out of continent. into pacific ocean

    In Europe is the same. Our communist filth think if they keep going, then somehow Russia collapses, cheap gas comes back , inflation and other problems vanishing, normality returns and they can congratulate themselves that they stood firm on all communist issues in the dark moments.

  3. California combines the worst of Appalachian culture with the worst of New England culture. They both make each other worse.

    From Greater Appalachia, California inherits the garbage-human laissez-faire freedom attitude, which means trash and dirt and junk and excrement all over the place, sinister psychopaths accumulating vast sums of wealth and buying the political apparatus, and vagrants and drug addicts swarming everywhere. New England-style fart-sniffing Utopianism and self-righteousness supercharges the individualism worse than any place you will find in West Virginia or Alabama. (New England proper, like the Midwest, is more community-oriented than the rest of the country.) Californians are obsessed with being humane, with doing things the smart way, with making the world a better place, with fighting for a better tomorrow. As a result, the entire state is a trailer park writ large. It isn’t just the elites, it is the people — like a degraded evangelical enthusiasm, they want to believe a dream in some kind of ecstatic state, even if it decomposes into a drug-induced haze. California has zero right to act like it’s more advanced than anyone else, but it does. There is nothing elite about that disaster zone, unless you’re from overseas and don’t know any better.

    Go briefly visit San Francisco — it feels like you’re in a zombie apocalypse. It is our dedication to our freedoms that make it possible. The solutions are the opposite of personal freedom — just throw vagrants and addicts in prison, rein in billionaires, limit the influx of foreign labor, etc. But no one, liberal and conservative alike, wants to question their core assumptions. Others would rather hide in the Shire and just pretend that Mordor doesn’t exist. Maybe give Sauron a tax cut.

    What’s disturbing is that as goes California, so goes the nation. There was an essay written by a blackpiller in 2018 prophesying how Clown World would soon give way to what he called “Piss Earth.” In California, Piss Earth has already arrived.

    Piss Earth 2025

  4. >It only makes sense when you realize White coastal libtards rule California.


    Whites are down to 35% in California (link) — while the governor is a white male, non-whites now control the state legislature and the government generally — so not only do Whites not ‘rule California’, they no longer have the numbers to do so (white kids were only 21% of those admitted to UC in 2021 — link) — there’s a lesson there for you, should you be intellectually honest enough to acknowledge it (I have my doubts).

    California Reparations Task Force

    The California Reparations Task Force is a non-regulatory state agency in California established by California Assembly Bill 3121 in 2020 to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans, especially those who are descendants of persons enslaved in the United States.

    Looking up the sponsors of AB 3121 in 2020, and how legislators voted on it, is left as an exercise.

    But ‘White coastal libtards’ probably play a role here — that’s partly due to the fact, as I’ve pointed out, that people with a desire to have and wield power will always prevail over others who just want to be left alone — and liberals seem to have a stronger will to power than conservatives (which is not too surprising).

    As I also noted recently, voters in California just rejected a proposition that would have lifted the ban on affirmative action in the state — and polling before the election showed Whites were the only ethnic group where a clear majority opposed lifting the ban.

    I have the feeling you approve comments without comprehending them.

    You know, you can have whatever political stance you want; that’s fine — but it’s better that your views not be based on ignorance and false or unsupported claims and suppositions.

    • >is left as an exercise

      In performing the exercise (link), among the lengthy list of sponsors, co-sponsors, etc (14, all Democrats), are two Whites: Kevin McCarty, who’s married to a Hispanic woman, and Buffy Wicks (it is nearly impossible for me to take a woman named Buffy seriously) — the main sponsor is a fat black woman who represented (she’s now California Secretary of State) a poor, heavily non-white area of San Diego (or, as Wikipedia puts it, the district is ‘ethnically and socioeconomically diverse’).

      However the Wikipedia page on Buffy Wicks contains one of the funniest sentences I’ve ever seen on Wikipedia: ‘On April 22, 2022, a convoy of anti-abortion truckers attempted to demonstrate in front of her house, but were driven away by egg-wielding children.’

      It would be less interesting to look up how the vote went — the state legislature is majority non-white, and Democrats have such heavy majorities in both chambers (link) that they could and would pass pretty much anything, including any ‘stick it to whitey’ bill.

      The point is, ‘White coastal libtards’, who do exist in CA, are not wholly responsible for much of what’s going on there now — in fact, Whites in CA did what they could by passing Proposition 187 in 1994 and banning affirmative action in 1996 (the same ban that was recently upheld).

      >(I have my doubts)

      Really heavy doubts.

    • Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee will recommend handing out $223,200 per person to all descendants of slaves in California for ‘housing discrimination’ at a cost of $559BN – in nation’s biggest restitution effort everKamilah Moore is chair of the California Reparations Task Force (left) and Dr. Amos C. Brown (right) is vice-chair.

      >White coastal libtards

      Sure, if you say so.

      I’m sure nothing like this would ever happen in Alabama were non-whites to become the majority there — there’s no problematic history of slavery in Alabama, nor any black poverty worth mentioning — none of that at all.

  5. How are they going to sell this idea to all the immigrants, legal and illegal who arrived in the past 20 years and had nothing to do with slavery? Sounds like a wedge could develop in “the rainbow coalition”, unless they find a way to target Whites specifically. They will probably give reparations in the form of preferential treatment to negroes in government jobs, housing, education etc. to avoid it being labelled affirmative action if AA is banned.

    • The state government of California is just going to shove it down their throats, just like everything else they do. The electric grid in California is now unreliable. PG&E had to file for bankruptcy because of the firestorms their grid created from overloading and lack of maintenance. An unreliable grid has huge economic and other costs and is a sign of decline to Third World status.

      The state government insists upon “renewables” which destabilize the grid further and also limits residential installation of backup generators. This directly hurts voters but the state plows ahead, there is no serious opposition. Their latest brainstorm is banning new gasoline and diesel (there is no substitute) vehicles by 2035 which will be devastating if implemented.

      The reflexive anti-White attitude from the colored people in California is as irrational as White people voting for “Liberals” who want the Great Replacement. Part of the motivation for colored people to vote for people who are wrecking the state is at least they will stick it to Whitey on the way down. The colored people in California typically don’t propose destructive policies, they just go along with them.

      The colored people’s support of anti-White politicians and policies is sort of the mirror image of the PMC class’s anti-White mania. With colored people there is a certain logic to their attitude because there is some real or perceived benefit for them at the expense of White people, theoretically. The White “Liberals” are just hoping they can buy enough insulation from the Third World hordes at this point.

      In real life colored people’s anti-White hatred, just like the self-hatred of the PMC class becomes purely destructive. They will both pay the piper eventually for their foolishness. Hatred is always a very bad counselor.

      As Confucius said in his Analects: Fuck ’em.

      • “An unreliable grid has huge economic and other costs and is a sign of decline to Third World status.”

        Two decades or so ago, I saw a few newspaper pages that had been used to wrap trinkets, I think, that persons I knew had brought back from a visit to a Central American country. What struck me was the pages’ normalness, so to speak. There were advertisements for normal businesses, like, oh, I don’t know, hairdressing shops and things. Though the place, as far as I could guess, was a Third World country, with all that that term implies, it apparently included persons whose everyday lives were like those of persons in a more-or-less prosperous part of the United States.

        Seeing those pages made me think that a decline of America to Third World status would be simply gradual, not catastrophic. Maybe two months ago here, at Occidental Dissent, I mentioned that only a portion of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor is in condition good enough to permit its Acela locomotives to operate at full speed. That, at any rate, was my layman’s understanding, though I now gather that the problem is not only infrastructure inadequacy but traffic (which, really, is a disorganization problem in itself). During the recent election campaign for the mayoralty of Los Angeles, I saw reference to intermittent blackouts—electrical, that is—in the city of Los Angeles. This startled me, as it probably shouldn’t have. It made me wonder whether all the politicking of the United States will go on as usual as the country slowly becomes a big nothing.

        Above, our fellow commenter Some Dude said, “There is nothing elite about that disaster zone [i.e., California], unless you’re from overseas and don’t know any better.” That, I suspect, is true, even if the state’s productivity, in dollars, might still suggest otherwise. I have to wonder how long it will be before Americans—i.e., not just persons “from overseas”—won’t know any better.

  6. One must give credit where it’s due. eah is correct here. Whites are clearly a minority in CA and even if literally all of them are shitlibs, the diversity are the ones whose representatives passed the reparations bill. They’re also the reason CA is essentially a one-party state now. That what happens when there’s only a fake-and-gay opposition party. The great replacement might not be so happy for those who voted for it though.

    The CA assembly passed the bill (3121) by a lopsided margin of 58-12

    The 58 ‘ayes’ – they should just change it to “si”.

    Aguiar-Curry, Arambula, Bauer-Kahan, Berman, Bloom, Boerner Horvath, Bonta, Burke, Calderon, Carrillo, Cervantes, Chau, Chiu, Chu, Cooley, Cooper, Daly, Friedman, Gabriel, Cristina Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Gipson, Gloria, Gonzalez, Gray, Grayson, Holden, Irwin, Jones-Sawyer, Kalra, Kamlager, Levine, Limón, Low, Maienschein, McCarty, Medina, Mullin, Muratsuchi, Nazarian, O’Donnell, Petrie-Norris, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Ramos, Reyes, Luz Rivas, Robert Rivas, Rodriguez, Blanca Rubio, Salas, Santiago, Smith, Mark Stone, Ting, Weber, Wood, Rendon

    I note the (((usual suspects))) are there: Bauer-Kahan, Berman, Bloom, Boerner Horvath, Burke (maybe), Cooper, Friedman, Kamlager, Levine, Maienschein maybe a few others. The “Anglo” surnames would be Cooley, Daly, Gabriel, Gipson, Gray, Grayson, Holden, Irwin, Jones-Sawyer, Low, McCarty, Mullin, O’Donnell, Petrie-Norris, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Smith, Mark Stone, Weber, Wood, Rendon – Besides Goodhwites, a number of these are no doubt blacks or mullatoes who typically have such surnames. The remainder are Spanish and Asian surnames, with an odd one now and again like Nazarian (Armenian or maybe Jew).

    The 12 “nays”:

    Bigelow, Brough, Choi, Cunningham, Megan Dahle, Fong, Gallagher, Kiley, Mathis, Obernolte, Patterson, Waldron – all but two (Choi, Fong) are “Anglo” surnames

    The CA senate passed it 33-3 (even more lopsided)

    Si votes:

    Allen, Archuleta, Atkins, Bates, Beall, Borgeas, Bradford, Caballero, Chang, Dahle, Dodd, Durazo, Galgiani, Glazer, Lena Gonzalez, Hertzberg, Hill, Hueso, Hurtado, Jackson, Leyva, McGuire, Mitchell, Monning, Pan, Portantino, Roth, Rubio, Skinner, Umberg, Wieckowski, Wiener, Wilk

    No votes:

    Melendez, Morrell, Nielsen

    Whites have been leaving that shithole state for a long time. It’s well beyond lost. Might as well hand it over to Mexico, apart from the fact Mexico might actually force some of the mega-assholes there to leave. We don’t need them or want them.

    I asked above:
    > I wonder what the Mexican majority in CA, who would be taxed to pay the holy kneegrows their reparations for slavery which never was practiced in CA, might think of this plan to spend their tax dollars?

    Obviously the Mexicans, Asians, et al don’t much care. They evidently think that this kind of crap will be somehow sticking it to the already-vanishing YT dalit, failing to comprehend that they are the ones who will be paying the taxes once reparations become the law. Schlomo and other one-percenters will always have a way to avoid paying. As CA is a de-facto one-party state there’s little chance that reparations will not become law there. Thus the joke will be on the middle-class Mexicans, Asians, etc., especially once they see large numbers of dindus flooding in from places like MS and AL for the free gibs. It will be like the Okies coming in in the 1930s, except they will be there to collect handouts instead of working. Too bad, Jose, you’ll just have to work harder to keep Shitavious and the other kangz in style. You get the Darwin award now. It should be quite entertaining. Now we get a minstrel-show along with the rest of the circus. Maybe CA can be “Wokeunduh”. The late (((Stan Lee))) really was a visionary…

    • ‘The 58 ‘ayes’ – they should just change it to “si”.’

      @Exalted Cyclops – This is an excellent post, and you actually summed up the entire situation better than the original article.

  7. If they want reparations, they can start with their own ancestors 1st who rounded them up and sold them to the jews.

  8. Californication is coming to your locale as part of the Fundamental Transformation and there won’t be any vote on it.
    Give it a good honk to welcome your new lifetime CPUSA voting unity comrades.
    Unity means absence of opposition. (apologies to comrade Karl)

  9. The Liberal left:- pretending to unite society by dividing it.
    77% of blacks support reparations, only because the question was put to them in the first place.
    I don’t live in America, but I’m sure if I did, I’d be hard pressed to find blacks with reparations as the number 1 issue in their lives.
    The left are doing their best to validate our views on diversity in general. The divisions are always in the background somewhere, waiting for the next leftist to exploit or gain from it. They thrive on division.
    How many black Americans are fully black anyway? Most have at least 10-15% European ancestry, usually British and Irish. Would an American with 10% African ancestry qualify?

    • “The Liberal left:- pretending to unite society by dividing it.”

      This, I would say, is exactly right. Whenever you hear a liberal use the word “community”—as in “black community,” “LGBT community,” etc.—you can be sure he’s effecting antagonism. I’ve often wondered, too, whether it’s camouflage, whether, that is, “the Jewish community” was its original form, which the latter forms are intended to make normal.

  10. > libtards aren’t really in monopoly control of CA anymore. there’s lots of vibrant politicians today. in some cities, they’re the majority of the politicians and libtards politicians are outnumbered. in LA, i think the city council is down to literally 1 or 2 libtards total, and the rest are various groups fighting for their own interests.

    That is certainly true – now. Eah was correct about who passed the bill to establish the reparations commission, and who will no doubt pass the actual reparations bill. The diversity owns the legislature and CA is a de-facto one-party state. They might as well join Mexico and be done with it (not that MX would want them). The Repukes, as always, proved to be a fake-and-gay opposition party (as they still are even now in CA).

    The point about white libtards which eah and some (not all) WNs refuse to understand is that the ones who created the conditions under which CA changed from white majority to white minority were the white shitlibs they keep on insisting are not a problem (with zero evidence to back it up – contrary to their assertions). HW has inundated us with numbers showing that the most radical leftards of all are white shitlibs. Unfortuntely Jews are lumped in as whites in such polls but at 2% of the population it leaves the other 35% of ‘whites’ in CA now – most on board with the program. California’s finished. One point eah is correct about is that once whites are a minority there’s no going back. The shitlibs won the state and turned it brown so it’s now a one-party state under full Church of Woke rule. Some whites likely think they’ll be on top even so. Not for long.

    The reparations, once established there should lead to some very amusing results. What’s left of the non-shitlib white populace will leave and blacks from all over the country will be movin’ in like the Beverly Hillbillies of early TV days. They’ll all live like kangz while layin’ about knocking down Colt45 in their cement ponds while the clueless Mexicans who voted Dem for decades can work to pay taxes to keep them royal Wokundan style. I expect it won’t be very long before some Mexican party arises to dispatch the likes of Gavin Newsome to political hell. Asians who often own property there won’t be too thrilled at the result of their own electoral choices either once reality burns them. As for the billionaire class, the late (((Leona Helmsley))), a one-percenter famously remarked: Only little people pay taxes. The usual suspects be collecting a percentage of all the reparations money handed out and picking it up on the other end as blacks spend it like drunken sailors.

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