1. Don’t know what “Kino Casino” is, but it seems like many people are jealous of Nick and his success at mainstreaming talking points about the JQ. I for one think it’s great. If he can get Ye on Republican primary stage to name the Jew, more power to him. As a registered Republican and a single issue voter. I demand my candidate names them. If Trump, DeSantis or any other Republican refuse to do so, I have no time for them.

  2. Agree, Mr. Catholic. Some very good points, indeed. Nick and Kanye have gone full optical, and all of the right wing writers out there haven’t.

  3. It is though. Having sex with “ women” is “safe” sex divorced of the Divine purpose of sexual intercourse. It is masturbation with a stranger’s genitals.
    Having sex WITH YOUR WIFE is not gay. Your wife is not “women”.

  4. A commenter on this page stated that the JQ would be mainstream by 2025 in 2022.
    WTF cares about some strangers sex life.
    Sam Kinison would be giving us belly laughs over Pissearth and Carlin has left the building.

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