Nick Fuentes, Mainstreaming, Vanguardism

The poles have flipped.

The world has been turned upside down.

In the Trump years, I was Captain Blackpill on Twitter. I was extremely disillusioned with politics. I was the cynical “wignat” who was going to “goon marches” and hanging out with Neo-Nazis in Pikeville, Charlottesville and Shelbyville. I was on the other side of the Optics War. I spent the vast majority of my time knocking conservatives. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

In the Trump years, it was Nick Fuentes who was the mainstreamer. It was Nick Fuentes who clung to Trump and who wanted to infiltrate the Republican Party. It was Fuentes who preached optics and condemned “goon marches.” It was Fuentes who believed in tugging on the rightward edge of conservative politics and wrapping himself in Christianity and the American flag.

Over the course of the past two years, we have changed our views and have essentially traded places. Now, it is Nick Fuentes who is leading goon marches on the Capitol. Now, it is Nick Fuentes who is dropping swastikas with Kanye West and burning his bridges with Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene and calling for witches to burned at the stake on his show. Now, it is Nick Fuentes who can’t figure out why the media is focusing on Kanye coming out as a Nazi. Now, I am the one who is optimistic and who has become more practical and patient with normies and willing to engage in mainstream politics.

Isn’t it funny how that happened?

The people who spent years preaching OPTICS and building bridges to the political mainstream have totally abandoned that approach even though it was working for them. Today, Nick spends his time on his show sharing his inner monologue about creating an authoritarian Catholic theocratic dictatorship and forcing women to wear veils like under Taliban rule. He is running Kanye’s presidential campaign on a platform of praising Adolf Hitler, denying the Holocaust and posting swastikas on Twitter. Kanye came out on Infowars as a Nazi. Nick Fuentes has transformed before our eyes into Patrick Little and his midget sidekick Beardson is throwing roman salutes and saying he is done caring about optics.

What changed?

The last two years have been very hard for Nick Fuentes. The people who used to be in his inner circle – Pat Casey, Jaden McNeil, Simon Dickerson – turned on him after Stop the Steal. He was deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube, Dlive. He feels betrayed by Trump. He has been in trouble with the feds and the January 6 committee. It has clearly taken a toll on him. I get the sense that he has been feeling more depressed and pessimistic and that his politics have slowly changed as a result. Maybe it is either that or he feels he has to say more extreme things to maintain his shrinking niche in the rightwing ecosystem. Regardless, Nick is now saying and doing things which he used to associate with unoptical “wignats.”

As for me, I have watched people like Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren embrace Joe Biden and become libtards out of sheer resentment. I watched people like Jeff Schoep turn to the other side. I watched multiple organizations implode and various people who I know fade into oblivion after embracing radical political positions which appealed to no one. At the very moment this was happening, I watched the Great Replacement and National Divorce and Christian Nationalism all go mainstream. The typical White Southern Protestant normie became much more radical. When our people finally began to wake up in the South, we weren’t prepared to take advantage of it because of the fallout from Charlottesville.

Why wouldn’t we jump back into mainstream politics in the South? The typical White Southerner is open to secession now. The typical White Southerner feels under siege for being White and Christian now. The water is warm now. Now that we have public opinion on our side on most of these issues that we care about, we should exploit this opportunity to renter the political arena at the state and local level. That’s why I am feeling optimistic and upbeat. I’ve gotten what I wanted to happen as an activist at Charlottesville which was to erode those taboos and mainstream our politics. It just took longer than I expected. Normal people wake up on their own schedule. It was frustrating, but I am over it.

Anyway, we shouldn’t be surprised by this volte face from Nick Fuentes and America First or even give them a hard time about it. The truth is we have always gone back and forth between engaging and disengaging with the system. It was inevitable that Nick Fuentes would become a wignat.


Nick has a new interview up on YouTube.

The #Ye24 campaign is addressing the pressing issues of our time in America in 2023 that are going to really resonate with conservative voters and normies … things like exactly how many Jews died in the Holocaust and does Nazi Germany really deserve its bad reputation. These issues have broad appeal outside of Third Reich aficionados and crypt keepers.


  1. These faggots are working for the fed. If they were true dissidents they would be in solitary with the rest of the innocent J6 dupes. It’s probably not a bad deal gaining freedom and being allowed to continue to bilk whoever believes your horseshit in exchange for discrediting populism or get patriot act bagged and dragged and thrown into solitary with no charges until they get around to charging you with trespassing and some immigrant judge with a big chip will add extra years to a jail term for a first time offense of trespassing.

    • This is what they told us too before Soviet Union collapse. That all dissidents are on the KGB payroll. If they were true dissidents, regime wold lock them up long ago.

      Thing is pretty simple. From certain momemt, dissidency becomes so widespread that it is impossible to lock up everybody. Also regime lower apparachiks will be scared. Dissidents became so strong that they may actually win and punish regime apparachiks for their crimes.

      Ye and Nick is getting away by the same reason why Elon is still alive and also told Mr. Tim Cook that blind loyalty to Nazi regime may end up with denazification.

      Revolutionary times things are changing fast.

    • “These faggots are working for the fed. If they were true dissidents they would be in solitary with the rest of the innocent J6 dupes.”

      After trying to come up with an argument to refute this I can’t.

      • Then you’re just as clueless as Black Label. Juri has FIRST HAND experience of Jewish Bolshevism, and his comments are often one of the only sane things on this site…. HW, you’re being a tad ‘bitchy’ about Fuentes et al. The Jewish propaganda machine MUST be destroyed utterly, and if Fuentes is doing it, along with Kanye, then, more power to them! One thing you didn’t mention in your comparison, is that Fuentes is approaching the age you were, when you first were a ‘firebrand.’ You? You are OLDER. Now, at almost(?) 40, you’re an old man. The testosterone just isn’t there anymore…. lol. At a remove of two decades, I know whereof I speak….

        • Well, certainly, while others may, your attitude doesn’t reflect a shortage of testosterone ……… FUCK THE JEWS!

  2. Funny how the leftist establishment and the leftist media never condemn leftist goon marches like BLM, Ferguson, Occupy, Antifa in Portland, Code Pink, the Trump Inauguration, etc.

    Nope, it’s only the right-wing goon marches that get bad press and have bad optics. Blacks can be looting and torching a city, but you’ll have a major network reporter standing in front of a burning building proclaiming “Mostly peaceful protests.”

    Tha Jan. 6 mayhem was “insurrection: and “treason” and an “attack on the sacred temple of our democracy,” but the Kavanaugh hearings where leftist nutjobs chased members of Congress into elevators wasn’t.

    Leftist nutcases went to the homes of Supreme Court justices to intimidate them into changing their votes on the Dobbs case, yet Merrick Garfinkle didn’t manage to indict anyone, yet people who walked into the capitol and took a selfie and left on Jan. 6 did prison time.

    The optics are totally dependent on who is controlling the organs of propaganda…

    • They don’t condemn nazis either, unless they’re unapproved nazis like Con-Ye. Genuine nazis are indeed armed and funded with their full support as long as they are killing Russians. Not only are there no jews fainting and in desperate need of the smellin’ salts at the sight of swastikas, SS Death’s Heads or black suns worn by Ukraine Army units, they are pushing hard for more billions to be sent by their marionettes in Sodom-on-Potomac. Being a nazi just ain’t what it used to be…. Nazi is now just another shitty brand name.

      Azov nazis good, Con-Ye nazis bad. Got it, YT? As with so many other brands, some nazis are more equal than others…. The Kosher seal of approval is what makes the difference. If ol’ Con-Ye could point out all the good work the Austrian painter did in the early days to help jews to settle in Palestine so the barren wastes would bloom with milk and honey, maybe his overseer Simon Lagreenberg won’t lock him up and get him drugged-out for weeks on end.

      • All of the evil that the jews continually blame on the “nazis”, which, in fact, the Germans are not guilty of, actually describes the jews own evil. Jews know all about slaughtering millions of innocents, because that’s what they did in the Ukraine and Russia circa 1918, and in fact the slaughter of innocent Palestinians continued by jews as they started streaming into Palestine in the 1930s.

        • “Jews know all about slaughtering millions ”

          That’s their action, from old testament to present, slaughter and massacre. They completely exterminated the ancient libyans and Cypriots.

          Always projection.

  3. No matter what anybody does, or does not do, THE TIME IN HISTORY IS CHANGING, because for most people this system is not working.

    This means that circumstances, which erstwhile seemed so concrete, are now less so.

    No individual; or any group of individual citizens, will have nearly the effect on what is coming as the long gathered and peculiar kharmic direction of the post WWII system.

    Yes, the system and time in history are dictating what comes next.

    Optics, or the lack of them, will not change that, nor will the changing tides be diverted by days such as in Charlottesville or weeks such as Mr. West has had.

    It has already been written.

  4. Nick is questioning the Holocaust.

    Is this a TDS: The Holocaust, part 388 episode, lol?

    It certainly is interesting to watch, that’s for sure.

  5. Say whatever you want, but it’s Fuentes walking around with Kanye West and going to Mar a Lago. It was also feuntes who went after Charlie kirk. He’s a young kid and tired of the status quo which Trump ultimately helped support.

    Fuentes isn’t some kind of cringe neo-nazi that wants to murder people based on their ethnicity. He’s someone who believes that the jewish ethnicity has destroyed our society and they just need to be removed from the equation.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Christian and wanting America first in all things considered. If you have loyalty to Israel or AIPAC first, then you can not an ally or useful to the movement. Hence, tossing MTG aside.

    • I think from what I’ve read on here, the old guys really resent the young guys doing things now. Older people think they can solve things with “by voting” and it’s just a continuous circular cluster f.
      They call Nick a fag, a fed, and everything else but he’s a force to be reckoned with, and you can see how whites just can’t ever unite for their own common good.

  6. Say whatever you want, but it’s Fuentes walking around with Kanye West and going to Mar a Lago. It was also feuntes who went after Charlie kirk. He’s a young kid and tired of the status quo which Trump ultimately helped support.

    Fuentes isn’t some kind of cringe neo-nazi that wants to murder people based on their ethnicity. He’s someone who believes that the jewish ethnicity has destroyed our society and they just need to be removed from the equation.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Christian and wanting America first in all things considered. If you have loyalty to Israel or AIPAC first, then you can not an ally or useful to the movement. Hence, tossing MTG aside.

  7. He might have to maintain a lower profile moving forward until some of the attention is off him. The way peoples attention spans are today, it shouldn’t be too long.

  8. Nick is not a wignat in the traditional sense of the word. I think he’s moved beyond racial nationalism. This emerging movement is defined by an authentic Christianity, which is inherently Anti-Jewish. There are fascistic characteristics to it as well, with the hostility to democracy, but to characterize him as a “Neo-Nazi” or “White Supremacist” is totally missing the point. In the coming years, I think we will come to find that religion is a far more important dividing line than race or nation. The struggle against Global Jewry must by necessity be multiracial and international to succeed. Petty nationalism and conservatism cannot succeed here.

      • It’s edgy and counter-culture. That’s nothing new under the sun.

        What this movement is about is LOVE for one another. And the people who push things like porn, usury, trannyism, etc, are against it.

        • Yeah, it is edgy.

          You are definitely right about that. I can’t wait to see where the Ye campaign goes from here.

      • Ye didn’t confirm he was running for President, much less say he was a Nazi on the show. Instead of just listening to clips from the Jewish media, you should watch the whole interview

        • I remember him explicitly identifying as a Nazi. It was also tweeted out from the Ye24 War Room account on Twitter. Fuentes said that Kanye is a Nazi on his livestream last night.

          • I listened to that livestream and never heard that, post the clip of Nick saying that. Is this what “Southern Nationalists” do? Attack Christians who name the Jew? Are you more of a Judah B Benjamin style confederate?

      • To Hunter W. “Kanye is explicitly running for president as a Nazi. His own words!”
        Do you think this is a bad thing??? Do you want someone who includes Jews in the whole white struggle now? Are Jews even White? (No..)
        There really is no such thing as “a Nazi”, which is a derogatory word made up to insult National Socialists. I think Kanye is using it to define himself as “anti Jew”.

        • Yeah, I do.

          He has branded and boxed himself into that stereotype. It would have made a lot more sense to talk about the issue without going there. I don’t see any upside.

          • The desire for some to keep things just as they are, baffles me. It’s like endorsing Trump, even though he proved, over and over, that he isn’t on our side. I don’t know how much more evidence people need.
            He has talked about the issue. But they keep going after him, proving him correct.

          • What was gained by identifying as a Nazi? Absolutely nothing.

            What was lost by identifying as a Nazi? Among other things, the Twitter account which was one of the largest platforms in the country

            Every conversation or interview he does in the future will now be about identifying as Nazi. That’s assuming anyone even bothers to give him a platform now that he is radioactive

          • It’s like you don’t want change. You’re making a big deal over things that aren’t big deals. The big deal is how certain people are crushing us. If your religion causes you to be immobilized, maybe consider whether it’s mythology, just like most religions.
            The guy named the problem, and now you have a problem with him. Maybe he isn’t doing things the way you prefer, but the nation is going downhill quickly, and you’re quite sure everything is just fine out there, and nothing’s wrong?

          • 1.) I’ve been around a long time. I have known a lot of people who went down that road. I have never seen them change anything.

            2.) Yes, it is a big deal because identifying as a Nazi makes you politically radioactive. No one will work with you. Doors are slammed shut. There is a slow fade to black.

            3.) Not sure what religion has to do with this. Religious people tend to be rightwing. White evangelicals are the most rightwing people in the country.

            4.) He named the problem in a gimp mask in the middle of what appears to be a manic episode thus sealing the narrative that he is a lunatic who can’t be taken seriously.

          • If you’re that old…a lot of us have been around too, for a long time. We’ve seen what goes on with the “conservatives” and how they never do anything to stop the implosion of America.
            Yeah, so he didn’t do things “your way”. They really pissed him off, so he reacted.
            This is why boomers will never change anything. You won’t back Kanye, not because he’s black, but because he’s not part of your conservative boomer clique online.

          • Let’s see.

            Why am I am not backing a mentally ill black rapper in a gimp mask who is running for president as a Nazi? Probably because it is a joke and I don’t want to damage my credibility and look like a clown

            Log off the internet

          • You need to do some investigating about Kanye being “mentally ill”. You do know that commies usually label their enemies as “not stable” or “mentally ill”?
            Kanye likes Hitler, too. Is he wrong on that too, with you?
            Are you into Zionism, do you advocate Judeo-Christianity?
            Do you see the Jews as your spiritual cousins?
            Been on any Holy Land tours lately? I read Ben Shapiro took Jordan Peterson over there.

          • Why are you making fun of someone with a mental illness? Why does “having a mental illness” make him wrong about the tribe?

      • “Kanye is explicitly running for president as a Nazi. His own words!”

        Yeah, but West is a Negro with an IQ that is borderline retarded…it’s almost like some guy living in a group home saying “I’m Hitler!”

        Doesn’t mean much.

    • That’s what has happened here.

      Somehow, these guys have talked themselves into launching a fringe presidential campaign which is entirely about what happened in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. They have boxed themselves in by embracing the Nazi label. They can’t talk about Jewish power and influence in modern America now without inevitably getting dragged back to the anchor of Hitler and the Holocaust.

      • Hunter, Southern nationalists will never defeat the Jew by accepting their moral framework on issues like WW2 and the Holocaust. You cant just pretend Jews dont exist and expect them to hand over power in the system they control. What Ye is doing is a form of Christian iconoclasm. He is smashing the things the ruling class holds dear, dismantling their false myths that underpin modern society. Until you destroy the cultural stranglehold the Jews have on the minds of people, you won’t have a political solution.

        • That’s exactly what most of them are doing. They want to be friends with the Jews, because of their religion. They think God will get them, if they aren’t nice to the Jews. Your post is right on.

  9. The famous discussion between William Pierce and George Lincoln Rockwell, recounted by Pierce:

    “Rockwell’s approach to revolutionary politics always was a bone of contention between him and me. I argued that the uniforms, flags, and theatrical behavior — even the name ‘American Nazi Party’ — made it difficult for serious people to take him seriously.

    “The theatrics get attention for you — but your message gets badly distorted. The media try to make you look like a madman and a clown, and to a large extent they succeed. The result is that most of the people attracted to you are losers, social outcasts, freaks.

    “Rockwell responded that it is the losers, the social outcasts, who make up the ranks of every revolutionary movement. They’re the ones who are available, the ones who don’t have anything to lose by becoming associated with a politically incorrect cause.

    “He had tried appealing to the careful, responsible men and women with steady employment and stable families. But … They were too comfortable, too corrupted by good living and materialism, too unaccustomed to taking risks and facing opposition. I gradually found out, however, that Rockwell was dead right about the moral cowardice and the servile conventionality of the great majority of Americans.”

    • “The theatrics get attention for you — but your message gets badly distorted. The media try to make you look like a madman and a clown, and to a large extent they succeed. The result is that most of the people attracted to you are losers, social outcasts, freaks.”

      Nothing has changed.

      I’m still somewhat in shock that this happened. You can’t afford to come across as a clown while publicly raising such a highly taboo tactic. They went full clown to the point of Kanye wearing a gimp mask and self-identifying as a Nazi. Either MILO and Fuentes didn’t know any better or didn’t care about the consequences.

      • There’s several things to say here. Darth Milopolous certainly knew exactly what he was doing. Say what you will, but the gay, BBC obsessed FBI informant and groomer defender is everything but unintelligent. Some people are victims, others are perpetrators and some, like MILO, are both. Abused and abuser often come together in the same person in the homosexual scene.

        However, I’ve thought about this. The fallout of this might not be as all entirely-bad as the dumpsterfire-clownshow looks, or as MILO himself may have intended. Because who was the target audience…? University educated middle-class whites? Nope. Blacks and edgy teenagers. The LULzer brigades. This stuff fits right in with HOTEP “we wuz da real Indianz and Egyptianz, Mozart was black y’all” stuff they otherwise consume and Obergruppenführer Cumfartgroyper1488 just want shock value. It’s /pol/ TV and it had a lot of bling! Respectable conservatism(TM) is utterly, utterly dead. Who were you gonna vote for to be radical? Lauren Boebert!? No, no. This…completes you! This is your future now, America: drag queen story hour on the J-left and masked HOTEP Hitler-Yeezus on the right. Enjoy it! And it DID mainstream anti-Semitism. Ye did it in the most clownish possible way, sure. But it’s still not a net-positive for Johnathan and the ADL.

        Let’s also not be hypocritical about this: Those whose sole strategy for the right was “naming the Jew” have to go all in with Ye now, because they certainly will never get a bigger name and audience for their approach than a global megastar billionaire with 33 million followers who says he likes Hitler, the Holocaust didn’t happen and ESPECIALLY Hitler brought great things to the table. Also, “y’all shouldn’t dis the Nazis all the time”! He would have been Hitler’s top guy! Biden admin also made a critical mistake by in response calling Hitler demonic and stating the Holocaust happened. Millions of ultra mega dark MAGA boomers and blacks will now question both out of spite. Looking at Mark Hamill’s response…at this rate only reddit :O (<–soyface) will believe Hitler was all bad. It's retarded, it's crazy, but it's definitely part of the future. This IS the culture now. I don't think they will get rid of it by ignoring it, calling it mental illness or ridiculing it. They also can't just have Ye disappeared for that matter. It's a human molotov-cocktail thrown in the gears of a well-crafted machine and it did have some of that original TRUMP energy of 2015/16. I was entertained!

        Lastly tho: GLR was very wrong that the wretches of society made up the NS revolutionary movement. Sounds like French Revolution mythology. The bulk were lower middle-class, some upper-middle-class, industrialists or disaffected artists and journalists, and some aristocrats who hated the Weimar Republic and Bolshevism just a little bit more than "primitive Nazi thuggery". Also many actual working class, which the Marxists were coping and seething about and spread the lie that Hitler was funded by capitalists as controlled opposition and the Rothschilds. But as for an American counter-elite forming to the hegemonic left: the only two who come to mind are Elon and Peter Thiel. Looking at it now, you can hardly blame Peter that he chose Moldberg over Spic Fuentes or Spencer.

        People can poo-poo it all they like as "Jerry Springer right", but if you want to be better, then do deliver and resonate more. Be entertaining, be interesting, be fresh, animate the great passions and actually mobilize the masses. And sorry fam: another 4 hour podcast about why Alexander Hamilton was actually a Jew tho, or the snooze-fest with Frodi won't do that.

        • Agree or disagree, that is some food for thought.

          Re the NSDAP, you can’t take period from the party’s formation to its assumption of power as a whole. Its constituency varied considerably over that time, as did the party’s tactics, as did social and economic conditions in Germany.

          • There never was much “Lumpenproletariat” in the movement back then tho. Even the SA consisted mostly of disillusioned, (traumatized) veterans from the WW1 front. The closest milieu you have for that are the American vets who fought in Iraq 2 and found out who orchestrated the war and for what purpose: Perle, Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Kagan and Nuland, Bibi and Oded Yinon, PNAC as a whole, etc. and whom it ultimately was for. Lumpen were in Antifa just as today with leaders from the tribe. It’s the most glaring difference when you compare historical NS with American/Anglo-Sphere white nationalism. Compare Karlfried Graf Dürkheim to Dylan Roof, Andrew Anglin or Brenton Tarrant. You’d only find such people in Dirlewanger’s penal batallion.

            Ironically the one person closest to the actual character profile of the historical NS, is the one person who makes sure to never mention the tribe and to stay away from Neo-Nazism as far as possible and that is Jared Taylor. And yet Amren still never broke through. It’s not really the case that Anglosphere ethno-nationalism and revisionism lacked good, intelligent people. Pat Buchanan is the best example. And you can also just as well go full retard on colonialism, slavery or historical racialism which many have done. It’s the character of the people involved, but I think this is just how America IS and how it’s politics are today. And NS is one great fetish in this big political circus which exists entirely independent from its historical reality now.

            But that’s only logical, because the media and Hollywood have turned the Nazis and Hitler into a foundation myth reality-construction by media. I think this is what Darth Milo and Jack Ma understood perfectly years ago. So the answer to it would never be “objective truth” or any other of that gay shit, but a media spectacle of equivalent impact to Schindler’s List. Emotion beats reason, every time, when it comes to the masses. And you want to build a mass movement, don’t you? Eddy Bernays told you clearly: you need to hit people in the feels, in their subconscious, not their rationality. It’s what the media itself has also done for decades now.
            You don’t sell people a car by pointing out its minute technical advantages over a competitor and that it can go 120 miles instead of 119. And you do not sell race realism with crime statistics, or any political projects with lower taxes and autistic detail about minute history. But with a BIG DREAM how AMAZING life will be in the future ethno-state, or free South. And you make it quality, you make it big, you make it shiny, you make it glamorous and you get Matthew McConaughey to star in your propaganda for it. And you repeat it and you repeat it and you repeat it. Until a man wakes up in the morning day dreaming of it. Cigarettes for women? FREEDOM TORCHES!
            For decades the right has wasted so much time on reason, objective truth, open discourse, fairness, justice or worse “niceness”. Useless! Pathetic. Future for the right? FIRST MAN ON THE MOON!

            And the people who can capture that, who can wake primordial forces within the subconsciousness of the masses and who can bring it into the 21st century will own the future of the right wherever they may be. Who has a “why” can carry any “how”.

        • to Arminius,
          How come the boomers NEVER do anything? All they do is criticize the younger people for trying. Voting has proved useless, time and time again!
          The boomers just talk, analyze over and over, go off on tangents about less concerning things, etc.

          • “How come the boomers NEVER do anything? ”

            Because they’re like a tamed coyote, they lay on the sofa and get fat.

          • Exactly. They are leaving everything up to the younger generations to solve. They snidely say how they “won’t be around!”.
            They aren’t tamed, they are apathetic, and care more about baseball and luxuries.

    • Most young people don’t really follow the boomers’ heroes now.
      It’s a whole new world.
      You guys are still going to Occident Observer and Amren, lol.
      Those people are nothing now.

  10. Cloward-Piven has been around since 1966.
    After overwhelming the welfare milk and honey state and with muh poleece standing down, the cargo cult czar will demand reparations or else.
    The Replacements will take what they need by force while the state looks the other way.

  11. This same thing happens on the micro level. Say you have a group of guys at work that constantly bitch and moan about the boss or whatever. Then one day a guy decides that he’s gonna stand up and say something, yet when he turns to look and see who’s supporting him, everyone is turned away with their mouths shut.

  12. “These faggots are working for the fed. ”

    Ye said in Infowars that sending the Defcon 3 tweet cost him 2 billion dollars.

    Alex Jones has legal judgements totalling 1.5 billion dollars against him.

    The math does not add up to these guys being Feds.

    • Agree. I keep seeing boomers saying these people are all either feds or fags, yet, I don’t see any boomers putting themselves on the line at all. They all stay online or on radio shows. They don’t like anyone but their own clique.
      I don’t agree with everything about Jones, but no one should have to pay because someone’s feelings were hurt. It was just a game to take him down.
      The press, etc, keep saying Kanye is crazy, but what he has said publicly is more than sane.

        • I do know what they are. I am saying it’s not right.
          Do you just accept what is going on and say, c’est la vie??

          • ” I am saying it’s not right.”
            I absolutely agree with you.

            “Do you just accept what is going on and say, c’est la vie??”

            Not at all.
            I am saying the jwish concept of justice is so alien that it has nothing in common with us.
            I am saying that you don’t know their basic precepts that lead to this behavior.
            In jwdism, to speak anything negative of jwz or jwdism is lashon hara, derogatory, and is a worse sin than murder.
            So, to have free speech and speak ill of jwz, even if true, is a heinous crime.

            I’m saying, gentiles don’t know what they’re dealing with.

  13. Swishy Nick brought a good number of younger Catholic homosexuals to the J6 Stop The Steal protest. Fortunately for all those twinkies, Nicky kept them outside. They didn’t go in. So therefore they weren’t tossed in the Gulag.

    Strange how those faggots always revert by default to Hitlerism. They are just wired wrong in every way. But one part of it is, I believe, that Hitlerism was in a large measure a Catholic Crusade, against Russia.

    The Pope and the whole Church supported Hitler, reasoning that this was the means to fulfill the prophecies of the demon possessed girls at Fatima. They would seize Russia and convert Russia to Papism.

    All this Hitlerism is a very Catholic thing. It always has been both Catholic and deeply homosexual. Nothing good will ever come of it.

    • If Hitler came back to life and was told there were lots of American right-wing radicals who idolized and worshipped him he would probably be unimpressed. “Everything I did was for the benefit of Germany after our humiliating defeat in the Great War. You Americans need to chart your own course of national salvation. Do not look to me for answers!”

      • “Americans need to chart your own course of national salvation”

        Tards, chart a course ?
        No, they’ll just get on the cattle boat and we know what happens when it docks.

      • @ Spahnranch1970

        Where did that quote come from ?

        “Everything I did was for the benefit of Germany after our humiliating defeat in the Great War…..”

      • Spahnranch1970, Agreed, very thought provoking, the “REICH”, was statism, perfected and complete, with the exception of our personal paint job’s, the “REICH” and our SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY had nothing in common….not really…..

    • @rangewolf — You’ve been reading / watching, way too much jewish bullshit! Everybody knows the “nazis” were into devil worship and the occult.

  14. HW is apparently unaware of the fact that long before WWII the fasces and the swastika, along with the Bellamy Salute, were all well known in America. They were NOT considered strange symbols of some alien ideology, as HW claims. He may also be unaware that we had a strong eugenics movement which inspired the Nazis to develop their own.

  15. I think I’m done with OC. I don’t really understand what happened to HW, an adult with children and a wife. I find it nothing short of bizarre that you went from almost an unabashed wignat, wearing the flag when it was very unpopular to do so, to a normie con America Firster.

    Whatever you want to say about nick and Anglin, it always seemed their shift was simply strategic. I have issues with that but I find it less concerning than a grown man fundamentally shifting their ideology every few years.


    • Adios.

      My political views have been normalized in my region. Thus, I don’t see any reason to identify as a fringe political actor. That’s basically my view of the matter. At this point, it makes much more sense to work within the mainstream and get people who elected who share my views.

        • Voting hasn’t worked in the past.

          Then again, most of our views – my views at least – were extreme and marginal until like two years ago. Just because a tactic hasn’t worked in the past doesn’t mean it will never work.

          We have spent the last twenty years trying to persuade White people to come around precisely because our views were unpopular.

          • Hello Hunter;

            Neither reasoned arguments nor spectacles will change White people’s opinions to make them take their own side, it will take an economic catastrophe. People have been preaching that sermon for years and somehow the economic system has limped along. That doesn’t mean the day of reckoning isn’t rapidly approaching. All the damage done by fringe characters will be forgotten once White people are faced with immediate poverty and all that implies such as enjoying their beloved diversity up close and personal, not fifty miles away.

            The PMCs, “Liberals”, neo-cons, soccer moms et al. especially people in the “Liberal” NE and similar areas of the U.S. will be the most viciously anti-diversity and commit the mortal sin of “racism”, whatever that means, brazenly. They are the people most disconnected from reality and the biggest hypocrites so turning on a dime against diversity, GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire, Democrat politicians, minorities, illegal aliens etc. will be no problem for them. Virtue signaling, following the herd of sheep being led over the cliff by The Usual Suspects will evaporate like the morning dew on a Summer’s day once the money goes bad but not until then.

            The Usual Suspects have the impossible task of holding GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire together until the Great Replacement is far enough along nationwide that the fate of White people is sealed. If they fail then instead of the Great Replacement we’re likely to get the Great Deportation back to the shithole countries of the Third World. Ironically, the Usual Suspects’ policies are the largest factor in collapsing the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire making an historical backlash inevitable.

  16. “As for me, I have watched people like Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren embrace Joe Biden and become libtards out of sheer resentment. I watched people like Jeff Schoep turn to the other side. I watched multiple organizations implode and various people who I know fade into oblivion after embracing radical political positions which appealed to no one.”

    After getting doxxed, and later saying I am leaving politics (which was just reading a couple of websites) for things I am more interested in, I’ve been stalked and PSYOPed.

    At first I thought it might be the movement punishing me, but can’t see any sign of it at this website. However the websites it is occurring at have been Reddit, and another one that is very critical of movement people, just showed me they are listening to conversations that occur near our mobile phones.

    At the same time this began to happen to me, Snowden started tweeting how NSA spies on everyone, and he said they are utterly ruthless. So now I wonder if they are behind the harrassment.

    So to reiterate to who ever is behind it:
    I am not interested in politics, because I’m tired of it. I have been weary of it for Years. If they think they can pull me back in using PSYOPS, its not going to work. They could try stronger measures, so if I do return for any side, I am not doing it willingly.

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