Sinema-Tillis DACA Amnesty Deal Is Dead

A few thoughts on this before I walk out the door:

1. As with the “marriage equality” bill that recently codified gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law, every single Democrat in Congress supports a mass amnesty for DREAMers.

2. A handful of moderate Republicans and people who are retiring from Congress support an amnesty for DREAMers and the bill that codified gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law.

3.) Here in Alabama, both of our Republican senators and all 6 Republican House members opposed the gay and interracial marriage bill and the DACA amnesty. Good for them. That’s how I would have voted. I can’t say that my views are unrepresented in Congress or in our state legislature. I’m mainstream now. We also ended a woman’s right to choose and passed the Don’t Say Gay Bill too. I support that too.

4. The only reason any of this is even on the table is because we have a Democratic Congress. That’s why it is dead when the Republican House takes over in January. They were trying to push it through in the lame duck session but were unable to do so because of the situation on the border.

5. Finally, the correlation between White Christian Nationalism and states and House districts where White evangelical Protestants are concentrated and opposition to interracial and gay marriage and support for immigration restriction ought to be obvious.

There is a reason why faggot and interracial marriage was legalized.

The reason is that our section of the country, which has a distinct cultural, religious and historical profile, didn’t control the House. If the vote had been in February, it would have failed.


  1. If Senator Tillis is wishing to become a trans-Democrat and nauseate those North Carolinians who voted for him, in recent weeks he is doing a capital job of it.

  2. Italian stud Joe Manchin, and Shelly Capito, Arch Moore’s daughter, both voted for the “respect” of marriage act. Maybe they both watched Deliverence before voting and thought all hillbillies were queers?

    Manchin is a Holy Roman Catholic, and I’m sure he believes the Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston should be allowed to engage in Catholic butt sex. Capito is a lobbyist of some sort for banks, so naturally he is for elite butt-sex as well as Cathoic butt-sex.

  3. OK, all well and good.

    But how about using that real GOP political power in states like Alabama and Tennessee to really achieve victories on the ground.

    The Tennessee “Volunteers” comes from White Anglo Tennesseans “volunteering” to go to Texas to fight the Mexican armies.

    Well those Mexican armies, Central American armies are invading, attacking Texans again now. It’s a real hot war.

    So why not “Volunteer” to go down to Texas and Arizona?

    There’s no reason GOP Governors in Alabama and Tennessee can’t send their national guards down to Texas and Arizona to


    So what are folks in Alabama and Tennessee doing with their free time?

    M’thinks they’re spending pretty much all of it worshipping Black football felons.

    C’mon Southern Man, time to take action, not just vote against bad things.


      A wall will do nothing about the problem of asylum — I pointed this out again recently (link).

      If you are advocating for vigilante action, then it is likely that 1) federal personnel, perhaps even troops, will enter the picture at some point (I have no doubt the Biden administration would resort to this), and 2) courts would rule against such vigilante action, and then those involved, including possibly state authorities, would have to decide whether to ignore the court decision or not — it should be noted that 2) could also lead to 1), assuming the vigilantes or state authorities did not cease and desist.

      In the past I noted that a court had ruled against Operation Lone Star in Texas:

      Migrant’s arrest under ‘Operation Lone Star’ ruled unconstitutional

      Your entire comment shows why so-called ‘conservatives’ rarely solve problems: they also rarely correctly identify problems and appropriate solutions — it is easy to see why the Left so often and so easily outmaneuvers the Right.

      • >why so-called ‘conservatives’ rarely solve problems

        US court rejects maintaining COVID-19 asylum restrictions

        It’s worth reading the whole article, among other reasons to see how the concept of asylum has been corrupted:

        Rose, a 32-year-old from Haiti, has been in the shelter for three weeks with her daughter and 1-year-old son. … “We’re very scared, because the Haitians are deported,” said Rose, who is worried any mistakes in trying to get her family to the U.S. could get her sent back to Haiti.

        Rose, like nearly all of the other asylum-seekers, has no ‘well-founded fear of persecution’ — she’s just poor and wants to escape the shithole created by others like her.

        Unless you’re a country like Hungary that still has a homogeneous population and culture, is determined to preserve that, and is willing to close your border and ignore court decisions, the only way to legally stop a flood of asylum-seekers it your border is to have a ‘safe third country’ agreement with the neighboring country, as the US already has with Canada (link).

        Besides, it would be fun to see Mexico protest such an agreement by more or less claiming they really are a shithole too, and therefore not a suitable place for people to seek refugee status.

        • linkThousands of migrants from countries around the world are expected to pour across the southern border on Wednesday when the Title 42 policy ends.

          The Biden admin really ought to urgently reintroduce ‘remain in Mexico’, even if they have to force Mexico to cooperate (e.g. via tariffs and/or other financial sanctions), because I doubt Mexico will voluntarily go along with it — why should they? — these migrants who want to apply for asylum in the US aren’t their problem — if I was a Mexican government official, I would tell the US to pound sand and push the migrants to the border — but I doubt Biden et al will do that.

          How have these migrants been surviving in Mexico, waiting for Title 42 to end? — many have probably been supported by NGOs — it would be interesting to know which ones, also if any of them receive taxpayer funds, as all non-governmental refugee resettlement agencies do.

      • >decide whether to ignore the court decision or not

        High Court Declares Home Secretary Is Failing To Meet Invaders’ Living Needs

        The High Court declares that the Home Secretary is acting unlawfully by failing to meet the invader’s essential living needs. … Officials recommended repeatedly that in light of rising inflation the rate must be increased to protect so-called asylum seekers from ‘destitution’. … On the 15th of November 2022, the High Court stated categorically that the rate had to be increased immediately to £45 per week. The Home Secretary ignored this demand.

        This pattern is repeated all over the world: courts taking the side of asylum-seekers against governments — then a government must decide whether to comply or ignore the court’s order.

        • Regarding migration, all Brexit did was make it more difficult for Europeans, i.e. white people, to reside and work in the UK — also, when the UK exited the EU, it also exited the Dublin Accord, the EU-wide agreement regulating asylum.

          Migration topping one million each year set to be ‘new norm’ for decades to come

          Student visa abuse is a big source of this:

          Leading think tank says Government should highlight benefits of people coming to work legally while cracking down on small boat crossings … Since 2019 the number of young people arriving from India to study has shot up by 215 per cent to 117,965 a year. … The figure for Nigeria has rocketed by 686 per cent to 57,545 and Pakistani student numbers stand at 18,563, up 377 per cent.

          How many of these people ever leave? — are family members allowed to join them later?

          Who would disregard the advice of a ‘leading think tank’? — the ‘think tank’ in question is the Social Market Foundation (link), whose founder is a Jew (link).

          Paging Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I am against interracial marriage between negro and white. Your conservatives are worthless of course. You should spend your time fighting the black and the liberal. My people are here to stay. I do not support illegal immigration but it is a land grab for the world to take the USA.

      I am here for Christmas vacation. So I give you this.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I did see pictures of the illegals lined up and just swamping the border. I admit it was disgusting. Both countries wish the invasion to occur–at least the governments of both countries.

      For what it is worth I would stop it by force if I ruled Mexico.

  4. If white evangelical Christian conservatives in the South are opposing interracial marriage, this is the first I’m hearing of it. All I hear is a parade of “dems are real racists, abortion is a white supremacist plot to genocide blacks,” etc.

    But anyway, I think we should convert to Islam. You might say its a foreign, Middle-Eastern religion, but the same is true of Christianity. You can say it promotes universalism and miscegenation, but the same is true of evangelical Christianity today.(Yeah, I know that wasn’t true in 1960, but the past is the past.) Muslims are opposed to homosexuality, and that’s apparently the be all and end all now. Indeed, they’re likely to oppose homosexuality with far more forthrightness than evangelical Christians, who are likely to surrender on it so they can continue to get invited to liberal cocktail parties.

    • There was a vote on this.

      As expected, every single Democrat in Congress voted for it. Joe Biden signed it into law. The greatest president of our lifetimes, right?

      • In Ohio, Republican homosexual advocate Rob “GayBoy” Portman was all for it. So was former “conservative” Democrat Sherrod Brown. I know damn well that Democrat Ted Strickland would have never voted for it. Democrats Vern Riffe and John Glenn are spinning in their graves.

        • “Senate Republicans began backtracking from other principles, as well. Senator Shelley Moore Capito of bright red West Virginia did not say she believes in traditional marriage, only that “I appreciate my fellow West Virginians who have reached out to me regarding the sanctity of marriage, and hold sincere beliefs based on strong traditional and religious values.” But Capito and her fellow Republicans (except Susan Collins of Maine) voted for a religious liberty amendment from Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), signaling the underlying legislation did not go far enough to protect people of faith from potentially bankrupting lawsuits. Then these Republicans, including Capito, voted for the unamended bill, anyway, indicating their willingness to see believers persecuted by LGBT activists, which hardly reflects Capito’s appreciation.”

      • >As expected, every single Democrat in Congress voted for it.

        And what might that mean when America is majority non-white? — connect the dots: 1) non-whites vote overwhelmingly for Democrats; 2) Democrats overwhelmingly support and vote for the kinds of things you oppose, e.g. ‘culture war’ issues.

        It’s pretty simple: to avoid the country moving further in the direction you would prefer it not move, a sufficient majority of white people is necessary — maybe not in some cases sufficient (i.e. depending on the candidate, issue, etc), but in every case necessary — that is the only hope for keeping Democrats from dominating future electoral and legislative politics, since non-whites care A LOT more about pocketbook issues than they do about ‘culture war’ issues.

        • The people who are ruining this country and who have dragged it down from the very beginning are the 61% of Joe Biden voters who are White people. They have the prime movers every step of the way whether it was during the War Between the States and Reconstruction or destroying the Jim Crow South or opening the borders or embracing every awful fad in our own times like gay marriage and “trans.”

          • > connect the dots

            Connect the dots — are you honest enough to do that? — why do you always avoid the issue of non-whites bloc-voting, and what that means in the future for a majority non-white America? — I think we both know the reason: it shows the utter idiocy of your whole schtick here.

            >61% of Joe Biden voters who are White people

            Sorry, but you are again here showing how innumerate (and insufferable) you are — a clear, decisive majority (58 – 41) of white voters supported Trump in 2020 (link) — the reason Trump lost is that given a mediocre candidate with a track record like him, there is now simply no longer a large enough fraction of white votes to control election outcomes — this will only worsen in the future.

            There is something both ridiculous and childish about some of what you write here — I’ve never seen anyone hold so tenaciously to completely wrongheaded ideas the way you do — it’s sad really.

            Also, last figure I saw, 30% of Whites did not bother voting in 2020 — face it: Trump was a shitty candidate in 2020, and lots of Whites either stayed home or voted against him for that reason — I do not hold that against them because I recognize where the real problem is — they are no doubt as FED UP with voting for the lesser of two evils as I am.

            Again, I’m aware that a fraction of Whites are a problem — but overall, they are a minority — and the truly problematic ones, those you call ‘anti-White’, are a very small minority.

            An attractive candidate would energize the white vote and you would see a turnaround — in any case, to state the obvious again: maintaining a sufficient white majority population is your only hope.

            And for the record: I do not believe that things would be much different today if Trump were president — not regarding Ukraine — that vain, incompetent piece of shit would have folded the first time he was called Neville Chamberlain II.

          • Sorry, I don’t find your point compelling.

            1.) I live in Alabama which has one of the largest black populations in the United States. The blacks here vote as a racial bloc. They are completely frozen out of power at the state and federal level because Whites vote as a racial bloc. Half of blacks and a third of Hispanics live in the South. In the Southern states where elections are close (Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina), the problem is White transplants from other parts of the country moving into large metros and voting for Democrats.

            2.) The people who are responsible for creating a non-White America are your beloved White liberals who identify with BLM and who vote for Democrats who support open borders. Every single House seat in New England is represented by an open borders Democrat. In California, a majority of Whites vote for people like Gavin Newsom. It is the same way in Oregon and Washington. These people have been responsible for creating this situation every step in the way. First, it was abolition and the Reconstruction amendments which established black citizenship and birthright citizenship, which they are solely responsible for creating. Second, it was destroying the Jim Crow South and passing federal civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Third, it was opening the borders to mass immigration in the Immigration Act of 1965. They have finally completely dissolved the border under Joe Biden and now have a president who is committed to pushing their anti-White agenda at every level of government.

            3.) You are the one who is innumerate. 61% of Joe Biden’s voters were White people. Joe Biden is president of the United States because he won the Northeast, Upper Midwest and the West Coast. The Whites who live in those states elected him as their president. Most of the non-Whites who voted for him in the South live in states which were carried by Trump. The idea that non-Whites are responsible for electing Joe Biden in states like Vermont and Minnesota and Colorado is laughable. That’s true in Hawaii, but hardly anywhere else.

            4.) Finally, if it were not for being attached to these people who are dragging us down with them, we could have solved our own problems here a long time ago. Creating a White ethnostate with those people is a suicide pact because they are anti-White and pro-multiculturalism and pro-Third World immigration. The only real hope we have is that somehow things get polarized enough that the country breaks apart and we are no longer governed by them.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 21, 2022 AT 12:04 PM

            >Sorry, I don’t find your point compelling.

            I see.

            You might as well have written ‘I don’t find reality compelling’, because I have described reality — as I said, the reality is that everything you claim to care about will be made worse, at least on a national level, by America becoming majority non-white — this is because non-whites vote OVERWHELMINGLY for Democrats; they care a LOT more about pocketbook issues than ‘culture war’ issues.

            >Creating a White ethnostate with those people is a suicide pact

            You bleat on and on like an innumerate sheep.

            >The only real hope we have is that … the country breaks apart


            Dream on — and then what? — you’ll live happily ever after in your little Alabama fiefdom, with ‘one of the largest black populations in the United States’?

            Personally, I would not want to live in ANY area that is 25% black — talk about a ‘suicide pact’ — or modern ‘reverse slavery’, i.e. yoked to such a dysfunctional population by a coercive tax system.

            Whites are already down to 65% in Alabama (link) — just out of curiosity: how do you plan to prevent your Alabama fiefdom from becoming majority non-white? — how do you envisage that?

            You claim to believe in racial differences, yet fail to comprehend that ultimately everything comes down to race.

          • You’re right.

            I DO NOT believe “everything comes down to race.”

            Clearly, our history and experience has shown that our worst enemies are other White people. They were the ones who went to war to abolish slavery and create black citizenship and pass federal civil rights laws. They were the ones who destroyed the Jim Crow South and who made MLK a secular saint. They were the ones who created the current anti-White system by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They were the ones who opened the borders by passing the Immigration Act of 1965.

            Every step of the way your precious White libtards who are a “small problem” have created the system we live under today. They supported BLM. They recently shifted from colorblind MLK antiracism to a more virulent form woke antiracism. They voted for Joe Biden en masse and nearly every politician in this country who has campaigned on making all of our problems even worse.

            Let me be clear …. I DO NOT CARE that they are White which is a source of shame to them. They are dragging us down with them. More than anything else, I want to separate from those people and I see that as far more important and desirable than racial separation. Every single problem we have in the South with racial minorities is far more manageable and easier to deal with than the problem of being in the same country with the Northeast and the West Coast.

            Were it not for the White libtards in the Northeast and West Coast, we could have dealt with our problems a long time ago. They are responsible for creating the present situation. They are responsible for sustaining it and making it worse.

            Anyone who believes that all White people are on the same side simply on the grounds of race alone is a fool who lives in denial of political reality. Those people have gone out of their way to drive home the point that they identify with blacks and other non-Whites. In Brooklyn, they built a religious monument to George Floyd.

            Pretty much the last thing I want is for those people to be my neighbors or to live in a White ethnostate with those people with their PRIDE flags and “In this house we believe” yard signs. I understand that actually it doesn’t all come down to race. Those people with their shitlib culture are moving into my town and dragging it down just like they have sabotaged other states like Colorado and Arizona.

            Including those people in any political project is a proven recipe for disaster

          • Mr. Wallace,

            If whites achieve power then you make your white dissidents conform or else. Most white liberals will change quickly. If any revolt against the government you have created occurs then you crush them.

            Does not the Anglo know how to wield power? Most people go with a winner. Whites are your people. They are not perfect for every race has criminals but still they are yours.

            If you need help destroying your enemies I can give you inspiration for I have no mercy for my ideological enemies.

            I will go Mexican on your enemies if necessary.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            Re-reading my comment might make it look like I favor white nationalism in the United States at the government level. I strongly do NOT. This would go against my people which outside of some moral imperative I would never do.

            A white nationalist government would mean kicking Latins out of the Southwest. That is not acceptable.

            I just thought you are kind of down and I wished to encourage you. As for your ideological enemies? In some ways I am one of them myself on many issues-like some aspects or race, definitely religion, Russia, probably gun control, populism, the Mexican-American War, and other issues.

            Still when you condemn obvious evils then I am on your side. My religion traditionally does not allow much to threaten our beliefs when we rule a society and that only makes sense to me.

            So my comment and observations were that when a strong side wields power the vast majority of people willingly follow.

            Remember how humans are. 2000 years ago there were chants on Jesus on how He was the messiah. A week later they shouted —Crucify Him!

            Any way–Merry Christmas!

  5. “Here in Alabama, both of our Republican senators and all 6 Republican House members opposed the gay and interracial marriage bill and the DACA amnesty.”

    Can that commonsense be spread ?

    • Yes, Dear Arrian, it certainly can be.

      Never forget that there is a lot of monkey-see-monkey-do in all of us, but, in that regard, politicians are the most ape-like of us.

  6. Federal money that goes to states where the senators and representatives voted for amnesty should be re-directed to Texas and other states bearing the financial burden of this invasion. If that were done you would see the “Liberal” states vote for mass deportations to keep the Federal dollars flowing. After mass deportations and prominent arrests of bidnessmen hiring illegals pour encourager les autres (to encourage the others) the illegal alien invasion would cease.

    Build a concertina wire fence 20 feet tall, 20 yards deep, from Brownsville, Texas to San Ysidro, Cal. so it never happens again. “accidentally” deport some of the U.S. politicians and Chamber of Commerce types too to get the message across. That’s what needs to be done but won’t, unfortunately.

    • Consider supporting ALIPAC

      Ad Campaign Launched Against Amnesty backing Power Groups & Leaders

      Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is launching a new online ad
      campaign and volunteer activism campaign to warn Americans about the
      large amount of money DC insider groups are spending to pass Amnesty
      legislation for millions of illegal aliens during the Lame Duck session
      of 2022!

      ALIPAC has current nationwide ad and activism campaigns in motion,
      lobbying GOP Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC), Richard Burr (R-NC), Roy Blunt
      (R-MO), and Rob Portman (R-OH) to stop supporting Democrat Senator Chuck
      Schumer’s goal of taxpayer benefits, Amnesty, voting rights, and
      citizenship for millions of DACA “Dreamer” illegal immigrant invaders.

      These new ad and activism campaigns will be targeted into the states of
      Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia to
      help counter the millions of dollars being spent by pro-Amnesty special
      interest power groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce, American Hotel
      and Lodging Association, the Koch network’s Americans for Prosperity,
      and the National Restaurant Association as reported by Breitbart News &
      NBC. (View Source 1) (View Source 2)

      “We are informing border security activists, Angel Family members, and
      the majority of American citizens who oppose massive illegal immigration
      attracted by Amnesty legislation in DC directly to the DC insider groups
      and their spokespeople who are behind this nation-destroying
      legislation,” said William Gheen, spokesperson for “It is
      time for Americans to see the real names and faces responsible for the
      costly and deadly illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of our
      American Republic.”

      ALIPAC’s new Ads will list public contact information for the US Chamber
      of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity, American Hotel & Lodging
      Association, and the National Restaurant Association, along with their
      Amnesty backing spokespeople cited in public articles like Sean Kennedy,
      vice president of public affairs at the National Restaurant Association,
      Jon Baselice of the US Chamber, and Chip Rogers, head of the American
      Hotel and Lodging Association and Emily Seidel the CEO of Americans for
      . (Bios & Contact Info HERE)

      Other DC insider groups and their top leaders and spokespeople may be
      added to ALIPAC’s ad campaigns in targeted states as needed.

      This release and other reports and articles presented at are
      archived weekly into the US Library of Congress, creating a permanent
      record of who is politically to blame for illegal immigration, Amnesty,
      and all of the harm, deaths, loss, and destruction they bring to
      innocent Americans.

      • >Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

        It’s good to organize and oppose amnesty or any kind of ‘regularization’ for illegals (there are a number of organizations doing it) — and maybe the ‘as long as they come legally’ window dressing is a good idea optics-wise — but for a long time, far more non-whites have come to America each year legally than illegally — I don’t want the legal ones either.

  7. I guess the conclusion we are supposed to draw here is that White, evangelical Protestant Southern Republican voters are the only group that can save the country from the globo-homo, open borders, invade-the-world, invite-the-world crowd. Would we be a far better country if said group were more dominant politically and culturally? Undoubtedly.

    Unfortunately they aren’t and we are stuck with an opposition called the Stupid Party, aka the Republican Party, which is not only stupid but cowardly, duplicitous and feckless. In the long run Republicans and Conservatives always lose or we wouldn’t be in the dire circumstances that face us now.

    The corporate stooges, Pentagon whores, surrender monkeys and Israel sycophants who actually control the RNC and therefore the Stupid Party, are in the business of losing gracefully and accepting crumbs off the table from the degenerate and demonic victors. Voting Retardpublican and expecting things to get better long term is just a pathetic delusion. It never works out that way and that’s the whole point. The Retardpublican Party exists to bamboozle voters into thinking they have a real choice. We don’t and that is by design.

    The only thing Conservatives conserve is the victories of their enemies!

    • “I guess the conclusion we are supposed to draw here is that White, evangelical Protestant Southern Republican voters are the only group that can save the country from the globo-homo, open borders, invade-the-world, invite-the-world crowd. Would we be a far better country if said group were more dominant politically and culturally? Undoubtedly”

      Wasting their political capital riding shotgun with the jews in the war on terror was a very predictable misstep. They have no one to blame but themselves on that front. They also attached themselves to free market, globalized trade policies that directly destroyed White Americans throughout the northeast and midwest and flooded the country with aliens. So there’s a lot of credibility bleed off for them.

    • @Black Pill Bill…


      ‘Conservatives’ has never formulated a way to develop an answer for the 1960s, other than fight a rear-guard action, while assimilating more and more progressivism.

      While I will fulfill my civic function and vote in every election, I am not optimistic about what any amount of voting can achieve.

      That said, I hope I am wrong.

      P.S. In my view the lynchpin for all of this is the notion of forced ‘equality’.

      Very ironically, I know many Blacks, local to my area, who are deeply opposed to any conciliatory gestures with the LGBTQ and transgenderism, and, yes, I am just the sort of guy to remind them that, if the right to free association can be taken from Whites, it WILL be taken from Blacks.

      As many times as I have said that to them, never once have I received a reply.

      They always get very silent at that.

      • Ivan,

        In regards to your comment on Baptists you have to remember my experiences and my family are primarily with Texas. My grandmother spent several years in the 1950’s in the Deep South and thought the people were wonderful.

        Texas is different than the South evidently.

        As for a Church schism? Most Catholics have defected from the Faith already. I do not think Protestants are doing much better.

        I also return your Christmas greeting. I should be here off and on until around January 6 when Christmas season ends.

        • Thank you for your reply, Dear Cristina.

          No, Christianity is on very shaky ground, these days.

          Orthodoxy is in the best shape, though the American brand of it seems to be slipping gradually into the same muck as all the previous denominations, this as more and more clergy mistake Wokeness for the faith.

          In any case, the Orthodox Church, particularly in Eastern Europe and The Holy Land is somehow holding on.

          Sometimes only a fragment of the line can hold on, and all seems lost before things recover.

  8. What percentage of Americans are mixed race?
    I kinda think the horse has bolted when it comes to any interracial marriage policy.
    I still find it massively repugnant though:- mixed marriage in white countries, but never anywhere else.
    Just relaxing what was never enforced to begin with.

  9. >DACA Amnesty Deal Is Dead

    It’ll be back, if perhaps under a new/different name — with no one being deported, these things have a way of becoming a fait accompli: humanitarian concerns loom larger and larger, to the point more Republicans will no longer resist.

    linkJudging from @ABCWorldNews segment I just saw, the Biden Administration’s plan for the post-Title 42 migration super-surge is to use the crisis to try to force “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    What’s going on at the border has little to do with immigration; instead it has a lot to do with asylum — once a claim for asylum is approved, then perhaps it becomes more a matter of immigration in the sense the refugee is given some kind of legal permission to remain, which can be seen as akin to an immigrant visa.

    Although most people think of asylum as temporary, increasingly it is used as a way to permanently migrate to another country — very few countries ever forcibly return people recognized as refugees.

      • Hola, Cristina. Nice to see you here too. I always liked The Little Drummer Boy song from the children’s tv show. Bing Crosby and David Bowie did a duet of that song that raised eyebrows of two very different generations.

        It’s very cold where I am, but my mood is not merry or bright. There are lots of homes very nicely decorated with lights that I enjoy seeing as I walk my legendary hero dog.

        Last year this time, I planned to attend either a Christmas Eve mass or service to sing some carols. Unfortunately, almost all of them were corrupted by LGBTQ spiteful mutants. Even their webpages had the rainbow and tranny flags. Weimar German Republic was not that far gone that the churches had become both blasphemous and abominations.

        Cristina, sorry to say it, but I told you that Mexico was in the cross hairs of neoliberal, and now abortion is legal, and same sex marriage has become decriminalized. .

        If your family ever attains power, let me know if they need a cultural and political prognosticator. I joke of course because your family would never be advised by an agnostic and unapologetic National Socialist.

        • November,

          Yes. Those closest to the United States of Satan will be corrupted without a strong leader and system. Democracy does not provide protection for any length of time. The United States was condemned as a walking mortal sin back in the 19th century because of it’s classical liberalism.

          What the USA is now is worse but only what some predicted would happen under the unholy trinity of Freedom, Democracy, and Equality. The United States might surpass Sodom and Gomorrah soon.

          A Catholic could have been a member of the National Socialist Party and still be in good standing with the Church.

          Remember the Church had a Concordant with NS Germany in 1933. Such a Concordant was never conducted with the Freemasonic, Protestant, and Jewish run USA. In fact there were no diplomatic relations between the USA and the Vatican until Ronald Reagan.

          Carter wanted to establish relations with the Church but your bizarre fundamentalists even in the 1970’s had a fit. I like NS better than Baptists.My experience in Texas is the same—Baptists love Jews and hate Catholics especially the old ones. The young Baptists generally could not care less.

          Were any of those services you wanted to attend Catholic? If so they are outside the Faith and any priest/Bishop that allows it is also.

          We recently watched the Godfather. You could be my consigliere.

          • @Cristina…

            “Baptists love Jews and hate Catholics especially the old ones.”

            This is actually new, that The Baptists love Jews, for when I was a child the KKK Klan was known as the Baptist Klan, and on the weekend AM radio it was easy to find local gospel programs with Baptist preachers slamming the Jews.

            Generally, Baptists have been very oriented towards autonomy and Roman Catholicism is the antithesis of that.

            Moreover, it is a sad thing to note that note only has a lot of the stuff the old KKK Klan used to say about Jews correct, it has turned out to be as much so of Roman Catholicism, or, perhaps better said, of it’s leadership.

            Why am I saying this – because Baptists, particularly Southern Baptists, are very tribal and colonial.

            The Baptists were founded on their detestation of the Church of England which, the early Anabaptists said was in err because of it’s similarity to the church in Rome.

            Don’t expect this love the Jews stuff, the result of a relentless propaganda campaign, to last, because it is not Baptist.

            Personally, I do not expect the Roman Catholic Church to get through this next decade without a major schism.

            Merry Xmas to you and yours!

        • November,

          I forgot to add that Mexico is starting to unravel some like on abortion/homosexual marriages etc. Some are even trying to advocate against corporal punishment on boys in school.

          The USA always bleeds into other countries especially a country like Mexico that relies on American money, investments and the rest. And the movies/TV/culture of the USA is more dangerous than your military.

          When I first came on this website I was smug thinking naively that we would never be like you.

          I am not smug anymore and am gravely concerned. I want to keep Americans in the fight against the Evil as a buffer to protect us. The people on this website are against what threatens my kind. Therefore I have use for them.

          I am against the illegal invasion partly because I am bound to morally and because many are not even Mexicans. Also, these are the lower classes. In Mexico and Central America there is social and police control for them. In the United States the police do less and there are not the social controls.

          • “When I first came on this website I was smug thinking naively that we would never be like you.”

            Yes, it’s funny when when the mad dog trees your neighbors, not so funny when you’re treed.

          • Cristina,

            The Catholic church closest to where I live was still doing the ineffectual and retarded COVID protocols with “social distancing,” and they were actually taking RSVPs for Christmas Eve mass. Also, the last mass on Christmas Eve was late afternoon, and I was looking for a midnight candle service or mass. It didn’t feel right to take the seat of a regular parishioner under those circumstances.

            The last time I attended a Christmas Eve service at a Lutheran church some boomer with his family were seated behind me, and he was singing loud and off-key. In addition, a mudshark in sweatpants was there with her mulatto baby who wouldn’t stop crying. Oh well, Christianity in America.

          • @Cristina…

            “When I first came on this website I was smug thinking naively that we would never be like you.

            I am not smug anymore and am gravely concerned. I want to keep Americans in the fight against the Evil as a buffer to protect us. The people on this website are against what threatens my kind. Therefore I have use for them.’

            You are very smart, Girl, and you learn quickly.

            You have realized what many White Nationalists twice your age, and beyond, have not yet learned – that a now failing Mexico is a grave threat to us, in ,oh, so many many ways..

            I do not care who you are, or where you are : you have everything to benefit by helping your neighbors along and praying for their welfare.

        • November,

          You did notice I hope that the Latin American team beat the African team to win World Championship. Soccer is more than a sport in some countries.

          • Cristina, indeed. I saw the championship game.

            Some Europeans are claiming Argentina’s team is not White. They are coping and seething hard.

            Did you hear the chant team Argentina had for team France? LoL.

        • @November…

          A few weeks you addressed this comment, below, to me, though, until now, I did not see it.

          “@Ivan, you sir would be the Judah P, Benjamin on Confederacy 2.0. They would need your jewish hybrid intelligence, as today’s Southerners not too different from Benjamin’s time are the most unintelligent and unwashed of all Europeans north of the Mexican border. There of course both then and now of outliers. Here on OD, Mr James Owens is one that would nor embarrass himself in the company of Fitzhugh and Dabney.”

          Thank you so very much for your kindness.

          You made my day.

          Of course, I would take the job, no matter what, and do my best.

          As to Mr. James Owen, he would make a great member of the Confederacy 2.0, for he is not only well-informed, he is also gutsy and highly sensical – something terribly lacking in so many today – either Left or Right.

          Of course, Mr. Griffin would be a brilliant choice to do that, as well.

          Thank you, again, Sir – and a Happy New Year to you and yours, up yonder!

    • November,

      I read that report you sent. I had to laugh at the Chamber of Commerce and Senators thinking or pretending to think that legalizing illegals would get rid of illegal immigration and crush the cartels.

      What fantasy world do they live in? Did not Reagan state the same thing in the 1980’s? President Carter evidently promised only 100,000 boat people in the 70’s and you got millions from Asia.

      Looks like they have said this with tongue inside the cheek for decades. They must be good actors however to keep a straight face and say such nonsense.

      When you reward people for their behavior it then obviously increases such behavior. I believe a 2 year old child knows that.

  10. I once asked a priest on our view of interracial marriage. He said it was a temporal issue. If the State bans it then the Church will also ban it and has historically.

    Outside of a State banning such marriages he said his training in theology at his seminary was that there were 3 groups in question.

    Category 1–Some races are barely different and he would neither forbid or counsel against such unions in his parish.

    Category 2-Some ethnics/racial groups are different so he would counsel against such unions but might perform the marriage if more harm than good was done by not performing the marriage.

    Category 3 – There is some races so different from another that he would not only counsel against such marriages but would forbid them in his parish. He said he was referring to you know who. The primary reason for banning is the children but then that is why God created marriage to begin with.

    This priest is an American from Iowa. He was elderly and came from a traditional seminary. For you Irish haters he was Irish-American.

  11. Mr. Wallace,

    Anglo whites have been bizarre for a long time. In 1815 when British liberals spoke against the African Slave Trade the rest of Europe coldly asked them why they had been content to allow the Arabs to enslave Europeans for centuries.

    My brother found this in reading about some book called the Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower.

    So the British attacked Algiers and freed a few Europeans. But they only did it for their main goal of suppressing the African slave trade..

    As the following article stated the white slavery trade in Algiers was only stopped with the French conquest of the infidel in North Africa.

    I can never make up my mind if I hate Islam more than I hate Communism.

    Yes. Even without Jews the Anglo has been twisted for a long time. It is as you have written because of liberalism/enlightment etc.

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