Thomas Frank: The Deadly Lack of Imagination In The Democratic Party

I have a similar view of the Democratic Party.

New York Times:

“So the Democrats avoided the usual midterm cataclysm. They lost the House, yes, but they gained a seat in the Senate, and they did so despite a bad economic climate and an unpopular president. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has embarrassed himself with stupid remarks, and maybe this time he will stay embarrassed. Liberal rejoicing fills the air.

Now for some cold water. Democrats did so well, in part, because a conservative Supreme Court handed them a political gift by overturning Roe v. Wade and Republicans ran a group of dreadful celebrity Senate candidates. …

When Democrats did those things, strategists and party leaders argued, affluent professionals — members of the well-educated “learning class” — would flock to the big tent. There would be consensus. Electoral victories. Affluence (for some) in the coming knowledge economy.

That was the plan. And it succeeded. …

In some ways, liberalism from the top down has worked out as intended. The highly educated are now solidly Democratic, and the wealthy are moving rapidly our way. Today the party’s candidates often raise more money than Republicans. Despite President Biden’s intermittent blue-collar sympathies — and despite the party’s ramped-up language about conquering racism and defending democracy itself — the strategy of the 1990s still seems to be the strategy of today: courting the learning class, winning the affluent suburbanites, talking about how innovation will save us, reaching out to Republicans like Liz Cheney. And despite inspiring victories like John Fetterman’s in Pennsylvania, according to exit polls, the party continues to hemorrhage working-class votes. …”

At the very top of the pyramid that is the Democratic Party, there are the big money Jewish donors like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who are pulling the strings.

61% of Joe Biden voters in the 2020 election, however, were White. This understates the importance of White voters to Democrats because half of blacks and a third of Hispanics live in Southern states which mostly voted for Trump. There are only a handful of states like Hawaii and New Mexico in which non-White voters are decisive in electing Democrats to the White House and the Senate.

Who are these White voters who are 61% of Joe Biden voters?

Pew Research Center:

“Roughly two-thirds of Progressive Left (68%) are White, non-Hispanic, by far the largest share among Democratic-aligned groups. …

Progressive Left are also highly educated, with about half (48%) holding at least a four-year college degree, making it one of the two most highly educated groups overall. …

Sizable majorities say White people benefit from societal advantages that Black people do not have and that most U.S. institutions need to be completely rebuilt to ensure equal rights for all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity. …

Roughly half of Progressive Left (52%) are religiously unaffiliated, which is comparable to the share among Outsider Left and higher than other political typology groups. …”

The Left is roughly synonymous with Progressive Left and Outsider Left in the Pew typology.

Progressive Left is extremely anti-White.

These are the people who marched with BLM and who rioted in cities like Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis and who worshipped George Floyd.

Pew Research Center:

“Outsider Left are by far the youngest political typology group. Four-in-ten are under the age of 30 and 83% are under 50. They are racially and ethnically diverse: About half (49%) are White, 20% are Hispanic, 15% are Black and 10% are Asian. Women make up 57% of this group.

Outsider Left also have somewhat less formal education than Establishment Liberals or the Progressive Left: 35% have at least a college degree. 

Outsider Left are one of the least religiously affiliated groups, alongside the Progressive Left. About half (51%) are religiously unaffiliated. …”

I have highlighted the racial and religious composition of the leftists in red and the racial and religious composition of liberals in blue. “Democratic mainstays” are the BIPOC base of the Democratic Party who are more religious minorities who are significantly more moderate in their cultural views.

Establishment liberals are typically the PMCs who Thomas Frank is complaining about in his article. These are the people who unironically watch Morning Joe and Stephen Colbert.

Pew Research Center:

“About half of Establishment Liberals (51%) are White, while 18% are Black, two-in-ten are Hispanic and one-in-ten are Asian.

Establishment Liberals are one of two typology groups in which nearly half (47%) have college degrees (a quarter have postgraduate degrees). About one-in-five (23%) live in upper-income households, a higher share than in any other Democratic-oriented typology group. …

Establishment Liberals are one of the two most educated typology groups, alongside the Progressive Left. Members of this group are 15 percentage points more likely than U.S. adults overall to have a college degree, and 11 points more likely to have a postgraduate degree. They are also among the most well-traveled typology groups. Nearly two-in-ten (19%) say they have visited 10 or more countries outside the United States. …”

47% of establishment liberals have a college degree.

33% are irreligious or atheists.

25% have a post-graduate degree.

23% live in upper-income households.

In sum, the White people who voted for Joe Biden and who vote for Democrat Senate candidates like Fetterneck tend to live in large metro areas, inner ring suburbs and college towns. They tend to have college degrees. They are far more likely to be irreligious or atheists. They also stand out as being relatively educated, but not particularly rich. Also, the most radical leftists who join Antifa and march with BLM tend to be young, over educated, downwardly mobile and come from PMC families.


  1. >Lack of Imagination In The Democratic Party

    They don’t need ‘imagination’: they have institutional power — they appear to be pretty good at acquiring, consolidating, and expanding their institutional power — the success of George Soros in getting ‘progressive’ district attorneys elected is a good example of the latter.

    Perhaps the GOP could use a little ‘imagination’ as they figure out how to renew and revive the party in order to attract more voters — but I’m skeptical about the ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ party being able to attract more voters from among the growing lower socioeconomic strata (disproportionately non-white) — conceptually, the problem the GOP has right now attracting well-educated, better off Whites looks easier to tackle, but that will likely require a change in leadership, a better, more attractive platform, and above all more appealing candidates — I don’t really see any of that in the offing.

    • OT

      linkWe never needed a dictator. We just needed congress to reach the point where they saw more value on government power than individual freedom. Everything in the Snowden revelations was approved by congress.

      Obviously, we reached that point some time ago.

      Congress approves the ‘black budget’, but exercises little if any oversight over how the money is spent.

      I recall going to a job interview at a major defense/government contractor back in the late 1990s, and one of the guys I talked to there threw me a big hint that the ciphering algorithms used to protect the transmission of digitally encoded speech in the GSM (2G) wireless system then being rolled out around the world had already been hacked by the national security apparatus in the US — once speech data is no longer protected by encryption, it is technically easy to un-digitize it, i.e. transform it back into analog audio you can listen to — of course every mobile has the SW (and/or HW, e.g. a DSP) to do this, and the algorithms for digitally encoding and decoding audio (codecs) are basically open source, albeit to use the patented/proprietary ones you are supposed to pay for a license.

      Interesting Twitter thread about the Church committed revelations — link

  2. Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    Refuse to allow anyone under 25 to vote. The Republicans in the House could do this if they wished. More on how to overthrow the country in a few short years here and at links from the link.

    Exhaustive comments on this here,

    • OD — I’ll repeat an earlier comment: please offer Sam J. a chance to write one or more blog posts about this and other/related topics — he has now mentioned several issues, including the effect of SCOTUS rulings — it seems that would be useful, and actually more in line with the better and more interesting posts by you here.

  3. Joe Sobrans comment that the university is where progressives go to to get the education they need to know all the right pieties about minorities, and be able to live as far away from them as possible, is pretty apt here. Except now these people are isolating themselves from everybody else in ideology too. And all the working class hates them for that too. PMCs are the carbuncles of life.

  4. “coming knowledge economy.”

    That’s funny.
    A tiny few percent.
    All riding on a $35 trillion bomb, that keeps ticking.

  5. There really is no one representing the interests of millions of traditionally conservative White working and middle class Americans anymore. But I don’t see any massive new political movement on the horizon, it’s just going to be a gradual decline into South Africa/ Zimbabwe type conditions until the whole system dies from natural causes. Absolutely pathetic!

  6. You have to call out both sides together. They are 2 sides of the same coin even if most of them oppose each other. The Republican leaders would actually get the rope first if I were commander. They do nothing but kiss black ass. P*ssy ass capitalist traitors.

  7. The white race has always been capable of great things, but there’s a couple of sub groups of them who are just……….in the sewer. They drink too much, swear too much, can be violent, and are capable of giving the rest of us a bad name.
    Then you have leftist whites who want to give our manufacturing to the third world, whilst accept all their refugees at the same time, and encourage gay and mixed marriages. They just want everything taken from us.
    Yes the Jews are bad……..and so are the whites!
    They truly embarrass and disappoint me.

  8. Cheating works, and when the mark of being “educated” means you deny that they’re cheating, it works even better. Nothing could be more pathetic, could appear more pathetic, than people who pretend to be “on the Right” defending breathlessly the Democratic methods of stealing votes. Imagine how emboldened, imagine the contempt they have for us, when they know people ostensibly representing the other side will defend them to the last, for the vacuous pretense of ” being serious.” No one who tolerates the cheating of the Democratic party is politically serious. They are political parasites who want scraps. They have to be purged. Nobody who denies election-rigging should be allowed to have any influence.

  9. Jill Biden also has an advanced degree. Honestly, I don’t think we should be amplifying this fraudulent idea that liberals are “highly educated.” A lot of “educated” people know their job depends on not running afoul of screeching shitlib bitches in human resources.

  10. “The Democratic Party is content with the present stalemate”

    I do not believe this.

    Unfortunately, I do know some people who are acquainted with Progressive/Antifa types, and, it is absolutely clear that they are frustrated beyond belief at their inability to truly overcome the American system.

    They want power yesterday and they want it to redraw a new constitution – something akin to the Soviet constitution for their utopian civilization.

    This I know NOT from articles I read but from personal contacts in real life.

    They hate this stalemate, if ‘stalemate’ is what you want to call this situation.

    They do not see this period as a victory, nohow, noway, but, they do believe in their ultimate victory over what they regard as neolithic Smalltown and Rural White Males Christian ignoramus/racist monster types (tens of millions of us)

  11. Storytelling drag queens preaching the gospel of climate change to the little kiddies is not imaginative enough? This ain’t Kansas Thomas.

  12. The Roman Catholics are allied politically with the Jews in Congress, the State Houses and City govenments—that’s a fact! Unless that alliance is broken things will only get worse for White people.

  13. I send warm greetings to Hunter and all our OD readers from outside of Chicago. There’s supposed to be a worst ever winter storming coming in 2 days – huge snow, then arctic freeze and 50 MPH winds…..

    Just think how cold Chicago’s teen gang bangers will be. Ha ha.

    Hey B/Hunter – it’s the end of 2022. Do you want to do a “traitor of the year” award blog?

    How about a good things, best of 2022.

    I can think of a lot of good things that happened.

    What do you say?

  14. You have to be living in some sort of malignant dream world to think this society is on the right path. Has homelessness ever been worth? Maybe in the great depression. There are 100 hundred thousand drug overdoses every year. Not even talking about the massive use of prescription anti depressants. The isolation and depression in society are overwhelming. Parts of some inner cities are declining into out and out anarchy.

    Apparently the rich and upper middle classes can hide from reality.

  15. The Democrats have a little problem. It’s called Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They was all about the race riots in 2020 and magically think that White Americans will vote for them. How is that going to happen? Why would White People vote for you if you support race riots like that and taking down our Confederate Monuments. Not going to happen. The Democrats had it right on Covid-19 and was in the process of taking away the “Pro Life” view from the Republicans. The Republicans laughed while people died from Covid-19 and the Democrats make excuses while they support Abortion which takes the lives away from babies. So imagine if the Democrats would have ended Abortion aka became the Pro Life party and also continued supporting Masks, Vaccines, and common sense on Covid-19. The Democrats could have “ended” the GOP’s grip on being Pro Life. So magically the Supreme Court sent Abortion back to the states for those decisions….making it know we are “Pro Life” see. Yea ok not! That’s always been a lie. They just freaked out because so many people died from ZOG’s medical lab creation known as Covid-19. So they need “more” Americans now and all the sudden are for Pro Life again. On a side note if the Democrats would have also created a National Health Care Plan for every single American during Covid-19 and got it into law….the party would have fixed the serious health care problem going on for years. What could have been. This country seriously needs a White Nationalist aka National Socialist aka a general White Socialist political party with an Pro American and modern focus that supports these and many other nationalist issues. I can only imagine how fast that party would grow. Deo Vindice!

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