Breitbart: California’s Crazy New Year

Culture is king.

It explains why Texas is not California.

It also explains why there are two Californias. The lunatics in the coastal strip lord it over the rest of the state and drag down the entire country through their delegation in Congress. It extends up into Oregon and Washington and is stronger than usual in southwest Oregon and Washington in the incoming Congress. White libtards dominate the entire Pacific Coast now.


“Here are the five most radical new laws — plus one that is currently on hold in the courts — taking place on New Year’s Day in the Golden State, with little effective opposition from a shrinking Republican legislative minority:

1. SB 107: ‘Sanctuary State’ for ‘Transgender Kids’ – This law, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in September, protects the use of drugs or surgery to provide so-called “gender-affirming care” to children from other states where the use of such treatments is restricted or criminalized. It prohibits doctors from releasing information to other states, and prohibits California courts interfering in child custody over such treatments.

2. AB 2098: ‘COVID Misinformation’ – This law, signed in September, requires California’s medical licensing boards to take disciplinary action against doctors who are involved with the “dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or ‘COVID-19’.” The law does not take into account the fact that authorities like Dr. Anthony Fauci changed their recommendations over time.

3. AB 2147: Decriminalizing Jaywalking Because of Racism – This law, called the “Freedom to Walk Act,” presumes that jaywalking is a racist crime because it is supposedly enforced unevenly — by the nation’s most left-wing state — in “communities of color” where people supposedly cannot afford to pay the fines. The law prevents police from stopping people who are crossing the street illegally unless they are in danger.

4. SB 1375: Allowing Nurses to Perform Abortions Without Doctors – This law attempts to expand access to abortion by allowing qualified nurses to perform certain abortion procedures in the first trimester of pregnancy without the supervision of a doctor. This new law will take effect alongside a new provision in the California constitution, passed by a referendum in 2022, guaranteeing the right to abortion and contraception.

5. SB 357: Decriminalizing Loitering for Prostitution – This law, another by State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), decriminalizes loitering in public for the purpose of committing prostitution (which remains a crime). It also allows those convicted of such loitering to petition courts for the dismissal and sealing of their cases. The law aims to remove the social stigma of sex work; it also comes amid a statewide crime wave. …”

Are White libtards a small problem?

Are there no meaningful differences between Democrats and Republicans?

Is your state a sanctuary state for “trans kids” and illegal aliens? Is your state decriminalizing jaywalking, shoplifting and prostitution? Is your state overrun by homeless people and drug addicts? Is your state banning gasoline powered automobiles? Did you live through a draconian lockdown?

Who else but White libtards comes up with this nonsense and agitates for it? Does it gain traction and successfully become law anywhere except in places where this constituency can be found?

Cultural geography:

Political geography:


  1. “stronger than usual in southwest Oregon ”

    Wow, are you perceptive, for someone who hasn’t lived in the area.

    Southwest Oregoon is populated by SF bay area libtards who are escaping the divershity they so strongly advocated.

    That is the primary reason i despise libtards, TOTAL HYPOCRITES. They advocate screwball concepts, then scramble to get away.

    • That’s interesting, Arrian. The one person I know who lives in southwest Oregon is a liberal who moved there from the bay area. I had no idea this person was part of a trend.

    • @Arrian…

      “Southwest Oregoon is populated by SF bay area libtards who are escaping the divershity they so strongly advocated.

      That is the primary reason i despise libtards, TOTAL HYPOCRITES. They advocate screwball concepts, then scramble to get away.”

      Today’s Left are like adolescents – offering proposing things, or getting into situations that they are ill prepared to live out.

      Though i know it would be chic to blame the government or Organized Jewry for this, I think the blame belongs on our success.

      Yep, we are wealthy and technological beyond our dreams, and that so, we have been ‘liberated’ from reality, or, more specifically, those tedious physical processes which would inculcate a better awareness in us about what is what.

      Never forget that you are average 40 year old cannot clean a gun or a fish; has never planted a single flower or vegetable; will never make his own wine or beer, nor can he fix any of the devices that inhabit his life.

      He does not know what sign the moon is in, on any given day, and he cannot tell you the species of trees or bushes are in his yard, or, if he has no yard, then the city park nearby.

      Many people cannot even cook a meal, unless you consider such put a Stouffer’s frozen meal in the microwave.

      You might wonder why I say this, but, when you see how detached we live from the basic reality with which untold generation grew up, then you can see how our thinking is bereft of the qualities it needs to fathom whatever ridiculous wells up in us.

  2. Genetics is the King.

    In the Western Europe, lockdowns and other madness are much worse. Also in Soviet Russia in the 1920thies similar things happened and a lot of people do not consider Siberian Russians white Europeans at all.

    So it is not about culture but white liberal is genetic defect. Also culture doesn’t change brain structure. Genetic liberals have different brain structure.

    What we see right now, is called pathocracy. Rule of the mentally ill people. And this rule doesn’t end well.

    • Interesting re Europe, is not only its self-collapse under the Ukraine war energy costs skyrocketing, but the way the EU is imploding under its German libtard dictatorship … Germans who, in turns out, are just cucked proxy-tools for the American neo-con war machine

      The corrupt woman heading the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, has her husband in the ‘covid vaccine platform business’ … whilst she gave out literally tens of billions for vaccines LOL

      She protects herself via a corruption-trading deal with the Belgian government, which has jurisdiction over crimes by Brussels EU officials … Apparently, Ursula lets Belgian ministers violate EU law freely, cash flowing … Belgian gov & police leave Ursula alone

      And it seems her corruption, is why Ursula does whatever the Biden neocons want about the Ukraine war … they have all that Pfizer etc and Belgian-crook stuff hanging over her head if she doesn’t comply

      Related was how the Nato intel agencies just organised an attack to destroy the EU Parliament … and give even more power to Ursula (= Biden gov)

      The huge EU Parliament with over 700 members, had actually done some powerful red-pilling. Tho libtard-dominated, it had a whole bunch of loose cannons, right-wing and otherwise, who would get up there and make speeches about corruption and everything else, and it would be all over YouTube, Twitter etc. Great fun sometimes. Nigel Farage basically launched Brexit from his seat there.

      But the Nato intel agencies just ran a big scam to destroy the Parliament’s credibility. They let these Qataris run around with cash for a long while, and now they used that to say the ‘Parliament is corrupt’, arresting a few people … true enough re corruption, but the real game was to destroy the credibility of all those Parliament dissidents … Of course the Belgians didn’t go after any of the people getting ‘speaking fees’ from George Soros etc., and naturally they aren’t touching German dictator queen Ursula

    • “white liberal is genetic defect. ”

      It would be a great trait in an all WHITE society, like Iceland or past Sweden, but a terrible attribute in mixed race societies. If not for (((external forces)) distorting peoples perceptions, it’s not a genetic defect.

  3. >Are White libtards a small problem?

    Compared to a majority of non-whites who bloc vote for Democrats because they care a LOT more about pocketbook issues than ‘culture war’ issues, yes, they are a ‘small problem’, or at least a smaller problem.

    To point out the obvious: none of the laws you highlight are coming into effect due to a state proposition, meaning the voters of California, including ‘White libtards’, are not directly responsible for them — instead they were passed by a state legislature that is 1) absolutely and overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats (who generally support bills introduced by party colleagues), and 2) made up of a sizable majority of non-whites.

    In the same way, not every law being passed in Wash DC is representative of the people in the US, nor are they directly responsible for what goes on there.

    Per latest info from the US Census, Whites are now only 35% of California’s population — link

    So not only do ‘White libtards’ not control what goes on in California, they no longer have the numbers to do so — neither do Whites in general — of course ‘White libtards’, including the oily haired faggot who is currently governor, do contribute to the problems in California.

    Very recently, voters in California upheld a ban on affirmative action — in the not too distant past they also banned gay marriage.

    Etc etc etc.

    I could go on, but I covered all of this before, e.g. when I eviscerated your ridiculous claim that ‘White coastal libtards’ were behind the push for reparations in California (link), where you made the following absurd (not to mention also innumerate) statement:

    It only makes sense when you realize White coastal libtards rule California.

    At this point I have to conclude that not only are you just not very smart, but you are also willfully dishonest.

    • Could You kindly explain, how those diverse people got it in the first place ? Long time ago, whole Europe was white, also US and California.

      What color were those psychopaths’ who suppressed all opposition to mass immigration ?

      And could You kindly explain the previous madnesses for example all those Salem homophobe and racist trials back in the 1692 when no Jews and not diversity wasn’t nowhere near by ?

        • True. But it never would have passed without all the White idiot votes in the legislative branch. They just wanted to be “nice”, you know.

        • Phil Hart was Irish and the bill would not have passed without the Kennedy family support. If I am not mistaken the Kennedys were Irish too. There is a cooperating political relationship between the Jews and the Irish and it has been in place for a very very longtime. AND these people are nature allies because they share common traits and characterisitics the most important of which, for my point, is an insatible appetite to have and hold power over others and a willingness to do anything to get it including cheating and killing.

      • Perhaps the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were caused bye eating rye bread contaminated with ergot fungus which which produces lysergic acid? Already inclined to religious fanaticism and believing in the supernatural, the difficult life on the frontier of late 17th century New England, 3,000 miles from the home country may have lent itself towards fanaticism. Tripping on LSD would definitely have impaired one’s judgement. Modern liberals have no excuse however.,to%20the%20Salem%20witch%20hunts.

        BTW Salem is full of modern witches or Wiccans as they like to call themselves. The place is batshit crazy, especially on Halloween when people come from all over to visit Salem.

    • I think what Hunter says is that White Liberals are a big problem and are destructive wherever they go and we have to consider them just as dangerous if not more than other races (depending on the race). I couldn’t agree more.

    • @eah….

      In Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, most of the Blacks vote Democrat.


      Because it is the opposite of how White Southerners vote.

      When White Southerners voted Democrat, back in the day Black Southerners voted Republican.

      When i was a child, I never knew such a thing as a Black Democrat.

      At that time they regarded The Democrat Party as the party of Jefferson Davis, and the Republicans as The party of Lincoln,

      As to those Whites who vote Democrat in these areas, the overwhelming majority do so for what they regard as pocketbook issues.

      Some still vote that way because their granddaddy voted that way, and, not watching the news, not even mainstream news, they have no idea that The Democrat party is not still waving the Confederate flag.

      Some may regard this synopsis of my area as some sort of editorial irony, but, I assure them it is not.

  4. “Is your state a sanctuary state for “trans kids” and illegal aliens? Is your state decriminalizing jaywalking, shoplifting and prostitution? Is your state overrun by homeless people and drug addicts?”

    There’s plenty of drug addicts throughout the south,(and not just among blacks, either) along with all manner of trashy behavior.

    But those tend to be low-class forms of degeneracy(17 year olds getting pregnant out of wedlock) rather than high-class forms of degeneracy like this “trans” crap. The division isn’t traditionalist vs degenerate but high-class vs low-class.

    • How come every time a cope is needed for an obvious problem the coper needs to refer to class? I like how you combined it with Whataboutism about the South to point blame in their direction for a topic not about them.

      • Class is vital to explaining America’s politics. Without it it’s like you’re playing 2D chess on a 3D chessboard.

        I’m not attempting “whataboutism” or trying to distract from the very real problems of blue state hellholes. I’m just trying to explain why people there don’t think of the South as anything worth emulating.

  5. “Compared to a majority of non-whites who bloc vote for Democrats because they care a LOT more about pocketbook issues than ‘culture war’ issues, yes, [White liberals] are a ‘small problem’, or at least a smaller problem.”

    See below.

    “Per latest info from the US Census, Whites are now only 35% of California’s population — link”

    Which means what? That they are a negligible political presence, because, after all, they aren’t highly-represented in anything other than Silicon Valley and every other economic power-center of the state?

    “So not only do ‘White libtards’ not control what goes on in California, they no longer have the numbers to do so — neither do Whites in general ….”

    The White liberals control the non-white blocs by maintaining constant control of the pocketbook issues. This enables them—i.e., the liberals—to control the legislature, where they pursue their cultural agenda. Their comparatively-small presence, as a numerical portion of the electorate, is hardly decisive.

  6. Culture may be king but culture is greatly influenced by genetics. The ancestors of the current generation of White “Liberals” in California would be labelled as ‘Enemies of the State’ today for their Right-Wing, “racist” (i.e. pro-White) viewpoints yet they built the most successful and desirable state in the Union. State authorities as late as 1943 were kicking out Mexicans and sending them back home in the middle of WWII. This action was wildly popular in 1943 after a largely Mexican crime wave.

    In 1953 – 1954 under “Operation Wetback” up to one million Mexicans were deported back to Mexico. This was widely supported by the White population in California and elsewhere.

    California produced Republican Senators, Congressmen, Governors and Presidents for decades even if they weren’t very good. The insatiable desire of farmers, ranchers and other businessmen for cheap, hard working, unskilled labor combined with the 1965 Immigration Act and 1986 Reagan Amnesty changed the demography of California from overwhelmingly White to overwhelmingly colored. This is especially pronounced in LA but also Orange County where there are millions of Asians who came after 1965. Orange County was solidly Republican for decades until its demography changed.

    What unities this “Coalition of the Fringes” is anti-White animus. The different minorities may hate each other but they always vote anti-White even though there are practically no Whites left in places like LA. In practice this means voting for Democrats since the Republican Party is by default, not choice, perceived as the “White” party even though it’s no such thing.

    Scratch the surface of California politics and you will discover The Usual Suspects controlling all the important candidates (like Newsom). Without them California and the rest of the country would not be experiencing the insanity we live under now, that is the decisive factor. With their money, blackmail and control of the media they bribe and extort their way to the levers of power, the essence of the wonderful system of Liberal Democracy we enjoy now.

    In the long term this system is simply unsustainable. It sits atop a mountain of debt, insatiable grievances from minorities, unsupportable imperial commitments, a rapidly degenerating society and rule by traitorous, hostile elites. Bad news for the current ruling class: long term is here now in 2023. Happy New Year.

    • “Culture may be king but culture is greatly influenced by genetics. ”

      Very true – in fact, ‘culture’ is entirely the product of blood, though the time in history and technology ameliorate it some.

      This reality is why the whole taboo against race consciousness is so insane.

      I mean, does anyone really think that Mongolia is not a product of Mongolian blood, Sri Lanka not the product of Sri Lankan blood, or Israel not Jewish?

      No, of course not.

      I rest my case.

      On second thought, I cannot rest my case, because too many tens of millions of Americans continue to believe that America has nothing to do with European blood, that it just happened to appear out of thin air, and, therefore, anyone can run it and take it forward.

      Lunacy – sheer lunacy, and advocated by the very people who will tell you not to deny science!

  7. The non-Whites are voting themselves the treasury in Sacramento through their numerical majority of the state assembly. They either don’t care about cultural issues or are opposed to tranny and other degeneracy but those cultural issues are joined at the hip with money issues. The cultural Left cares inordinately about cultural issues and links their legislation to spending bills. That’s just how politics works and ultimately money triumphs.

    State and local workers are overwhelmingly non-White in California. The DMV seems to be swamped by Filipinos as an example. Naturally they support growing the State budget since they are paid by the State. This requires ever growing taxes on everything, long term consequences be damned.

    Lack of long term thinking, inability to plan ahead or delay gratification are genetic characteristics of non-Whites. This results in voting themselves the treasury and wrecking the economy, long term. White scumbags like Gov. Newsom exploit this dynamic for short term political gain. He is a skilled politicians (hardly a compliment) like there are skilled burglars, forgers, prostitutes, pickpockets etc. which accounts for his unlikely success in a non-White state like California.

  8. Genetics is king. Libtards are not a “culture.” They have a genetic disease. White libtards are just genetically different from non-libtard Whites, in the same way tall Whites are genetically different from short Whites or intelligent Whites are genetically different from unintelligent Whites. There is variation within a race, and the genetic disease known as libtardism is one such variant that is particularly common within the White race, due to the particular breeding patterns of Whites. It was probably exacerbated by Whites living under bourgeois capitalism and industrialization for much longer than other races, too, which altered the White mating patterns even further.

  9. Those laws: three are bad, no doubt; one, the last one, I don’t know enough to comment. But jaywalking? Haha, are you kidding? Any pedestrian with sense knows that it is safer to “jaywalk”–i.e., cross the street halfway between blocks–than to cross at intersections. Only some obese autistic blob who has never walked anywhere in his life would not know what I’m talking about: when you walk at the intersections you’re trusting the drivers not to mow you down. Look at the “drivers” in the US now. Do you trust them to yield to you when you’re crossing the intersection on foot while they are turning into your way? I have jaywalked my entire adult life and I am still living because of it.

    • You are completely correct. Drivers no longer stop at intersections and are often distracted by their phones. There is better visibility between intersections. However this law was passed because too many negroes were stopped by cops for jaywalking. Unlike normal people, negroes lije to walk in the road.

  10. There is no hope for a good civilization in the jaundiced media driven political hobby culture we’ve all been engaged in. This is all still just Red Team versus Team Blue.

    Breitbart is the perfect example of this, as Jew owned controlled “conservative” opposition. They are part of the money that will springboard Desantis into the 2024 election campaign. Into the next iteration of the same ole same ole.

    Nothing revolutionary has emerged from the last 20 years of Ron Paul/Tea Party/Trump bullshit conservatism, because we don’t deserve it as a people, nor have enough people decided they are fed up enough to even agitate for anything better. There has been no real White advocacy, just more issues based partisan political faggotry.

    This is a political landscape bereft of all imagination, heart and genuine desire or virtue.

    Its time to put down politics as a hobby, disengage from this toxic passtime and look for inspiration from the better things in life.

    There is no way forward on the current path. Eventually a path will emerge, organically.

    We are living in an age of dinosaurs, competing amongst themselves to evolve into the most outsized and brutal monsters, hoping cynically to be monarchs of the growing mountains of bones from the vanquished and the victimized. Kings of the age fast drawing to a close. Kings of desolation.

    I have no desire to join in the procession of this strange order of monsters. They can rule the wasteland. I will not bow when the lizard king ascends the thrown of the fallen, at last after the other contenders are beaten.

    There is virtue in knowing ones place in the order of things, but its better to perish fighting for those things most dear, hearth and home and kin, than to be a slave or domesticated beast of burden for a cruel order.

    Whitey needs to keep his head down, dig deep and wait until the storm passes.

    It will pass.

  11. Drama between the leaders of the free world.

    The current monsters on top of the bone pile of civilization. Jews might pull the strings in this theater of the insane, but they have no control over things like asteroids wiping them out, just like the last bunch of dinosaurs.

    The largest and most complex systems of tyranny are the least stable. Its only a matter of time.

    • @Afterthought…

      Of course you are right – the political and judicial processes are both long gone in this country.

      And remedial redress will, consequently, have to be of extra-systemic moment.

      This is precisely what many Southerners are struggling with – how they just a short time ago thought themselves to be in the greatest system ever devised by Man, and now, after thinking electing Trump would permanently fixing it, they are back to having their faces held to the fire.

      Moreover, after having lost their self-sufficiency reflex, owing to modern technology, and the society of specialization, they are unsure if they can still take things, such as self-governance into their own hands.

      This job, however, will not be outsourced, and with that, too, they are struggling.

    • VDH is a dinosaur. He still believes that civic nationalist bullshit: Anyone can be an American. All they have to do repeat some oath they don’t understand or care about and mirabile dictu, they are American!

      By that logic there are probably 6 Billion proto-Americans across the hideous Third World so let ’em in! They are willing to raise their hand, swear an oath they neither believe, understand nor care about and get that coveted U.S. Passport. Then they can each bring in their 87 close relatives.

      VDH thinks because his gardener and housecleaner are docile and obsequious to him they all are like that. He doesn’t acknowledge the massive number of crimes committed by his gardener’s grandchildren and the fact that they are completely unsuited for a high-tech world: they can’t learn much of anything including how to code. VDH also believes over time they will convert to being Republicans, for whatever that’s worth, and save California. He has given up on the blacks and barely talks about the Asians who have nothing but contempt for old, delusional Whites like him.

      We’ve heard that shit before from the worthless Republicans who spit on their White voters while slobbering over Platinum Americans. This has, in a really good election cycle doubled, doubled I tell ya! the Platinum American vote from 3% to 6%. Very impressive, as the Democrats continue to win elections.

      In reality, the Republicans are like Monica Lewinsky and the business/oligarch class plays the part of Bill Clinton. The Republicans just want to participate in the asset stripping of the U.S. like their pals, The Usual Suspects did to the the USSR. The Republicans just can’t help themselves, everything is a business to them, nothing transcends money.

      The job of the Democrats since JFK’s assassination has been to wreck the country and build an anti-White, communist utopia on top of the wreckage. The job of the Republicans (nominally) has been to stop this and reverse the damage done.

      There is no place for Whites in this new, improved USA except to keep the lights on for the increasingly non-White/Usual Suspect ruling class and to fight their GloboHomo Shopping Mall wars. See the Rainbow Nation of South Africa for an example as you hum along to ‘Kill the Boer’.—kill-farmer-not-hate-speech/

        • I did not know that. He is deeply overrated as an intellectual. He is like a horse going down the track with blinders on about to smash into a brick wall. When the money really goes bad, probably through runaway inflation, California is just going to disintegrate. (BTW, 2023 is the hundredth anniversary of peak Weimar hyperinflation) VDH will learn that his Mexican friends, whom he has written about stealing him blind on his farm, will eat him for breakfast.

          VDH’s specialty is the ancient world of Greece and Rome on which subjects he is genuinely expert. I cannot understand how he fails to see the parallels between the fall of Rome and the U.S. The influx of foreigners beyond the Roman Empire’s borders contributed mightily to their destruction.

          At least the ancient Romans could argue that they didn’t have concertina wire and CS agent to keep the savages at bay. The U.S. Government has no such excuse.

          Plus ça change . . .

          • @12AX7…

            While I think Professor Hansen is a very nice man, who means well, whenever I see him on TV, I think he is a classical western New England Yankee liberal, and, as such, poorly suited to advocated this country, or, at least, any European version of it.

            That said, in the circumstance that the country is currently under, anyone with even remotely constitutional views,will be put on the screen to represent The Right side of things.

            A true indicator of how little representation The Right has.

          • Hello Ivan,

            Actually, VDH’s ancestors were California farmers. His family has been in the San Joaquin Valley farming for a long time. He has no excuse for his ridiculous views including believing that failure to assimilate on the part of the Third World is a big part of the problem. After all, European immigrants from Italy, Poland, Germany etc. assimilated completely. Of course, they were from Christian Europe, not the Third World which makes all the difference.

            The assimilation is actually going the other way. There are parts of California now where no one speaks English or cares to learn, multi-generational families, too. That’s where VDH’s civic nationalism steers him wrong. The people from south of the border don’t necessarily need to learn English and they certainly don’t care about the ancient Greeks or Romans. Scholarship and learning in general will whither away as the U.S. becomes more and more of a Third World nation.

          • @12AX7…

            Thank you so much for another fine comment.

            In the end a choice must be made between a New England conception of this country – one with almost no human limits, or a Southern one – one which has traditions, laws, and, thus, limits.

            It’s a choice between what is real and what is theoretical.

            In the post WWII Era it has been a non-stop theoretical win.

            We can only pray for an end to that.

            Be well, My Friend!

      • He is deeply overrated as an intellectual.

        Well, certainly he’s the type of “intellectual” that the left would mostly value to lead the moronic right and a most sought after “intellectual” for appearances on FOXjews. Personally, I’m not that interested in the joke that is California but as I noted in my previous post, in this video I happened upon, Hansen listed an informative and exhaustive list of insurmountable problems the lost state of California faces as long as the criminal left and the US gov is running the country..

  12. Midwesterners landlocked as they are have an affinity with Russians. The coastal types really are irritating in both the Baltic’s and in the Us.

  13. Love the meme about 15-20 CPUSA (CCP) cities controlling the entire stinking third world Chiquitastan FUSA turd.
    The locusts from California are spreading out to improve your are with the hecho and gibs magic but that could change once the reparations genie is released.
    You’ll love it as part of the new civility, or else, comrade.

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