Mark Dice: The War On White People

More of this please!

As I explained on White Rabbit Radio, the immediate goal should be to mainstream White Advocacy to a mass conservative-populist audience that is ready to hear an explicitly pro-White message for the first time in our lives. We need to make White Advocacy palatable and shareable. We also need to take advantage of this recent shift in racial attitudes and reenter mainstream politics.

We are successful when this type of messaging just slowly seeps into mainstream politics and becomes normalized and part of the background of the national political conversation like what happened when the Great Replacement ceased to be taboo in 2021. We are unsuccessful when it comes in the form of a black rapper wearing a gimp mask praising Hitler and making even Alex Jones cringe.

We want to destigmatize talking about White people and White interests and systemic anti-Whiteism in our culture. We want to make that just another normal thing that conservatives talk about like gun rights where no is afraid to talk about it anymore and various grievances can be aired.

Note: I think Matt Parrott once described it as slipping a little truth in with the conservative dog food.


  1. I cannot believe it has taken until this past year for White Displacement to go mainstream.

    When, as a kid, I read Hans Christian Anderson’s, ‘The Emperor & His New Clothes’, I got the irony, tho’ I was sceptical of the story, because it seemed so unreal.

    Now, long in the tooth, I realize that Hans Christian Anderson was merely writing of the perpetual human state – DENIAL.

    • The Emperor was just a pervert waggling his dick in everyone’s face. Like a gay parade.

  2. All your enemies have to do is become sane, not attack whites so much, and do not be degenerate beyond words and whites will then go to sleep again and accept your displacement with scarce a peep.

    Very bad strategy from the Left. Unless they wish for a white backlash of course. Or they believe they have victory in their hands.

    The Left should concentrate on economics and helping people in the USA regardless of their race. That is a winning strategy.

    Most people do not care about ideology as much as making ends meet.

    • Left has always been self destructive. The hasn’t been not a single communist experiment in history that ended well. Liberal own hatred doomed them every last time.

      So yes, they are as stupid and hate filled as it looks so it is pointless to try find some clever exit strategy behind it. All liberal experiments have ended with liberals got slaughtered. Some times as citizen activism, sometimes well organized like Stalin infamous purges.

      Liberals themselves have proverb that every revolution kills its own children and this time will be no different. Same with Jews. Jews are considered very smart but there has not been not a single successful Jewish project. Every last Jew Thing ended up with disaster.

      • Juri,

        Very very well written. I agree that trying to placate the deranged left is pointless. I know the solution of course but will not print it in public.

        I think one has to have a sense of humor because otherwise the insanity in los estados unidos is beyond belief.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva:

      “Unless they wish for a backlash.”

      They do. In promoting the blacketty-blackness that they did. Many of them, who thought they would oversee the transfer of “privilege” from the White working and middle class, discovered that … no … the Blacktivists were aiming much higher than people they knew didn’t have much more than them if as much as them what with affirmative action and government jobs where Blacks receive preference.

      For a while, they gave Blacks and other “people of color” the Snowflake Treatment; trying to whip up fear of White people so that they would demand their own student unions and clubs and graduations. The idea was that these poor, oppressed people would turn to Goodwhites to protect them from Badwhites.

      But darned if those poor, oppressed people figured that ALL Whites were eville and decide to protect themselves from ALL Whites. The Black Activists want to go where the real money and the real privilege is.

      That’s why Kamala Harris got the Vice Presidency and potential Presidency of the USA over Hillary Clinton. Granted, Clinton won a poor campaign and totally underestimated the appeal of Donald Trump in 2016, but Harris was the first Democrat candidate to drop out of the primary due to a lack of interest on the part of the Democrats. Ketanji Brown is now on the SCOTUS.

      Blacks have buffaloed Hollywood into leading roles on camera and a lot of behind the work camera, writing and direction displacing people with years of experience and who pretty much created and owned Hollywood…i.e. the Jews as David Cole wrote in his column in Takimag. Orthodox Jews are being assaulted on the streets by Black thugs.

      And it’s Jews, who compose most of conservative talk, like Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin, who are talking about the Great Replacement “Theory” and Anti-White discrimination. Because the little monsters they trained on us turned on them. Using every tool from Saul Alinsky on they gave them against us.

      • Cltemnestra,

        I thank you for such a detailed response. It deserves analysis. So I go over it carefully.

        I obviously can not refute what you have written. All I can do is add my observations. I know conservatives are worthless and do not deserve the name conservative. They believe in the system that is evil and destructive to any sane person,

        I frequently wonder why I am on this website and then I see what the Enemy is like and I read comments from such as you and then I know no matter what i will support the defense of decency and tradition against the forces attacking it.

        • @Cristina Romana Alva:

          There is no such party in the USA that supports decency and tradition. That is going to have to be the province of individual families. IOW, vigilant parents are going to have to remove their children from government control through the public schools if they want to conserve any decency and tradition in their families.

          Though the Republicans are considered conservative, they are actually social liberals and and the only time they are effective is when it comes to tax cuts and protecting corporate profits even if it hurts the American worker, i.e. NAFTA, turning a blind eye on the use of illegal aliens for labor. The GOP had always been in the service of corporate interests even with President Lincoln as the party leader.

          Aside from not wanting to lose the tax revenue that the tariffs that the South was paying to the national treasury, the Party of Lincoln already had started a lot of sweetheart deals with transcontinental railroads. The South successfully breaking away would have queered those deals. That’s why even though he had to deal with the rabid, hair-on-fire, foaming-at-the-mouth fanaticism of the abolitionists, Lincoln kept stressing the importance of keeping the Union together even if the South kept her slaves.

          Otherwise, there was no reason why the Union couldn’t have let the Confederacy go and just made the same trade and implied mutual defense agreements that were in place with Canada. The railroad companies were a major factor in Lincoln’s decision to keep the South by force, if necessary.

          The Republicans became the party of White Conservatives by default, not by choice. Oh, they do a lot of dog-whistling and do a lot of show-boating like writing nonsense like the Definition of Marriage Act (one man with one woman) which they know will be struck down by a leftist court to trick White Conservatives into voting for them. But once they are in office, they thumb their noses at the voters and cut their own Anti-White Conservative deals with the Democrats.

          In any case, thanks to the Republican Cheap Labor and Democrat Easy Vote Cabals running the duopoly, both sides will find they are very much headed for a rude awakening once the Hispanics are a majority and start doing what they have done everywhere else they’ve achieved majority demographics; take over.

          That’s why I keep encouraging the young people in my family to get themselves and their children fluent in Spanish. Thirty years ago, a woman from Miami told me any decent jobs required Spanish proficiency (thanks to the Cubans large and in charge) and twenty years ago, it was heading that way in San Antonio.

          • Clytemnesta and Cristina,

            As I wrote here some time ago, America is dead. The left are rooting for the maggots, and the right are rooting for the corpse.

            Unfortunately, some here at OD still either because of irrational coping or nefarious motives give baseless hope to ever turning Weimerika around. It’s a fool’s errand.

          • Clytemnestra,

            Oh my. You write strongly. You understand the racial reality unlike some on here who act and write like it is the 1950’s.

            Any pro whiteness has to take into account the Latin influence.

            I admit I do not understand all the reasons for the Civil War. The Southern law was more explicitly christian than the freemasonic American Revolution.

            Still we are the majority soon or already are in all 4 states of the Southwest. You will have to deal with us.

          • @Cristina Alva Romana:

            We, here, tend to roll our eyes every time some True Conservative Talk Show piously intones, “The Democrats Are The Real Racists,” (which is really a dog whistle to how Anti-White they are). But it is true. They honestly believe that so-called “people of color” are stupid and need White Saviors like themselves to run their lives.

            I might add that many of what we call these Disingenuous White Liberals that compose our political class are incompetent mediocrities who co-signed every anti-White Affirmative action (which provides help to every poor minority but not to poor Whites) because they are terrified of a true meritocracy where smart, innovative poor Whites (who are used to thinking outside the box) would replace them in Ivy League universities and in the halls of power.

            It is more than mere coincidence that, once political dynasties, like the Cuomos, the Kennedys, the Bushes, etc. became common in the United States, the national focus turned into an endless conversation about race and one amnesty – both public and backdoor – after another and H1B work visas became common that the country went into decline.

            Racial realists like me (who came from peasant stock arriving in the third hold of steamers from Europe) know damned well that, in the place of brown Mestizo peons breaking into my country, the last thing I would want to do is risk my life and, in the case of the females – my honor – to exchange servitude to the Mexican elite to servitude to the American elite. Same with the dot-Indians from Pakistan and India.

            I know damned good and well that these people are undercutting American labor with the idea that more of their kind will be allowed in to take even more niche jobs from Americans. Then, just like the dot Indians, the employers will not be able to deal with anyone who is not Hispanic – even Americans. Those niches will all be taken over. That’s when they get back the money that would have initially been paid to Americans and then some and then some more and more. That’s the reason why the dot Indians now are the highest earning class in the USA.

            In San Antonio, there was a very good Black female city councilwoman who was very fair, diligent, and even-handed dealing with her constituents – regardless of their race, color, or ethnicity. It made no difference. The moment they achieved majority demographics in her area, the Hispanics voted her out and replaced her with one of their own.

            If you think I hate Hispanics and dot Indians, you are mistaken. However, I loathe the White traitors who made your takeover of my country possible with the fire of ten million suns. Regardless of whether they wear a blue tie or a red tie or call themselves Democrats or Republicans. They sold their own people out to the Usual Suspects so cheaply for thirty silver shekels. May they all burn in the hottest pits of hell for all eternity!

            I remember what a clean, safe, innovative, and optimistic country the USA used to be when I was a little girl. I find it an obscene joke that so many of our fathers and brothers were maimed and killed “defending our freedoms” for their children and grandchildren to end up marginalized, despised, racial scapegoats in their own country.

            But it is what it is. I’m not getting my country back and, given a choice between being a minority in an Hispanic majority area or a minority in a Black majority area, I’ll take the former over the latter. The United States will be less unlivable to White Americans with an Hispanic majority than a Black majority. My grandchildren can survive the former and, with Spanish fluency and, with out of the box thinking, even thrive in an Hispanic majority but, with the latter, my grandchildren would be truly hunted and marginalized and victimized in a Black majority like the poor White Afrikaners and Rhodesians.

            In the movie, “Trading Places,” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, it was said that the best way to take revenge on a rich, powerful jerk who messes with you is to make him poor, bankrupt, and powerless. I’m also reminded of that old saying that if you are trapped in a foxhole, surrounded by the enemy, with a traitor and only one bullet left, shoot the traitor and negotiate with the enemy.
            Whites like ME are used to living around Vibrancy and have adjusted our habits accordingly. Because I am used to betrayals from Conservatives “representing” me, this race realist doesn’t rely on guns to deal with Vibrancy.

            I don’t flaunt my “White Privilege.” I live in a modest, unassuming home with a neatly mowed lawn and without any landscaping or “bling” to draw any covetous eyes. I park my car in my closed garage rather than leave it in the driveway to be burglarized. I have double reinforced locks on my doors and windows and back yard gate. I take advantage of every anti-burglary or home invasion innovation that I can afford to fortify my security. By the increasing affordability, I am assuming there are more White Americans like me than not.

            I guess the reason I’m more sanguine about possibly living long enough to see the country from having English as the unofficial language of my country to having Spanish imposed as the official language – and it WILL be once the Hispanics take majority demographics – is because both sides of my family had to assimilate by learning English and we can learn another language again.

            I ache for Historic White Anglo Americans who created this country and all its freedoms which made possible hostile alien races to move in, take over and literally dispossess them from power and rearrange things to further disadvantage their posterity. They gave my Polish Catholic side safe harbor even after a Polish anarchist assassinated the President and my allegiance is to them. Poles have experience with being occupied. They had to learn Russian and German from being occupied and divided by Austria, Germany and Russia for hundreds of years, but they never lost their identity or language.

            Perhaps being situated between two oceans and two relatively peaceful countries made them forget the Blood and Soil priorities of countries that had been invaded and occupied and contributed to their naivety about foreigners and made them vulnerable to treachery within their gates. But they are remarkable people who, once they stop holding onto nostalgia for the past and, with clear-eyed pragmatism, resolve to win and dominate wherever and whenever they can what future is in store for them, WILL emerge on top as a more formidable bilingual out-of-the-box-thinking people.

            In the meantime I take my revenge for their ancestors who welcomed my ancestors where I can. That’s why I make it a point of honor to work hard to replace EVERY White Liberal – regardless of whether they have an R or a D after their name with an Hispanic candidate. Call it my own form of accelerationism WITHOUT being pulled into some kind of FBI or DHS scam.

          • Clytemnestra,

            You do write from the heart quite well. A friend of my sister married an Anglo and his conclusion was the same as yours. He said he does not want to live in Mexico when it is the United States but that if anyone was going to take over the Southwest it was better us than the other options.

            He is an alright guy. When he said I was tall for a “beaner” i only laughed.

            On the San Antonio example I also would have voted the black out of office. We have plenty of efficient people of our own and regardless of citizenship our people come first.

            Nationality just means what government you are under with mutual rights and obligations. It does not create identity. Our people are ours regardless.

            If you respond I might not catch it since I leave tomorrow and will not be back in months.

            Anyway good article and I thank you for giving such effort.

            I too would not want millions of Americans or anyone else invading Mexico. Also remember that while I can not affect what my heart wants I have not and do not support illegal immigration.

            Even legal immigration with over 300 million citizens is ridiculous.

          • Clytemnestra,

            Your comment somewhere which you wrote that the Republicans are in for a shock when Latins rule the Southwest is true. I think the Republicans at the national level know this. If not they are not fit to rule.

            Okay they know and are your traitors.

            As for the average Republican? Naive at best.

            I leave in a few hours so unfortunately this extremely interesting and important conversation is limited.

            I might be back one weekend before Easter but by then this thread will be old news.

          • Clytemnestra,

            You did write somewhere on here that you yearn for an anglo America compared to a Latin Catholic Southwest. That hurt a little since you are Catholic.

            The very foundations of the United States are anti-Catholic. They did not even establish relations with the Vatican until Reagan in the 1980’s.

            The anti-Catholics on this website are sometimes correct. The USA was founded by freemasons and Protestants for them not for us.

            Remember I am Catholic before I am latin. I do not accept a radical freemasonic USA no more than I like a socialist/communist/freemasonic Mexican government.

      • “Unless they wish for a backlash.”

        Hah, if the goy will tolerate integration, he’ll swallow any poison and say ‘thank you’ into the swindle.

        • Middle class Whites did not put up with integration, they fled the blackening cities and raced to the lily White suburbs at 1,000 MPH, especially the “liberals”. Left behind to the tender mercies of the colored folk were the poor Whites who couldn’t move or afford private schools for their children.

          Catholic schools in northern cities took in many poor Whites who weren’t Catholic in the early days of integration but now they have lots of diversity too. Catholic schools are still safe though, they kick out many black and hispanic students every September because of their innate violent tendencies.

      • @Clytemnesta,

        I have enjoyed your comments over the past several topics.

        On the topic of the powers that be setting this fractured, jewishly engineered monstrosity on a course for internal conflict, they are not hiding itat all. It was all laid out with US-ZOG’s deep state trap and persecution of the naive January 6ers, the speech Biden was given by his (((handlers))) declaring war on the White half of the population from Independance Hall in Philidelphia last year.

        • @November:

          I saw that weirdness. That was a mistake on the part of the idiots handling Joe Biden. As Ron Freeman AKA Kievsky the former site owner of Mindweapons at Ragnarok said, “the American Deep State can only hold legitimacy by exercising soft power. When they take the velvet glove off to reveal the iron fist, it’s going to generate a backlash.”

          I guess I am more diabolical because MY intent would be more about isolating, marginalizing, and exposing Donald Trump as a big blowhard conman than persecuting his supporters and making a martyr out of the man. They hated Nixon every bit as much as Trump, but because they had enough common sense to practice self-restraint, they banished him forever without any blowback.

          Excuse me while I try to control my gag reflex at the following terminology, but if I had been Joe Biden’s handlers, I would have made sure none of the J-6 protesters were beaten or abused. I would have had them convicted and sentenced by his Democrat court cronies. Then I would have him commute the sentences of the more serious offenders for time served and pardon the less serious offenders.

          With the help of the DNC’s PR wing – the lapdog press – it would have taken nothing to trumpet how Trump was in a position to pardon them all on his last day in office but preferred to pardon crooks with deep pockets. Remind everyone how he threw the Charlottesville protesters under the bus. And even dig up any and all dirt about his business dealings where he used the bankruptcy laws to cheat and defraud small business vendors out of the payments he promised them.

          Another thing, if you are going to stage a coup, you better make damned sure that the country doesn’t suffer for it. This knee-jerk resistance to even Trump’s good ideas – like energy independence and a border wall. Not keeping the people in who kept the supply lines running on time and replacing them with intersectional idiots like Pete Buttigieg was a horrible idea.

          I understand that you have to let your cronies belly up to the feeding trough and put their snouts in, but for the love of all that’s common sense, give them a fancy title and a good salary and put them where they can do the least harm. It would have been worth it to make Pothole Pete an ambassador to a small country or principality like Monaco and make sure to put someone competent in charge of the Department of Transportation.

          Even many Democrats were freaking out over the optics of that one. And, I believe, if not for their biggest asset – the Republican Party – there would have been a Red Tsunami in the US Senate as well as the House pushed by Democrat moderates and Independents.

          In any case, I do believe that Biden will win again in 2024. I seriously doubt that Ron DeSantis, Glenn Youngkin, or Kristi Noem will be throwing their hats into the ring with Trump sucking all the air out of the room. My thinking is that the Republican Primary will be rigged to engineer the loss of Trump to the Mike Pence/Nikki Haley ticket. Pence is so disliked and distrusted by the rank and file, most will sit it out.

          And until the Republicans of KY bite the bullet and vote in a Democrat to defeat McConnell, I don’t see how he can be primaried when he holds the purse strings unless he is taken out by the Grim Reaper. So, unless the is a huge, well-funded Super PAC independent of the RNC, I can’t see the composition of Republican Senators changing that much.

    • @Cristina,

      I wanted to leave you a few videos before you head back to school.

      You wrote on another thread that you were not concerned about what happens to European civilization when “your people” take the Southwestern territory of the Jewnited States.

      Well, I know you wrote “Anglos” which I too wish to have as much political influence as Moldovia. Anyway, exquisitely beautiful music as, and architecture shown is only possible by White gentiles. Without us, the entire world would become more savage and regress to a primitive state of affairs.

      This young lady is extraordinary. Whitney Webb is the best investigative journalist under 35 years old. She is a natural contrarian, brave, high IQ outspoken, and a sapiosexual’s ideal mate. Suffice to say, she names the jews without naming them in an indictment that even Clarance Darrow would ask for ‘the mercy of the court’ of public opinion. This video is about 90 minutes, but you can run it 1.25 speed, and skip the commercials for bitcoin.

      Last but not least. This is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it .

      I look forward to your feedback, but I guess that will have to wait until Easter break, eh?

      • November,

        I just now found this comment. It looks like a lot of information that I will have to analyze. If you were rebuking me that is okay. Being counseled by those who like me is a pleasure.

        I am not naive and I realize that unleashing hordes on the Southwest without the controls those people have in their native countries is dangerous.

        You also have to remember that I am primarily Spanish. We are proud and we also have done much. I leave either Saturday or Sunday. At my school I also help take care of the little children. It is not all about attending class.

        First I will immediately listen to the song.

        • Cristina, none of that was a rebuke –just an op-ed, a 32 year old investigation journalist and mother that wrote two volumes on how the US government has been controlled through blackmail and corruption for nearly a century by the usual suspects and elite greed and thirst for power. The song is one that an older relative used to play on his phonograph when I was a wee lad, and liked ever since.

          If you get the opportunity, checkout the comment that I left for you at the bottom of the “trad wife” thread.

          Believe me, I am a realist and still idealistic about the world and those who share it.

          • November,

            I also left a detailed response under the Trad Wife section. I will give Maria your regards. She still considers you her favorite Americano.

      • November,

        I listened to Hey Girl. Sweet and haunting. No. I will not go away if I can help it. I have a lot to do before leaving like—meeting with previous classmates etc, checking on property etc. Yes, I can now drive and I drive like an 80 year old according to some. Very safe and careful.

        I will try to look/listen to what you have provided. Remember there are lots of comments here and I might overlook some. Just continue to bring them to my attention and I will do my best.

        • November,

          When I wrote I will not go away that just meant not permanently I hope. I still leave this weekend until Easter. Now I have some time so I will listen to what I can of those videos.

        • Cristina, I have no doubt that you will be quite busy, before you return for the spring semester.

          You are obviously more knowledgeable about Spanish history, but I admire their explorations and mapping which were the best in the world during the 15th century. Their captains had explicit orders to destroy all their maps if their ships could be captured because they were that valuable.

          Of course, Segovia’s classical guitar music is superb, and the volunteers of Azul Battalion of the Waffen SS will always be a gold star with me.

          Let me know if you ever open a account. On Gab, you can send direct messages. IMHO, Gab is a safe platform. Lots of Christians post there.

      • November,

        I have listened to more than half of Whitney Webb on the nature of the ruling elite in the United States.. She recognizes that change through the system is not going to happen by the usual methods of voting etc. She gives a lot of detail on how connected the elite of both parties are and how evil. That is her strong point.

        I find both women naive in their support for Bitcoin. Tangibles are more important. Whitney Webb did mention that owning a little land and house and growing some of her own food is important.

        I disagree with her on supporting decentralization. That may or may not help a person and their family but it will never seriously threaten those in power. One cannot really disconnect from society in large numbers.

        Also she did not know or did not mention that the Eugenics idea was strong in the United States long before National Socialist Germany. The United States had forced sterilization by the turn of the 19th century upheld by State supreme Courts and even the US Supreme Court.

        Forced sterilizations occurred in the USA even in the 1970’s with the last legal one occurring in Oregon in 1981. I derived my information from Wikipedia and since it seemed free from propaganda it appears verifiable.

        The sex trade part of the elites is nauseating. What is it with the modern elites and rape?

        I left off until tomorrow where they start talking about climate change.

        You sure do have your sources.

        • Cristina,

          “What is it with the modern elites and rape.” That question answers itself when you understand whose historical cultural norms from sex trafficking of minors to White slavery they follow that includes debauchery, degradation, degeneracy, and decadence. It can only be the synagogue of satan and its adherents both secular and observant that proforms and dances to the Mephisto Waltz.

      • November,

        Part 2 of my analysis

        Well I watched until almost the end of Whitney Webb’s presentation. I thought I would complete my analysis while I am still semi awake.

        She does an excellent job of getting to the heart of the matter with who is to blame. On the Climate issue she quickly points out that it is the bankers who having caused much of the problems hold themselves out as the solution. She then goes into detail on quickly proving her point. She easily points out the results of her research and how it was obtained. This includes all the agencies formed to supposedly fight global climate and food problems.

        It is always the same small group of people.

        She warms to the task in her presentation and I thought she grew stronger and more convincing as the tape progressed. Perhaps the most important part of her presentation is where she stated that financial collapse is a mathematical certainty.

        The part where she stated that the powers that be are planning for the collapse and who to blame and how to profit off of the collapse is of interest.

        She does make the topic of finances and how they are used very interesting. The strongest part of her presentation is not telling us how evil and controlling the Enemy is. Everyone here knows that.

        No. Her strong point is the documentation provided as the starting point in further analysis which I am sure her books provide.

        The video was well worth watching and I thank you for sending it.

  3. “We need to make White Advocacy palatable ”

    You’re so correct.
    And none of the cosplay Nazi cartoon nonsense. If people want clowns, they can go to the circus.

  4. “We want to destigmatize talking about White people ….”

    Since nobody else has, to my knowledge, ever mentioned it, I’ll mention that blacks and other non-whites never spoke publicly of whites before the ’60s counterculture changed America—not as far as young I was aware, anyway. Yes, there’d long been black scholars and the like who’d written about whites—but ordinary blacks or black pundits (who didn’t exist), even uttering the terms “whites” or “white people,” before the public? “They,” I’m tempted to say, “wouldn’t have dared it.”

  5. GREAT NEWS!!!

    This is GREAT — REALLY GREAT — NEWS!!! Notice the news media controlled/manipulated, owned by the Jews have ignored this — they only report liberal degenerate victories for themselves.

    Help Dr. Hill pay off this $2,000,000 dollar judgment that has been reduced down to $30,000 in punitive damages under Virginia State law.

    The League of the South was probably the main target for the Jew $25 million lawfare war chest amassed to destroy not only the remnants of the Confederate South but the White Right as well. These people hate us — we are hated just as much as the Jews taught the world to hate the Nazis. They want to destroy our monuments, our history, our heritage and our flesh. These ARE our enemies!

    Dr. Hill
    “P. S.Of all the organizations who were officially represented at Charlottesville in August 2017, only The League is still standing. That is because of you, our members and supporters. With your support, we will continue to fight for a free and independent South.”

      • No, you are Jewish…legion…you Jews always overplay your hand…nice try to deflect hate onto Whites (the Irish)…but it will fail as well…

        • Where are all the Lutheran star litigators at Paul Weiss and Rifkind?? Oh right, the Lutherans keep shop over at Jacoby and Meyers, right Mick?

          • @Robbie Weinstein Brownstein

            So degenerate Jews like you hate and slander Whites — what’s new, Jew? You killed the best Jew there ever was so just how much even less do you respect Whites — that about sums you up — CRAP!

        • @Banned,
          I believe that Roberta Brownstein should be…..ahem…….banned for life.
          In any case, I think ‘Dunn’ is actually an English surname.

    • >These people hate us

      Who are ‘these people’?

      >the Jew $25 million lawfare

      You are correct: organized Jewry was behind the vindictive Sines et al v. Kessler et al, whereas per the Heaphy Report the target should have been Charlottesville civic authorities, since they were directly responsible for the chaos, not the organizers or people who were there to attend UTR.

      >These people hate us … They want to destroy our …

      You’re right, ‘they’ do.

      But I think you may be in the wrong place — OD has made clear numerous times that he sees ‘White libtards’ as the greatest threat — not Jews or a majority of non-whites — he rarely talks about the former, and doesn’t care if the latter become the majority (how things will be better when/if that happens is never explained).

      By the way, Jews are extraordinarily dishonest as well as vindictive — e.g. they chose comely (but dumb looking) blonde Elizabeth Sines as the plaintiff/front person (no idea if she’s Jewish or not), when of course she was not harmed at all, and it appears she even went out of her way to not mind her own business by getting in her car and driving to the site of the rally.

      An email address for Sines is given at the link above — so I sent her a polite email to ask about Sines, i.e. how was she directly harmed by UTR, meaning what justification was there for her as plaintiff? — exactly how did it come about that she was the plaintiff? — was the lawsuit her idea, or someone else’s? — does she expect financial compensation? — I don’t expect an answer, but you never know.

      • I second that, Dear Terry.

        Though under every extended duress, Dr. Hill has never given up advocating and endeavoring on our behalf.

        He has my deepest respect & gratitude.

  6. >We want to destigmatize talking about White people and White interests

    How it started: White men exploring and conquering the world, creating civilization.

    How it’s going: Can we please be allowed to say ‘White lives matter’? — pretty please?

    There’s something sad and pathetic about all of this.

    • I’ve been around long enough to see that 1.) pointless nihilistic acts of self destructive radicalism and 2.) endless whining on the internet accomplish nothing and make our marginalization worse.

      • OK, whatever.

        But given what Whites have achieved, is the current predicament of Whites sad or not? — is there something pathetic about this plaintive white advocacy or not?

        As I’ve asked before: Where is there evidence of good will toward Whites?

        What Dice, and you I suppose, seem to advocate here depends on a certain sense of fairness and good will in your audience, meaning specifically non-whites who are at the moment going to become the majority, and I honestly don’t really see much of that; I see little good will for Whites — what I see is a lot more of is a desire to humiliate and subjugate Whites.

        In the above context, which reflects reality today whether you want to admit it or not, don’t you think it’s a bit strange for you, someone who rejects White Nationalism, to be talking about white advocacy, when Whites will be forced to rely on the (non-existent) good will of non-whites once Whites are a minority?

        Just curious: were the men who fought in the American Revolution, or on the side of the CSA, engaging in ‘destructive radicalism’? — were those ‘nihilistic acts’?

        • @eah – You’re right about all of it; all the above. And yes, the current predicament is sad and it is pathetic. Well said.

      • >Where is there evidence of good will toward Whites?

        Answer: nowhere, specifically not among elite demagogic non-whites, the people who will be leading the projected non-white majority.

        So my interest in this kind of white advocacy is begrenzt, mostly because I see it as fairly pointless, certainly in the long run.

        >There’s something sad and pathetic about all of this.

        I also find it a bit degrading.

        I felt the same way about the NJP’s lobbying for ‘hate’ charges in Waukesha and in the Ethan Liming case — ‘hate’ crime should not exist, and the sole reason these laws do exist is to give the government another tool to intimidate and persecute Whites as their country is being demographically stolen from them — no self-respecting White should support the existence and use of ‘hate’ laws.

        Here I want to distinguish between lobbying for ‘hate’ charges, and trying to bring attention to crimes against Whites, when the mainstream obviously seeks to bury them as quickly as possible — I think the latter is a good idea; it’s the former I have problems with.

        • Once again, I see nothing but whining from a lot of people on the internet.

          Their plan is to whine today, tomorrow, all year, next year and for decades to come. Some of them will inevitably have one of their periodic meltdowns like the Buffalo shooter. They will also then wonder why no one wants to stick around and be associated with their toxic political movement.

          • “I see nothing but whining from a lot of people on the internet.”

            That’s not entirely true, but probably for most, sadly.
            Many are contributing money to build WHITE media and support those who are proactive.

            That should be a recurring theme, “what are you doing ?”.
            Just a few bucks on a regular basis can have a profound effect.
            Even small amounts can make a big contribution.

            You’re right, too many do-nothings.

  7. The intense overreaction to kneegrow Demar Hamlin’s sportsball injury shows just how low we’ve sunk as a nation.
    Let it all burn.

    • Lol, of all the things you could point to as indicative of sinking to a new low point, I don’t think cancelling a game because a player suffered a cardiac arrest is such a great example. And in this case, I doubt it’s because he was black. If you want to be cynical, a “we put people before profits” virtue signal is a better interpretation.

      But come on, fess up, you had some money on the Bengals, right?

    • Yes…we are all supposed to care so much for the poor negro who got hurt while engaging in a risky sport. Sorry, but I give my sympathy to innocents who are stricken with things they did not earn or deserve. There are kids with cancer and deformities. I’m supposed to give a damn about a millionaire nigger?

  8. Normal people are not going to write us (or anyone) a blank cheque.

    We have to articulate where we want to go and how we want to get there and why that is better than the probable alternative.

    This should be child’s play, why isn’t it?

    • “This should be child’s play, why isn’t it?”

      Because our enemies control the media, perception of the public, banking, much of USZOG government, publishing, most major academia, are hyper well funded and more devious than satan.

  9. Let Pissworld burn to the ground in its reeking mudtopia.
    Joseph Sobran was right about the resentment of the muds and the piecemeal socialism (CCCP) of liberalism.

    The attempt to silence a man is the greatest honor you can bestow on him. It means that you recognize his superiority to yourself.

    Joseph Sobran

    • “Let Pissworld burn to the ground”
      Be careful, you might get your wish.

      “attempt to silence a man is the greatest honor you can bestow on him.”
      A very peculiar honor, one I can live without.

  10. “We are successful when this type of messaging just slowly seeps into mainstream politics”

    Is there any evidence at all for this assertion? I don’t think so. When mainstream conservatism adopts a position, they just make it more retarded and then they kill it.

    • “Is there any evidence at all for this assertion?”

      There’s movement, you can see it in the terms they use.
      Zog media will do everything to suppress any indications, but they can’t hold the lid on this pressure cooker.

      HW is a good poll analyst, Many times he’s shown serious movement in national opinion.

    • Flax,

      I am not negro nor do I speak Portuguese. I have to agree with John B. Why I even bother with you people is beyond me.

        • Flax,

          Well okay. I do remember that you have protected me in the past. I have a quick temper and I do react fast. So thank you for your kind rebuke.

          • It wasn’t a kind rebuke, Cristina. It was an attempt to disrupt your thinking. When belligerent rightists are confronted about the crass insults in which they habitually indulge, they try to escape blame by arguing that their targets lack a sense of humor. In their effort to do that, they’re helped by their native witlessness, which generally makes it impossible for them to know what is and isn’t a humorous remark.

            In objecting to that gratuitous and remarkably-vicious reference to “Brazilian Nigger Portuguese,” you weren’t reacting too quickly or demonstrating a quick temper. You were within your rights.

            You never need apologize to any commenter at this blog for anything, Señorita. When I consider the value of the various things you post here, I’m reminded of what someone I know once said to a lovely young woman who’d moved into his part of the city where he was residing: “You’ve raised the property values in this neighborhood simply by moving into it.”

      • ” . . . Why I even bother with you people is beyond me.”

        Perhaps because you are a glowie on the FBI’s payroll? Axing for a friend. Ray Epps wants to to know how much you get paid, he thinks he is worth more. I don’t have an opinion on that.

    • Flax,

      Your love of Mexico brings a tear to my eye. So I give you this song. It is Mexican Hat Dance. I will just leave it at that.

      • I don’t recall ever indicating a ‘love of Mexico”. Interest, some travel/business experience there, some limited admiration and studious fascination, yes, but love would definitely be too much of a stretch. And the USA is becoming less lovable by the day too.

        • Flax,

          That was tongue in cheek. I was sending you La Cucaracha. Not with derision but in fun.

    • Flaxen Headed Strumpet, The parents of our poor young white sister, should be dealt with in a manner, as a warning mind you, FAILURE too protect WHITE CHILDREN and your fate will be as harsh as those who harm WHITE KIDS themselves….

      • Indeed, it would be interesting to know the back story of how the little White girl wound up in the hands of the Cafuzo favela garbage who were abusing her.

  11. John,

    I have gratitude for what you wrote above. Flax has helped me in the past and I still appreciate it. So I did bend over backwards for her.

    It is sometimes difficult for me to distinguish between an intentional insult and borderline comments. I also did not open her link. I do not like to see people degraded.

    Your closing paragraph was fantastically sweet. I am still not sure why anyone would insult me. In real life both latin and anglo treat me with respect. At my previous school in Texas the Anglos were nice.

    On this website as you might recall I have been threatened with rape several times, sodomy a few, forced bestiality, called a Mexican animal, Mexican insect, and a Mexican whore by a numerous amount of people here.

    Most of the worse insults stopped a year or so ago.

    In return I have scratched back a little but when I do some on this website then use that as an excuse to attack me again.

    I am not sure why anyone would attack someone who is way more pro white than the average white American.

    Anyway I have to be back in school Monday and then will be gone until Easter vacation. I always wonder why I return. I do not need the attention. There are a few fantastically nice people on this website such as yourself. That helps.

    There is a saying that goes “The best revenge is living well”. Well I live well and am well taken care of. That is reality compared to the internet.

  12. “… and am well taken care of.”

    Of that I have no doubt. Those who’ve enjoyed ensconcement in a loving family know it is “the pearl of great price,” if I may borrow a phrase.

    Good luck with your upcoming session at school.

    • John,

      Thank you once again. I hope no one attacks you for defending me but then you do seem very able in your defense.

        • John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia.

          If you think the comments section on OD are “rough,” you wouldn’t last an hour on Telegram.

          • November,

            While your comment was directed to John B. it applies to me too I believe.

            I am sure you must be correct. I probably would not. The heart of the matter in my case is that the threats of rape, sodomy, and forced bestiality by several people against me did sear my mind and soul.

            That type of poison takes a while to get out of the system. So I still react at times to lesser comments that you would shrug off easily.

          • Thanks for the compliment, November. Being civilized is always a disability in the worldwide junkheap you Teutons have fashioned.

          • Cristina,

            There wouldn’t be threats of rape or other violence. The attacks would be from would come from what modern women call sexist and misogynist comments.

          • John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia,

            Being too “civilized” and welcoming is partially responsible for this “junkheap” we all find ourselves in. How civilized did Europeans behave when they were conquering each other for three millennia? Is being cultured thugs what we are lacking in our low testosterone and cucked current manifestation?

            What part have you played in changing the trajectory of the decline of Western civilization? Would Dante Alighieri cast your neutrality/fence-sitting during the existential crises the West faces into the lowest ring of hell?

          • I make a point, November, of not engaging with someone who’s inclined to put “civilized” in quotation marks.

  13. “That type of poison takes a while to get out of the system.”


    Why do you give any value to uncouth strangers who don’t know you and can’t reciprocate civility ?

    • Arrian,

      Because I do not have the thick skin and strength of a man and because I am foolish in some ways.

  14. November,

    I listened to Adagio. It was so beautiful and peaceful that I am somewhat embarrassed at some of the music I have listened to.

    The hour and a half video will have to wait for later tonight or tomorrow. I did look up what sapiosexual meant.

    • @Cristina,

      Thank you for taking the time to watch all the videos that I linked. I think you know that I wouldn’t suggest them, unless they had some intrinsic value.

      No need to be embarrassed about not being exposed to Baroque music. IMHO, it represents mankind’s high water mark in artistic expression. Now you are aware of this genre. You may enjoy J.S. Bach too. I found classical music helpful in the background when I was studying in college.

      Whitney Webb is remarkable for a Millennial. I have listened to at least 20 hours of her interviews and podcasts (, and she doesn’t delve into her childhood, but she hinted that there might have been some abuse.

      Maybe this is wishful thinking, Mrs Webb with the right information could be a tier one National Socialist. She has a logical and deductive mind, therefore, once over the gaslighting taboo is overcome, Whitney would conclude NS is the way forward. It never received a fair hearing because capitalism and communism killed it in it’s crib.

      Btw, I left you a list at the very bottom of the “Trad Wives” thread concerning Benedict XVI, and Mexican diplomatic relations with both the Soviet Union and the Vatican.

      The composer of Andagio in G was from Venice which was the gorgeous city shown throughout that video. Herbert von Karajan was IMHO the best conductor of the 20th century.

  15. November,

    I did see that link you sent me where Marjorie Taylor Greene does support Santos knowing he is openly homosexual. Modern christians are shockingly weak. I had to read it several times to make sure I was not misreading it.

    I also replied on Mexico and how socialist/communist it has been since the early 20th century revolution.

  16. @Christina Romana Alva:

    We live in a democracy not a theocracy. Politics, to be effective these days, has to be practiced by clear-eyed, hard-headed pragmatists not fanatical ideologues. Moreover, a closeted homosexual like Lindsey Graham or the pedophile, Dennis Hastert, can do a lot more damage to the Republican conservative brand than an open homosexual like George Santos.

    And, in our current times of militant inclusion, the best any pragmatic Republican conservatives can hope for is that McCarthy is shrewd enough to keep Santos on display as their token uncloseted gay and on a tight leash, where he can do the least amount of damage, i.e. pursue any conservative agenda that is beneficial to Americans instead of doing the usual conservative spin control on another leftist idea, i.e. LBGTQ etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    The only place some form of rudimentary Christianity affected American politics was when the Founders put in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution and slapped all kinds of limits on government power, like the first amendment and the second amendment. Any real pro-American agenda has to be putting enough majority representatives in power to support negative liberties like 1A and 2A and legislate even more like my proposed NO Definition of Marriage Act where only civil unions are recognized by the state and any definitions of marriage remain the province of churches and private businesses. No more “Bake That Cake, You Bigot” Schtick.

    And even then John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I believe he was referring to the leadership. I believe we can trace back the beginning of the USA’s decline and the demoralization of our people began with Woodrow Wilson and those treacherous elite who allowed the Federal Reserve to take over our money and plunged us into WWI and then the Great Depression. We never really fully recovered after that.

    The GOP has never been designed to be more than a mechanism to confound any type of populism by the White Christian majority middle and working class and small independent businessmen. We have been subjected to only one performance of Failure Theater after the other since the Dixiecrats were pushed out by LBJ’s cabal and then neutralized by the Checked-pants “Compassionate Conservatives” of the GOP through Nixon’s Southern strategy.

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