Poll Watch: Americans’ Views on 35 Religious Groups

The poll also measures how people view various religious groups by “people who say religion is not very or at all important to them” and “people who say religion is very important to them.” Unsurprisingly, White people who are religious tilt Right and those who are irreligious tilt Left and that is true across the board on a range of issues whether it is race, immigration, abortion, etc.


Note: Alt-MSNBC is an extreme example of these trends,


  1. The problem with this poll is the Temple of Woke is absent.
    ‘Pat’ from Twitter is one of its representatives.
    I’d like to hear more from Pat, not because I agree with or like him, but because I appreciate his honesty, and think that’s exactly what they’d do if they had the chance.
    I’m not a fan of Islam, but if I could deport 10 million woke to China in exchange for 10 million Muslims from the middle east, I’d so so without a second thought, woke along with Satanism of course are the two worst religions, woke is even worse than Satanism because some sects of Satanism are at least libertarian.

  2. “Religion and politics are closely related”

    It’s hard to separate them, because religion is your inward view of life, just as politics is your outward.

    To my fellow Southern Christians who, wishing not to feel conflicted over their desire not to to stand up the South’s being subject to the Jew England United States of America, in the last 6-7 decades, attempted to separate religion from politics, I’ll only ask this …

    How did that work?

    • Evidently, religion is very important to every single cuck in Congress is which, you may have guessed — is a Christian. You got all of these wolves in sheep’s clothing who go along to get along claiming to be Christians to fool their already fooled Christian constituents.

      What can we gather from this? Many things but one thing is that the claim of Christianity fits perfectly with a lack of honor, malfeasance, being anti-White, treason, cowardice and self-service.

      • +1

        Even if it were true that Christians are more moral than non-Christians,(which I don’t believe) it doesn’t mean you should trust someone who claims to be Christian because bad non-Christians can just PRETEND to be Christian. In a Christian culture it’s what any dishonest grifter will do.

        In children’s TV the evil people dress in black and talk about how EEEVVVIIILLL they are. In real life they usually try to disguise themselves as adherents to whatever moral system is dominant. Telling us we should put our trust in Christians is like saying “be a sucker.”

        • @Anon…

          Unfortunately there is a lot of truth in what you say here, about Christians.

          Mother Miriam, the 100% Jewish blood, Roman Catholic nun, said this a couple of months back about Catholics : ‘Catholics have done such a poor job of being Catholics (Christians), in recent decades, that the whole nation has fallen over into the abyss.

          My wife and I often talk about this problem amongst ourselves.

          In our opinions that most people who claim to be Christians are often just punching an Advance Past Go card for themselves, or so they think, and not really troubling themselves to reflect on what their Christian avowals mean, day by day – in terms of personal behavior.

          I believe that we are a spoiled nation, victims of our own material success, and, as Christ said, it is very hard for a wealthy man to get to heaven.

          This means that Christianity, in this country at this time in history, is not worth as much as the paper upon which it is printed, so to speak.

          It’s largely false and misguided, sad to say.

          That is our opinion.

      • @DiCarlo…

        Thank you for your sincere and penetrating reply.

        The people you are describing in Congress, ‘Cucks’, are actually worse than that – they are false and corrupt.

        Is Christianity to blame for their corruption?

        Not in my view.

        No, to me, Friend, their lack of honour bespeaks of a lack of honour on their part.

        As to the anti-Whiteness of Christianity, or the lack of concern for their fellow Whites, I would submit this to you : White Gentile Christian cultures, in the Western Part of The West, were not like this in all the centuries before.

        So what has happened?

        I think that this is most aptly explained by Sedevacantist Roman Catholic bishop, Richard Williamson, who said, ‘Thoughout history we see that, whereever the power of The Jews rises the power of the church goes down, and whereever the power of The Jews wanes, we see the power of the church wax.’

        So, to me, what has changed is that we are in the Golden Age of The Jews, wherein their power is so strong, every White Gentile institution and way of thinking has either been obliterated or largely eclipsed.

        It’s a very big reason why were are in the straights we are today, though, hypocrisy, indifference, and corruption also play large parts, as well.

  3. What is the percentage regarding the COV-LARP cult and the faculty lounge fifth column statist utopianism true believers?

    Breaking-This just in from NPC Civnat Normiecon (H/T-JZ)
    When will mommygov do something? Darr, derp, drool.
    I can haez voat moar harder?
    Yes you can!

  4. Onward march the irony-incels of Spencer’s ghetto with this 10 point plant for an intergalactic Ubermensch. Suburban wives of all races are begging to be impregnated with these obviously “eugenic” genetics.

  5. Reading back through Pat’s comments, posted by our host, all I can say is that he is the living incarnation of black-leatheared NKVD men who, throughout the 1920s, rode all around Russia executing any peasant who would not give up their weapons or Ikons.

    On a side not,e I really do not think that Pat knows what he is doing, for in baring such hostility in public he invites ire.

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