New York Times: How Much Longer Can ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who!’ Last?

Thomas Edsall has a new article about my own personal bête noire … the White coastal urban atheist libtards who dominate the Democratic Party.

New York Times:

“Over the past four decades, the percentage of white Democrats who identify themselves as liberal has more than doubled, growing at a much faster pace than Black or Hispanic Democrats.

In 1984, according to American National Election Studies data, 29.8 percent of white Democrats identified as liberal; by 2020, that percentage grew to 68.5 percent. Over the same period, the percentage of liberals among Black Democrats grew from 19.1 percent to 27.8 percent, and among Hispanic Democrats from 18 percent to 41 percent.

This shift raises once again a question that people have been asking since the advent of Reagan Democrats in the 1980s: What does it mean for a party that was once the home of the white working class to become a coalition of relatively comfortable white liberals and less well off minority constituencies? …

The liberalism of white Democrats cuts across a wide range of issues. Brian Schaffner, a political scientist at Tufts cited data collected by the Cooperative Election Study:

In 2020 white Democrats scored similarly low on racial resentment as Black Democrats. And white Democrats actually have significantly lower levels of sexism than Black or Hispanic Democrats. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Democratic Party was indeed fairly divided on issues of race in particular, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Now, Schaffner continued, “white Democrats appear to be the most liberal group in the party on a range of issues, including immigration, climate, crime/policing, abortion, health care, gun control and economic/social welfare.” …”

Anti-Whiteism is the glue that holds the Democratic Party together.

White Democrats are more hostile to other White people than non-White Democrats. They are GoodWhites who have a negative sense of White identity. They are not alienated by rising anti-Whiteism. They have a cold view of other White people. They are the animating force behind it, which they were exposed to in college, as anyone can see in their stupid, woke scold yard signs.

“Julie Wronski, a political scientist at the University of Mississippi, wrote back by email that

Underlying the liberal shift among white Democrats is their tendency to hold more liberal racial attitudes. In the Voter Study Group’s Racing Apart report, the percentage of white Democrats that hold the most liberal positions on the standard racial resentment measure has increased over the last decade to such a large extent that their racial resentment views match those of Black Democrats.

The Democratic Party, Wronski continued, has becomea coalition of racial minorities (especially Blacks), and whites who are sympathetic to the inequities and challenges faced by minority groups in America. Racial identities and attitudes are the common thread that link wealthier, more educated whites with poorer minority constituencies. …”

Yes, it is their kids who join Antifa too.

“Bruce Cain, a political scientist at Stanford, replied by email to my inquiries:

Many White liberals live in enclaves of affluence, sheltered from the economic and personal insecurity of the low-income communities. They are more strongly motivated by identity issues around gender and race, but are less concerned with poverty or economic insecurity issues than liberals in the sixties …”

I have repeatedly pointed this out.

  • Over 60% of Joe Biden voters are White
  • White Democrats are more ideologically radical than non-White Democrats
  • Non-White Democrats are disproportionately concentrated in Red States and thus aren’t pivotal voters in the Electoral College

There isn’t much appetite to look squarely at the size of the problem. The attitude is … oh, well these people are a “small problem” or they are “brainwashed by the Jews.”


  1. > There isn’t much appetite to look squarely at the size of the problem. The attitude is … oh, well these people are a “small problem” or they are “brainwashed by the Jews.”

    Very true. It’s a massive blindspot of many who call themselves WNs. While there is considerably evidence of Jewish brainwashing, especially via their so-called education (actually mal-education), I don’t think we can attribute the problem entirely to the Jewish-owned lie-machine. This problem has been present all the way back to at least the late 18th century. It’s not a small problem by any means, but a massive one.

    • “Many White liberals live in enclaves of affluence, sheltered from the economic and personal insecurity of the low-income communities.”

      Yep, affluence breeds mental indolence.

      HW is right, WHITE libtards are a major problem. What’s the solution ?

  2. >Anti-Whiteism is the glue that holds the Democratic Party together.

    See Minnesota. Why bother with the farmer-labor part?

  3. If college educated upper middle class whites are complaining about whites more than colored people are complaining about whites, there is a serious problem there, it must mean leftist whites are retarded, or purposely doing it to divide the working class and keep their wealth from being redistributed.

  4. This just in from those who vote for a living-We’ll vote CPUSA by any means necessary.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  5. I don’t call it liberalism. Why should we?

    I call it Jewish Naziism.

    Everything I try to do in debate is to go on the offensive. It shows weakness to defend oneself against absurdities.

  6. What we are observing is the Jewification of White America. All of the salient attributes of shitlibs are precisely the same as the typical values and beliefs of Jews with one exception- Jews worship themselves and White shitlibs hate themselves.

    Since the Cuckservative/Retardpublican establishment has no problem with this and wouldn’t do anything about it if they did, I see little prospect for improvement.

  7. East coast states have traditionally been very receptive to appeals to “law and Order” populist, pro working class campaigns. Nixon and Reagan both won landslide 49 out of 50 state victories against “liberal elites” even *#@&$@ WASP Yalie George HW Bush won election thanks to Lee Atwater portraying MA Governor Mike Dukakis as soft on crime for the Willie Horton weekend pass.

    NY State almost, almost elected a Republic Governor over a stereotypical Lib Dem Governor who doesn’t want to punish Black or Hispanic violent criminals. Asians were very receptive to this.

    The moral of the story is… focus on Crime, CRT, tell different non Black A Americans what they want to hear, don’t try to sell belt tightening, economic conservatives to poor and working class folks and you/we’ll do fine.

    • Sorry but that is just wishful thinking. Focusing on crime won’t work in deep blue Yankee states. Yankee voters love violent criminals as much as they love race baiters and jackass politicians, especially the nappy headed kind. They’re the ones who made George Floyd a saint. The reason a focus on crime worked in the 70’s and 80’s for Repubs is because the White percentage of the population was dramatically higher.

  8. Brats like bratocracy. The Swamp considers them a problem.

    So those 2 began to fight. Luckily MAGA is safely away when 2 groups of Jews and communists will rip each other apart.

    NYT article was worry that rabid bratocracy will freak normies away but brats intend to double down. So The Swamp worry will only grow. Finally someones nerves will break and infighting will end with clash like Soviet coup back in the 1991.

  9. Whites who drive the progressive movement include both Jews and gentiles. The latter outnumber the former. These White gentiles do not hate themselves as such because they are “good whites” as you mentioned. “Good Whites” are “White allies” of minorities and adopt the role of the White Savior. Their quixotic quest to end racial, gender, and sexual inequities gives their lives meaning like any other religion. Their goal is a collective salvation. It must be acknowledged that White allies do not hate themselves as such. Rather, they loath their whiteness, an abstraction that indicates oppressor status, analogous to original sin. Truly, “White allies” hate “bad Whites” or those who are not White allies. Paul Gottfried has drawn parallels between present White allies and past Calvinists, especially Puritans. In the U.S., many “White allies” descend biologically from Puritan settlers. Both groups viewed themselves as afflicted by an original sin for which they cannot atone by their own works. Both groups viewed themselves as an elect class which is distinct from the non-elect. Today, the elect are white allies, and the non-elect are white non-allies. White allies believe that if the white non-allies ceased to exist then the earth would be a paradise of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This tripartite mantra echoes the Trinitarian doctrine as well. Puritans did not hate themselves as they saw themselves as the elect. The same applies to White allies today. Both share a hatred for those that reject their religious convictions. In their schema, “bad Whites” are analogous to Catholics who worship the Anti-Christ pope. Substitute Donald Trump for the Pope and this becomes clear. Democracy is analogous to God in their worldview. Donald Trump and bad Whites threaten to kill their Democracy, and in turn, they wish to dis-empower bad Whites. Bad Whites are the Whites that White Allies express their negative view of, not other White Allies. This is an important distinction which should be acknowledged when interpreting these surveys.

    • “Whites who drive the progressive movement include both Jews and gentiles”

      Yes, but the Jews are the ones with most of the money, power, influence, organizing ability and fanaticism. They also aren’t as constrained by old fashioned notions like personal ethics as gentiles are.

    • Correct. The race traitor scum in no way hate themselves, but rather the “racist white trash” who voted for Dump and don’t join them in their worship of their nigger & trannyfag idols. That’s why they couldn’t care less if the Flyovas are dirt poor or homeless because their jobs were sent to China; quite the contrary: they delight in their suffering, and are for all policies that will increase it.

      We must either separate from them, or kill them before they kill us.

    • Once I’d read your comment, Anonymous, I watched, on YouTube, a Paul Gottfried interview. At its 53:10 was the following:

      “[T]here is a very definite Protestant character to the United States, I’m always arguing. Whether it’s north or south, even before the Civil War, the South is predominantly Protestant, and so is the north, in different ways.

      “So this, I think, is part of the fundamental character of America. A respect for lawfulness, constitutionalism, individual responsibility: I think these are all elements of the American character as it developed over a period of hundreds of years.

      “I think everything, of course, is totally shattered now. I think it’s all gone—and it’s been replaced by wokeness and by the utterly-destructive white upper class, which is out to destroy whatever remains of human civilization.”

      (“Paul Gottfried Tackles the Anti-White Racism of Liberals and the Democratic Party”)

      • “I think everything, of course, is totally shattered now. I think it’s all gone—and it’s been replaced by wokeness and by the utterly-destructive white upper class, which is out to destroy whatever remains of human civilization.”

        Why would the upper class wish to do this? Are they gonna grow their own food and build their own structures and machines? How will they maintain their wealth and comfortable lives?

        • I’d guess they haven’t thought it through.

          Late yesterday, or maybe very early this morning (Saturday), I happened to see, on the internet, a few minutes of a speech that was given by Ilhan Omar, as the House of Representatives was nearing a vote whether to remove her from a committee assignment. The white, silver-haired news announcer whose comments bracketed the clip described the speech as “fiery,” and maybe that was the apt word.

          The speech was lofty, of course, and, not incidentally, self-dramatizing, as I suppose a liberal would say of such a speech if it had not itself been delivered by a liberal. The committee vote, Omar said, had at bottom to do with the question who is allowed to be an American—some such great matter. Standing beside a large, childhood photograph of herself, in Muslim garb, she spoke of her childhood travails outside America and how, as a member of the—Foreign Affairs Committee, was it?—she had it in her mind to be serving the supposed American values that operate to protect and to further the well-being of any child like the one she was, in no matter what unwholesome spot, anywhere in the non-American world. That, at least, is my memory of what she said. She said the question was whether a woman, a woman of color, a Muslim would be allowed to be an American.

          Patriotic though I am, by nature, I no longer care who’s allowed to be an American, because I no longer care whether anyone is American at all. The only thing I care about is the white race.

        • @Tikkun…

          “Why would the upper class wish to do this? ”

          Because many of them lack the ability to think it through, as you have done.

          Others of them are arrogant enough to think that they can enslave us, at every level, and not pay a stiff price for that.

          It’s the same kind of willy-nilly hubris that has our Elite Class trying to destroy Russia in Western Russia, all the while sinking the ship in the process.

          The spirit of our ruling class is one of complete arrogance, disloyalty, and unrealisticness.

          They think they are Gods, even though none of them would say it this way, even to themselves.

          But, yes, they not only think themselves above the rest of us, and they not only think themselves above the whole world, they think themselves above any aspect of Mankind that has ever existed.

          Meanwhile, they label us as ‘Supremacists’, because we do not share their feelings of Supremacy over anyone or anything that has ever existed.

  10. Non whites aren’t a minority, its time to stop calling them that. It implies that whites have power and privilege that we do not have. We are in fact an oppressed minority.

  11. Breaking-Slavery ended 160 years ago.
    Immunity will kick in around booster number 50.
    Trust your Big Pharmakeia comrade commissar for better living through chemistry.
    Buy more now, be happy.
    Let us be thankful for commerce.
    We’re all in this together and the Kool-Aid is good for you.
    Forward! Yes we can.

    • I hope you see deeper, and, thus, more correctly than I, Dear Terry, for where you see Southern Solidarity, I see a lot of ennui, indifference, confusion, selfishness, myopia, sheepishness, and sloth.

      To put it even more bluntly, I do not recognize my Fellow White Southerners as resembling those whom I grew up around, so long ago.

      In those days we had a sense of wrong and right, and a willingness to stand up for it.

      And today?

  12. I think the apologia for White Liberals in comment sections such as this website is motivated by two possible factors:

    -Internalizing the oppressor/oppressed dichotomy, which has its origins in the French Revolution, in a way that puts Whites in the “oppressed” category and Jews in the “oppressor” category. I consider this the movement’s version of DR3. “Whites are the real slave caste!” Its pathetic, really. The oppressor/oppressed dichotomy is judeo negro bullshit and should be walked over, not internalized or catered too.

    -A desire to look smart, sophisticated, and cultured. Lets be honest: Liberalism, as an ideology, attracts the smartest people of our race. Conservatism is, by and large, an ideology that attracts midwits and dumb people. Hence why the dialogue in liberal comment sections is always on a higher level than conservative comment sections. The anti-philistine impulse among some WNs makes them want to apologize for White Liberals under the justification that “conservatives are stupid, and thats worse than being immoral.”

    Juri and Dart are onto something about there being a biological-genetic basis for liberalism, but here’s the problem with that: We’d be playing an eternal game of whack a mole if we identified and killed off every White person screened as a liberal. Its not worth the resources or the time we’d lose.

    White Liberals don’t need to be killed off. They are an inherent part of our race. They’ve always been here and always will be. They need to be channeled in a productive direction. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I know this from following Pat’s twitter account for a months: These guys are the Hereclitian River, and that river stops for no one.

    Jews have used them as a force of destruction since the early 20th century. Perhaps a Fascist Vanguard composed of true believing White Nationalists (most of whom will probably be ex-liberals themselves) can reverse that or change that.

    • Dp84 ” Liberalism as an ideology, attract’s the smartest people of our race, conservatism is, by and large, an ideology that attract’s midwits and dumb people,” Liberals take it, up the ass and like sam smith, they are bumping and grinding straight too hell, moderates take it up the ass too, as long as penetration is moderate, eh dp84? Old liberals like bill maher a, smart ass know it all’s, young liberals / theoretical supposition / same ole tired ass tripe, liberals are on borrowed time…….

  13. “How Much Longer Can ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who!’ Last?”

    As long as establishment institutions, foremost among them academic institutions, are inculcating in our young the mindset that they have been inculcating for decades.

    Parents have a role in this, as they allow their children to choose institutions that pervert their minds.

    How many pictures does our blog host have to post from young social media users who record the changes in themselves from high school to college?

  14. Karl Marx wrote to Lincoln many times urging Lincoln to use the slavery issue as it would give America a centralized federal government in order to secure a birthplace for communism to easily be spread. Apparently, Lincoln wrote back to him.

    Kalleigh Nelson

  15. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

    Laurence J. Peter, “The Peter Principle”

  16. It’s maybe simpler

    dominant instinct – especially for women – affiliate your ideas with the dominant powers, better for your survival & prosperity

    rebel instinct – rarer, more male – wake up to the fact dominant powers are limiting you or downright abusing you, become a rebel to get fairness

    dominant powers are now in near-total war against trad culture, so anyone with trad values is necessarily a rebel

    in democracy in quasi-‘normal’ times, most women + cucky submissive men = majority, the famous right-wing ‘40% ceiling’

    rebellion occurs when enough of the majority wake up to how they are being abused, things need to get bad enough … Karl Marx’s great insight, worsening material conditions of people drive much of change in consciousness … we are getting there but aren’t there yet

  17. “Non-White Democrats are disproportionately concentrated in Red States and thus aren’t pivotal voters in the Electoral College”

    Not true, the huge black population in places like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, even Wisconsin tip those places over to the democrats. Illinois voted 45% for Trump. Take away that 20% black population (now 97% turnout with ghetto ballot harvesting operations) and all the Hispanics and other foreigners and we’d have the old Illinois I remember from the 80s with Republican Governors and Reagan beating Mondale.

    It’s razor thin margins that can change the country completely, and you bet the globalists are aware of this and know that just a small dumping of “favored” groups into some of these low population “deep red” states can quickly change them to blue. Fill up Sioux Falls and Fargo with refugees and suddenly the Dakotas change to four more Democrat Senators. In 2012 when I came back from Yellowstone I took a different route home and came down I-25 to Denver. Cheyenne is right on the state line and just 20 miles south of the border I entered the Denver front range suburban megacity. Once this thing extends just a bit north and absorbs Cheyenne and Laramie into it and you get all these PMC people, dot heads, and Mexicans Wyoming’s 200,000 republican voters could very quickly be overwhelmed as well.

    I don’t really see much of a future for America. The generation that made America a powerhouse in the 20th century has largely died off and only a minority of their kids kept their values and are submerged in all these rotten bastards, addicts, morons, and foreigners. China and the Islamic World will inherit the globe by default as America drops out of the race like a few of those high profile black female athletes who simply quit a few years back.

  18. Bwahaha! Just saw a great tweet capture stating that the DNC was broke until billions started getting sent to Ukraine, now they are flush.

    (H/T-MW & BM)

  19. There is ONE decent looking White female in that picture. The rest are assorted genetic trash.

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