Boris Johnson Attacks Tucker Carlson Over Ukraine

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who presided over the political collapse of the Tories has arrived in the United States to lecture wavering Republican senators about why getting involved in a nuclear version of the Crimean War is actually in the interest of their constituents.

Over in the UK, Boris tacked hard to the Left after his promise to “Get BREXIT Done.” He embraced hardcore lockdowns and vaccine passports, presided over even higher levels of immigration than when the UK was in the European Union and went all in on Ukraine. Near the end of his time in office, Boris set out to “make an example out of racists” and was having people arrested for “hate speech.” Boris Johnson was forced to resign in disgrace last summer after he lost the support of own party. He was succeeded by Liz Truss who made history by becoming the UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister. She resigned in disgrace after only 45 days in office after proposing a huge tax cut package. Boris Johnson and the Tories ought to be studied as the textbook example of how a conservative-populist coalition can commit political suicide. Conservative elites governed against the will of their own voters and lost their support. The Tories are now on life support until the next election under Rishi Sunak.

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Public opinion is political gravity.

Even a talented politician like Boris Johnson can only defy it for so long. He now has more free time to shill for Ukraine since he went full globalist and was thrown out of office.

Note: Ukraine is going to be a major issue in the 2024 Republican primary. Most Republican voters are now against Standing With Ukraine.


  1. I think Prime Minister Johnson is a jovial, witty, and charismatic chap, with whom, I do not doubt, I could be great friends, if we happened to meet, ‘oh’ let’s say, at a bar.

    That said, I think his outlook on the world is addled to the point where he is an imminent danger to everyone in it.

    Yes, let’s review this…

    The Right Honourable Prime Minister thinks that we ought exhaust our blood and treasure to fight with Russia over a piece of land that has always been Russia, and, he seems not at all worried that, if we actually began to win, this might not turn into a nuclear exchange.

    And the reasons why we ought risk the planet?

    Vague platitudes about preserving what is right – like parceling up Russia, so that we not only can eternally graft off of their resources, for free, but so that we can obliterate The Russian Orthodox Church which dares to oppose making degenerate sexuality the systemic cause celebre of the world.

    My, my …is that not compelling?

    • “Prime Minister Johnson is a jovial, witty, and charismatic chap

      “The Right Honourable Prime Minister ”

      You are a joker and your posts on here offer nothing
      other than mocking peeps here and the OP.



  2. Most presstitutes can be bought for a few thousand, lines, or less.
    How many could be bought with a few million of US tax dollars siphoned from ‘aid to Ukraine’ ? Is this the reason (((media))) is skewed to Ukraine’s favor ?

    • When I was a young man, Dear Arrian, I worked for an Italian from Long Island, who was wont to say , ‘every man has his price.’

      Quietly I used to bridle at that, for I knew then I could not be bought, just as I know it now.

      Many years later and I certainly know that I am not the only one who cannot be bought – far from it.

      That said, many can be bought, and many of them for not much money, either.

      When you get to the nub of the problems in this country, the corruptibility, that comes with material ambitions, is the foundation that makes all other forms of corruption possible.

  3. Just think of what a benefit it would have been if Putler had actually lived up to his bad-ass reputation and Kalibrated that worthless evil POS – as Bojo accused him of planning. Putler should own the bad-ass title and go full Stalin on folks like Bojo and the rest of the Davos set. As old Koba himself liked to say:

    With a person there is always a problem. No person, no problem.

    Instead we have to be subjected endlessly to utter bullshit from the Ministry of Truth about “freedumb” in a totalitarian shithole run by Jew whose sole talent apart from grift is pecking out Hava nagila with his pecker on the keyboard. The eternal silence of our enemies is something to be appreciated and prayed for. That all being said, it still isn’t Putin’s job to overthrow evil clowns like BoJo – much as they fully deserve the absolute worst fate one could imagine. To quote from the Mikado, maybe something nice and slow with lots of boiling oil….

  4. Boris Johnson is a Jew. He doesn’t care how many of the goyim have to die for the fulfillment of his people’s psychotic and satanic dream. World domination under the direction of the anti-Christ.

  5. @Ivan

    You might have a great time with fat boy Johnson, but when he left you would be wise to check your wallet.

    There is nothing redeeming about this fat piece of excrement. He is a traitor, like most British politicians, and should be executed for his crimes against humanity.

    I hope at the end of his life, he dies in agony.

    • Yes, Dear English Tom, how keenly aware am I that the Right Honourable Prime Minister is spiritual kin to that greatest vampire of them all, dare I say it? : Sir Anthony Blair.

      I hope they are all judged before the likes of Ælfred, Æthelred, Athelstan, Harold of Godwinson, and Edward I.

  6. Bojo the Clown!?
    Thanks I needed a good laugh.
    BTW-What’s up with Japan coming on board for the slow burn fuse to WWIII in the Laundrokraine (CPUSA/Grand Old Politburo), were they threatened with boatloads of vibrant diversity.

  7. Didn’t Hitler talk about divvying up Russia as part of Lebensraum or living space?
    Many UKES and other groups were friendly to the Wehrmacht/Waffen SS and viewed them as liberators and then the “golden pheasants” or NSDAP party apparatchiks came along and demanded depopulation by any means necessary.
    They want WWIII and a mega KIA count in the slimy cess ridden swamp of Sauron on the Hudson.

    • “Many UKES and other groups were friendly to the Wehrmacht/Waffen SS”

      Over 3 million Russians turned to work or fight for NS Germany.
      Evidently the NS Germans weren’t the horned ans pointy tailed devils we’ve been told.
      ‘Germans wanted to depopulate the Slavic Peoples’ is another slanderous lie, from those who are masters of lying.

      Many of the Russians who didn’t want to fight NS Germany got a bullet in the back, courtesy the NKVD.

    • The Republican primary is about to get started. Trump is already seizing on the issue over at Truth Social.

  8. … Boris Johnson has signed a deal to write a book about his time on Downing Street, and he could make over $1.2 million from the agreement.

    Johnson has also made $1.2 million for delivering four speeches since he quit as prime minister.

    You really don’t think Johnson gives a crap about Ukraine do you?

  9. Boris was always full globalist. He has always been open borders, too. The “problem” the UK was facing was that Brussels was taking steps toward regulating banks in the City of London. The one square mile of unregulated banking that ZOG uses to control the world.

    Unacceptable. Hence, Brexit.

    The real problem in the UK is that the elections are completely rigged, snd have been since the 1940’s. That and having a pedo King and a church completely run by queers. And, you know, the food, of course.

    Cucker enjoyed a good bounce in ratings sparing with Boris. Maybe Langley will give him a bonus.

    Boris apparently is only an eighth Jew, though some say he is a quarter. He is also a full quarter Turkish. No surprise he cares not for the people of UK.

  10. No, that is NOT compelling. Old Boris wants to see me and my family destroyed in a nuclear conflagration. I could never be friends with someone like him.

  11. He looks like a wild, toe haired, drunken lump of meat. Like an aged, flabby version of that dumb as a brick, blonde muscleman that homo made for his unnatural inclinations in Rocky Horror.

  12. The passion to get Putin seemingly knows no bounds for our elites. Don’t expect the Republican “controlled” Congress to do anything to stop the madness.

    • @More…

      “The passion to get Putin seemingly knows no bounds for our elites.”

      Yes, because he dare limit them.

      Spoiled narcissistic brats do not do well with that – No, Sir – they do not!

  13. May be time to redefine ‘Conservative’. They do and think all the things expected of left wing Communists. Yes, your vote counts………
    And what with his head? Everything about it is wrong!

    • Maybe, Dear Goose, we do not need a new definition for ‘Conservative’, but, rather, just insist that those defined as such have an actual intent to conserve European Civilization, and or the racial demographic and customs of their specific country.

  14. What’s the point of the Russia vs the Ukraine war anyway? Why did Russia not finish the Ukraine off? Did they think the Ukraine would just surrender and become Russians? They obviously didn’t happen. So why has Russia not finished it off and forced them into Russia? Probably because the US and other European countries are for Ukraine. However would all those countries actually send troops and get involved in the War in the Ukraine meaning taking on Russia? Would that result in Russia invading other countries? Interesting times we’re living in. Covid-19 coming from a Chinese government medical lab was an act of War on pretty much everybody in the World. Should be looked at that way as well. It was an act of War. Deo Vindice!

    • Putin miscalculated, obviously. Now he looks weak and less than genius. Also, consider that the virus was actually an American attack on China. Just a possibility. I don’t trust a single word that comes out of our media/government’s mouth anymore.

      • @Tikkun…

        “Putin miscalculated, obviously. ”

        Yes, in attempting to resolve Russia’s security issues, without bloodshed, or with that which was minimal, President Putin has repeatedly miscalculated, because those western correllaries of his, which he has always referred to as his ‘partners’, were hellbent to see that such never occurred.

        That said, President Putin apologized to Russia, in a speech from over a month ago, and resolved to straighten out the situation by solely military means.

        As all reports show the Russians advancing on now 5 fronts, as of this night, we will see that sometime this year – sooner rather than later.

        The Modern Ukraine, a creation of crafty Western Fancy, in 1989, has been doomed by it’s policies, from 2013-2023, to use the Ukraine as a launching pad to dismantle Russia..

        And if those in charge of the West are not careful, the same will happened to other countries, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Moldova.

        The ball is in the Western Court, and, judging by Secretary Blinken’s new peace offer (to cede what already is Russia to Russian hands) I do not think that they have quite gotten the point yet that they do not have the resources to compete with the Russians, on any level in Eastern Europe.

      • @Tikkun…

        “Now he looks weak and less than genius. ”

        With respect, Russia has just survived the largest most concerted attack in history – one which utilized every aspect of Western Power to subjugate it.

        That it survived this, and that it is winning every aspect of that war – from international relations, economic, to military, is a testimony to the work that Vladimir Putin has done, because, rest assured, if he had not been preparing Russia for this day for 20 years now, Russia would be completely broken and the jackals that control The West, greedily licking their claws.

        Vladimir Putin has worked tirelessly, on every front, to resurrect a nation that, when he inherited from the Western Puppet, Yeltsin, was nothing more than a basket case, except on a cultural and intellectual level

        If this qualifies for genius or not, I do not know.

        What I do know is that the overwhelming majority of The Russian People are united behind him, to an extent unmatched before, and that, when kids are studying history in Russia in the 21st century, they will be Russian, Orthodox, Heterosexual, and inheritors of a country with a truly great national legacy.

        Yes, in the 21st century, if not before, Vladimir Putin’s name will be seen by Russian schoolkids, and their teachers, as one that ranks with Ivan the Awesome, Peter and Catherine The Great, and Stalin, as one of the greatest import.

        In my view he is the greatest of all, because he has achieved what he has without widespread systemic cruelty, and by nurturing what is Russian – not substituting Westernism for what is Russian.

        On a personal note, I am grateful for him, for he has singlehandedly handed the greatest of all defeats to the snakes that have long been in charge of Anglo-American affairs.

        He achieved what my favorite, Robert E. Lee, could not for The South.

        Is that genius?

        Again, I do not know.

        It, what he has achieved, is great, however, which is why, before the end of this century, statues of Vladimir The Great will be all over Russia, just as many towns renamed themselves Jackson, after that greatest of our presidents finished his time in office.

        Vladimir The Great – that you can take to the bank.

    • “What’s the point of the Russia vs the Ukraine war anyway? ”
      Putting NATO on Russia’s doorstep, the total domination of Eastern Europe by ZOG.

      “Why did Russia not finish the Ukraine off? ”
      Because Russia thought they could pressure Ukraine into peace talks.

      “So why has Russia not finished it off and forced them into Russia? ”
      Russia is trying to minimize the death toll.

    • @Brian…

      “What’s the point of the Russia vs the Ukraine war anyway? ”

      For us there is no point, but, for those in control of the United States’ Government, the point is to permanently remove Russia as an entity which can, in any way, compete with them or refute their megalomaniacal designs on the world..

      Obviously, that read likes a bad sci-fi comic plot, but, the sometimes reality competes with the absurd.

  15. He’s not even competent to be a bathroom attendant in parliament in the old days. A tool of the globalist cosmopolitan money class. Also he has Turkish lineage a real pos

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