National Review: Reagan Republicans Take On Putin Republicans

The standard bearer of Reagan Republicanism in 2024 is currently polling around 3 percent, 2/3rds of Republican voters are tired of Standing With Ukraine and over 1/2 of Republican voters say that Standing With Ukraine makes them less likely to support a Reaganite presidential candidate. We’re also around a year out from the Iowa Caucus. The war isn’t becoming more popular.

National Review:

“Leading the pack of Putin Republicans has been Trump himself, who has recited the Kremlin line that America forced Russia to invade, while publicly denouncing Biden’s decision to send even the pitiful tank reinforcement he has proposed. Following their leader, Putin Republicans in Congress, led by Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Matt Gaetz (Fla.), have called for stopping all U.S. arms shipments to Ukraine, a step that would guarantee a Kremlin victory. With such outright defeatists set up as his nominal opposition, any half-hearted measures that Biden might take to defend the West can only look superb by comparison.

But now, finally, the Reagan Republicans are speaking up. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on February 7, Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) attacked the Biden administration for its refusal to provide adequate arms to Ukraine. “The Ukrainians stood their ground and fought,” Cotton wrote. “Yet Mr. Biden has dragged his feet all along, hesitating fearfully to send the Ukrainians the weapons and intelligence they need to win. Today, Mr. Biden stubbornly refuses to provide fighter jets, cluster munitions and long-range missiles to Ukraine. As a result of Mr. Biden’s half-measures, Ukraine has only half-succeeded. We should back Ukraine to the hilt . . . We act to protect our vital national interests. That’s the case in Ukraine, and we deserve a strategy of victory to match.” …

But now, with former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley entering into direct contention against Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, the issue can no longer be ducked.

Haley is a hard-line voice for Western victory in Ukraine. In an interview with Fox on February 15, Haley called for sending fighter jets to Ukraine and attacked Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, for his defeatism. On February 16, she amplified this on NBC, saying, “This is not a war for Ukraine; this is a war for freedom. We need to give Ukraine everything they need to win.”

There can be no bridging the gap between the Reagan Republicans and the Putin Republicans. Nor is there any middle ground. The GOP can be the Party of Reagan or the Party of Putin. It can’t be both.

The Reagan Republicans now have a standard-bearer. Let the battle begin.”

Over $100 billion dollars has been squandered on this.

By the time the 2024 rolls around, Standing With Ukraine is going to become a major albatross for anyone running for reelection or who wants to run for federal office as a Republican.

Note: Top Gov Ron DeSantis is finally chiming in on the issue.


  1. “Putin Republican” is a slur against any Republican opposed to this madness. If the slur works as well as “isolationist”, “racist” or “antisemite” does, expect the Ukraine war to go on indefinitely.

    According to regime propaganda Putin is losing on many fronts, yet Zelinsky has an insatiable appetite for more and more “aid”.

    Meanwhile, East Palestine, OH can go to hell.

  2. The “Putin Republicans” better counter with some good rhetoric of their own, and soon.
    Something just as insulting aimed at the Reagan Republicans.

    • Ironic, about the only good thing Reagan did was to help bring down the USSR and end the Cold War. For all the good it did!

    • I don’t think Reagan had in mind fighting the Russians over Kharkov by proxy. The republikikes are degenerate subhumans like Sen. Graham, cowards or raging lunatics.

  3. “Putin Republicans”, that’s so cutesy, how many lines of coke did it take to hallucinate that infantile term ?

  4. Support Muh Badge Fags no matter what they do; a “strategic objective” is needed against Russia – but the REAL threat we need to bang the eternal war drum against is China…DeSantis is an oily-slick speaker, but nothing of substance would change with him in the Oval Office because he’s so deep in the pockets of all those rich Florida kikes who’ve put him where he is today. He’ll never defy them or the MIC because he’s a very smart whore who knows who schmaltzes his bagel.

  5. The actual Reagan wasn’t much of a warmonger. Bush tricked him into an occupation force for Lebanon, but Reagan soon realized his mistake and pulled out.

    Reagan’s two obsessions were bringing down the Soviet Union and completely eliminating nuclear weapons.

    These CIA people at National Review are actually Bush people. The madness began in force under Bush in 1989.

    Bill Buckley was CIA even before he went to Yale. He finished up as Deputy Director working as Bill Casey’s top assistant, covertly of course.

    Looks like they (CIA) are puffing up Nimrata Randwana to become Secretary of State. Imagine that crazed blood thirsty woman as Secretary of State.

  6. I’m skeptical on the garbage citizenry who now make up a majority of the populace and “mail in voters” ever turning against those wonderful progressive democrats the education racket so enamored them with. The scumbag governor Pritzker passed a bunch of green wacko laws shutting down all our coal and natural gas electric power plants over the next decade, phasing a bunch out downstate already without even caring about where the electricity is supposed to come from. Of course it’s the perpetual motion machines of “solar and wind” these nuts want, completely unfeasible, instead of a realistic 40 year plan to slowly replace the plants as they age out with nuclear reactors. Or just leave it be as we are broke from the covid-spending spree nonsense and don’t get to splurge on that “green pipe dream” family vacation right now. This month the big town a bunch of my coworkers live in doubled their power bills. All these young idiots who voted for Biden and Pritzker are all up in arms about their bills. But do they put the blame where it belongs…on democrats and their ridiculous green energy “tilting at windmills” policies? Nope, it’s the good school racket brainwashed, socialist, retort of “the big corporations” are responsible. Well, yes, the local power company now has to buy our electricity from other states that still have excess electricity…for now. Well, this makes it a lot more expensive yet the rubes are too stupid to even understand what is going on. This proves so called “democracy” is a crime against nature, you’ll never get good government lowered to the means of the common denominator. America: put a fork in it, it’s done.

  7. President Reagan was a great guy, and, as a symbol for our country, he was the very best.

    Yet, his handing over of our economy to Alan Greenspan, and the resulting sack of our manufacturing sector – and the resultant destruction of American smalltown life – is a terrible mark against his time in office.

    That said, President Reagan was not bad as Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, or most of those who came after him – Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. or Obama.

  8. “Putin Republican”
    This is just the sort of juvenile and intellectually bankrupt smear I’ve come to expect from the chickenhawk warmongers and NeoClowns. They are beyond pathetic and apparently incapable of reasoned and honorable discourse. Screw ’em!

  9. Nightowl, the Biden voters I see are all old people and the last of the baby boomers. These oldsters with their Biden T-shirts, “GOP: sedition”, and almost all wear masks as well. I’m not sure the young are that much into anything, but the oldies…it seems like the 60’s generation is not going out very well. The old gangster himself seems like a Reagan of the left; goes on and on about trains as if he was in love with Choo-choos. I’m 70 myself, and see these people as old fossils herding together. Especially the masks. Oldies love them.
    But I live in St. Louis, a union city, and unions are also a double whammy for this rot.

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