Review: Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod

James C. Burkee, Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod: A Conflict That Changed American Christianity

True story.

In recent years, American culture has taken a hard Satanic turn to the point where outright public celebrations of Satanism have entered the mainstream. Naturally, this has stirred many of us who are socially conservative and deeply opposed to these cultural trends, but who in the past have infrequently attended our churches to become more religious. In a time when drag queens are performing in churches, “trans” pastors are being ordained and children are being encouraged to mutilate their genitals, we can see and feel the very ground of our faith shaking beneath our feet.

At least in my case, I was looking at all of this and decided that this year we ought to start going to church more often and get more serious about our faith. I honestly didn’t know how else to respond. This is how we found ourselves in the present firestorm in LCMS. We began to hear that LCMS was going woke. We heard about Corey Mahler and the Stone Choir podcast. We watched in horror as Mahler was publicly condemned by the president of LCMS and banned from his church by the police.

This all happened over the span of a few weeks. It was the growth of outright Satanism in our culture which had spurred us to go to church. We went to church only to discover that a bunch of woke pastors in LCMS on Twitter considered us to be “evil” and “Satanic.” These people were publicly following multiple Antifa accounts and were openly working with Antifa to launch witch hunts to purge LCMS of “racists.” As they say, they are trying to “do better” by excommunicating the “racists” from LCMS. It is the same behavior that we see elsewhere from these people, but this time inside a church.

In the past, I had never paid much attention to church politics like 99% of other people who go to church on Sunday. LCMS has a public reputation for being the sane, conservative Lutheran Church. The overwhelming majority of LCMS members are conservative Trump supporters and a huge swath of the church has Christian nationalist views which are indistinguishable from my own. Thus, it was a shocking revelation to see how closely President Matthew Harrison, multiple LCMS pastors and LCMS leadership openly work with Antifa blogs and Marxist groups like “Lutherans for Racial Justice.”

Maybe I had been misinformed?

Maybe I had the wrong impression of this institution?

In 2013, I had married into an LCMS family. My father-in-law was a devout conservative Lutheran who was active in his church for years. I was already on the road to becoming a Lutheran long before I met my wife. It was studying Luther himself and the Lutheran Confessions and the history of the Reformation that attracted me and brought me into the faith. In my youth, I had been alienated from Christianity by the sort of people who publicly represent Christianity in our own times. Whether it was the “Judeo-Christianity” or the Prosperity Gospel of the George W. Bush era, I was repulsed by it. I only got over it after I began to see these people for what they are which is products of their own time and culture. Historic Christianity isn’t Dispensationalism or ELCA churches with ordained women and drag queen performances.

Still though, I never looked too closely into the history of LCMS. I didn’t see any reason too. From what I knew, the founder of LCMS, C.F.W. Walther, was a proud Missourian who hated communism and who denied that slavery was a sin. He supported states’ rights and protested having to “swallow the dog” and sign a loyalty oath to the Union after the War Between the States. The church itself was racially segregated for a century. It was originally a German-speaking ethnic church for German Lutherans which refused for a while to incorporate what is now the English District. It had Negro missions in the South. The Gospel was spread to blacks who formed their own congregations. It was no different than black Baptist or Methodist churches in the South. “Love thy neighbor” wasn’t interpreted to literally mean supporting miscegenation or communism. The LCMS refused to perform interracial marriages in all the states where the practice was banned for over a century. Miscegenation was considered abhorrent inside the church until the 1980s. No one was excommunicated for the “sins” of racism” or “white supremacy” which were unknown at the time. On the contrary, LCMS segregationists served at all levels of government, especially in Missouri. The LCMS didn’t condemn “racism” during the Civil War, Reconstruction era or the Jim Crow era.

The church that President Matthew Harrison describes and the “sins” of racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacy DID NOT EXIST a century ago. How did the church of C.F.W. Walther and John Behnken evolve into the church of Matthew Harrison? Why do Matthew Harrison’s views on race and sex contradict those of his predecessors which have more in common with the “alt-right”?

This is what led me to James C. Burkee’s book Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod: A Conflict That Changed American Christianity. The book is about the “Battle of the Bible” that culminated in a split between liberals and conservatives in the LCMS in the early 1970s. It isn’t specifically about the history of race inside the LCMS, but it does offer a window into what was going inside the LCMS during this turbulent transition period between the 1940s and the 1980s. Burkee’s thesis is essentially that a secretive conservative cabal led by Herman Otten (pictured above) and Jack Preus who was elected LCMS president in 1969 rode a wave of reaction to purge liberals from LCMS in 1974. In the decades that followed the Seminex period, American Lutheranism became more polarized as liberals found a home in the ELCA and conservatives found a home in the LCMS and WELS. Hence, the conservative reputation of LCMS and the liberal reputation of ELCA, which is more or less an accurate stereotype.

I’m not well versed enough in the details of the Otten-Preus purge of LCMS to comment on the matter. The facts are hotly disputed. There are still people who are trying to settle old scores over what happened back then decades later. The basic outlines of LCMS history though are still clear enough in Burkee’s narrative. When FDR was president, theological liberals took over LCMS and dominated the Synod until 1969. Jack Preus rode a wave of conservative reaction to become president of LCMS in 1969. There was a split in the Synod in 1974. Conservatives have dominated the Synod ever since. There was also a major falling out between Otten and Preus. Herman Otten, the publisher of Christian News, was blackballed and was a thorn in the side of LCMS for over half a century until his death in 2019.

Overall, the overwhelming impression that I got from Burkee’s book was that the history of LCMS mirrors the broad strokes of recent American history. Liberals dominated LCMS when the New Deal coalition was ascendant and lost power in the same wave of conservative reaction that ended it during the Nixon presidency. LCMS simply followed the Truman administration on integration and the Supreme Court after the Brown decision. In the 1960s, liberal activists pushed the same agenda both inside the church and in American politics by supporting the Civil Rights Movement. Before he became a Catholic neoconservative and the founder of First Things, Richard John Neuhaus claimed that he had helped push through a revolution in LCMS during the 1960s. John Behnken and key leaders of his generation were disillusioned with the young liberals who had taken over Concordia Seminary in the 1960s.

Conservatives came to power in LCMS in the 1970s. They were as ineffective in changing the direction of the Synod as they have been in American politics since the Reagan era. They blacklisted men like Herman Otten for “racism” and “Holocaust Denial.” They condemned Martin Luther himself for “anti-Semitism” in 1983. While the LCMS dialed back the aggressive Social Gospel activism and messaging after the split with liberals in the early 1970s, the seminaries were still full of yet another rising generation of young liberals who were heavily influenced by the latest trends of contemporary American culture. The LCMS continued to pass resolution after resolution denouncing “racism” at its various conventions in the 1980s and 1990s. In our own times, this inability to control and wield power inside institutions has produced a president and a generation of woke pastors who are now using Twitter to organize witch hunts to purge “racists” from the Synod. They are wielding power in unprecedented ways.

After reading this book, I now see that this isn’t anything new. Church politics has always been this Machiavellian in the Synod. A generation of liberals came up through the seminaries in the 1940s and 1950s. They seized power inside the Synod and became a mouthpiece for the Civil Rights Movement. It led to a cultural rift with the laity and a conservative reaction. Triumphant conservatives failed to purge the seminaries. The cycle is repeating itself as young liberals come up through the seminaries again and reinterpret church doctrine to conform to all the latest fads of our own times.

At the end of the day, a church is just another institution. It is full of people who inherit a tradition from the past, but who are influenced by the culture around them and the circumstances of their own time. The institution is also only as good as the men who control the institution. This kind of corruption is a perennial problem in the history of the church and really all institutions. It is not unique to the LCMS. The same problems can be found in all institutions in our society which is obsessed with “racism.”

I’m not sure what can be done about this drift. We can learn something though from Herman Otten’s pyrrhic victory over it in the 1970s.


  1. “At least in my case, I was looking at all of this and decided that this year we ought to start going to church more often and get more serious about our faith. I honestly didn’t know how else to respond.”

    Engagement and fighting is the right impulse, Sir – as you have always demonstrated.

    That said, it may be that the right strategy of engagement and fighting is not continuing where you are, for you do not wish to lend your presence to something vile.

    On the other hand, if you can reinforce the good where you are, then it is right to stay and do that.

    I have every faith in your wisdom that you will quickly figure it out.

    One thing I will say to you – there are no perfect churches, which is why my wife and I have to attend more than one.

  2. “one major denomination has grown in the last 20 years – the Assemblies of God. ”

    At least Assemblies of God had the good sense not to allow John Hagee a pastorship, because he’s a known adulterer.

  3. “church doctrine to conform to all the latest fads of our own times.”

    Once the judeo-social cancer gets a start, it spreads to all parts of the body of civilization. That’s the reason the sharp minded always wanted to cut it out on first diagnosis.

  4. How goes a Nation’s institutions, is how goes the Nation.

    At this point on the historical timeline, the controlling institution is The (((Deep))) State. It won’t be forever of course, but we must all suffer greatly before said suffering brings us to repentance and back to God.
    Only then can we begin to build new institutions that will set and hold the foundation of the future.

    PS- Congrats on the great family news.

  5. I was a member of the Wisconsin Synod. They were pretty theologically conservative. They tend to view LCMS as sliding towards liberalism.

  6. Such news are not bad. Coming out from the closet demonstrates that commies also think that they are very much exposed so pretending became worthless.

    This process is world wide. In the Europe, they also begun exposing themselves.

    In the very end there will be world wide battle between good and evil. Basically end times arrived.

  7. The only good thing, is that progressive churches inevitably decline. A church that isn’t any different inside from the world outside, simply hasn’t nothing to offer to anyone. All the mainline progressive churches are dying. Traditional churches are going to inherit the space they left. Traditional religious folks have children. The numbers of Amish alone in 100 years that have ben calculated by demographers would astonish you. They more than double their numbers every 20 years. Think many millions. This doesn’t include all the other conservative faiths either. And studies show most children keep the original faith in life. The Progression Left is going extinct in the long term.

  8. First off, HW, I am sorry you are having to deal with this.

    But, as you said, “At the end of the day, a church is just another institution.”
    Well, PROTESTANT CHURCHES are just institutions. Without the Pnevma, all man-made institutions are just that- man-made.

    I can only say that I (as a young man) was involved tangentially with an LCMS church in the 1970’s. I found it odd that the organist was gay, knowing that it was the MISSOURI SYNOD, after all. We all heard about Seminex, and we rejoiced at the ‘victory’ – but that was when I thought apostates and heretics would just slink away. I know now that nothing less than public executions -like the Inquisition- is/are the only ‘final solution’ to these sorts of problems. When I found out the pastor was also gay, and that the girl I was interested in, was ‘fine’ with gay clergy, and parishioners, well…. I left for greener pastures, relationship wise and theology wise…

    But that was the reality of the MO Synod, fifty years ago. I already knew the ELCA was WORSE (if possible) and that the WELS were deader than a doornail, even if they were ‘orthodox.’ I finally came to realize that it was because the Germans did not keep the Apostolic Succession, yet had a rather good liturgy- but it wasn’t enough.

    Our cowardice and inability to purge the evil from our midst, means YHWH GOd is going to give us a war, to do the very same thing we should have done, as His troops. “Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, GOD’S TRUTH ABIDETH Still… etc.”

    • @Fr. John…

      Yes, the Orthodox church seems to have less gays, but, they, we, still have them.

      That I know for a fact.

      Speaking of facts : in the private Episcopal prep school I attended, when ‘desegregation occurred’, the Librarian and the Choirmaster/English teacher were both men who constantly suffered the problems of same sex attraction.

      Everything was so very hush-hush then, so that I (having an uncle with the same affliction) seemed to be the only in the school who recognized that the 15 year old, who was our Choirmaster/English teacher ‘s constant companion, was something quite a bit more than that.

      Oh, yes, speaking of the Lutheran Denomination, my Uncle’s on again/off again lifetime lover, a man to whom I will be eternally grateful for his mentoring of me, was a Yankee who, until he came South, had been the organist of the main Lutheran church in the ridiculously wealthy/high society community of Stamford, Connecticut..

      On a final note I will quote an Iranian friend of mine, (he a martial arts teacher) who, when I mentioned all the faggotry in our churches, said it is the same way in Iran – that when one thinks of a mullah, the Persian thinks he is likely a fag.

  9. HW:

    > Maybe I had been misinformed?

    Not really, but few people genuinely know what has been going in in most places, especially churches.

    > Maybe I had the wrong impression of this institution?

    Yes, but (again) you would have to do some serious research to find out and correct your wrong impression. It’s entirely possible you are correct that the majority of those in the pews every Sunday are more like you. If so, a restorationist movement could be organized to throw out the likes of Harrison and the gang of Satanic infiltrators. Read Vox Day’s book Corporate Cancer. It describes how they do what they’ve done to LCMS. The pattern is always the same: Infiltration > Subversion > Inversion.

    They are the ones who need to be purged from the church – all churches. One starting point that can be useful is exposing the truth about St. Martin the Adulter, whose father simply proclaimed Michael King Jr. to be “Martin Luther King Jr.” one day – no doubt at the urging of his handler, the Communist Jew (redundant term – sorry) Stanley Levinson. Putting aside for a moment King’s totally reprobate behavior – which would have resulted in excommunication from any church worthy of the name – how is it that a “Christian” has an atheist communist “advisor”? Posthumous condemnation of MLK for what he was and what he did would be a good start, plus repudiation of all of his damned lies and falsehoods. Pull down the gods of the shitlibs. MLK is merely a tower of coprolite, nothing more. If you pull down this false god, most of the dindus will depart as he’s one of their chief gods as well.

  10. Those “conservative” LCMS fairies were threatened by a dynamic man Like Herman Otten who would name the Jew, and had a weekly newspaper to do it from.

    You see, they were deeply in sin and under Satan’s control. Their procedure was to go beg money from the banks whenever they wanted to do something. So they were owned by the banks, owned by Satan’s people.

    If you are looking for the missing piece, why it all went so wrong, look no further. You can be sure that the word was given to them, destroy that anti-semite or else there will be trouble with your loans.

    Not for nothing did the Law of God prohibit taking off intrerest, and St. Paul said straight out, owe nothing at all.

    • I plan to look deeply into how the churches all changed their theology to preserve their tax exempt status after the federal civil rights laws were passed.

      • That would be interesting research. The Revenue Act of 1954 passed under the leadership of the crypto-jew LBJ established the 501 section and determined the rules for non-profits. The form 990 which in which all eligible institutions must provide detail info about income and expenditures was set up in Revenue Act of 1943. An examination of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related legislation and what items were stuck into the tax code would be interesting. The stage was set at least ten years in advance. The immediate post-war era saw all sorts of goings on with the issue of race, which included Truman’s integration of the military (1948). There is a serious possibility that the Empire of Lies regime in Sodom-on-Potomac has de-facto control of all churches who claim non-profit status. Sooner or later they will be required to have tranny-hour in Sunday Schul and perform gay marraiages – because that’s what Schlomo wants.

  11. My biological parents were two college students who were also Lutherans and did not believe in abortion and put me up for adoption. Their only request was that I be raised Lutheran.

    I have some issues with some parts of Lutheran doctrine and asked my adoptive father if it would be okay to change denominations. He was very kind and said that I had been baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran and had fulfilled my biological parents request and now as an adult (I think I was like 38) I should be able chart my own path.

    Today, with so many Boomers having passed, most of of my extended family is Mormon. (And live in a state north of me.)

    A few of my closer family have basically all left Protestantism and are headed for Eastern Orthodoxy. Some of these are younger Millennials who were on the Chans and into the Alt-Right when I was in my Ron Paul phase.

    Currently Czar Putins Crusade against Clown World and the Satanic West is a driver in this direction.

    “Better to wear a Red Army helmet than subsist on a diet of Hamburgers in Brooklyn”

  12. I did comment the other day here that Turtle’s Chinese wife needs to throw him down the stairs again. It wasn’t serious but she seems to have done it all the same. Turtle is hospitalized with concussion, no sheet.

    Ventilate the Turtle, he really needs air!

  13. You see “Catholics” in almost at dead center, the overwhelming majority of people who self-identify as Catholics born since Vatican II (which has little to do with church attendance, fallen away Catholics self-describe as something) have had almost no meaningful religious instruction in the schools for over fifty years now. For most of them, there is zero exposure to any sort of Catholic media. Almost wonder if the Catholics being at the center is an artifact of how the exit polls were sampled.

    The truth is that it was Vatican II more than anything else that led to the collapse social conservatism in Western society. The end of the WWI and the vogue of the Reds in the interwar period had a lot to do with it, but Vatican II was the last straw. It also led to the collapse of “traditional liberalism” – a large chunk of support for the old GOP was made up of anti-Catholic liberals like Ike, a man who was raised by a mother in Charles Taze Russell’s cult, which at that time avowed Jewish supremacy. It’s quite possible Ike had a hand in fomenting Vatican II. It takes someone coming out of a subhuman cult (kike worshipping cults like Israel-centric evangelicals and followers of Nietzsche, who said “all antisemites should be shot” – ie deranged degenerates) like that to believe that traditional Catholicism was the problem with Western society.

  14. I see some of these “atheists” who were extreme evangelical fundamentalists or Jehovah’s Witnesses as adults and then became atheists on youtube. They seem to go off the deep end with silly Jesus was a mythical figure type fringe theories. Seeing their arguments seems silly to me since I was a non-believer my entire life, I never bought that story, I was always a skeptic about any sort of supernatural claims even though being forced to go to church as a kid so these people seem to me like 20 year olds just figuring out Santa Claus doesn’t exist and going off the deep end with their reaction.

    Still, I tend to notice among non-believers that most seem to think that all the social customs are all only a result of scripture and not adaptive behaviors that lead to group evolutionary success coded into ancient law that during the time was inseparable from religion. These young schlemiels I come into contact with think that we are “taught to hate” men in women’s clothes rather than this being a natural disgust in most healthy men for instance. This logic also raves against marriage saying it’s all made up and these serial breakups and lack of stable family are meaningless because it’s only because of some fables that we lived like this in the past. Rather than wise men knew that when the phase in early life of “picking a prom date” lasts throughout all of adulthood that society falls apart because men are preoccupied with adolescent issues instead of devoting their energies to building their society.

    Note that seeing the results of all this weed everywhere I can also tell that if in some prehistoric kingdom where everyone was stoned out and they had a neighboring kingdom where the monarch forbid the crap and had his men working hard, building an army, blacksmiths forging an arsenal. Then either the first king got his act together and stamped out the stuff, or his kingdom ended up conquered, his stoner men put to the sword, his female occupants taken away as booty, his farmland given to the male victors, and his crown taken away. Xi must love seeing these drugged out bums in Generation Bastard. These people are not going to be able to maintain a strong military and the so called “Second American Century” the neocons blather on about will come to a quick end.

    • “seeing the results of all this weed everywhere”

      Back to my thesis,
      spoiled brats squandering their rich racial patrimony.

  15. Does this ‘woke christianity’ wave perhaps show that the ‘christcuck’ criticisms are not so unfounded? … There are large inconsistencies in the Bible and over time those will tend to get exploited … one can almost always find a text to ground one viewpoint or another

    Just like homeschooling has become a necessity for many – maybe home religion also now becomes a good option? With all the other challenges of life, one doesn’t need a ‘church politics’ headache added to the mix.

    btw best wishes for family, Hunter … will light a candle for you

    In response to the ‘woke pastors’ posting on 4chan, it’s being noted by 4channers that, as polls show, Asian religions are much less antagonistic to ideas of national / ethnic / cultural / traditional identity … in the Asian, frame the particular is part of The One as much as the universal

    Asian reincarnation religions can be relatively a breath of fresh air … less legalistic & dictatorial … no binding holy books, less of the pronouncing / condemning ‘religious authority’ … more intrinsic freedom for following your conscience … you pick the teachers that suit your own path

    In some places, children are often even encouraged as they get bigger, to pick their own gods and goddesses to admire and add to the family home shrine (these gods & goddesses are all just emanations of the One, seen in another way … with you yourself being part of the One as well) … Asian faith not yet the choice for many here, but it’s good to keep in mind there are religions without ‘you MUST believe x’

  16. Has the United Methodist Church gone woke? Seems I remember reading something about a schism a short while back.That’s the church I attended with my family until I was seventeen (1977). It was moderate conservative back then. The sermons were all apolitical, non-controversial, and dry as dust (as Andy Griffith would say).

    • I was raised as a Methodist.

      I was alienated from that though and became an atheist in the 2000s. Then I was swiftly alienated from atheism.

  17. The Bible came late to Christianity, canonized in the 5th Century, and the OT was the Septuagint until the 16th Century and the Reformation. The destructive influence of Vatican II has gutted Catholicism, so the Eastern Orthodox churches are the last hope of Christianity.

    It is not ironic that after decades of Cold War it is the West that is communist, and Russia that is Christian.

  18. “At the end of the day, a church is just another institution. It is full of people who inherit a tradition from the past, but who are influenced by the culture around them and the circumstances of their own time. The institution is also only as good as the men who control the institution. This kind of corruption is a perennial problem in the history of the church and really all institutions. It is not unique to the LCMS. The same problems can be found in all institutions in our society which is obsessed with “racism.””

    Note that this observation is exactly what you’d expect if you believed that there was no God and that churches weren’t any different from other human clubs.

  19. BTW, looks like the Church of Woke has conquered the Franciscan University of Steubenville, formerly a place where Catholic traditionalism was in control. I’m sure the process was exactly the same as with all the others: Infiltration > Subversion > Inversion.

    Ann Barnhardt posted a letter to the bishop in charge, who will no doubt be laughing over it in the hot-tub with the hammer-boyz (you’ll have to axe Pelosi’s “husband” how that hammer thingy works).

  20. There are 20,000+ Christian sects and denominations throughout the world(look it up if you doubt that). Each one has some doctrine or belief that is different in some way from the next one. Most think they are the ones that have it most correct theologically speaking. My take on this after decades of searching? It’s all nonsense. It (faith/religion),
    is simply about man trying to deal with the problems of life and, this is the big one, his fear of death.

    • All religions were invented by men either to control other men or to attempt to answer questions they were unable to answer.

  21. I’m coming from another angle. I was raised as a southern baptist, dropped out of church when 19 because I got tired of “salvation this and salvation that.” I was out of religion for a long time, went to a conservative Unitarian church in Boston in the late 80’s, and went to an Episcopal church here in St. Louis because I enjoyed the rite, traditional, English music, and the rector was, again, fairly conservative. It is a very affluent church (Sen. Danforth is a member), and I got a lot of pleasure going, but in 2020, the church, under the bishop’s orders, shut up and went online. They stayed closed for months, then came back mask happy. Then, later that year, he retired and a new bishop was elected. he is black, from Barbados, a big homosexual rights activist, his “wife” is a man, and they adopted a boy. I decided this wasn’t for me, is contrary to the Bible, so I’m out. I miss the social life, rite, and music, but really, it’s an easy decision to make.
    It’s also kind of funny, because Episcopalians are 98 percent white, but every chance they get, they put a black in charge.
    So, I’m essentially irreligious, but it’s not a problem. Much of established religion is a facade anyway, especially Episcopalianism, because it’s the main church of the ruling class, and God is always second place to…ruling.

    Go back to baptists? Ugh. I don’t like the format, the 30 minute long sermons. All the old hymns I like are gone. Now they have orchestras and twangy “new Christian” music which is abhorrent. Agnosticism has its quiet, peaceful merits.

  22. What are the backgrounds of these pastors that cuck for antifa? Where do they get their income?

    • For the most part through parasitism. One established as a pastor, they are paid by the church itself, which is largely supported via members’ offerings and tithes. Of course starting with the Sodom-on-Potomac’s aiding “faith-based” organizations with tax dollars (often to re-settle black rapefugees in white areas) the offerings and tithes constitute less of the funding pie. I suspect most organized churches are hooked on Uncle Schmuel’s diet of fake money by now. People simply don’t understand the tremendous power that fake money imparts. Think of a Monopoly game in which one player has a printer under his chair and he can print bills any time in any quantity. Even if he’s a less-than-average player in terms of skill, he will eventually own the board as he can never run out of money while sooner or later even the smartest player without this unlimited funding advantage will have to sell out. That’s the Judeo-Masonic “free-market” or “capitalism” which morons like Rush Limbaugh always defended. Simply put, there is nothing free about a rigged-market.

      Before the cuck pastors attached themselves like leeches to the denomination, they no doubt received funding from NGO’s backed by the usual suspects – who have access to the unlimited funds. Watch and see what happens with the Silicon Valley bank. You can absolutely bet on all of the chosenites getting bailed out by the private banking cartel known as the “Federal Reserve”. Others will simply lose their money. It will not be well-reported, if it’s reported at all. Yellen already signaled she’ll “help out” the most important “victims” (of their own greed and avarice).

      • Good stuff and I agree. I think once the money is thoroughly tracked we will know far much more if not all. NGO’s are federal intelligence front groups masquerading as whatevers (charities/activists) with private corporation/bullshit citizen status simply to operate on DC’s behalf and usurp compliance to the pesky Constitution and bill of rights.

  23. When it comes to Churches and their tax exempt status one bnb of the biggest battles involved Bob Jones University. Might even be a good place to start researching.

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