National File: Soros Prosecutor Charges Men for Carrying Tiki Torches in Charlottesville 6 Years Later

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that James Hingeley is up for reelection in November. If you live in Albemarle County, you should definitely vote for his opponent.

Yes, I am fully aware of the latest developments in the People’s Republic of Cville. It is a clusterfuck which never ends. Apparently, the law has changed between 2017 and 2023, and now the argument is that what wasn’t a crime back then is now a crime because a new Soros-funded prosecutor is in office.

National File:

“The Soros-funded prosecutor of Albemarle County, Virginia has had multiple men indicted nearly 6 years after the mostly peaceful “Unite the Right” rally for the newly-invented crime of “carrying a tiki torch with the intent to intimidate.”

James Hingeley, the Soros-funded prosecutor of Albemarle County, Virginia has unsealed the indictments of at least 3 men who have been charged with “carrying a tiki torch with the intent to intimidate,” a whopping 6 years after they marched in Charlottesville in support of Civil and Revolutionary War monuments.

According to electronic court records, James Hingeley’s Soros-funded prosecutor’s office in Albemarle County, VA has charged William Zachary Smith, of Nacona, Texas, Tyler Bradley Dykes, of Bluffton, South Carolina, and Dallas Medina, of Ravenna, Ohio with tiki torch crimes.

They all face a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. …”

Elections have consequences.

This one flew under the radar in 2019. Albemarle County elected its own version of Alvin Bragg.

“For his part, Tracci says Hingeley is part of a “political prosecution movement in which the commonwealth’s attorney is a political activist rather than a legal advocate.” He is “already expressing a reluctance to bringing felony offenses and that has consequences that are not good for public safety,” says Tracci.

“We don’t have authority to summarily disregard the law,” says Tracci, who suggests Hingeley is running for the wrong job and should be seeking a seat in the General Assembly to change the laws with which he disagrees.

“I have a different approach,” says Hingeley. “I know a lot about what is driving criminal behavior.”

Should we participate in mainstream politics?

Virginia is the one of the strongest arguments in favor of doing so that comes to mind:

  • Gov. Ralph Northam and the Democrat-controlled Virginia state legislature used their power to remove Virginia’s heritage protection law which resulted in the destruction of Confederate monuments all over Virginia.
  • Democratic mayors allowed BLM and Antifa mobs to riot all over Virginia, especially in Virginia and Petersburg, and vandalize all sorts of monuments.
  • The whole saga of Charlottesville was caused by a setup by local officials and Gov. Terry McAullife who pulled police protection from the Unite the Right rally.
  • Virginia is unquestionably better off today under Gov. Glenn Youngkin and its Republican-controlled state legislature which put an end to the chaos.
  • Finally, it turns out there was a significant difference between Robert Tracci and James Hingeley, which is going to have a meaningful impact on our community.

Anyway, I changed my mind on this subject after the George Floyd riots. At the state and local level, I developed a new appreciation for Gov. Kay Ivey and the Republican-controlled state legislature after watching how their counterparts in Oregon, Washington, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Virginia used their offices to wield power. Even the most worthless cucked Republicans who do nothing but suck up oxygen are in obstacles to the sort of abuse of power we see in Charlottesville.


  1. This is shameful……….anyway I hope that they start to prosecute Evan McLaren who was there and now is very happy to endorse left -wing.

    • blks get to riot, loot, burn and murder without consequence.
      WHITES hold a peaceful protest and go to prison.

      Welcome to jewish justice.

      • Yes because only leftists whites (antifa especially) have the right to protest according to them. I repeat… hope is that nobody of our friends go in prison and that if they have to start a prosecution, i hope they start with McLaren who was there and is now a very left-wing person (or traitor if you want to call him correctly).

        • he is literally retweeting the accounts trying to dox everyone who was there. He also states that the law was clearly broken on that night back in 2017. ?

          • Yes dear Bonnie…….this happen because McLaren is a worm, a traitor in the pure sense of the term. Instead Ken Parker and others are simply living their lives (some still right-wing) without harm their old friends.

  2. I’ll be curious to see how the governors race in Kentucky plays out. Seems like an easy pickup for R’s. The frontrunner is a coon though.

    I’m working on figuring out how to help the Ag Commissioner instead. Its early yet.

    HW. What are your thoughts on that situation. Better to back a coon with an R next to their name, or stay home and let the status quo white democrat win, knowing the supermajority in the statehouse keeps him from being anything but the governor of Louisville, Lexington and South suburban Cincinnati?

    • Cameron is as boring a GOPe corporate whore as you can get. A McConnel puppet. He might win anyway because the incumbent is so liberal but I’d just as soon he lose.

  3. This also demonstrates how important C`ville was. Jew screamed in pain all over the planet Earth. Something important for them went broke and hopefully soon we will know what exactly.

    This is not the first time. A lot of pointless battles in periphery later became events that changed history. Leonidas with his 300 Spartans most known but other battles more important.

    • There is now a TV commercial whining about how jews are the largest victims of “hate crime” attacks and how you should post some stupid blue box thing to show solidarity with the poor things.

  4. I wonder, were there any specific things outside of just carrying the tiki torch and marching with the crowd that these 3 fellows have been accused of?

    To my general knowledge, there were well over 250 people in that march, maybe 4-500, who knows? Are hundreds more indictments in the works? Is Charlottesville building a new prison to house all these thought “criminals”? Or are these 3 guys just the low hanging fruit because “reasons”?

      • “Show me the Man and I will show You the Crime,” the new motto of the so-called “Justice Dept. (sic)”. Merrick Garfinkle’s toadies around the country want to get promoted from the minors to the big leagues in Washington and this is the way to do it. There should be an endorsement written at the top of each indictment so you know it’s authentic, similar to the way politicians end their TV ads: “I am Laurentia Beria and I approve this message.”

      • Right.

        The prosecution probably can’t win this case in the long run. They might get a conviction at trial with a stacked jury, but they will lose on appeal under the precedents in Texas v. Johnson and Brandenburg v. Ohio.

        In the meanwhile, they will ruin the lives of the defendants and bankrupt them with legal fees. The strategy is that the arrest is the punishment — “you can beat the rap but you can’t beat the ride.”

        It is becoming very commonplace to persecute (not prosecute) defendants who are on the wrong side of wokeness and political correctness in this manner, while letting actual violent criminals free if they are nonwhite or leftist.

        It is absolutely intended to send a message. So is what they did to Trump. “Want to challenge The System? Look what we can do to a celebrity billionaire who is a former president, now imagine what we can do to you little people.”

      • Yep, to set precedent, exactly.

        This is the very reason WHITES can’t unite.
        Each time WHITES attempt racial solidarity, unified political action,
        ((They)) send in the thugs, then the bought police, then the corrupt politicians followed up by the ((controlled)) media to twist the narrative.

        We are up against a highly organized network of malefactors.

      • “The idea is to set a precedent”

        It’s also political intimidation.
        “You go against the ((agenda)), we’ll put you in prison.
        At the very least, we’ll bankrupt you in court and smear your name for life.”

  5. “Should we participate in mainstream politics?”

    After Cocaine Mitch signed the 1.7 trillion Omni-monster I have lost a great de as l of interest in the politics.

    Republicans are now finding museums to the gays in New York and all sorts of other diversity & equity monstrosities. Basically the GOP is in line with funding Clown World. Blech.

    Also Trump put out another rendition of those horrible NFT trading cards. There is even one of Trump dressed like Elvis Pressley! Unpresidential and tacky.

    Right now I would probably vote for Tulsi Gabbard.

    • I would vote for Tulsi or even Larry Elder before I vote for the orange clown.

  6. This distressing C-Ville case illustrates one of the major failures of mainstream conservatism: the belief that we are a government of laws, not a government of men.

    The reality is that any law is always subject to interpretation, and the intentions of an individual interpreter in a position of legal authority can make all the difference: night or day, illegal intimidation or legal protest, Black or White.

    Who wields political power matters.

  7. You prosecute one you have to prosecute them all. There are pictures of Richard Spencer carrying a tiki torch. And if they are going to prosecute all these people, then you can not help but link this to Trump and his 20 plus pending court cases. I can not help but think this is to help Trump. But why do they want to help Trump?

  8. “You prosecute one you have to prosecute them all.”

    That’s not even the slightest bit true. There’s no legal statute anywhere that compels a prosecutor in an all-or-none way. That’s how they get to do the whole “informant” thing.

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