Happy 134 B’Day Dad. Bud Lite Parody Music Video

Castrate American Boys, Celebrate with Cow Pis* Lite Beer

Wishing all OD readers and just everybody trying to oppose evil and stupidity in Kali Yuga – happy 134 Birthday Dad!

Here ‘s an AMAZING, extremely funny music video parody about the advertising, marketing disasters of Bud-Lite. I wasted huge, HUGE amounts of time and $ money getting an MBA in the #1 MBA PROGRAM IN THE USA, an MBA marketing degree from (Howard?) Stern New York University. We did a case study on the terrible advertising and marketing program of Schlitz Beer in the 1970s which killed the then very popular Schiltz beer brand (it’s come back as a nostalgia retro beer).

Here’s the link – isn’t the singer beautiful? Sexy in a non slutty way and yeah, very funny. Humor is a great weapon in these humorless days.

Link Bud-Lite Parody Music Video


    • Fascinating parody advertisement. It suggest that ordinary people back in the day were well aware of gay subcultures, were not hostile in any meaningful way and gays appeared to not mind being made fun of with this sort of skit. Truly the late 80s and early 90s were a golden era of live and let live.

      But it also shows that if you compromise with such subcultures the boot ends up stomping you in the face.

  1. I am impressed that there is such a strong reaction to the Bud Lite propaganda. It is events like this that has me more optomistic about the United States than some people on this website.

    Granted it might not immediately change the trends but it is a good start.

    • This is the reason you see universal blanket use of black faces in all commercials, so the buying public can’t boycott one product and turn to another.
      There is no alternative.

      • Arrian,

        Yes and I find this disgusting. I am never sure if most whites recognize the insult involved. Until fairly recently I was at a Texas school with an anglo minority and they were always careful when discussing racial matters.

        When my latin classmates and myself discussed such matters we spoke in Spanish among ourselves for we are never sure when dealing with outsiders if they can be trusted. Trust has to be earned not just given.

      • “””…can’t boycott one product and turn to another…..””””

        Germans couldn’t break the Maginot line so they went around it. Don’t boycott, attack from different direction.

        Why those woke corporation executives are all white ? For me, there could be serious racism issue. In the modern society, we can not accept that board of international company looks like Wehrmacht HQ or KKK rally somewhere in the 1930thies. Why there are so many white faces when so many talented colored youth don’t have a chance ? All our economic problems are caused by simple fact that corporate boards are too white.

        They enrich us with diversity, we should enrich them back. Get them all unemployed for diversity.

        • Juri,

          You are clever. Subtlety is called for. Your people are not mine but your enemies are mine or I would not be here.

        • Juri,

          You once again have excellent insights, having lived through the joys of The People’s Democracy. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander so it’s the joys of diversity for one and all, not just the little people, starting with the CEO class. Of course, hypocrisy is a virtue for them so that won’t happen.

          I believe a gross injustice is being committed by firing the woke bitch who dreamed up this fag stunt for Bud Light. She should be promoted to CEO and the White guy CEO fired immediately. Also, make this revolting, mentally ill degenerate guy who thinks he is a woman the official mascot of Budweiser instead of a team of horses.

          Their beer tastes like shit anyway.

  2. Sorry Dogbane, your comment was (sadly) prophetic. But I choose not to promote this type of queerdom. It might have been funny back in this day (but I could never really stand Adam Sandler even before I was fully aware of the JQ, he was just so annoyingly J). And the death of Chris Farley wasn’t a good story for our people, similar to John Belushi.

    But thanks for your comment which did directly address our OD post. That’s something I want to stress now for the future of OD.

    Please read our blogs and make comments that directly address the blog.

    God bless you sir and God help us in these difficult times as our civilization seems to be falling down all over the place. Sigh.


    • ” our civilization seems to be falling down all over the place”

      “Nubians (blacks), the destroyers of civilization” ancient Egyptian inscription

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Arrian brought up something that I and every one else has noticed is that commercials are dominated by blacks. I recently got my family to drop Netflix since I heard that there was going to be a movie on Cleopatra featuring a black Cleopatra.

      As long as people support such garbage it will continue. If you answer remember that I am only here for the weekend. I leave Sunday evening. I now live in beautiful Mexico.

      History is my favorite subject and a passion and I never accept garbage.

      By the way you might recognize that I will no longer address insulting comments to me. Tell that to your friend November.

      It should be noted that I am more pro white than the average Americano.

      • Will do. We’re always honored to have such a well read, classy, cultured Latina Lady honoring us with her presence. I do hope you do like the 3 Latina wives of Cowboy actor John Wayne did – marry a big, strong White Anglo man. You as the mom have the right to give your sons and daughters Spanish names and culture. Do you like the 1970s American popular, rock singer Linda Rhondstad ( I think she’s half Mexican on her mothers side and half German White – hence the German name Rhonstadt. For many years she denied her Mexican heritage, but in later years she embraced it and recorded many romantic Mexican folk songs.

        Also, have you seen the classic Western movie High Noon starring Garry Cooper? I really like the Dark eyed, dark haired Mexican Latina woman that ran the local hotel and dated the top White Anglo men in the town including Garry Cooper and she had some very good woman to woman talks with the strict religious Quaker bride to be Grace Kelly. This is one of my favorite movies – John Wayne hated it – said it was “UnAmerican” the main writer of the script of this movie had Communist sympathies.

        I’ll let November know about your wishes. He’s more of a former acquaintance not a real friend as I haven’t seen him in over 30 years and he doesn’t want to meet with me in person though he doesn’t live very far away. I want to do more productive activism in the real world.

        Can I ask you to maybe do some match making for me/us in Mexico? Have you heard of the movement, phrase “Passport Bros” there are some very interesting passport bro videos with the lovely, traditional Christian ladies form the Philippines, that’s a very similar culture to your Christian Catholic Mexico.

        God bless you Miss Christiana.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          You took the time to write me such a beautiful detailed letter that I am obligated to respond in kind.

          Paragraph 1–Oh yes. I like John Wayne. He obviously had great taste in women. Would I marry an Anglo? Yes, but he would have to be exceptional. My charms are not lightly bought.

          Oh my. You brought up Linda Rondstadt. I love her songs. I also have some German blood on my grandfather’s side. As a side note my great grandfather is Ignacio Centeno born in Zacatecas in 1899. He lived until the 21st century.
          The Federals monitoring this site already know who I am so no problem here.

          Paragraph 2–Yes. I love High Noon and the song. Gary Cooper is great. I love all the traditional American cowboys. They are manly. I did not see anything communist about it and I abhor communism.

          Paragraph 3-I appreciate you telling November that enough is enough.

          Paragraph 4- Matchmaking? Well my older sister has a boyfriend. She is cute and friendlier than me for I am somewhat prickly like a cactus. Which is obvious.

          If this does not play it is Do not Forsake Me My Darling

          Grace Kelly is pretty.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          All things considered I have to consider that a website like this is just about the only game in town in the USA. I was recently on Yahoo comments section spending time listing off many examples on race historically and their “moderators” refused to post any of my pertinent comments.

          It violated their policy despite my mild tone and comments. Liberal democracy??? I now understand why other commentators on Yahoo beat around the bush and could only nibble on the issue of race.

          A waste of my time to go against the Party Line on Yahoo.

      • The very lovely and very, very well read Latina Miss Christiana noticed that:

        “Mr. Ryan,

        Arrian brought up something that I and every one else has noticed is that commercials are dominated by blacks. I recently got my family to drop Netflix since I heard that there was going to be a movie on Cleopatra featuring a black Cleopatra.”

        I respond. Yes this is true. The worst thing in my life that I did was to waste huge amounts of time and $ money getting a worthless (to me) MBA degree in Marketing from Stern New York University then judged the #1 MBA program in America – ha ha.

        I sort of got steered in to either a product management marketing position (like that idiot woman who killed the Bud lite Brand) or Advertising – heavily, heavily Jew dominated at the top same as Hollywood. Just speaking out some very mild criticism of this woke, anti White male agenda got me blacklisted, stabbed in the back by the WOKE bitch (White) Women at Stern Career placement sigh.

        We have so many, many things to oppose this anti White, J, BLM, homoturn anti White, anti Traditional America agenda- one simple thing to do is to 100% walk away from it, same as the White Amish have successfully done – cut you’re cable, cancel your Netflix and Amazon Prime – write some “Here’s why I/we left letters and emails.

        The $1 advertising insider source is “Adweek” magazine, internet site. We need to identify the specific real world, flesh and blood enemies/traitors that produced this worst ever Bud Lite Tranny advertising and marketing campaign.

        Again, I’m repeating myself. But, We have to get away from 75 years of Conservative failure of just complaining about bad institutions like “The Liberal Media”, “Big Business”, “The Banks”, or even “The Blacks or the Js”.

        Saul Alinsky makes this one of his fundamental principles in Rules for Radicals:

        Make the conflict PERSONAL – identify real, flesh and blood adversaries and take the fight to them personally. DOn’t just sit at home, bitch and moan and complain about impersonal institutions.

        Thanks Christian.

        I’l try to do some research on my own and identify who, what, where did this horrible, worst ever Bud Lite Trannie Advertising campaign.


        • Mr. Ryan,

          I am sorry that white women betrayed you. I do not understand going against one’s people. What you wrote is foreign to me. I do believe that conservatives are paid off and are useless.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I did tell Netflix why our Netflix subscription was cancelled. One of the best ways to hit the enemy is to deny them time and money. The subscription was around 200$ a year.

          Why pay to be insulted?

          Only my older sister and I ever watched it. The rest of my family could not care less about Netflix at all.

          Having a MBA is impressive. Sounds like you were too trusting. A common white American characteristic I have noticed. I have been taught to only be completely honest with family and close friends.

          I think it is much easier to be evasive, clever, and more protective of what we really think by being female and latin. We are less trusting and we have more guile. We inherited a lot from Eve.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          Yes. I noticed that Grace Kelly is very pretty. We always notice the beauty and figures of other females. Why? Well we are always in competition for males. Call me petty if you will but I was glad to notice that she is slender up top like myself.

          She has the classical anglo-saxon look and represents one of the most beautiful examples of your people.

      • “movie on Cleopatra featuring a black Cleopatra”

        Cleopatra was a blonde, how will they work that in ?

      • “It should be noted that I am more pro white than the average Americano”

        So very true.
        A really sad commentary on my society.

        This site should be loaded with anglo women and girls, they are the ones a greatest risk.

        It takes a Mexican girl to show up 99% of WHITES.
        Really sad .

        • Arrian,

          May I politely point out that there will never be a lot of girls on here anglo or otherwise because of how many demented people you have here. I am more pro white than the anglo girls and it is a struggle to be here.

          I have caught hell from family and friends for being here. Your enemies are worse than this website I think. I used to show comments and articles to classmates when I was new here and they were repelled.

          The articles they liked but the people on here? The comment section made them sick to their stomachs as it does me at times.

          In real life I am pro white but when I come here I become less pro white. Think upon that please. No. This has nothing to do with you. This also has nothing to do with jay Ryan who censors out the real garbage more than Wallace does.

          If you reply I hope it is before I leave this evening. I come back on a weekend to be determined.

          Anyway in real life I am doing wonderful and I believe Mexico will stumble on like it has for centuries. As for los estados unidos? If Sodom and Gomorrah is any example then…..


          • Yes, this is always a problem with American White race realist blogs, or just old right, alternative Right, dissident right web sites. Most have needed reader comments or are heavily moderated.

            I’ve always tried to keep comments on my blogs, moderated, on topic. Hunter’s comment guidelines rules are very sensible. Also this gets down in to how men and women, males and females interact and have always and will always interact. I watch a lot of Afrian lion nature vides – and the African Lions are probably my favorite animal on planet earth – much better than 98% of Human animals, and we are humans.

            The African Lions have a “pride” it’s all adult females and their cubs with only one mating adult male in the Pride. The female adults treat their cubs male and female the same, but when their male cubs get to be between 2-3 the adult females kick them out and they become “Nomad” male lions.

            Human animals are similar and my experience is that adult males and female animals don’t much get along on comment sections on American WN blogs.

            It’s most a guy thing, occasional we get a great female on the comments, everybody wants to flirt with her, the other females hate her and well.. the comment section goes down.

            M”thinks we need more real life clubs, activities and these should be either all male, all female or if mixed, have lots of rules and standards. Thanks Miss Christiana.

          • “there will never be a lot of girls on here anglo or otherwise because of how many demented people you have here”

            Yes, afraid you’re right.

            As a man, i just dismiss the trolls, tards and pervs, whereas women seem to give them serious consideration. I wish that women would be callous to those kooks and deny them the attention they’re seeking.

            Yep, good moderation is essential to developing a productive community, otherwise it devolves into a pimply adolescent squabble, a time killer.

            All the best in Mexico.

          • “jay Ryan who censors out the real garbage more than Wallace does.”

            HW’s strong commitment to Free Speech often cancels out his better judgement, plus he’s overwhelmed by the volume of comments.

          • I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by life for the past two months. I’m determined though to get back on track. I plan to start by at least keeping the site updated and the comments approved.

  3. Excuse me, Cristina,

    On the previous OD blog post’s comments section, I left up a comment addressed specifically toward you.

    Would you please partake in the delight of replying to my post?

  4. Plus, what sane rational human being, let alone White person would deliberately and consciously damage their most prized asset, the brain, in exchange for a temporary boozy high? Not only does most beer taste like utter shit, it’s going to turn you into a retard should one become an alcoholic.

      • Arrian,

        Sorry to get back to you this late but until the summer I am only here for weekends always yet to be determined.

        Your explanation on Hunter Wallace’s probable reasoning on his less strict moderation was probably the best explanation possible.

        Also if you remember all my friends and classmates had no problems with the articles even ones we did not understand or even disagreed with. It was always the comment section which I agree is less demented than 3 years ago.

        Remember a website and a belief system is not just the beliefs themselves but are also the people who hold such beliefs since it is people that make or break a cause. Everyone on here including myself should always act with decency and dignity.

        Of course depending on the definition no one ever went to hell for being a white nationalist. It would take other actions and beliefs to do that.

        I am pro white but not a WN. That would be very silly for someone like me.

  5. I remember when the song this was based on, December, 1963 (Oh What a Night) came out in early 1976. By the Four Seasons, better known for their string of hits from the early and mid 60’s. I was in the 10th grade.

  6. Those old Schlitz beer ads are infamous.

    To cut costs and increase volume, the company started using cheaper ingredients. The beer tasted horrible and didn’t keep as long. So in 1977, the company started running ads that basically said: “Drink Schlitz or I’ll kill you.” Snarling dogs, the works. I was playing in nightclubs at the time, and customers would walk up to the bar and say “Give me a beer. Anything but Schlitz.”

    The brand never recovered. For a beer that was once the number one brand in America, it’s only a shadow of its former self.

    Sort of like the way America’s going to be a shadow of itself after the current disastrous war-of-choice in Ukraine and the next disastrous war-of-choice coming up in Taiwan.

    • Thanks you “Foursquare Neighborhood Band”. Yes your memory is correct. Schlitz beer did all those bad stupid, things. What you reported here, we studied in our Stern NYU MBA Marketing case study. Schlitz marketing and product quality were all terrible whereas with Bud Lite the product has always been terrible, but for some reason working class Whites tolerated it until this worst ever advertising Trannie campaign and the terrible – “We don’t apologize or admit we did anything wrong, we’re just sorry that we somehow are accused of not bringing Americans together and have fallen it to devisions that well, that’s TRUMP, MAGA fault.”

      • Thanks, Jaye

        Budweiser has usually had decent marketing because they understood their market: regular working guys who like to drink a lot of beer; not vulnerable, mentally ill men dressed in women’s clothing who are being defrauded by the Medical-Industrial Complex into believing the cruel, absurd lie that modern medicine has the power (at great expense) to transform them into women, and that this will cure their mental illness.

        Over 40 years ago, in my last year of medical school, I scrubbed in on a vaginoplasty of what we referred to back then as a sex-change patient. I learned that the pre-op and post-op psychological consultations were showing that the operations did not resolve the patients’ chief complaint of confusion, unhappiness, and suicidal ideation.

        But Bud Light and castration with penectomies do prove that with good marketing, you can sell anything to a lot of us Americans – even a liquid that tastes like cold urine in a can or the concept that men can have babies.

        That’s what this movement needs: better marketing. We have a much better product, and it doesn’t even need to be much better. It just needs to be: 1) doable and 2) marginally less insane.

  7. You are just not going to have Sheneneh Jenkins on a can of Bud Lite or visiting Joe Biden at the White House. It is just not going to happen. This tranny stuff is being sold to your kids, white kids, the young and impressionable as an alternative life style. And sadly enough some are going to take the bait and are going to be led astray and suffer greatly. Lets talk about haters, lets talk about those who hate the innocent and wish do destroy their lives. Lets talk.

  8. Mr. Ryan,

    Thank you for your reply down below somewhere. I leave this evening. Have you ever pondered on the fact that many white nationalists are just evil and stupid? And full of hate?

    Your enemies are also but really when no one and I mean no one neither anglo or latin that I have exposed this website to thinks much of this site?

    And no they are not liberals. None of my latin friends/classmates have a high opinion of jews or blacks.

    It is really time for you people to do some soul searching. While you might the rest of the pack on here will not. The only strength you gather is that your enemies are incredibly demented otherwise you would not get much traction.

    Currently I view White Nationalism as evil versus other evils and that is not much of a moral option.

    Maybe it is me who should do soul searching on why I am here. My side is winning after all.

    • Good Sunday afternoon Miss Critina,

      I don’t waste a lot of time “pondering that fact that many or even MOST American White nationalists are just evil, stupid, full of hate”. More like just observing and noticing this sad fact – similar to noticing that too many, even the majority of White Americans in Red States waste at least 5 days out of the week worshipping Black criminal basketball and football players and eating junk food and crappy beer like Bud Lite.

      The Js have a word for these/our people – “Dumb Goyim” – cattle. We have some slightly less hostile descriptive words like “Couch potato”, “J TV addicts”, “Patriotards”. Here are the four main devision in our American White poor and working class:

      Good Ol Boys
      White Trash

      I strongly strongly receomend anyone on our side reading OD, stick with just the top two for education and activism. The bottom two can not be saved, they will only bring us down.


      Mis Christina – are you familiar with the very intelligent, well read like you Greek, French moved to India writer, religious and philosophy/history writer Savitri Devi – her best works IMO are “Impeachment of Man” and “The Lighting and the Sun”. She like so many top level White Europeans pretty much lost faith in Most things Christian Europe after the White brothers wars, slaughters of World War I and what came after. Savitri Devi went to India to seek the original, uncorrupted Aryan Indu religion, philosophy and she found it.

      Well, I’ve written too much – don’t mean to push you as I’m sure your family knows best.

      But… it’s time for you to find a good husband, find a mate and procreate.

      Sending you my best from Chicago in Kali Yuga – our Nordic White mother Nature has helped us delay the next Black under Wilding mobs, but making it very cold, snow flurries yesterday and this is one week from May.

      God(s) Bless you Miss Christina – here is one way that I think White Europeans have an edge over higher caste Mexicans and South and Central Americans – our pre Christians Gods, Myths are a lot better than the Aztec, Mayan gods, human sacrifices cutting out the still beating hearts of their sacrificial slave victims to brutal Sun Gods – one big reason the local, minority native Indians accepted Spanish Catholic Christian colony rule – anything had to be better than Mayan, Aztec torture and slavery. I take it you saw Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto? That movie and Braveheart were the only two Mel Gibson movies I liked and still like, though Braveheart is just a little anti English – (Yah think?) 🙂

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Yes. I have seen both those movies. I liked Braveheart immensely. Apocolypto was essentially a copy of the Naked Prey with Cornell Wilde from a long time ago.

        I will find a mate in due time. I have a few more good decades left. Being married cannot stop me from thinking and analyzing.

        I am not familiar with Savitri Devi. Yes. I agree that I find the Vikings fascinating. I have watched all those old American movies like –The Vikings, The Warlord, Prince Valiant, King Arthur (the one with Robert Taylor) not the modern one.
        They are wonderful.

        Do I find pagan Indians fascinating? No. There was a movie I saw a couple of years ago that I forgot the name of but it had Yul Brynner in it and it was about Mayans or something. It was not bad.

        I am not sure how accurate the history of Braveheart was. The battle where Wallace won had a bridge I believe. That was lacking in the movie. Unlike many I was not especially thrilled with his Passion of Christ movie. Seemed unnecessarily brutal but others seem to disagree with me.

        The Spanish army that destroyed the Aztecs at the final battle had way more Indian allies than Spanish troops in it. Those Indian tribes to this day support the Spanish versus the deranged Aztecs. I read that in 2021 at the 500th anniversary of the conquest.

        • “pondered on the fact that many white nationalists are just evil and stupid? ”

          Since there isn’t any real structured organization, any shambling derelict can call himself WN.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        I will take to heart your four classifications of whites up above. After all if I was stuck on the side of the road it would be the Good Ole Boys and the Rednecks that would be among the first to help me.

        So in their honor I post Redneck Girl by Bellamy’s.

        • Thanks Miss Christina,

          Yes, I remember this simple country and western song “Redneck Girl” – you have good taste in music and seemingly good taste in most things that count.

          I have good taste in women… that’s why I’m usually alone.

          Ha ha

          I had and still have great hopes for Hispanic Latins in El Salvador, Colombia, Spain and elsewhere. I must stay that Hispanics here in Chicago really, really fell down – allowed worst ever, incompetent, “let the Black brothers loot, steal, kill” BLM District Attorney and now mayor elected CTU/ Chicago/Communist Teachers union basically take full power here in Chicago. And Hispanics are now > in population than Black African Americans. My Mexican American friend and business partner has all kinds of excuses, says Hispanics are playing a longer, winning game.

          I don’t see it.

          Have you heard about “Passport Bros” – Filipina women (part Hispanic, with similar religion and culture of traditional rural Mexican Catholic girls) seem to be the main interest for American men fleeing American/Western women – where do you recommend I go to be….

          “A Passport Bro”


          • Mr. Ryan,

            This is a subject that deserves some thought. i was going to bed shortly so my answer might be incomplete.The Colombians speak the Spanish closest to Spain. I have been told that women from Argentina and Chile are wonderful. I went to school with an Argentinian girl that was really beautiful and sweet.

            I have never heard of Passport Bros. I will look into it to see about it.

            As for the Latin question in Chicago? That is disappointing. I have asked my grandmother why we help allow blacks more than they deserve. After all we outnumber them nationally 2 to 1. In the Southwest even more.

            The answer I received was that many latins in America are not citizens and that we are dealing with anglos as well. The rich Anglo and Jewish money usually goes to blacks as far as I am aware when it comes to political backing.

            All due respect to your friend but I do not support or agree with some wispy “long game”. Why wait? As far as I am aware there are way more Hispanic politicians than 30-40 years ago. Hispanics are usually busier working and not causing trouble than blacks are.

            Black power seems nation wide while Latin power is mostly concentrated in certain areas. Also latins except the Cubans support Democrats and that party is dominated by Jews and blacks.

            Your question will take more analysis and I will ask questions.

            Until manana.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            This will take several parts or my article would be too long. Are American white girls that bad? My experiences in school are that they are okay. Perhaps private school Catholic Anglos differ from mainstream. Yet there are regions in the USA with more traditional whites like Texas and the South.

            Would not pickings be lucrative in those regions? It could also be that once they graduate from high school society then gets a grip on them and they turn just like in that old movie –Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Donald Sutherland. That movie still scares me.

            I do not recommend Filipina girls. There are millions of anglo and latin women just as good in the USA. If you try Mexican remember that the devastating American influence has affected many Mexicans just not to the same degree.

            Are those Filipino girls just looking for a meal ticket? I still think there are plenty of good women in the USA.

            The second part of my article on the political disappointment of Hispanics in Chicago will follow in awhile. I did not know there were that many Hispanics in Chicago? No wonder you people are mad. Chicago never belonged to Mexico.

          • “I had and still have great hopes for Hispanic Latins in El Salvador, Colombia, Spain and . . .”

            Give us all a break please. Let’s start with Spain– still in “puro modo de destape”, cucked on it’s own invaders, legalized bestiality as long as the animal isn’t injured, ad nauseum; Colombia, land of botox injections, fake titties and donkey fuckers; El Salvador, hopelessly overpopulated, due in large part to decades of Catholic opposition to birth control, though crypto currency loser Bukale may have some solutions. Salvadoran women are not particularly known for their beauty unfortunately.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            As far as I can tell Hispanic numbers have not equated into as much political power as it should for the following reasons:

            1. Anglo and Jewish money and influence favor blacks way more than Latins which is why I really do not like either group.
            2. Mexicans do not hate whites like blacks do.
            3. Mexicans have more pride than blacks and do not whine as much
            4. Most Mexicans are Indians or part Indian and they are not aggressive but are usually docile as compared to Mexicans like myself. I/We are extremely confident, aggressive, and expect respect.
            5. Many Latins are not citizens.
            6. Most Latins outside of Cuban-Americans are Democrats and are slaves to that system.
            7. Mexican-Americans are not under my rule and guidance.
            8.Latins are divided into different groups and still stay semi-insular.
            9. Black influence backed by whites is nation wide while Latin influence is local.
            10. Republicans have not courted us. Freaks like Trump and Graham and Christian K say we should be invaded and suffer that atrocity again. This despite all the millions of people the United States has killed by bombs in the last few years.

            So yes I favor the Democrats more than the Republicans. No Democrat has spit in my face but Republicans continue to do so. Also whenever I have talked to Jews on the internet or in real life they have always treated me courteously.

            Courtesy is always important.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            My comment on Democrats should not be interpreted as believing they are a moral party only that they have been personally not offensive to me and they court Latins more than Republicans. Of course that just means they offer more but then that is why people vote for a party. Whoever gives them the most they generally go with.

            Until next time perhaps when summer arrives or sooner.

  9. Mr. Ryan,

    I am going over my work before leaving. My comment on my side is winning just means that latin influence and numbers are increasing in the southwest. I disagree with the methods of this increase which is due primarily to illegal immigration which I feel morally obliged to oppose. As for legal immigration? The US govt. is to blame for allowing that —both parties.

    It seems strange that I would be against illegal immigration more than most American anglos. A lot of Mexican Americans are against illegals as well. I also think and hope that a lot of Mexican citizens recognize the immorality of it.

    In one of my classes where history and morality is discussed thoroughly our class voted unanimously against illegal immigration. Yes all of us were Mexican. Would an American class be as such?

    I have stated this before but I am against illegal immigration to the USA for the following reasons:

    1. Stealing and trespassing is wrong
    2. Morally consistency. If illegals can invade one country why not any country?
    3. Many illegals are not Mexican.
    4 .Masses of these people come in without the controls they are under in their home countries. Actions that would get their heads knocked in are gotten away with in the USA
    5. All latins are not united. I believe there is a strong distaste for Venezuelans and Central Americans in Mexico.

    I will not deny that I like large numbers of Mexicans in the Southwest but only legally. I realize that from the white nationalist viewpoint what is the real difference if legal or illegal since the result is the same The difference is moral.

    One is sinful and the other? Kind of stupid for the host country actually.

    Either way invaders are trespassers and can be kept out by force if necessary. But it is not happening and seems to be a done deal.

  10. Mr. Ryan,

    As an aside I have blue veins. That was the Spanish criteria in the Middle Ages I believe.

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