The Atlantic: The Constitution Prohibits Trump From Ever Being President Again

In related news, conservative legal elites are now making the argument that Trump is barred from ever holding elected office under the 14th Amendment for engaging in a rebellion against the United States on January 6. Therefore, state election officials should take his name off the ballot (!!!)

The Atlantic:

As students of the United States Constitution for many decades—one of us as a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, the other as a professor of constitutional law, and both as constitutional advocates, scholars, and practitioners—we long ago came to the conclusion that the Fourteenth Amendment, the amendment ratified in 1868 that represents our nation’s second founding and a new birth of freedom, contains within it a protection against the dissolution of the republic by a treasonous president.

This protection, embodied in the amendment’s often-overlooked Section 3, automatically excludes from future office and position of power in the United States government—and also from any equivalent office and position of power in the sovereign states and their subdivisions—any person who has taken an oath to support and defend our Constitution and thereafter rebels against that sacred charter, either through overt insurrection or by giving aid or comfort to the Constitution’s enemies.

The historically unprecedented federal and state indictments of former President Donald Trump have prompted many to ask whether his conviction pursuant to any or all of these indictments would be either necessary or sufficient to deny him the office of the presidency in 2024. …

Gov. Gavin Newsom is already going there.

So, you see we are really headed over the waterfall this time. We are spiraling now into a major constitutional crisis. The political establishment has clearly decided that Trump can never be elected president again. They are willing to do ANYTHING to stop him.

If it takes torching trust in elections and the legal system to take out Trump, they are willing to do it. Full speed ahead, sir! Damn the consequences!

Note: Obviously, these people are getting desperate due to the collapse of DeSantimonious in the polls. Their preferred choice was a clean DeSanctimonious victory in the primary.


  1. I predicted that 2025 and 2026 would be more telling than the election, because one half of the country would attempt to cancel what had occurred.

    But, with Governor Newsom asking the California legislature to prevent President Trump from participating in his states’s presidental election, I clearly was wrong.

    No, one side is not waiting until after the election to cancel the other side.

    Being a Southern Confederate, however, I DEFEND CALIFORNIA’S RIGHT to tailor their elections however they see fit.

    That said, I also defend the right of any other state to withdraw from a union where some states pick and choose the political expression of other states, in the national context.


    It is now incumbent upon Red States to recognize that and act accordingly.

    • “””…one side is not waiting until after the election…”””

      Alphabets are usually better informed than pollsters. Maybe enemy knows what we don’t and The Donald is much stronger than it seems ?

      Hard to believe that they do all of this only to avoid mean tweets.

      • Good comment, Dear Juri.

        Yes, the enemy is well informed, and realizing that their attempt to destroy President Trump’s 3rd campaign is, failing, they are now looking for more secure ways to prevent it.

        Actually, this surprises me, because the key precincts in the key Blue State cities seem to be secure for them to cheat in, but, alas, they seem insecure with that.

        Perhaps it will be too hard, this time around, to cheat to such an extent.

        One thing I do know : if Presidents Trump and Biden were to run against each other today, and the vote counts were honest, Trump would win by many millions of votes.

    • Ivan Turgenev never missing an opportunity to try and stoke up a civil war. Maybe he loves the smell of napalm in the morning, as long as it’s dropped on others.

      • Dear Sam…

        I love and respect other human beings.

        What I do not love and respect is this constant state of denial and dishonesty that we have in this culture.

        Let’s see things for what they are and call them for what they are, in public, and let’s go from there..

        That kind of sincerity is the only thing I want ‘dropped on folks’.

        Thank you for your forthright comment.

      • Sam- I would welcome the secession of a large part of the USA (including the Bread Basket) and the proclamation of DJT as President of a sovereign state free from Jews, Fags, and RINOS, or the attempt to forge such a nation. Oh- in case you haven’t been aware, the FBI has just shot and killed yet another person writing memes critical of the Bolshevik Biden Jew Coup. That now makes 4 dead. Who’s starting the Civil War, again? Remember J6? Remember C’ville?

        You really want to live as a coward? Then go right ahead, sir.
        I’d rather challenge these antichrists to DARE start a war against at least 80 Million Trumpers with guns. Deo Volente. .

        • “…You really want to live as a coward?…”

          No, I want to win without killing a bunch of White people. You want to blast away at our enemies. Go right ahead, I’m not stopping you. No one is stopping you from doing this right now. Take off, do your best, but leave the rest of us out of your holy spiral death wish.

          As Patton said, the best plan is not to die for your country, but let the other guy die for his.

    • Ivan Turgenev, Ivan their is a man, did a civil war 2 you tube scenario, I can’t think of his name at the moment though, but it seemed plausible and was very interesting to watch, it starts Texas breaks away first, showdown with the feds, other states get involved, the south in this presentation is not unified, but other,, states, northern and western, stand with Texas, the volunteer state and Kentucky, We’re right their shoulder too shoulder with the texan’s, Ohio came on board, with Kentucky at the same time, they called it ” The United Republic ” and in this presentation, their was tremendous support for the ” UNITED REPUBLIC “with volunteers from all over to support and fight for the The UNITED REPUBLIC, their we’re mass protest, in believe it or not blue metro area’s in support of the UNITED REPUBLIC in response president newsome and his satanic forces we’re launching mass drone strikes, on his own cities to try and quell the uprisings, it was very interesting you tube program too watch, just thought I would share that with you, good sir……

      • Dear Terry, thank you for this.

        I, however, have watched that video.

        I agree that if a Red State breaks away, it would be Texas.

        That said, I think it far more likely than Blue States will leave, because Blue States, or perhaps better said, Metropolitan Blue State areas, do not wish to live in anything remotely connected to The United States.

        The most likely scenario?

        Portland prompts Oregon to leave the union, which prompts most or Oregon to leave it and join Idaho.

        Northwestern California and Central Western Washington will also join Idaho.

        That will prompt other events, the long and the short of which we will have numerous new smaller countries.

        There is no future other than this, for everyone is too uncomfortable in this union – everyone, except for a few oligarchs and government agencies.

  2. Trump has said something really incendiary, in private, that the ((spies)) have relayed to the grand rabbinate.

    All the knives are coming out.

    • ARRIAN yep, DON JOHN TRUMP, I imagine, may have said something like, ” I believe JESUS is GOD come in the flesh ” or something to that effect, or maybe something like, ” I thought we we’re having fried pork tenderloin for supper tonight”…..

  3. It’s good to know that states all of a sudden have authority. I wonder if red states will start interpreting the Constitition for their own benefit now? That could get really interesting in regards to immigration and civil rights.

    Calling 1/6 a rebellion is ridiculous, and calling Trump the leader is even dumber. If Trump called up troops to resist a change of power, that would be one thing, but unarmed citizens protesting an obviously stolen election, who were egged on by authorities, does not constitute an insurrection. If anything, the agents who egged them on or stood down should be charged with treason.

    • “…Calling 1/6 a rebellion is ridiculous…”

      If this video is not fake, then I think the Jan. 6 plan was lots of gunfire and shootings. Someone, or somehow, it was stopped. But that was the plan and since the people running things have no other plan, they have decided to just carry on as if there was a armed rebellion. This reminds me very much of the comment by Andrew Anglin that the floundering about of the global homo elites is like someone forgot his pants and decided to just go to work without, hoping no one would notice. So appropriate. Anglin hit the spot.

      “…In another clip, an officer explains how to spot the undercover agents working the Jan. 6 crowd.

      “They will have a wristband. Their guns will have a candy stripe on the barrel…. I don’t know the wristband color, but they’ll have a wristband somewhere.”…”

      If this is real then I have no doubt the plan was full on fake false flag shoot out. If it’s real this is a very damning video.

  4. Trump is their choice for the nomination. This whole farce is designed to build him up. And it is working.

    Trump is their dream opponent. He cannot possibly win the general election.

  5. The Constitution seems to be rapidly becoming a piece of toilet paper in America, at least as its form as a living document. Jefferson’s insistence on fighting for Liberty against any tyranny that forms in the post-Revolution government falls on deaf ears as technicalities are written in or interpreted in a way that justifies the regime, labelling patriots as traitors.

    Not to go full soy, but it’s kind of like a modern edition of a beloved old game. The original might be good, and spawned a great franchise but the subsequent editions and revisions have really ruined something that was once truly great.

    I’m not sure why some law from 1868 interpreted by elites who the people hate should prevent someone from running for President. If he is truly as evil and despicable as he is made out to be, surely the population wouldn’t vote for him and the elites would be vindicated.

    • “…The original might be good, and spawned a great franchise but the subsequent editions and revisions have really ruined something that was once truly great…”

      There’s nothing wrong with the Constitution. Illegal supreme court decisions, that Congress can overrule, have twisted it into a hideous shape. Congress allowing courts to decide voting rules and even voting districts is the problem. They can change this if they had the will.

      • Nothing wrong?!?!? Oh, sammy davis Jr.jr….. are you shittin’ me?

        “”…[T]oday’s presence of the Holy Spirit is sufficient to empower Christians to establish, as Christ’s ecclesiastical ‘body’ and also as His personal representatives and ambassadors, a self-consciously Christian civilization. We must never forget that Jesus departed from this world bodily in order that the Holy Spirit might come.” [p. 149]

        “The political problem which we face today is this: most Christians in the pews and voting booths do not yet understand that any pluralism-induced lull in the political war between God’s kingdom and satan’s is merely a temporary cease-fire. (This was written in 1989!) They have forgotten the Bible’s long-term judicial strategy: THE SUPPRESSION OF BIBLICALLY DEFINED PUBLIC EVIL IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE, by every covenant institution, each in its own God-authorized sphere of responsibility.”- North, Political Polytheism, p. 294.
        (The Three ‘covenant institutions’ are FAMILY, CHURCH, and the CIVIL SPHERE.)

        “…..It is quite possible to fool Christians, who are usually the products of inane public school textbooks, and whose knowledge of the primary sources is negligible.” [Dr. Gary North, ‘Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism, p. 297]


        “The humanists want Christians to stay out of politics as Christians. The pietists agree. The humanists deny that there are valid Biblical blueprints that apply to this world. The pietists agree. The humanists argue that Old Testament laws, if applied today, would produce tyranny. The pietists agree. The humanists say that the civil government should be run in terms of religiously neutral laws. The pietists agree.

        The humanists deny that the God of the Bible brings predictable sanctions in history against societies that do not obey His law. The pietists agree. The humanists deny that the preaching of the gospel will ever fundamentally change the way the world operates. The pietists agree. The humanists say that Christians should sit in the back of the cultural bus. The pietists agree. This is why both sides hate the message of Christian Reconstruction.” ~ Gary North and Gary DeMar, Christian Reconstruction, p. 75

        and this….

        “Theonomy is explicitly opposed to the natural law tradition, which had its origin in pagan Stoic thought, and was imported into the church mainly by medieval scholastic theologians.” p. 38,-G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

        “The civil law’s goal is not the transformation of human nature. Civil law does not make righteous men out of unrighteous men. It makes unrighteous men behave more like righteous men. There is a difference: the difference between the doctrine of salvation by law and the doctrine of salvation by grace.” p. 42, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

        “The more we resist the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, of which The Law is an integral part, the more we suffer, and the harsher God’s discipline necessarily becomes.”– Ann Barnhardt, Trad RC laywoman

  6. @ Brad When people start finding things like paint on their driveway, or egg on their cars, then you will know things are getting serious.

  7. If Trump were off the ballot in California, how would that hurt him? It’s not as if he has any chance of winning the state.

    • He’d still lose national popular votes there, which some people interpret as detracting from the legitimacy of an electoral college victory.

  8. This is just crazy.
    I just don’t understand why Trump is so hated ?
    I really just don’t get it.
    He was legitimately elected in 2016.
    All he really wanted to do was enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.
    Laws that were passed by congress.
    He also wanted to re-industrialize the US to create jobs.
    He supported Israel to a ridiculous degree, symbolized by his moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
    I’m really baffled by the hatred directed towards this guy; he is really just a watered down version of Reagan.
    I don’t think he would win a legit election, the US is too far gone, so why pull a stupid stunt like this ?
    What am I missing here ??

  9. “Polite society” as it refers to itself as, has decided Trump is persona non grata. Here is my prediction: Trump gets jailed before the November election. As a result, independents and moderates don’t want to vote for someone who is in prison, hence losing the election. I seriously don’t think Biden has the mental capacity to even pretend to govern the country for the next four years, so I wouldn’t surprised if Biden bowed out near the end and Gavin Newsom would throw his hat into the ring.

    In other news, I’ve been reading Richard Spencer’s X account for the past year closely and he has fully embraced the Ukraine side of the war. I think Spencer sees Ukraine as a symbol of European unity and Russia as a symbol of multi-culturalism. Spencer is pretty clear that he thinks the right has nothing more than memes, as seen in his ridicule of Oliver Anthony’s song “rich men north of Richmond”. I think Spencer despises the right because the right always seems to lose. And he’s pretty much right on that one, the right does always lose.

    I do think Russia will win the war, because they have the stomach and the balls for it. Even if the battle lines remain frozen between now and the long-term future, Russia wins, because they captured all the parts of Ukraine which contain Russian-speakers. The Russians are heavily fortified and have proven much better on defense than offense. Spencer even admitted on several occasions that Russia could win the war but rule over an empire of rubble and destruction, as he put it.

  10. Who are our elite?
    Are they liberal democrats?
    Or are they Marxists?
    No, but they are authoritarians.
    Our elite aren’t so ideological, they’re sociopaths.
    They’re confirmed child traffickers, that’s who we’re dealing with, a criminal cabal/mafia.
    They hate liberal democracy, from the ‘war on drugs’ to the
    war on terror’, from ‘climate change’ to ‘covid’, they use crises to incrementally dismantle our democratic norms in ways that benefit them, not we the people.

    And so if they’re serious about doing something with Trump, they’re not serious in the way you’re thinking.
    They know Trump is just a neolib/neocon, so why’re they going after him like this?
    I think, whether Trump is in on the scam or not, he’s both a barometer for the mood of the country, and an agent of chaos they can use to justify bringing in more draconian order.
    They are using Trump to undermine the very democratic norms they feign to care about, so no antiestablishment candidate, whether genuine or insincere, will ever be able to run again.
    To get rid of the first amendment, criminalize both ‘hate speech’, and ‘misinformation’, so antiestablishment candidates can’t run, antiestablishment organizations can’t form and antiestablishment thoughts can’t be publicly expressed.

    Trump is a barometer, they put him there, in the republican party, knowing he’d say some radical things, about building a wall and so on, to see whether the masses were turning against the elite or not.
    When they voted for him over establishment republicans like Jeb Bush, they saw Americans were losing faith in the elite and their norms, so now they know they have to enforce their norms with a heavy hand, and they are.

    Their objective is to destroy democracy, make it either completely ceremonial, or destroy it totally, turn it into a puppet dictatorship they control.
    If they control Trump, they could even make him the dictator.
    If they don’t control him, they could make a democrat the dictator.
    They will use one, or the other, either the threat of rightwing demagogues and terrorists to establish a leftish dictatorship, or the threat of leftwing tyrants and terrorists to establish a rightish dictatorship.
    They will create the crises to justify their draconian order.
    They control both the left and the right.
    There’s virtually no difference between them in practice, so it doesn’t matter to them.
    Both sides are being played against the people, as always, now as before, just in a different, more heavy handed way.

  11. KARL LOGAN ” Who are our elite in “they are satanist, they are connected, organized, have been for centuries and we the soldiers of the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC are the last line of defence against complete satanic tyranny on the earth…..

  12. The Constitution says what a five justice or more majority says it says. Thurgood Marshall let that slip out one time when he was a SCOTUS justice.

  13. “…What I do not love and respect is this constant state of denial and dishonesty that we have in this culture….”

    And I say you have only one solution, civil war. It’s all you talk about, separation. I say we should use the laws we have and oppress them instead of them oppressing us. Of course, my idea of oppression is that we force them to act decent and leave others alone.

    If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I would say your job is to rile up hatred so that Whites will kill each other off in vast numbers, like Ukraine. The best thing the Ukrainians could do is to massacre all the Jews.

    • Yes, Dear Sam, I do know people who, when asked for an advice from a woman, who was frequently beaten by her husband, recommended she not leave him, for if she did, he might beat her.


      • “…I do know people who, when asked for an advice from a woman, who was frequently beaten by her husband, recommended she not leave him, for if she did, he might beat her…”

        States are not Women, and you use fake equalities to try and mind warp people into thinking I’m saying something different from what I am saying. I’m saying, in your fake Women beating case, the Women should be able to stop the beating and beat the Man. Your attempt to reframe what I’ve said has failed.

  14. “…The Constitution says what a five justice or more majority says it says…”

    It does NOT say that. It says,

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

    This means Congress can explicitly tell the courts that they can not rule on…say…regional representation which the courts illegally put in place making city centers THE only power center in all the States. The courts didn’t bother to explain how it’s legal for the Federal government to have the same “regional representation” but not the States.

    In fact the ACTUAL things the courts are allowed to rule on are listed. Mostly arguments between the States and foreign powers type stuff. Look for yourself. They have taken on this extra power by glomming onto laws Congress passed. They can just as easily, with a majority vote, take them away.

  15. That’s an awful lot of words to say nothing that has anything to do with why the Constitution is not any good.

    In fact, if Congress decided to and could get a majority vote on it they could change the voting laws so NO ONE but Christians could vote. Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    So they can decide whatever they want for voter qualifications and if the courts try to stop them then they can tell to courts to piss off.
    My other favorite part is,

    The Constitution says,

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

    This means Congress can explicitly tell the courts that they can not rule on.

    So let’s extrapolate from that. What if the Congress decided no one under 30 could vote unless they were in the armed forces? What if no one would be allowed to vote unless they were married and had children? What if Congress decided no one who immigrated, citizen or not, could vote? What if Congress decided that anyone who was on public assistance could not vote? What if Congress decided that no one could vote without a high school diploma or who had passed a Constitutional knowledge test?

    I’m not saying it would be easy to get our worthless blackmailed Congress to vote on this but it would likely be far easier than winning a civil war. And all that’s needed is a 50% majority vote to completely, utterly and decidedly destroy the whole entire Democratic leftist power. Combine that with forcing the States to go back to “regional” representation, that the courts illegally stopped, for State Senators and they would be doomed.

    Why the hell is it that the Jews can get all these laws passed that pozzes the whole nation and push their people into positions of power, that they use, and all a bunch of White people can think of is to start a civil war or separate. I don’t want to separate. I want the whole damn country run for my benefit. Not theirs and there’s a way to do this that is straightforward and not excessively complicated.

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