Oliver Anthony: Brink of War

As with Rich Men North of Richmond, it is interesting to watch Charlie Kirk, Benny Johnson and Jack Posobiec all tweet this out within minutes of each other. Look at the timestamps above. At the same time though, I obviously agree with the politics and the sentiment, so I don’t have anything to complain about. Even if it is another one of their ops, I still don’t see the downside.

Note: I generally agree with Charlie Kirk more often these days.


  1. “all tweet this out within minutes of each other. ”

    And all the black YouTube pundits praise it.

    Seems almost coordinated.

    (Listen to the guys on TRS rip this fakery)

      • The message is fine and very general but the intent is to associate this with fake and gay White insurrection probably like some kind of neo-Confederacy. The Arab scam ran it’s course to rally the tards, now on to the next Emanuel Goldsteins. It will fail.

      • I think it is being coordinated, but is it bad?

        It’s “good” in the sense they feel they need to do this.

        Bad in that they’re far more skilled at media manipulation than the “far right,” meaning they can distract white normies into thinking some of the big people are on their side, when in reality, lol no.

    • TRS has Jewish leadership. They have no credibility. The promotion of Oliver is clearly a planned event to bolster the GOP. He is in favor of diversity and so on, but if it helps Trump in 2024 I don’t have a problem with it. Odds are the election will be thrown anyway so this whole charade is probably a useless endeavor.

    • @Arrian,

      Potential judas goat and controlled opposition to lead White normiecons away from honest and non-kosher certified resistance to USZOG. A gentile version of (((Mark Savage))).

    • But if the fakery is being perpetrated by the enemy, you somehow think it will benefit you? Gawd you’re stu- stu- stupid

      • There are few people on earth more gullible than the conservative rank and file – or goy-tards as folks like Benji Shapiro and his crew no doubt refer to them. While I understand that there are some folks here who have been butthurt over Mr. Beale’s egotism and brutalism, he’s dead on target about this item. That all being said, at Day notes: the Red-Bearded Bard of Appalachia has been less successful at the swindle than the Sobbing Sage of Toronto was a few years back. So I suppose we should be thankful for the improvement as there will be somewhat fewer led into a kind of ‘kill-box’ by (((those))) running this operation.

      • “…But if the fakery is being perpetrated by the enemy, you somehow think it will benefit you? …”

        Actually it can. In all propaganda, they have to tell a little truth. This worked great when they controlled the narrative completely. But now, they don’t. So you can work out from all the little pieces of truth they HAVE to drop what the real story is, generally, from correlating the tiny pieces of truth they drop.

    • @Arrian,Joe, and November…..

      Alex Jones has been right about many things that most did not want to think could exist, much less would be.

      He’s a gutsy truth-teller.

      If you do not agree with him over everything, it does not change that.

      • @Ivan,

        An essential element of our adversary’s gaslighting campaign is to give X amount of truth, in order to slide in their crucial lies. That is the role people like Alex Jones plays.

        Do you recall him blaming the CCP for the murder of Jeffrey Epstein? I mean, come on.

          • “Alex could be right about this.”

            Sure, so ‘could’ a ouija board.
            We need solid reliable sources, that back assertions with facts.

            Would you drive a car where the brakes ‘could’ work ?
            No ! You want solid reliable systems.
            We need the same in media, not some hysterical loudmouth.

      • Here’s what I think about Alex Jones, Not that my opinion matters but…The guy they are calling Alex Jones now is NOT the real Alex Jones, He’s the former comedian Bill Hicks. Hicks supposedly died from cancer. I’ve seen videos of the real, no doubt , Alex Jones far before then ew one and it’s not the same person. It’s very readily plain to see this.

        I think the cocaine snorting, drug addled, Bill Hicks got married to a Jew and the Jew and some Intel agency decided it would be good idea to make everyone that talks about conspiracies to look like a fool so they hired Bill Hicks to play Alex Jones and I have no doubt Bill Hicks thought it would be a great joke and in his younger brain addled state thought it would be a lark. I have no idea where the original went. The new Alex, did spectacularly in his role for many years, But I think, over time, new Alex suddenly realized, especially after divorcing his Jew wife, that there really were a hell of a lot of conspiracies and I think it started to wear on his conscience. So he couldn’t quit. He was on the train. No way to stop so he kept his bombastic attitude but, he started to really report THE actual conspiracies and publish real information about them without muddying the waters with silly ass stuff. Look at his record. This appears to me to be what happened. He became more and more on point. Eventually Sandy Hook came about and he was really hot on this. He was delivering very accurate info and I think they got worried. That’s when they yanked his chain back. He had to apologize and they financially ruined him. Now, I think he does the best he can. They can’t out-and-out fire him without there being trouble but he can’t out-and-out spill all the beans either lest he have an accident. So you can get good info from the new Alex “if” you can read between the lines a little.

  2. I presume it is “bad” because someone wants it to be a clarion call that pushes good men to do stupid things. Or, Heaven forbid, they already have a bad actor prepared to serve as a scapegoat and will create a victim to serve as a bloody shirt, simultaneously.

    It could also be “proof” that what we say in private can’t be said publicly, because even those who say they are in our side are and can be divided by it. I can already see the headline: “Far-Right Terrorist Proclaims: ‘Oliver Anthony Does Not Really Represent Us.’”

  3. As much as I don’t trust Oliver Anthony, he just became a household name overtime in this insane era.
    The excitement is to see all this evil show itself from what it really is without any subtlety but the horrors arise from how off the hook it was for decades.

  4. I have an aversion to anything thats being hyped. Haven’t even listened to the first song yet. Probably never will.

    Almost anything being hyped online is astroturf fake and gay and I just don’t have any fux to give.

    Protest songs give me hives and bring images to mind of unwashed, long haired boomers in sandals singing anti war folk songs in support of china during the vietnam war.

    This guy clearly isn’t that. But. I hate activists. They are almost never worth the oxygen they consume.

  5. did you catch the clip where he said America is a melting pot, and diversity is our strength? he also said his music is not for one identity group.

    I think maybe the fox news douche prompted these statements, but he still said them. i knew it would be inevitable he would say something less than based, but he literally said the enemy’s mantra. bummer.


    • Anyone praising the “melting pot” and “Diversity” isn’t our friend. Typical cuckservative bs.

      • “he said America is a melting pot, and diversity is our strength”

        Yep, there’s the poison in the tempting bait.

  6. Red beard has got a problem with fat people on welfare,that is me, he loves Joe Biden and no Trump supporters are allowed at his free concerts. Next thing you know he is going to make a song about how great it would be to go over and fight them thar Chinese. We gotta do something to get southern man motivated to fight the Chinese. Lets sing a song, China, China, China…..what rhymes with China?

  7. Anybody here ever heard any of those Johnny Reb Klan songs from the 60’s? I use to have a cassette of them but it got misplaced. Many were quite funny.

    • They were on youtube years ago. I remember one was posted by a nigger who was laughing and singing along with it.

  8. It might be different, if Oliver Anthony could sing. The dude couldn’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow.

    If you had a guy with a decent voice, who could write some lyrics that would appeal to this crowd, he would go far! That’s far, not far, as in “far department”.

  9. So Anthony is a diversity cuck. Thus he pushes the propaganda of the wealthy elites he professes to despise–propaganda designed to marginalize people like him. In any case, he’s not much of a singer. While I like the outrage he expresses, he bellows more than he sings, and it’s hard to understand the lyrics.

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