The Post-Alt-Right Moment


We have some news tonight about Yedolf the glorious leader of the Christian nationalist movement and the savior of the White race.

So true.

Matt Parrott nailed it.

Parrott has also moved on from the Alt-Right.

Twenty years ago, I would have identified with the Alt-Right. Ten years ago, I would have still identified with the Alt-Right. Even five years ago, I would have still been on board. Today, I don’t know exactly where I fit into rightwing politics, but increasingly it is not with these people. The boundary between mainstream and dissident rightwing politics has radically shifted in recent years.

As I have said before, the history of the Alt-Right can be divided into three phases. There was the edgy vanguard stage before Trump’s victory in the 2016 election when conservative liberalism was much stronger than it is today. The True Cons like Jonah Goldberg ruled the roost in those days. National Review, The Weekly Standard and Commentary defined the conservative movement. It was a world of gatekeepers that kept the vast majority of our ideas out of respectable conservative politics.

The second phase was the Trump presidency. Donald Trump succeeded in toppling and discrediting the old conservative establishment, but he didn’t replace it with anything except a cult of personality. It was the age of QAnon. Conservative gatekeepers lost most of their former power. The organized Alt-Right movement cracked up after Charlottesville and withered away. At the same time, Tucker Carlson began building up a mass audience and mainstreaming Alt-Right ideas on his FOX News show. While Trump flailed around and squandered his presidency, Tucker redefined boundaries of conservatism.

The third phase has occurred under Joe Biden. Trump voters were radicalized by COVID, the George Floyd riots and 2020 election. The vast majority of them still believe it was stolen from Trump. The Biden presidency has further radicalized Trump voters. Tucker Carlson has continued to redefine the boundaries of conservatism with both the concepts of demographic replacement and anti-Whiteism entering the mainstream. Conservative liberalism has come under sustained attacked from within the conservative movement itself and has largely been rejected. The old Republican establishment has shrunk to a disaffected rump of around 10% of Republican voters. Alt-Right figureheads have also faded away due to personal flaws or because so much of what used to be edgy is now mainstream.

Back in 2019, Groypers descended on Turning Point USA events to ask people like Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh what were then provocative questions like “how does gay sex help us win the culture war”? Today, no one talks more about gay sex and transgenderism than Matt Walsh. Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh now deplore the Great Replacement and anti-White discrimination. Meanwhile, it is Nick Fuentes who surrounds himself with a weird entourage of homosexuals like Black Swan, Jon Miller and Sneako. Fuentes has been reduced to playing the clown and saying things like Hitler was epic to get a reaction because Turning Point absorbed his old talking points and critique and made it their own.

Here are some topics which used to be firmly confined to the “alt” or “dissident” sphere:

  • The Great Replacement / demographic replacement
  • Anti-Whiteism
  • HBD
  • Christian nationalism
  • Black-on-White crime / racial double standards
  • Foreign policy isolationism
  • Industrial policy / Protectionism
  • Immigration restriction
  • Mass deportations
  • Secession / National Divorce
  • Anti-feminism
  • Illiberalism
  • Nationalism
  • Populism
  • Reactionary politics / The Cathedral
  • White identity politics (increasingly so)

Nearly everything which used to define the Alt-Right is part of our politics now. The biggest exception is the Jewish Question but awareness of that too seems to be growing largely thanks to Jonathan Greenblatt. Everyone understands now the connection between Jewish power and censorship.

So, where does this leave the Alt-Right in 2023?

It has exposed the fact that different groups of people were attracted to dissident politics for different reasons. There were contrarians like, say, Richard Spencer whose main thing was always defining himself against the mainstream Right. As the mainstream Right has changed its tune on all of these important subjects, Spencer has changed in response. David Frum and Anne Applebaum are based now. Neoliberal globalism is awesome now. Transgenderism and abortion are eugenic because conservative Christians are opposed to it. 90% of Republicans want to restrict immigration. Spencer doesn’t care about the Great Replacement. As Parrott says, it is not even worth relitigating this sort of buffoonery. You could just as easily create a bot that would spit out Spencer’s latest hot take on the news of the day.

Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin are another example of this. While I agree that Oliver Anthony was boosted by Benny Johnson & Co. and that the people who say he was astroturfed have a point, he is also singing about being on the verge of World War III or turning off the television, which are themes the Alt-Right focused on for decades. He says that he wrote Rich Men North of Richmond about the politicians from both parties who are owned by their corporate donors. He was complaining about our fake politics and our rigged system. Why exactly is it a problem that this resonated? Is this not true?

Anglin has written a big diatribe about how Oliver Anthony is a white trash loser and how poor White people are a grotesque monster race. Is that the dissident position?

A plea for attention

Contrast Anglin with Gregory Hood.

Less than a year ago, Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin were insisting that Kanye West was the savior of the White race. I have more in common with Oliver Anthony who seems to be just a normal guy from Virginia with populist politics than these suburban manlets screaming about beating up and raping women.

What the hell was this?

Then there is TRS.

What in the world is going on there?

TRS has simply vanished off my radar since they moved to Telegram.

Earlier this year, Greg Conte resigned from the National Justice Party. Conte posted a big screed against party leadership which culminated in the Horst Wessel Lied. My impression is that those guys are trying to recreate the NSDAP or something. It is like Nick Fuentes going around saying that Hitler was awesome. Is that all that is left of the Alt-Right or Dissident Right these days? Is it out of gas?

Last December, I wrote about how I have watched the movement go through this cycle at least three times over the past twenty years. White Nationalism 1.0, the Alt-Right and America First all ended up doing the George Lincoln Rockwell trolling on a street corner shtick. When that predictably ends in disaster, someone new comes along and launches the next optics / need to go mainstream phase. So far, that hasn’t happened yet since AF crashed and burned. Maybe it is because it is unnecessary?

My point is that being a “dissident” clearly doesn’t mean today what it meant twenty years ago, ten years ago or five years ago. It is in flux. Umbrella terms have outlived their usefulness. As Matt Parrott says, “It’s easy to believe, upon being unfairly thrown in the trash, that everything else in there must also be unfairly discarded. A lot of what’s in the wastebin of our society is indeed trash.”

I burst out laughing at that line.

That is very true. It is what provoked me to write this article. The trash bin has been picked over and most of what was valuable and unfairly discarded is no longer in there.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of people who still identify with the Alt-Right or Dissident Right who are doing valuable work. Their work is increasingly influential. It is the contrarians, the edgelords trolling for a reaction, the people crippled by nostalgia who seem to be exhausted. They don’t seem to know what to do now that most of their old act and legitimate grievances have been coopted.


  1. Eric Striker was every bit as obnoxious and toxic as Alex Linder and I’m glad they are both irrelevant now.

    Spencer (who is gay), is still a completely out of touch Swpl who I have basically nothing in common with.

    Anglin finally has no hold on anything anymore and nobody misses him.

    Things are looking pretty good from where I’m sitting.

    When I get put up against a wall and shot, its at least gonna be right next to my father in law or my barber, and not some wheeled faggot like striker who I’d be rightly embarrassed to die beside.

    Only some of this is sarcasm, cause what else can I do but make dark jokes lol. We are fucked, but at least Whitey seems to see it coming now.

    There’s something to be said for keeping some dignity, to the bitter end.

  2. Prolonged internet exposure does this, especially to those who used to get big social media engagement. It’s like a drug. I’ve said my peace on Spencer’s odious fraud but addiction to fame and its dopamine is atleast part of the problem. The same is true of Anglin who has long been a clown and is now hitching on to the contrarian train. Fuentes walked into the optics trap at 17 years old and it scrambled his mind. Very few of the altright leaders were tough. You, Thomas “777”, and Greer are the only ones I still read.

    TRS fled to po.ast back in 2020/2021 and it’s presence was led by “Borzoi.” He is much like Striker but more intellectually pretentious. “Wyatt” an old TRS forums poster helped set the place up with an old 4chan janitor. It imploded in late 2022 because of some dumb internet war with Kiwifarms pseudo-MAGA types and leftists, Borzoi was doxed, the site was hacked, and then TRS left po.ast. No idea where they are now. Very few original guys are left. Sven has a twitter account again but it is staid and honestly the guy is depressing to listen to these days.

  3. Brad i knew only that Parrot was a member of Traditional Worker Party and family linked with Heimbach but i’ve never read a word from this man until today……….he’s smart and reason well.

  4. Let’s be real, Christian and white nationalism are viable in eastern Europe, not in western Europe or north America.
    I don’t see this changing anytime soon, barring total socioeconomic and political collapse.
    Here’s what I do see happening:

    Social liberalism and the left was the top dog from 1933 (FDR) – 1981 (Reagan), neoliberalism and the right the underdog (populist).
    Boomers grew up with social liberalism, they were adults by the time neoliberalism was instituted.
    Since 1981 neoliberalism with a bit of cultural conservatism thrown in for good measure was the top dog, but that’s beginning to change.

    I believe the pendulum is swinging the other way again.
    As boomers retire, then pass away, Millennials will takeover the reigns.
    Millennials are more leftwing than boomers, consequently we’re seeing a shift to the left.
    Culturally we’re already seeing it with woke, eventually we could see it fiscally too.

    So the right is becoming the underdog again, hence populist, but its populism has limits.
    Christian and white nationalism are being toyed with, but that’s about it.
    A bit of civic nationalism is about as far as the mainstream right is willing to take it.
    If conservatives are really dissatisfied with that, they’ll have to abandon the republican party and vote for the constitution party or some other party further to the right.
    I don’t see this happening.
    I think it stops there, at a bit of civil nationalism, social conservatism and a lot of anti-woke.

    Meanwhile the left will largely dominate the next several decades of western politics, for better or worse.
    The right is choosing to go out with a bang rather than a whimper.
    That’s what Trumpism, the alt and populist right were, a bang, but they were mostly noise, a bark with little bite.
    Think of it as the right’s last hurray.

    For the next several decades, barring total socioeconomic collapse, the right will go back to playing the populist underdog while the left dominates society, government and economics.
    Eventually they may pass a green new deal, for better or worse.

    In 2028, millennial and Z voters will outnumber boomer and X voters.
    They will not elect someone like Donald Trump, let alone someone to the right of him.
    They may elect someone to the left of Joe Biden, like a Justin Trudeau or AOC.
    That’s where we’re headed, barring socioeconomic meltdown; the masses turning on the establishment by the 10s of millions, refusing to vote for republicans or dems, demanding revolution or secession by any means necessary.
    Barring that all this talk about white and Christian nationalism in north America is just that; talk.
    In 2028, boomers will be retired, and in 2044, most boomers will be dead, that’s the reality.
    Boomers are the haves, millennials are the have nots.
    Millennials are significantly more left than their parents were at their age, that’s just a fact.

    • There is a violent divergence among the young growing. The Boomer generation are not the glue keeping the racialist right viable. The Boomers are not making radical right politics viable. Once the Boomers are finally shuffled off the stage the fighting starts. The Boomers make flaccid liberalism and conservatism possible. The Boomer leeeps the status quo viable. That is all. White GenX are probably stuck having to OutGeneral the the Wogs Nogs Fags and Hags.

      • I see, it’s not that boomers are rightwing while the younger generations are leftwing, it’s that boomers are more pro-establishment while the younger generations are more antiestablishment and polarized, open to ideas on the ‘far left’ and the ‘far right’.
        Yea should be interesting, nearly all boomers (1946-64) will be 65+ in time for 2028 and 80+/most of them dead in time for 2034.
        The 2030s should be an interesting decade.
        You could say boomers have more in common with the silent and greatest generation than they do with the younger generations, in that they’re loyal to the status quo established in 1945, the American ‘liberal’ world order.

    • A factor you’re leaving out is that when things in a society start going south, both the ruling class and their ideology are discredited. I don’t think we’re going to see a collapse or anything, but I think the US will slowly (or maybe quickly) lose its status as world hegemon, the economic position of a large share of its populace will further decline, and that tensions with unassimilated immigrant groups will cause increasing problems. Even if they were wise all that stuff would be very difficult to avoid now, and they are anything but.

      When all that happens, even more people are going to take a hard look at the ruling class and I doubt they’re going to conclude the *real* problem is that they weren’t shitlib enough. People are going to look to those who’ve been criticizing them for answers, find that they saw a lot of these problems coming, and conclude maybe they had a point. The ruling class will of course try to blame the problems on counterrevolutionary elements, but I don’t see this convincing all that many people. Not saying we’re going to get our own Funny Mustache Man (nor do I want one) but I think shitlibbery will mostly fade away when the current ruling class loses its power. And I don’t see how they can avoid that without resorting to outright tyranny. I expect them to try, but I’m not convinced they’ll succeed.

      • Right I left that out here, I mentioned that America’s geopolitically and socioeconomically declining in previous entries of this blog as many others have.
        This undermines the status quo in all sorts of ways across the board, not just one or two.
        People will be more open to contrarian ideas both on the left and right.
        The order established after 1945 is gradually unraveling.

    • @Karl Logan

      Millennials as a whole aren’t left leaning, unmarried/unloved Millennial women are, and an entire community/ideology whatever you want to call it, the manosphere was built around how insufferable they are. Polls I’ve seen have shown a 50/50 ideological split on everything but single Millennial women. They’re so insufferable that they’ve had a radiant and compounding effect in alienating everyone else, making things like feminism into sub-culture when it used to be culturally dominant.

      Millennials are left leaning is a media meme, and unless you speak in broader contexts (Socialist economic leanings) it only appears that way because there is a large cohort of women out there acting out because no man wants to spend a day with her. This pathetic display will actually decrease the role they play in politics in a decade from men and women alike, but it will burn hot for 7 more years or so.

      As for your mention of Trudeau, as a Canadian, I have never met a White person who likes Trudeau, and of the people I’ve seen who are White that like him on tv, they’re mostly old men and women, and usually from the Maritimes, far to the east. He gets in power in Canadian politics primarily through immigrants and Boomers (If you can win the elections in 4 cities in Canada, you win the Prime Ministership essentially) and not from a bunch of Millennial libtards (Leftist Millennials tend to support the “far left” party which is more economically liberal and less culturally liberal than Trudeau’s Liberal Party, the NDP).

      Have some hope brother, the system as we know it now is going to collapse when its elderly caretakers withdraw, whether that’s a future state for our people or the end of the culturally Left remains to be seen. No one likes their stuff, it’s just no one sees a practical way to do anything about it.

      • Good points, it’s not that millennials as a whole are left leaning, it’s that millennial cat ladies are left leaning.
        If millennials as a whole are more leftwing, it’s on economics, on culture and other issues they’re bitterly divided.

  5. “Alt-Right figureheads have also faded away due to personal flaws or because so much of what used to be edgy is now mainstream.”

    I may have posted before that I agreed with most of this sentiment, but the more I think of it, the more I agree with that last statement of it being mainstream. People looked really hopeless in the past, the movement felt like a place of broken people but with good and inspiring ideals, which was as good as it was going to get in the 00’s and 10’s.

    However, the veil has slipped just enough that I feel people aren’t hiding their power level as highly as before. People aren’t signaling as much as they used to, and it’s easier to determine who is who. You see it in youtube audiences all the time, where channel owners criticize the Left. Sometimes the owners themselves will even they will give a wink and a nod.

    We’re entering that period in the USSR where people are still afraid to speak out in public but openly criticize the state ideology in private.

  6. I’ve always found it really bizarre when people say the Alt-Right failed, or that it was somehow defeated. The public figureheads were mostly defeated, but its ideas are everywhere now. The Alt-Right won, completely.

  7. Anglin is envious of Oliver Anthony. Some of you haven’t understood even yet that Anglin is a homo, the TRS cabal are feds and Spencer set you guys up at Charlottesville.

    • Not just Dickie: All of the Alt-kike.

      Let’s look at the 501(c)(3) 2017 Income Tax Form for the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas or as I call it the ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center or how a pretend white nationalist lawfare center was used to do lawfare against any fools stupid enough to be trapped by thoughts that they had Constipational rights, especially page 2 with the Board of Directards and money spent to set up Charlottesville and other raids upon public jewnivershitties:


      Hail Victory !!!

      Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024
      P.O. Box 666
      Granby. Missouri 64844

  8. Thank you for posting this, Brad.

    I regularly read multiple dissident sites with a “filter” in my head to separate the wheat from the chaff. Even as juvenile as Anglin’s schtick is, I have routinely dropped in to read DS, if for no other reason than because SOME of what he says is well thought out. When he digs his heels in on a topic, sometimes there are nuggets of thoughtfulness. I mean that in all honesty, while also saying, without a shadow of a doubt, that Anglin is a freaking antisocial retard.

    His article about Oliver Anthony puts it over the edge. These people do not want to win anything. They don’t want to be “mainstream”. They don’t want to fit in anywhere. They don’t want normal people reading their material. Even when Anglin and his ilk are right, they are absolutely and insanely wrong.

    Anglin sounds like a pretentious, gated community dwelling, hipster leftist as he seethes about “white trash poor people”. I don’t even completely disagree with him about some of these people and their personal shortcomings. But for God’s holy sake, some things don’t have to be said, and in fact shouldn’t be. We as dissidents don’t need to sit on an ivory tower and criticize every detail of other people’s lives. Our challenge should be to find common ground with people who are fellow travelers, not to spit on them because we feel oh so superior.

    I am a middle-working class white man. I am not poor. But I share a lot more in common with the working poor than I do with the “Rich Men North of Richmond”. I’m every bit as powerless as the people in Walmart that I see, wearing their oversized tee shirts to cover their beer bellies and their cheap Croc knock-offs. My net worth is far nearer theirs than it is Elon Musk or Bill Gates. I am not poor, but I’m only about 12 months of savings from being there.

    I get some of the criticisms of Oliver Anthony. It’s not entirely clear if the song isn’t astroturfed. Who knows? Who cares? If it resonates with normal people who are sick of the way things are, then it serves a purpose.

    Maybe not all CivNat libertarian types are our enemies. Maybe Matt Walsh is more sincere in his beliefs than he gets credit for. Maybe he’s more sincere in his beliefs than Anglin is? He’s certainly more likable and self aware.

    I’ll probably still read DS for the nuggets, but I’m done with trying to believe in anything positive coming from what’s left of that movement.

    • I saw that last night and LOL’d.

      Do you remember the time he insisted that his supporters dress up in white t-shirts, jeans and red clown shoes?

      He is a grown man now, bankrupted by multiple lawsuits, with no wife, no children, with seemingly no life outside of the internet with no friends and no prospects and he is calling other people – wildly successful people by comparison – white trash losers? This is someone who lusts after teenage girls who is nearly forty.

      • I don’t remember that specifically, but I’ve seen enough buffoonery on his site to last a lifetime.

        I really want to believe that around the 2015-early 2018 timeframe, Anglin was doing good work (sometimes). Later, COVID also gave him a boost, and so did Ukraine.

        My major complaints:
        Is there one thing, even one small thing, that he doesn’t blame on Jews? If his spam folder doesn’t catch a spam email, is that somehow because of Jewish power? Does he blame Jews for removing Mexican Pizza from the Taco Bell menu a few years ago?
        I believe the JQ is something important to discuss, within reason. But it shouldn’t be front and center. No normal person will ever identify with that schtick.

        Anglin isn’t wrong to point out the problems that women have created. But the rape schtick is beyond retarded.

        Anglin also seems to worship black culture in secret. I think he’s jealous of black masculinity tropes. His music references always seem to be rap or rap adjacent. His Kanye worship was almost obsessive for a while.

        I also don’t get the obsession with Fuentes. I feel the same way about Fuentes that I do about Anglin. I think he says some things that need to be said and heard, but he muddies all of that with the gay innuendo and pedo shit. I am not even sure how much of that stuff is real or just a “meme”, but it’s definitely too much.

        I will say this though Brad, and directing this at you and your audience, I think you/we should be a bit more cordial with people like Greg Johnson. His positions are usually pretty sensible, and he’s not a hot take artist. He’s an intellectual with a good sense of history and civility. He’s tolerant of diverse right wing opinions on his site. I know he’s pagan, or at least non-Christian, but he always acknowledges the importance of Christianity and Christian tradition in our culture, and promotes the true intent of holidays like Christmas.

        My only beef with Johnson the last year or so has been his position on Ukraine, but even there I’m not fanatical in my differences. He’s also seemed to not force those opinions as much lately.

        I guess what I’m saying ultimately is that we need to do a better job of getting along with the fellow travelers who at least aren’t cartoonish or absurd.

        • “ Anglin also seems to worship black culture in secret. I think he’s jealous of black masculinity tropes. His music references always seem to be rap or rap adjacent. His Kanye worship was almost obsessive for a while.”

          Good observation. I think his obsession with masculine blacks is rooted in lust. He is creeping up on his 40’s and has yet to be in any serious relationship with a woman. He is clearly a closeted homosexual. His close relationship with Fuentes (homosexual) is also very telling.

  9. The one problem with the idea that society will continue to get more left, is that the Left has few children, while religious people on the right have many children. If you saw what calculations on how many Amish, more than double their number every 20 years, comes to by the end of this century, it would stun you. Same with evangelicals and Mormons too. The Left won’t be in the future to control much. And no, education won’t affect that much either. Most people don’t go to college, this is something many people in the right, many of which are not religious often don’t know about. This is more true in Europe too, than you might think. Especially among traditional Catholics there. Birth rate is rather like interest rates for a savings account , at first it grows slow, and then past a certain point, it starts to shoot up. The future could well be white religious people and minorities who will eventually dominate. If you don’t have children, you won’t make it too the future.

  10. Whites need our own living space, but need to start reasonably. An ethnostate being the long-term plan, we need an American Orania. All efforts need to be focused at that.

  11. Of Mattoid Parrots and other ZOGbots in the Alt-kike

    I listened to and commented on Mattoid Parrot’s piece. Mattoid hasn’t learned a damn thing other than to be a literal cuck to Mattoid Chaimbach.

    Let’s look at the 501(c)(3) 2017 Income Tax Form for the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas or as I call it the ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center or how a pretend white nationalist lawfare center was used to do lawfare against any fools stupid enough to be trapped by thoughts that they had Constipational rights, especially page 2 with the Board of Directards and money spent to set up Charlottesville and other raids upon public jewnivershitties:

    In other words, ZOGbots from WN 1.0 like Thom Robb and David Duck and William Johnstone to the Alt-kike like Bryan Reo, Brett Klimkowsky and Kyle Bristow, Augustus Invictis, and James Edwards. The Alt-kike was jews like 1/8 jew Dickie Spencer to full jews like Mike the kike Enoch Peinovich. Does anyone doubt how both these jews were able to call an Uber right back to the hotel while leaving the ZOGtards to march to safety with David Duke seeing a ride out of the struggle?

    Now I thought that jewnite the kike would be a trap like Greensboro Nov. 1979 in which TraitorGlenn Miller deliberately set up the anbush and then drove away. Something I reminded Katja Lane when she was demanding as to why I didn’t kill TraitorGlenn Miller before he ran out of my office at the double-wide at the foot of the hill? I asked her and Louis Beam why no one knew that TraitorGlenn Miller was a coward and drunken melungeon pervert before they gave him $250,000 in Order Loot, and offered to pretend to be his Internet spokesman to keep an eye on the bastard. TraitorGlenn Miller was trying to get in the Reform Party and asked why the Springfield lie-paper knew about his history of betrayal. I’d say, “beats me Glenn.” Then in March 2004 I demanded that TG Miller run for US Senate as I was running for Governor and TraitorGlenn Miller refused because his Witness Protection case officer wouldn’t agree. Then I mentioned TG Miller’s refusal on Rabbi Linder’s colostomy bag forum and TraitorGlenn Miller called me up later that night saying that I’d insulted its manhood. I said that it was a rat, it had no honor and within a week TraitorGlenn Miller was giving Rabbi Linder ZOGbux to post on VNNF. That brought pressure on Billy Roper from both the CI and ORDER factions and the end reult was the Christmas Coup of 2004.

    TraitorGlenn Miller sued to get on the Missouri primary ballot and screwed things up so as a result no open White Supremacist candidate can get on an open primary ballot in Missouri as a Republican, Democrat, LibberToon or Constipation Party ballot.

    Any political action shall have to act as if you are running a banned party subject to arrest as a domestic terrorist — you are.

    Which is why Mattoid Parrot should be treated as a ZOGbot — as should any on the Board of Directards of the ZPLC listed above.

    Below was discussed on my latest shoahs on my Odysee channel

    Hail Victory !!!

    Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024
    P.O. Box 666
    Granby. Missouri 64844

  12. The vast majority of prominent so called national conservatives and populists are really just culturally liberal neoliberals, from Donald Trump to Nick Fuentes.
    Nick Fuentes is just a spoilt parasite who’s never had to work in his life.
    We gotta stop supporting rich people and those funded by them.
    Vote for 3rd parties and independents or don’t vote.
    Only working class people can help working class people.
    The oligarchs put these rich brats up there to siphon our energy.

  13. Charlie Kirk 2023 makes a better Nick Fuentes 2019 than Nick Fuentes 2023 makes a Nick Fuentes 2019.

    Though I still wonder about Charlie Kirk’s sincerity, it’s no less a problem than Nick Fuentes’s stability.

  14. What a farce, you shouldn’t brag about being associated with this, it’s such a cartoonish liability. What is the definition of “alt right”? There is nothing rightwing with the alt right. Just different flavors of leftist big government/select corporate control, the consumer culture war is an absolutely ridiculously silly attempt to social engineer us as to which people are deserving of getting the shitty end of the government overreach to put it politely. There is nothing on this site that strikes me as “right wing” at all. The Nazis and Franco’s Spain were not right wing at all.

  15. Richard Spencer probably represents the sane version of the Post-Alt-Right. And I say that because he has largely disengaged with losing strategies such as nationalism, Trumpism, GOPism, conservatism. I don’t think Spencer literally supports Joe Biden, I think he said all that as a giant F. You to the incompetence of the right. I think Spencer felt betrayed by the right after Charlottesville, as the right did not lift a finger to help them, and often piled on the vilification.

    Spencer accepts the fact he lives in a global society and doesn’t try to fight it. Once a proponent of Duginism, Spencer now sees Putin’s Russia and Duginism as a modern mongrolization regime. I don’t agree with him on that. Although Spencer supports Ukraine, he has conceded that he thinks the Russians could win the war, and they probably will.

    I think it’s a bit harsh to say that Spencer doesn’t care about The Great Replacement, since he has never given any indication that he doesn’t care. As regard to Oliver Anthony’s song, I agree with Spencer’s ridicule, the song sounds like a bunch of GOP memes. “I’m broke, my tax dollars are going to some fat dude eating fudge rounds,” is essentially the meaning behind Rich Men North of Richmond. The song doesn’t touch upon the border, crime, the great replacement. Just some hillbilly singing about his money.

    In the end, Spencer sees a united Europe as the shining light in all the darkness. Why did Trump have to make so many enemies while trying to barely achieve his goals? Trump is an expert in losing and losing ground. He will never be president and will probably end up in jail or house arrest for the rest of his natural life because he over-stepped his perceived authority and stepped on too many toes. Spencer simply doesn’t want to die on a hill over someone who is so self-defeating like Trump.

  16. A rough cumparisohn of CI-WS1.0 vs Alt-kikeWN2.0 body counts

    After thinking about it overnight, let me point out that White Supremacy with a Christian Identity flavor got us a Revenge of Waco and the supposedly largest single act of domestic terrorism on 19 April 1995:

    Whereas the Alt-kike simply got a bunch of whiggers doxed and a jewboy 400+ years in prison for allegedly running over a leftist she-manatee out in the road.

    That an a comedic moment in the Trailer Park between a Rough Mattoid Beast of the Field and a Mattoid Cuck and Dickie Spencers’ extortion using Kyle Bristow, Bryan Reo, and Brett Klimkowsky of some jewnivershitties.

    Now both of these bowel Moobmints were run and planned by ZOG, but one had a much bigger bang for the buck.

    Now of course Elohim City was a ZOG listening post full of CI Rejects and walking wounded and Little Timmy Tuttle was a ZOGbot. The Bowel Movement v. 2.0/Alt-Kike was nothing but ZOGbot twats.

    What gets me is that the local Okie/Arkie Christian Identity militias without the Internuts or cell phones managed to build a genuine domestic terrorist infrastructure that the FBI was able to infiltrate or rather simply put Timothy Veigh in place without accountability to anyone in charge, the Alt-Kike was narcississtic jewboy tards going ass-to-mouth with each other to where the FBI didn’t have to do anything once events were set in motion. Just set the ZOGtards in motion once set up by the ZOGbot “leadership”.

    Why anyone would want a repeat of the Alt-kike I sure don’t know. Isn’t it cheaper to simply use for political and religious purposes these self-programmable self-sunk cost “Lone Tards” to gun down niggers and jews? If anyone has sense none of us has to either pearl or nut clutch about how thangs turned out that we didn’t know about. Or like Bradifer claim a false responsibility for something that was done without him or his knowledge or coonsent. Better a few whores or jews run for the exits because Bradifer didn’t censor someone they don’t like on his blog. What’s Brad’s downside? Fewer nitwits cum-cum cum-cummin over to claim they’s offended or butthurt? A crypto-kike lawyer kvetching that “Scythians” are running wild like cossacks v. khazars in the virtual proto-paleo-jewkraine?

    Either way the Officers Corp of Revolution/Civil War 2 are already present and agitating to recruit sides for the storm ahead.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  17. I don’t get the thrust of this. It’s a lot of disparate facts with little analysis of their importance. Anglin has suffered a lot and unfairly so. You might be fortunate enough to have a good wife, but there are just not enough good women to go around for every good man. You should support Anglin where you can. I think he’s over the top and deliberately immature, but whatever. His recent article on Poland shows his true genius and political and historical insight.

    As far as TRS, that is troubling there would be financial oversight problems with the NJP. Any use of funds should require at least two corporate officers. But what is the problem with them? Are they too Yankee? I suppose that’s really it. We need to understand where they are coming from. I don’t think Southern Nationalism is broad enough, but it should be axiomatic in our movement that the Confederacy was more right/less wrong.

    Where is the call for activism and political organizing? If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be reading this blog and the ideas you helped make mainstream wouldn’t be mainstream. I can’t blame you for the burnout and for regretting the personal losses and the losses of leadership. But those sacrifices should be praised at the same time we mourn them.

  18. I’m interested in and giving some thought to why the Jewish Question hasn’t gone mainstream. I think the main reason is that
    -on the right, Evangelicals support Israel because of the bible. (Unlike Catholics, I guess they never learned replacement theology – which unseats Jews as the chosen people and replaces them with Christians.)
    -On the left, people oppose Israel but also oppose racialism.

    I also think the idea that whites are under threat is mainstream, but discriminating against non-whites is not mainstream. Nobody thinks Blacks should be kicked out of restaurants anymore. It’s more that Whites are accusing the left of anti-White racism than Whites are endorsing racialism. Therefore they’re not even on first base, if the racialism is base 1 and the Jewish Question is base 2.

  19. rebrand, but not change. regroup. af fuentes was successful with this until he was cut down by the establishment. same happened to alt right, but that was/is better because it was decentralized, more mainstream and successful.

  20. “Here are some topics which used to be firmly confined to the “alt” or “dissident” sphere:”

    “So, where does this leave the Alt-Right in 2023?”

    Basically, the AR won. The goal wasn’t to take over, but to push a cultural shift which would open up later options. The problem is that the AR and those who were good at AR tactics often aren’t suited to those later options, and many aren’t making the changeover.

    Later options:
    Pursuing political power and influence at the local level. Mayor, county admin, sheriff, state representative, governor. These are the positions that AR people should be shifting to, and in many cases are. Not openly, the nazi schtick only works online. IRL become whatever works to get popular support to get power, then use that power to do what needs to be done. Just like every politician going back to the invention of politics.

    Federal politics is lost to us, and no one is coming to save us. Get local influence, use it to fend off federal overreach. Hope enough with similar views are successful to form networks.

    Too many AR types fetishized the nazis, and made the wrong analogies. Nazis then did what I just said we should do, namely adopt whatever works to get local power, then use that power to do what needs to be done even if it might be a surprise to those who voted you in. Swastikas were a generic symbol, but that is no longer a generic symbol, it has a very specific meaning, which means it is no longer useful for the purpose the nazis used it for. Get new symbols, use what levi-strausse called a floating signifier: “make america great again.” “hope and change!” “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!” etc.

    The nazi party then would be analogous to a generic party now created to appeal to the locals. The nazi stuff now would be more analogous to the thule society then; a secret way of identifying fellow travelers to do the real work that needs doing.

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