Joe Biden: We Must Keep Marching Toward MLK’s Dream

The marching can never stop.

It can never stop because it is perpetually crossing the Bridge To Nowhere.

Washington Post:

Sixty years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans marched on Washington for jobs and freedom. In describing his dream for us all, Dr. King spoke of redeeming the “promissory note to which every American was to fall heir” derived from the very idea of America — we are all created equal and deserve to be treated equally throughout our lives. While we’ve never fully lived up to that promise as a nation, we have never fully walked away from it, either. Each day of the Biden-Harris administration, we continue the march forward.

That includes a fundamental break with trickle-down economics that promised prosperity but failed America, especially Black Americans, over the past several decades. Trickle-down economics holds that taxes should be cut for the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations, that public investments in priorities such as education, infrastructure and health care should be shrunk, and good jobs shipped overseas. It has exacerbated inequality and systemic barriers that make it harder for Black Americans to start a business, own a home, send their children to school and retire with dignity.

Vice President Harris and I came into office determined to change the economic direction of the country and grow the economy from the middle out and bottom up, not the top down. Our plan — Bidenomics — is working. …

These people are spinning their wheels.

They can lash out in fits of rage and toss Aunt Jemima into the fire as a sacrifice. It accomplishes nothing. The same racial gaps that vexxed liberals in the 1960s are still around. All the social scientists, diversity programs, cancellations and government spending in the world cannot bring about racial equality. Utopia is always just around the corner. We have to keep marching forward toward it.

How do we know this? They won. They have tried everything. They had their chance. They are no closer to reaching their desired destination than they were back then. Oh wait … but this time we have passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, the CHIPs Act and the bipartisan infrastructure law. Selma, Jackson and Detroit are on their way to becoming the world of the Jetsons!


  1. What I don’t understand is why he’s bringing up race – implying that trickle down economics work for White people. For a while Boomers were on corporate welfare but now that’s fallen apart. These days trickle down economics are just a complete failure.

    Biden is all talk though. If he actually did something about trickle down economics, don’t you think I would be singing his praise instead of blaming him for standing in the way of people like Yang and Sanders?

    Wage slavery is much a problem for White people as it is for Black people. The reason people don’t post dissident politics is because of wage slavery and the fear of losing jobs if your real name is revealed. If you took away this fear, a lot more Whites would express paleocon views on social issues.

    I don’t really hate MLK. I just dislike the double standard that it’s okay to be pro-Black but it’s not okay to be pro-White.

    • That’s a good point, the left says blacks are victims of white racism, the right says blacks are lazy and/or dumb, but maybe blacks just aren’t as servile as whites, willing to work hard and smart so long as society looks out for the little guy instead of catering to corporations.
      Thanks in large part to neoliberalism, our standard of living has declined.
      This has hurt whites and white families as well as blacks and black families, but blacks more so.
      Limousine Liberals talk incessantly about identity politics because they don’t want to address the economy, same with cons.

  2. The civil rights movement was never about winning or putting blacks on equal footing with whites. The civil rights movement was and is about destroying Christ and Christianity in order to make way, for the Jew messiah, the Moshiach. And this time too, like every time the Jews have tried in the past, will fail. The Jews are not going to get their race war. Whites are too God damned civilized to go around killing innocent blacks, no matter how many rampaging berzerko manifesto killers you may see. It is not real it is not how whites/Christians are.

  3. “Joe Biden ‘marching’ with Al Sharpton this weekend in Selma,”

    No, No, Joe
    Don’t march there, move there, live there.

  4. I see you edited the post to add a few comments.

    Boomers have tired trickle down economics for years and they’ve failed by years, but what has not been tried is things like Guaranteed employment, Universal Basic income, bottom to top wealth injection.

    Those things have never been tried. Nobody has broken up the free market corporate model where the good paying jobs are all working for corporations. People have tried to convert Blacks into corporate tools, but that hasn’t worked. But nobody tried taking on corporations.

    I believe millennials will try exactly that.

    • “what has not been tried is things like Guaranteed employment, Universal Basic income, bottom to top wealth injection.”

      Guaranteed employment:
      tried all over communist europe, failed.

      Universal Basic income:
      You get rampant inflation and discourage ambition in most people.

      bottom to top wealth injection.
      Called ‘stimulus checks’ which quickly evaporates in the consequent inflation.

      Merit socialism, you reward people for accomplishments . it worked for both Napoleon and NS Germany. You get rapid increases in prosperity and significant advancements in civilization.

      • The idea is to give people free education, healthcare, living wages and just enough UBI so they won’t necessarily face homelessness and starvation if they don’t find a job.
        Then they can bargain with employers for better wages and working conditions instead of being forced to take the first job that comes along no matter how crappy.
        A few people may abuse this, and never work again, but the vast majority of people aren’t like that, they’ll just bargain for better pay, conditions and use that UBI to help them get ahead.
        It’s time to subsidize people, housing and small businesses instead of corporations.
        Socialism is coming sooner or later, in all likelihood.

        Thatcherism/Reaganism/neoliberalism, the dominant school of economics since the 80s is on its way out, the big question is what form of socialism will dominate?
        Will it be moderate or extreme, democratic or autocratic, national or international, socially conservative or culturally Marxist?
        Will it take the form of private cooperatives, or a heavily taxed and regulated capitalism, or the nationalization of a large % of certain industries?
        Perhaps different forms of socialism in different places.

        Even Trump departed from Reaganite orthodoxy by slapping tariffs on goods from China and other developing countries to encourage people to buy American, and Biden followed suit.
        Neoliberalism just benefits the upper 1%.

  5. What was the civil rights crowd dream? To destroy American civilization? They did a pretty good job of wrecking towns like Selma, Alabama. They’re like many people in the U.S., they seem stuck in some idea of how to reform society and they were just wrong. And it’s been obvious for quite awhile the damage that has been done to this country by de segregation, not mention open borders.

  6. Instituting free education, free healthcare, living wages and UBI would help narrow the gap between whites and blacks, but may not eliminate it, because of black genetics, black culture and/or a bit of white on black racism.
    Still it would help a lot, neoliberalism has hurt black and white communities but especially black.
    The gap between white and black communities was smaller under socialist liberalism.

    Conservatives have little to offer blacks or whites besides tax cuts for and deregulation of corporations.
    And so they’ll be on their way out, at least at the national level, and good riddance.
    I’m off the conservative train.
    The whole white Christian nationalism thing was all talk.

    The left has woke and Russophobia, but so what?
    The right has Christian Zionism, neo-McCarthyism (‘everyone who wants to hold corporations accountable is a Marxist’!) and Sinophobia, what’s really worse?

    I understand these guys now, tax cuts for the wealthy, that’s basically what it means to be conservative in the west.
    If that’s the choice, and it is, I’ll go back to supporting the green party like I did several years ago.
    I’m not gonna support everything they do, I don’t like woke, gun control and the climate crap, but as a working poor person, I’d be a fool not to support them.
    The more people vote green, the more it will force dems/libs to ditch neoliberalism for real socialist liberalism to win those votes back to stay competitive with conservatives.

    • Part of me is not surprised as said side considers all non-Whites as inherently terroristic, even the babies of each non-White race are like that.
      But then another side of me, while pissed at the mass shooting, considers the generalization of no exception to be extreme.
      Part of that is because some pro-White groups have a tendency to put all Nons as demonic entities.

  7. 1945 was *their* victory.

    Rhodesia, South Africa, Brazil, and eventually, the United States and Europe are the consequences.

    Race is eternal

  8. Is that the best his kindergarten faculty lounge safe space handlers could come up with?
    WTF are our external enemies waiting on.

  9. “, considers the generalization of no exception to be extreme.”

    Of course there will be exceptions, but the collective genetic character is the issue. The racial characteristics will be recessively carried by even the best POC.

  10. It’s probably true that Blacks make lousy employees but if we can use blacks to force America to go socialistic and give out a bunch of benefits than it’s worth using Blacks to tear down America to implement that welfare state. The inability of Blacks to be converted into productive employees might be what converts America into a welfare state. But that will also help a lot of Whites, who don’t want to have to sell themselves out, even though they are more capable. It still takes luck to make money even if you are intelligent. If the solution to the failure to integrate Blacks is UBI, then I’ll thank Blacks for UBI.

    • ” use blacks to force America to go socialistic and give out a bunch of benefits than it’s worth using Blacks”

      You’ll just get runaway inflation, 99% will be poor and the social services will collapse, ie Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

      • What would happen is that unemployment would go way up and wages would go up to lure people back while we collect welfare or work “Job guarantee” jobs. We’d still get the benefits of American industrialization, without the drawbacks of having to work. Basically you could not work or work a bs Government job and still be middle class. Then we’d have money to buy products from the still existing corporate America. If you wanted to drive down prices, you could start making state run stores. Mixed Economies do that like China and Russia. The sad thing is that the motivation to do this will all be about helping minorities, but in effect it will also help Whites. Millennials will all ride the wave, White or non-White.

        • Another thing we could do is fund much of the UBI with luxury sales taxes.
          That way only the price of luxury goods, and services would go up, not essentials like food and housing.
          Or instead of calling them luxury taxes we could call them inessentials taxes.
          This would broaden the amount of stuff we could tax.
          Alcohol, cigarettes and junk food for example could be defined as inessential but not whole foods.
          Whole industries like the cosmetic and entertainment industries could be defined as inessential.

          We could also subsidize small businesses as much as we hand out UBI, that would drive down prices because it would increase competition, the green parties talk about doing that.
          We could break up megacorporations into multiple entities, that would also help reduce prices.

          We could drastically reduce immigration, which means there’d be less competition for goods and housing.
          Some guys on the left talk about reducing immigration in addition to protectionism, Bernie talked about it back in 16.
          The populist left can be anti-immigration from an economic standpoint.

          There’s lots of things we can do, it’s not as if economists don’t know how to do these things.
          While the Nordic countries don’t have UBI, they have a more robust safety net than we do and they’re anything but poor, yet they have far fewer natural resources than the US or Canada per capita.
          FDR’s new deal didn’t destroy the economy, it saved it, and if executed competently, the new, new deal won’t destroy it either, it will save it.

          It’s neoliberalism, our current system, that’s causing the inflation, because the big fish keep eating the little fish until there’s just a handful of fish left, monopolies and oligopolies.
          Big business gets subsidized instead of people, housing and small businesses.
          The same investment companies like Black Rock and Vanguard own most of the sock in these multinationals, so there’s little-no actual competition, they can’t lose by jacking up the prices.
          Companies monopolize housing in many neighborhoods too, jacking up prices.

          Another, more radical thing we could do is cap wealth at say 1 billion dollars.
          You can’t have more than 1 billion.
          Then we transfer the assets/wealth these multibillionaires have to ordinary folks in all sorts of ways.
          This wouldn’t increase prices because we’re just transferring ownership, not increasing the cost of maintaining said ownership.
          Of course these multibillionaires wouldn’t be too happy about that, we’d have to go to war with them quite literally, just throwing it out there.

        • DB the ” millinnials will all rise the wave” yes! Yes! Then you can ride the BIG BONE, Bon appetit, UBI/ Universal Bullshit idiocy, Get this thru your millinnials head’s out there…….if you are reliant upon somebody, or something, for your ” Daily Bread “, They own you…

    • Db/metal gear/ice man ” but if we use BLACKS to force america to go socialist ” if there was ever a statement forged in hell, yours here, is probably it ……….socialism is the ” gateway ” the first step too Marxist/Bolshevikism, satanic/statism complete. No damn way, No, No, No, using black’s too subjugate, SOUTHERN WHITE PEOPLE, if you are serious and you want that for my people, , black’s, forcing socialism on whites, you are the ENEMY,…….

  11. Speaking of the Jestson, anyone remember the nigger on the Jetsons?
    Didn’t the future you still look so great?

  12. They know that forever pounding the square peg into the round hole is useless but as long it’s making money for them and keeping whitey at bay why shouldn’t they?

  13. Negroes are the new Aryans; everything in this country revolves around their well-being. Sadly, they’re incapable of reaching the socio-economic heights assigned to them by White liberals.

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