Nick Fuentes: I Hate Poor People

America First is inevitable!

Note: We recently explored the question of whether it still makes sense to identify with these umbrella labels.


  1. With his views I’m not sure why he would be a political dissident. It sounds like his views are that the system is functioning perfectly well. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the poor deserve it. With those views you might as well be a mainstream Republican.

  2. First red beard, hating on fudge round eaters, and now this rodent, the big push is on to cut social welfare programs. Food stamps, medicaid medicare need to be cut, those fat Irish generals in the military are not getting enough.

  3. In this country, the money culture is so strong that many think that they, too, are just one lucky break away from joining the country club set.

  4. There’s something about the honest arrogance of Richard Spencer that makes him more palatable than the weaselly Nick Fuentes. However why one would want to follow either of them into the mouth of hell is anyone’s guess.

  5. I’ve often wondered what Fuentes would be doing if there was no internet.
    Likely working as a waiter in Hollywood, CA, hoping for that big break into showbiz!
    “I can act! Really, I can act!”

    • Striker did a good exposè on the Sackler Family and their poisoning of aAmerica wi synthetic opioids, all to make a kosher buck.

      • Yeah, now we have fentanyl, and more people dying than ever before. Take opioids away from the medical doctors and give it to the criminals. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

        • PLOT TWIST: Medical Opioids was the taster for illegal opioids.

          Intelligence agencies have always had relationships with organized crime. Intelligence agencies monitor pharmacies for illegal distribution.

          I don’t know how old you are but pill mills were a real thing in the early 2000’s.

          They pumped out insane amounts of OxyContin.

          Numbers so insane you wouldn’t have to do an “investigation” to know they were simply pumping out drugs.

          When you look into it is shocking even if you’re jaded.

          Fernando Valley aka The Valley aka Porn Alley (the valley is the home of the porn industry) and Florida was were the biggest pill mills were.

          It was mostly South Asian doctors and pharmacists working for the Jewish mafia pumping out over half of all the OxyContin in the country.

          What do those places have in common??? Both Florida and LA are controlled by Jewish mobsters.

          Who runs the cartels???

          It’s not Mexicans!

          There was a major cartel shootout on the border that used military weaponry and highly trained ex-military personnel. All the people were Israeli/Jewish.

          Who sold the cartels Pegasus??? Israel!… while trump was in office, who’s kushner and his family close to? oh the Sacklers and Bibi

          Bibi selling Pegasus to the cartels is why the deep state jews in the Biden administration are trying to coup Bibi in Israel.

          One of the few cool things the Biden administration has done, however they aren’t taking down Bibi because they love white people or hate Israel. But because Pegasus is too powerful to allow it to be out there like that. Many European countries and American allied nations aren’t allowed to buy Pegasus. It was supposed to be for Five Eyes + Israel only.

          Deep state Jews were totally fine with drugs coming over the border but they want to control the flow. Speed it up, slow it down etc. With pegasus all the cartels have to do is pay off anyone in the agencies and let them know who is running the investigations and instantly tap their phones/computers. They don’t even need someone on the team doing the investigations as long as they know who’s working on the team as well as tapping the top brass of the agencies.

          The deep state Jews want to dump drugs in america but they see it as stepping outside of rank for the cartels to have the upper hand. They want america to be halfway functional so it can carry out of agendas for their agenda eg enough white men in the military to fight their wars etc

          The mafia jews are higher time preference and full of more hubris and don’t care/or appreciate the concerns of their deep state jewish partners.

          They are also keenly aware with Pegasus Israelis can collect blackmail on top American officials (American Jews included) and it would on paper be coming from cartels but really it’s just jewish mafia/Israelis.

          While American jews are invested in the Israeli project they are still competing for power internally for who’s gonna lead jewish power moving forward.

          American deep state jews think they should be leading jewish power and Israelis think they should be. It’s jew on jew, spy vs spy, gangster vs gangster situation.

          Their beef is less ideological but driven more of competing to for who can be top dog in jewish organized crime and who has the best tactics/know how to be top dog.

          Only positive about Bibi and mafia jews is that they’re totally unsympathetic characters and turn normies away from Israel / domestic jewish power.

          HOWEVER worse isn’t always better. Often times you won’t reach the critical mass you’d need until after all the damage is done. Most of the time you by the time enough people “wake up” the people so crushed they’re unable to put up any resistance.

          It been discovered a lot of the rehab facilities (ran by jewish mobsters) that are given government money also had ties to the cartels. Get money selling them drugs, then get government contracts and from from the individual addicts themselves

      • Just repeating what their fellow tribesmen the Sassoons (the Rothschilds of the East) did to China in the 1800s. The bankstains had the militaries of Britain, France and even the pre civil war USA enforcing the free access to opium, despite Qing dynasty pleas to stop flooding the place with dope.

        • Yep, goys being the slave soldiers of the chosen, time and again.

          Exploiting people with drugs is wicked.

          The Chinese feel deep shame and resentment over ‘the century of humiliation’, they shouldn’t. They fought as hard as possible and were overwhelmed.
          ‘Saving face’, not being humiliated, is extremely important in asian cultures and they still harbor deep resentment to the West, as currently being shown by the expulsion of most non-essential foreigners.

          We’re going to pay for the sins of our (((overlords)).

  6. Lyin-Ryan hates poor whiggers too. Especially if they shoot “innocent niggers” and this leads to fake-beaneresses self-deporting before he can get some stanky offn’ them.

    Maybe Lyin’Ryan and Spic fuentes can go ass-3-mouf with each other with nary a nigger-shooter or apologist for such in sight. Spic can cum-cumfort Lying-Ryan that having Internuts phone sechs with virtual beaneresses is ghey.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. It’s worth noting that Trump dined with Kayne West and Nick Fuentes. Trump certainly isn’t choosing the working class as his associates. Trump also said that laws need to be put in place to stop Marxists – both limiting their immigration and cracking down on them at home. Now, you may applaud that, but Trump would consider economic populism to be Marxism. To Republicans, all populism is “socialism.” He knows what side he’s on and it’s not the side of the poor. Nick Fuentes says it straight up for Trump.

  8. Who?
    Some Captain Hairdo can go tell his social media “friends” about his malfunction.
    They might care in the hiveborg circle jerk.
    Cue the classic punk Dead Kennedys-Kill The Poor or Holiday In Cambodia.

  9. I guess at least Fuentes is honest.
    He’s saying the quiet part out loud.
    America’s conservative elite, like its liberal elite are class supremacists.
    Class supremacy rather than white supremacy or Marxism is the elephant in the room, it’s what really drives our society, government and economics, the idea that the wealthy and educated are superior and fit to rule, the bottom 99% unfit.

    If it wasn’t for Nick’s wealth, which he didn’t earn, he’d be just another narcissistic incel fag troll, playing World of Warcraft and fantasizing about Catholic theocracy or whatever.
    But many automatically look up to the wealthy, that’s the way the world’s always been, including many working poor people.
    You might call that internalized classism.

  10. Of course Nick hates poor people- He’s in this fight for the money and nothing else, like so many of these peter puffing pretty boys that keep getting featured by the legacy media because they are feckless.

  11. Blessed be you poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God Said another man, lower class, no college, called the carpenter’s son. The kind Fuentes hates. (‘Fuentes’. Is that American?)

    No pope is poor. That is for sure. And no sodomite can enter the Kingdom of God.

  12. Fuentes has bad optics, he looks short, lousy haircut, he ain’t winning any friends, with that suit and tie, choice of his, he does have good vocabulary though, he just doesn’t have anything of real substance too say. ……

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