Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison

This seems a bit excessive for a prolific confidential informant who wasn’t even in DC on January 6.

Note: Do you remember the time when Antifa rioted during the Trump inauguration, hundreds of them were arrested and every single one of them had their charges dropped?


  1. Mr Griffin is this stuff part of the reason you League of the South guys don’t do activism as much anymore? Seems like certain powerful progressives have an axe to grind against right wing dissidents.

    • Part of it.

      1. I am older and have more responsibilities. Most of the people who were activists back then were also either old and have aged or were young have since had multiple kids.

      2. I also do not see the point of activism these days. Millions of people are being radicalized on their own by events like these court rulings. Back then, I felt an urgent need to do something to wake people up. I thought we needed to be doing street activism to break taboos. Today, I do not feel the same sense of urgency. I feel like I can go to the beach. People are radicalizing on their own. It is not up to us to get the ball rolling anymore.

      • “hundreds of them were arrested and every single one of them had their charges dropped?”

        The (((deep state)) rules, not us, not the Constitution.

      • Well said Mr. Wallace.

        The time for “protesting” has passed. Anyone so uncaring or brainwashed they are not utterly enraged by our fake elections and current state of affairs would not be persuaded or awakened by any “protest”.

        Stage Two is “corrosion”; millions of individual actions to throw sand in the gears to hasten the collapse of Uncle Sugar as happened with the Soviet Union in 1991, while simultaneously building our local Separatist communities to surf the collapse.

  2. Remember Hal Turner? He was a ZOGbot and the FBI admitted as much, they gave Hal Turner $100,000 per year salary plus $10,000 per head of tard and paid for Hal Turner’s shortwave bill. the result back in 2010?

    ZOG’ll Fuck You Up:

    There was some rat named Hal.
    Who thought the FiBbIes were his pal,
    So he went ahead and made a deal to snitch.
    But he threatened judges three,
    A jewry slapped Ol’ Hal’s pee-pee,
    So Hal’s gonna be Muh Dikkk’s mischling bitch.


    ZOG’ll fuk U up,
    Yeah ZOG’ll fuk U up.
    If you don’t obey the Dirty jews’ command
    ZOG’ll fuk U up,
    Yeah ZOG’ll fuk U up.
    So you best be a-rebelling while you can.

  3. In American culture, for what i understand, there’s a difference between a Fed and a FBI informant.
    A Fed Is properly an agent, a Policeman or Federal agent Who infiltrate in some groups. Instead a Federal informant is simply a citizen who privately and on It’s own inform Police or FBI. For what i understand some far-right activists inform FBI about antifa to ruin leftists and some far-left activists inform FBI about nationalists to ruin conservatives or nationalists.
    So an informant Is not a traitor, instead a Fed Is a Spy………correct??

    • A “Fed” is an FBI agent, correct.

      An FBI informant is an insider in a group who betrays that group’s secrets to the FBI. So in this case, an informant inside the Proud Boys is not informing the FBI about antifas or commies, he is informing them about the activities of the group he belongs to – ie, he is a traitor to that group.

        • I’m sure he never expected to find himself in this position.

          I doubt anyone in the FBI or among the establishment more broadly really thinks he is much of a threat to anything (particularly given that he’s “black”/mixed and was willing to inform), but they decided to prosecute him anyway “pour encourager les autres.”

  4. If he was an informant he will be out of prison shortly. And the proud boys are jokes for allowing a non-white as their leader regardless.

    This country was lost after the civil war and civil rights act. There is no taking it back. Find a new land to start clean or shut your mouths, or else end up in jail.

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