Portland Proud Boy Ethan Nordean Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

Ethan Nordean has been sentenced to 18 years in prison by the social justice system. When I was last in DC for the Trump inauguration, Antifa rioted and hundreds of them were arrested for #DisruptJ20. They all walked. Funny how that works. Your politics determines whether you are considered a terrorist.

I didn’t read as much into the #DisruptJ20 protests as I should have in the months before Charlottesville. In retrospect, I should have saw that as an early warning sign that violence is permitted by the liberal establishment.

We’re already in a civil war. The criminal justice system is now just another tool to punish enemies and reward friends. Anything is permissible to stop Trump. Nothing is permissible for Trump and his allies. Walk around the Capitol and you get thrown in a dungeon. Lay siege to the White House and it is no big deal. You might even be the victim.

Note: In the case of the George Floyd riots, violence was both permitted and rewarded.


  1. 1) I’d like to see the jury.
    2) this shows the justice and equity stance of the left is all a pretense.
    3) same thing happened in 1920s Germany and Austria, those in power had their political opponents suppressed.
    4) riot ??? What riot ? That was one of the most peaceful mass assemblies I’ve ever seen, aside from the murder of ashley babbitt ( whose killer just got a promotion, instead of the death penalty, which he so deserves).

  2. This is how Stable Genius works.

    Average 6 pack Joe must understand that Auschwitz needs to reopened.

    Or comrade Stalin with his purges or whatever to get rid from our beloved white genetic liberal goodminded fellws who made every last disaster in the white race history.

  3. “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

    Lavrentiy Beria

    I think there is no greater job anybody can have than having been a prosecutor.

    Merrick Garland

  4. 18 years? And for what exactly? Did he he kill, rape or injure anyone? For context, in some western countries, you get half that amount for driving intoxicated and killing an entire family in another car.

  5. I think my comment didn’t get through because I had a link. But what I did is linked to the the article on the proud boys and showed that they support “glorifying entrepreneurship” and condemn welfare. So they’re typical Republican style economics.

    I also pointed out that Andrew Anglin and the Proud Boys apparently have similar views on the woman question. I do too, but for me it’s more about the troll, I don’t really have it out for women that much. It is, after all, the proud boys, not the proud human beings.

  6. The same strategy is going to be used on Trump. Find a moser, offer him a deal to condemn the rest.


    It is interesting Matthew Greene is from Syracuse, and is ex-military. Trump prosecutor Jack Smith also from Syracuse.

    Syracuse has a very large Irish poppulation. And the Irish tend to gravitate to law enforcement. Is Matthew Greene Irish and undercover FBI agent?

    Tell me again they are just like us?

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