Man Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Killing a 18-Year-Old Republican


The libtard killer was drunk and autistic … 4 years in prison with one year counted as time served under house arrest. Shit happens. It is unfortunate.


CARRINGTON, N.D. (KVRR-KFGO) – A case that captured national attention last fall came to a close in Foster County Friday when a judge sentenced 41-year-old Shannon Brandt to five years in state prison for hitting and killing 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his SUV after a street dance in the small town of McHenry last year.

Brandt will get credit for time-served under house arrest, which will reduce his jail time by nearly a year. He will then serve a period of supervised release. …

A psychological exam of Brandt and subsequent report by experts was central to both the prosecution’s and the defense’s arguments, as well as the judge’s decision. Cruff spent a significant portion of his sentencing, addressing Brandt’s autism diagnosis, which the experts said impacted his ability to interpret social situations and prompted an exaggerated reaction and response to the confrontation with Ellingson. Cruff faulted Brandt for consuming alcohol which the judge said Brandt knew amplified his reactions …

In Texas, the Uber driver who killed Garrett Foster for pointing a gun at him at a BLM protest during the Summer of Floyd got 25 years in prison. If Garrett Foster had lived, he might have been compensated for his services. These people were PAID to riot by the liberal establishment.

FOX News:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A U.S. Army sergeant was sentenced to 25 years in prison Wednesday for fatally shooting an armed man during a Black Lives Matter protest in Texas, even after the state’s Republican governor said he wanted to pardon the man.

Daniel Perry, 36, was convicted of murder in April for killing 28-year-old Garrett Foster during the downtown Austin protest in July 2020.

“After three long years we’re finally getting justice for Garrett,” his mother, Sheila Foster, told the court. …

The Proud Boys, of course, have been getting anywhere from 18 years to 22 years in prison for shaking a fence, breaking a window or in Enrique Tarrio’s case being in custody and not even in DC on January 6.

Note: It is also the mainstream Right that is pointing all this out. They are not wrong about this. “The rule of law” isn’t a thing anymore. The Constitution is a dead letter. It is so late that even people like Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok are beginning to grasp how far gone the system is now.


  1. This is a classic case of “first they came for X and I did nothing”.

    Walsh and that faction of the right are feeling the heat. When a sitting Senator is threatened with an indictment simply for doing his job, there’s not much further for them to go.

  2. The system is a joke, whether they are satanic democrat’s or Lincolnite republicans, they are all small and petty, no depth or polish about them, we don’t need any of these amatuer’s, take names people, we need a public list, of these criminals, we can and will deal with them, when the time is right……..thee existing structure, is one big snake pit………

  3. To be fair, these crimes are all different and in far different places. The North Dakota and Texas incidents are legit bullshit for sure but the J6 shit is just theatrical. All the men with high sentences all colluded with the federal government, maybe they’re being sent there to commit suicide, why take the chance of them revealing their level of collusion with the illegitimate DC regime.

  4. He was arrested and got time only because he is white. A darkie would have walked.

    Anyway, this kind of injustice system has been going on as long as I can remember. It is nothing new. The difference is, we can now talk about it on the internet. People are starting to notice.

  5. “…“The rule of law” isn’t a thing anymore…”

    So what are you going to? Start a civil war. Become Ukraine, while the Jews laugh at your stupidity and soak in the bloodlust and exalt in your endless inability to make any sort of long term plan? Or, take control of the house by electing people who do not give a damn, are not controlled by them, take over the whole damn country and crush these traitors?

    I’ve said about all I can on this either you people get it or you don’t.

    • Clearly, they are not going to allow that to happen.

      There isn’t a scenario where someone like Trump is elected, just cleans house and this is all resolved peacefully because the establishment concludes … gosh, he won fair and square. There is nothing we can do to stop him because of the Constitution.

      No, even if Trump is elected in 2024 and survives the legal onslaught against him these people have repeatedly telegraphed that it is something they will not abide. If it comes to that, they will start the violence. That was the backup plan in the last election.

      • “…No, even if Trump is elected in 2024…”

        While I hate to constantly repeat myself, if you think I even remotely hang all my hopes on Trump, you are very much mistaken. So I guess I will repeat myself again. All of these are small steps that can be taken over time. It would help a great deal if Trump was there to push them through. If he is even really what he says.

        To make sure there’s no misunderstanding, my point is that if we can get enough people in the House that refuse to bend we can change the rules of voting. Tightening up corruption. I believe that this action would be favorable to the left. Not the rulers but average left, center left people, which between them and the right are the vast majority and neither want their votes stolen. So The tools are,

        1. The Constitution provides that…

        “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

        1. The House can make rules just for their elections. Whatever they damn well please there are no restrictions. Any restrictions the courts came up with, the House could just repeal any laws they use to say different. They would get the message real quick and I suspect back off before even more power is taken from them. They could pass elections laws making election fraud very hard. It is possible. They can determine voting machines are illegal, that all voters be preregistered, verified and on a list, which they check “before” the elections. You could say anyone not registered 6 months, even a year or more where they reside could not vote. All ballots must be in person unless strict rules are followed. Any mail in must be returned before the election and counted first. As each ballot is counted a picture is taken, a computer counts it by looking at the picture and then that actual picture is bound up in a BitTorrent so anyone can see, how many people were registered, how many ballots and what those were. There would be hand counts and pictures of the ballots. Maybe some other rules could be added. Now they will raise hell, but they can either totally directly decide to commit treason and ignore the Constitution or they can do as the rules say. Remember Alinsky’s “rules for radicals”. Make them live up to their own rules. Any State that does not do this will not have their Representatives seated. The Democrats have done exactly this. There is president and they did it. If they do not follow the rules we do not seat their people and we will do what we damn well please.

        2. The Senate does not have the votes to do this now but the mass of the average left would certainly wonder why the House has stricter elections but the Senate has pozzed fraud elections. Difficult for them to explain this so eventually the Senate will have the same rules, When this happens, slowly we will get people more to our liking. Then we strike and totally change the rules. No one on welfare votes, maybe only married with children, certainly no immigrants, citizens or not, will vote. Why should someone be allowed to move into our country and tell us what to do? They should not. I can think of a lot more of these rules. From there we rule the country in our interest.

        Get rid of the illegal Supreme court decision that did away with State “regionally” based Senators, like the federal government has in our Senate. Regional Senators in all the States would totally change all voting patterns in every single State. They have power now in the city centers directly because of State Senates elected solely by population due to the illegal court decision. It would crush the liberal city centers and allow even more change. The whole thing multiplies and gathers like a snowball down a mountain side. This is EXACTLY how the Jews rule us. They get in charge of choke points in the government, media, etc. and then they just refuse to do anything but what they please. If they run some government bureaucracy, and you object, they will harass and get rid of you. They will do all they can to express every ounce of power they can grab. We merely need to do the same by using the actual real laws, Constitution and general societal mores of our country. It;s not magic dust or anything but decent organizing and enforcement of what we think is right and ignoring whatever it is they want.

        So DO NOT even pretend that I’m totally hooked on Trump being some sort a savior. I am not. In fact I have said many times there’s a good possibility that he is some sort of fake Hitler they propped up to pretend to save us, but will not. They actually tried this by funding the real Hitler, but he screwed them. No matter, voting for Trump at this point clarifies and brings to the top who is who and what is what. Doesn’t matter what he is, it draws the lines clearly and no matter what that always helps. It also appears to drive the left nuts, which s always good.

        Lot’s more if you are interested in this slow take over of the country here and links from them,

    • @Sam J. “People either get it or they don’t…” is petty self serving logic.

      Many people don’t “get it” because they are young and don’t have enough experiences that contradict the msm narrative to really examine it with any vigor.

      Others are too old and didn’t have experiences in “the current year” to fully grasp what’s happening and falsely relate their current experiences with explanations that no longer hold water.

      You’re assuming everyone has had the same information inputs and experiences you’ve had.

      Social media algorithms feed what you want to see eg you’ll see black on white violence, a zoomer who’s libtarded by default from institutional brainwashing will be fed stories/videos that confirm white on black racism… granted the narrative for white on black racism is getting more and more untenable.

      There’s a kid in his teens-20’s trying to rationalize their anti-white experience with years of programming blaming whites. There’s an old person who grew up in a majority white country with years of blaming whites for nonwhites poor outcomes trying to rationalize their antiwhite experiences.


      Is intellectually lazy self serving thought patterns. Not to say I never think like that about some specific events but human consciousness isn’t in a platonic state where everyone learns the lessons of the past in a uniformed manner.

      We of all people should know this.

      That’s why they work so hard to delegitimize age/wisdom/older white generations.

      They inform whites to disregard the wisdom from their grandparents and the smart thing to do is *not* listen to older generations.

      Putting whites in a position where every white generation is always relearning basic life truths.

      While some religious types bash Reddit tier rational thinking to the extreme, rationality is good. But if you think EVERYTHING you’ve learned is from rationality (it’s not) you’ll have less sympathy/empathy for those who don’t “get it.”

      Because you’ve convinced yourself everything you’ve learned is from rationally examining empirical evidence. It’s not.

      When dealing with any human population (because humans are living organisms going through different stages of life) you have re-teach basic realities again & again. A heavily brainwashed population will really have to have the same lessons hammered over & over again.

      On individual bases it’s fair to write someone off as “never gonna get it.” If you know they’ve had enough information inputs and experiences that should’ve changed them but on the whole it’s totally understandable why the majority of whites don’t “get it.”

      All of the system approved copes have a kernel of truth. Left-liberals cope of education/societal investment into populations can improve them is true to varying degrees depending on the exact subject & population.

      The right wing cope of if people simply took personal responsibility they could improve their lives today is true to varying degrees.

      While both of these copes are extremely lacking if you only have a couple of bad experiences it’s understandable why someone would double down on them.

      What many pro-whites don’t want to admit is that “hypocrisy bingo” and repeating the basics is increasingly becoming more effective. They’re either bitter that they were ignored for saying them and scorned for being punished for speaking them. That does suck but has little to do with public audience for those ideas.

      Anyone who looked into the facts of the Rodney King case would’ve easily of seen it was anti-white slander. But information was harder to get thus keeping many factually in the dark and those who factually knew were easily kept from emotionally acting upon the facts because system approved antiwhite pogroms were spaced out with enough time between them that you could tell yourself “sure the facts around rodeny king is bs but this will pass and life’s pretty good…”

      Now a days life isn’t that great and the big overt antiwhite attacks happen with more & more frequency. Putting the argument of “just ignore the lefty loons and in a week or two everything will go back to normal” in a much weaker position.

      That right wing cope doesn’t hold water anymore and it can’t contain people anymore.

      “Hypocrisy bingo” and basic pro-white talking points now have more relevance and a larger audience that’s willing to hear them and internalize the message.

      Besides my personal disagreements with them but this is a big reason why I’m against both nazi LARPers and religious LARPers.

      Most whites are largely secular, even those who identify as Christian. Many modern Christians don’t see the Bible as “the word of god” eg everything in it is true. They’d take a far more secularized expression of Christianity… “sure the Bible dated the world as only 5-6 thousand years old but people were working with limited information back then etc”

      I’m not a natsoc or a Christian but even if I was now isn’t the time to “escalate.”

      Rather now is the time to spread basic truths White people weren’t receptive to hearing previously and demonstrate the basics.

      It’d be like trying to convince someone to become a diver, and now that a bunch of people want to learn how to dive instead of bringing them on to a baby spring board to learn how to dive you say you have to dive off of a 20+ meter platform headfirst and if they put up any resistance its because they just don’t want to…

      There’s no time! You have to dive head first off of the 20 meter platform! RIGHT NOW!!!

      I don’t share their end goals but not only is that not going to work. You’ll put up blockers from people ever getting into the water at all.

  6. Just call anyone ‘racist’ or ‘extremist’, then you can justify any violence you want, so long as you’re the right color or party affiliation.

  7. “””… These people were PAID to riot by the liberal establishment…”””

    This is the whole point of their collapse. They don’t have ideological fighters anymore. They must pay the bottom of the society to fight for them.

    Now mercenary hiring 101. When things go too dangerous, mercenaries jump the ship. The point of hired gun is getting home with big money, not dying in the hopeless battle.

    I worked in this industry 12 long years. Getting hired in Iraq in back in the 2008 was enormous challenge. Eastern European rats fought like Bengali tigers to get pathetic 60usd per day entry job.

    Now we have Ukraine where competent contractors may earn 1000usd per day. At least Jews tell us so and every educated person knows that those poor abused honest people never lie. But by some mysterious reason, nobody wants their jobs.

    Current problem is that Ashli Babbitt and Kyle Rittenhouse worked for free but enemy must pay enormous amount of money to get something done. This is the reason why we win and they lose.

    • It’s also the reason that the present fraudulent financial system must be collapsed. Emperor Shlomodollah Bankstain needs be be exposed for what he really is: General Butt Naked. The dollar is truly not even worth the paper its printed on. Once that is obvious, the hired guns will no longer accept the Jewbux for payment. They’ll demand something like gold.

  8. Could you please change your header image? I’d like to send articles to normies, but I fear the superhero pic from a TV show will turn them off right away.

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