Dick Cheney: Donald Trump Is The Greatest Threat Our Republic Has Ever Faced

I think this is an old video, but it is going viral.

Note: These people are why Trump is polling so well in spite of his own record. Even a shitskin nobody like Vivek has a better chance of winning the nomination.


  1. Trump’s a fake populist though. What Trump is, is a bunch of working class people rallying around a Billionaire because he complains about minorities.
    Cheney actually sounded reasonable on Iraq when senior HW Bush was in power. The problem is that he switched his position when Junior W Bush took power. He basically said the older Bush was right to get out when he did and not go the full way to overthrow Saddam.

  2. The war-criminal from Halliburton and his ZOGtarded skank daughter is all pissy that the ZOGling whigger ass-clown ZOGtards now are the political property of Cheeto-Jesus The ZOG-Emperor having sucked the Party of the Acting Prez-o-dint Raygun who destroyed post-WW2 COOnservantism to Kosher Khanned-Servamtism, which is cum-cumming a cropper now that the Greater Khazaristan-on-the-Dnieper war against Russia, Russia, Russia isn’t going well, other than purging the jewkraine of jewkrainians.

    Pity ZOG can’t start a new war against the Chinks until the jewkrainian war is fully lost as with the Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurds, Libyans, etc. being betrayed and bereft. Them gooks have cum up with a replacement of Apple 15 using theys’ own microchips and told CCP members to not take theys’ gay Apple iphones to work. Probably even use they’s new microchips for targetting nuclear missiles and work with the Iranians to fabricate drones and volunteer stray gooks to join as “volunteers” to the jewkrainian Front, along with the Koreans bringing theys’ old 152 mm artillery shells.

    Actually having heartless Dickless Cheney whining like a pussy against the ZOG-Emperor means that he now has put the Wyoming prez-o-dintshall primary in the bag for Cheeto-Jesus the ZOG-Emperor #45 & #47.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Running for Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missouri 2024

    • “Actually having heartless Dickless Cheney whining like a pussy against the ZOG-Emperor means that he now has put the Wyoming prez-o-dintshall primary in the bag for Cheeto-Jesus the ZOG-Emperor #45 & #47.”

      LOL, I’m seriously considering voting for Dump just because this giant piece of shit (who should, at the very least, be hanging from a lamp post) made this clip. If it’s a psyop, it’s a good one.

  3. If Vice-President Cheney were to happen across John Tyler, George Washington, Andrew Johnson, Thomas Jefferson, Jameses Madison and Monroe, Milliard Fillmore, and Andrew Jackson, he would denounce them as grave perils to ‘our republic’.

    Yes, at the sight of Jackson, Cheney would most likely go apoplectic, for Jackson fought a very similar battle against many of the same people and institutions who spiritual descendants are sucking the life out of America and Americans today.

    • @BlackKnight…

      You’re assuming the country stays together in the current configuration, and, additionally, that Whites go continue along with demographic replacement.

      Those assumptions are a bit of a stretch.

      In a volatile period as we are, we simply do not know where we will be in 2033.

      I mean, if you went back to 2013, would you have been able to predict where we would be today?

    • The unspoken assumption of the ruling class is that as the U.S. gets darker this will still be a high functioning, first world country with first world attributes such as safe air transport, good medical care, a working electrical grid and a high functioning military. They are engaged in the worst kind of wishful thinking. This country is going in the shitter fast as the country darkens.

      The military, as just one example, is full of Third World types now, White guys have been checking out. If China attacks Taiwan, the military is stuck with the colored folk to fight off the Chinese invasion. Immediately after an invasion, especially if China seizes Taiwan (a likely outcome) the notorious scumbags in Congress will pass a bill of conscription to draft young, White males into the military. They will be needed because the tranny, freak, homo, low IQ Third World types cannot run a high tech military very well. U.S. failure to save Taiwan will be proof of that,

      Hopefully, Whites will have at least a grain of common sense and realize that the U.S. Government just wants to kill them off in wars like Iraq 1990, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003 and refuse to be conscripted. Without Whites buttressing the military the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire collapses. That would be the best possible outcome for the vast majority of people in the U.S. outside the ruling class and also the rest of the world.

      The U.S. Government has inflicted more than its share of death, destruction and mayhem on the rest of the world since that great peacemaker Woodrow Wilson plunged the country into WWI on a lie. All these wars for “our democracy” have wrecked everything they touched, including this country.

      • @12AX7.

        Thank you for your comment.

        Yes, it is impossible to disagree with your main assertion – that The United States’ Government is making, and has been making, a concerted effort to move on from Whites.

        Why they decided to do that is beyond me, when the vast majority of Whites have been so willing to support the United States’ Government in everything.

        It is also true that, in the name of promoting ‘progress’, The United States’ Government has played a terrible role in the world, over the last century.

        Most Americans have no idea, which is unfortunate, because that unawareness has been a rubber stamp for tyranny to be waged over so many.

        Yes, it would be better for everyone involved if the United States divided, if for no other reason than this would result in the end of terror being committed over the world.

        Well, no, actually terror, of every sort would continue, but, it would not be ours, that which, in the end is the only thing for which we can be held responsible.

        That said, The United States of America once stood for something very positive in Humanity, values like the right to Free Speech, Due Process, and Peaceful Protest which was at least a counter-weight to our criminal endeavours abroad.

        The America I was raised in had a lot to be proud of, and to recommend it, but, foreign policy was usually not a part of that.

        Words cannot express how saddening it is to see where we are in 2023.

        If you had told me, decades ago, that we would be here, I would have smiled at you and, out of politeness, held my tongue.

        History has made an ass out of me, and, unfortunately, tens of millions of other Americans of European blood who once loved this country so.

        Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. No one give a shit what this war criminal believes, or thinks is right. That kosherative, inc, would roll out that warmongering POS demonstrates how desperate the retardicans are to purge the puny populism of the king of pissreal.

    • @November…

      No, after his refusal to send the fake election results back to the states, very few care to hear what Vice-President Pence has to say.

      He cooked his goose in 2020.

      Now, he’ll have to live with that.

      Lecturing us will not get him a new goose.

    • @Juri…

      Yes, though I cannot see why The Jew England Yankee United States’ regards President Trump as such a threat, there is no doubt that they do.

      I mean … he did precious little in his first term to thwart them, so here we are.

      • There is something of a mystery about that. The Dumpster did everything he could do to fellate Schlomo like any repuke is wont to do. Moved the embarassy to Muh’Izrael, let the Kushner crime family and others from Kosher-Nosetra run all foreign and domestic policy, etc. The list of fellations is nearly endless, down to the last pardons of every Jew swindler and crook Jared could think of (along with some rappers and Wakandan racket-scientists no doubt picked by Queen Esther). Hell he was even a regular visitor to Jeffrey Epstein’s Jew-Yawk digs back in the day. Maybe even got to view the famous painting of Billy in the Stained Dress of Blue.

        Schlomo and his homies should be lovin’ on that shabbas-goy. But like a ten-dollar whore, Cheetohead just couldn’t stay away from Twitter and make tweets that triggered their whole damned herd of goodhwyte shabbas-cattle (mostly wymyn) into tears of panic and hysteria. If a mensch loses his promised 600 goy-slaves, he might actually have to do some work – and that’s too big of a pain in the ass.

        • @Exalted Cyclops…

          Thank you for your reply.

          Yes, I have never seen a president bend over so backwards to be of service to Jews and most of them are incredibly UNappreciative of it.

          I wonder how that will play out with President Trump, when he steps back into The Oval Office again.

          One thing I will wager : he thought in his first term that he could make his detractors come to love him.

          I bet he does not think that again.

          All the best to you and yours!

      • All services what The Donald did to Jews were Judas kisses. When your uncle has alcohol problem and I bring him bottle every day , am I good friend or am I destroying poor uncle ?

        BTW, Jews doing us also many services, for example bringing in quality workforce and rocket scientists so our beloved white race can flourish. Yet somehow we don’t appreciate Jew services.

        Now The Donald returned some goodness and now Jews are angry. Bringing capitol to Jerusalem is not a service but creating enormous security problem. Also Abraham accords served this purpose.

        In the politics you cant say everything openly. Currently Sweden is in the hot water. They don’t want NATO and war with Russia. But they cant say this, so they arrange Quran burnings and other shit to force Turkey to reject their NATO application.

        • @Juri…

          Thank you for your reply.

          As to your main assertion : that President Trump constantly bent over backwards to do nice things for Jews and Jewry, yet they, American Jews, do not appreciate it.

          Many Israeli Jews appreciate it, but not Western Jews.

          If I have to guess why, I would guess that there is something about President Trump, probably the strength of his personality, that reminds them of a time when White Gentile men were something to be reckoned with.

          No, if you are a small country, saying very little is a virtue.

          Even Hungary, which is the most outspoken of small countries, is very very tactful about many things, particularly when it comes to the devolution of the United States, in recent years.

          Alright, that’s it for me.

          Be well!

  5. Dick Cheney was in charge on 9/11/2001. The hijacked Flight 93 was shot down by a North Dakota national guardsmen. Its intended target was building seven. Dick Cheney was in charge. Dick Cheney would not let Bushes plane land in Washington. What do you do Dick Cheney, you got a building seven rigged full of explosives and no Arab patsies to blame it on? Now what do you go Dick Cheney?

    Bush landed his plane at a nuclear bomber base. What was Bush thinking

    This Cheney, is the guy they sent to tell us Trump is going to destroy? What kind if sick joke is this?

    “Lets roll”——-what a line of shit.

  6. No that would be stinking Lincoln, how many grand babies, has that DYKE daughter of yours, provided……..you and your pals, must really miss those visit’s too EPSTEIN ISLAND, eh? Lame brainy Cheney…..

  7. I’m at the point in my analysis of the Situation affecting this Hemisphere Wild West with Civilization government. Democracy is falling!




    • At this point, I hard disavow monarchy.

      Right now we would likely end up with some mystery meat faggot who would immediately order White men impaled in their front yards, their kids all chemically castrated through trans surgery and the women passed around as spoils of war where most of them would gladly bear more mystery meat babies for the orcish empire.

      If at some point we actually have some power over our fates, then maybe somebody worthy could emerge that I’d fight for.

      Right now though, nah fam. Nah.

  8. It is personal for Dickhead Cheyney. He was the one who ran the 9-11 attack on the United States. Bush didn’t run it. Neither did Mossad or the CIA. They all knew about it and participated, but in all ops someone has to be in charge. On the 9-11 op, that man was Dickhead Cheyney.

    He fears that Trump is crazy enough to open that can of worms. That is his secret terror.

  9. I really thought Dick Cheney was dead.

    Wow, there seems to be a 100% curse on American Vice Presidential nominees and actual Vice Presidents. I haven’t seen a successful one in my life time:

    Not LBJ
    Not Spiro Agnew
    Not Gerald Ford
    Not Walter Mondale
    Not Dan Quayle
    Not George HW Bush
    Not Dick Cheney
    Not Mike Pence
    Not Paul Ryan

    Wow that’s a long, long list of failure.

    • Soviet Union was collapsed not by brave dissidents but by lifetime apparatchiks Yeltsin and Gorbachev. Gorba was briefly employed in agriculture , Yeltsin never had real job outside communist party apparatus. Yet those two and some other similar creatures doomed the evil monster.

      Romanians got rid from Ceausescu thanks to Ion Iliescu, evil Stalinist with multiple murders on his soul.

      And of course our beloved comrade Stalin who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Lenin Jews and white liberals and destroyed Jew plans for World Government for almost a century.

    • @Rebel Roy…

      Thank you for your kind comment.

      I almost missed it, because you did not reply directly below any comment of mine, but, fortunately I did happen across it.

      Yes, we must hold on and have faith.

      We must stand up and defend ourselves and our people.

      The coming decades must not be the nadir of the Southron People, but a renaissance.

      We must channel our Nathan Bedford Forrest and see to it that.

      Until next time!

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