Tom Nichols: When Americans Abandon The Constitution

If you squint hard enough, you can convince yourself we are still governed by the Constitution and “the rule of law.”

The Atlantic:

“But enough about the hollow men of the GOP. Think about what Romney is saying:

Millions of American citizens no longer believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

This is not some pedestrian political observation, some throwaway line about partisan division. Leave aside for the moment that Romney is talking about Republicans and the hangers-on in the Trump movement; they are also your fellow Americans, citizens of a nation that was, until recently, one of the most durable democracies on Earth. And they no longer care about the fundamental document that governs our lives as Americans.

If Republicans no longer care about the Constitution, then they no longer care about the rule of law, secular tolerance, fair elections, or the protection of basic human rights. They have no interest in the stewardship of American democracy, nor will they preserve our constitutional legacy for their children. Instead, they seek to commandeer the ship of state, pillage the hold, and then crash us all onto the rocks. …”

As Donald Trump recently said, there is really no difference between what Joe Biden’s DOJ is doing and any other corrupt Third World banana republic where dictators arrest and incarcerate their political rivals.

The liberal establishment has convinced itself that this is “constitutional” and the “rule of law” and even something to celebrate. It is “defending democracy.” The rest of the country has been invited to agree with them that their actions are constitutional and legitimate.


  1. Well, some other person, some other admins at Twitter apparently don’t believe in the US Constitution 1st Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion at least not for my freedom of speech.

    I made a short tweet in response to the Black African migrant camp of the Saints invasion and conquest of that Italian island off the coast of Libya my tweet was short and sweet:

    “Sink the Boats”.

    We’ll I’m banned , like Jared Taylor and others. The worst hard core J porn merchants, lying Neo Conservative Zionist war mongers – KILL ALL THE ARABS and NOW RUSSIANS, they’re not banned, but I/we are.

    That’s life under ZOG, ADL, Conservative Inc, Military Industrial Complex , DOJ, FBI, CNN, MSNBC, Jew York Times, Jonah Goldberg Review, Fox News.

    Ain’t no free market in American mass media. Fox News most popular news presenters, commentators Tucker Carlson, Meagan Kelly, Bill O’Reily were all let go because they went against some part of the ADL, Neo Con, BLM, Cuckservative, Great Replacement party line – like a Stalinist purge.

    And most Amurikuns are content to go back to watching 5 days a week of Black criminal Football.

    “Are Your Ready For Some Football?”

  2. Pence has an op/ed in NYT, how Tump can’t pardon himself.
    The media is on full attack mode, from all directions, against Trump.

    The media controls Americans, it’s wrecked our culture.

  3. ” . . . They have no interest in the stewardship of American democracy, nor will they preserve our constitutional legacy for their children. Instead, they seek to commandeer the ship of state, pillage the hold, and then crash us all onto the rocks. …”

    A better description of the the Left and their enablers, the good “Conservatives,” I have yet to read. The writers in the Atlantic have succinctly described their own people yet these dickheads are apparently unaware of this. A more obtuse, willfully blind, dishonest, self-serving, over credentialed, parochial, insular, incompetent, arrogant, self-serving group of hypocrites and liars would be hard to find, and they are in charge, for now at least.

    Here is Leon Cooperman, Goldman Sachs guy, worth billions, quite competent at money grubbing, worried about his grandchildren’s future in the U.S. He claims to be worried about the Left’s anti-Capitalist screeds from the likes of Pocahontas, Bernie the Bolshevik and AOC and their wealth tax proposals, which went nowhere of course. Leon is worried because the U.S. is now failing but states that his values align with Hillary, Dementia Joe and BHO, and he voted his values.

    He is but one example, par excellence of these self-serving hypocrites who enriched themselves beyond King Midas with the same ultimate results, national ruin. Leon’s “values,” such as they are have been the guiding principles of the U.S. since WWII when the Left seized control with the help of traitorous “Conservatives.” These “values” have lead to the logical result of the rapid decline of the U.S. The U.S. is now living off of past physical, financial and particularly social capital which is just about spent.

    Leon thinks it’s great that wogs from S. America are invading the U.S. but there is no mention of the destruction of NYC where he lives on Billionaires’ Row. Leon, Leon, you need to get out more. Walk less than a mile from your home and check out the Roosevelt Hotel where the savages from S. America and the rest of the world have congregated. Perhaps when the temperature drops to 20 Deg. F. at night Leon will invite them into his home where he can learn multi-cultural values up close and personal.

    Hah, only kidding. He probably has a jet on standby to take him to Our Greatest Ally if things get too hot here. He can join Field Marshall Zelensky there since the Ukraine project is failing, too.

  4. I am unsure if The New Right has ‘abandoned The Constitution’.

    What I am sure of is that we, realize that it is either not followed, and or weaponized against us; that, if it were to have been sufficient before, it is no longer.

    No document, no matter how brilliant, well-intended, and or wrought, can withstand bad faith.

    In the end, all paper, to the extent it has any worth, reflects the honour, and or lack of it, of those who hold it in their hands.

  5. Liberal around the world started almost 10 years ago to say that “fascism/racism is not an opinion but a crime” or “not all opinions are legittimate”….those were the first signals of undemocracy. In my country there’s a facebook page called ABOLITION OF UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE which Is a far-left Page that want to abolish the right to vote for conservative and right -wing people……

  6. It is money that rules these whores in government, not God or Gods laws. The constitution and the bill of rights was created to serve Gods law. And what are Gods laws in its simplest most easily understood? No harm comes to the innocent.

  7. The enemies of free speech tell us that we’re the enemies of the Constitution. These lying vipers are the spawn of their father the Devil.

  8. Look on the positive side.

    They accusing you for betraying conservative ideals. They don’t accusing you for racism homophobia antisemitism and other weasel words because nobody cares anymore.

    So progress is clearly visible. Soon they blame that you are anti white and hate Nazis and want destroy the country with mass immigration.

  9. I would say that Americans not abandoned the constitution, but it has steadily been taken away from them. Four major wars have been fought without congressional declarations of war.

    The establishment gets away with things like stop and frisk, and the RICO law which are unconstitutional attacks on due process. They sell this crap by saying things like it only used against the mob, well RICO is being used against Trump. If they get away with it at all, it will be used against somebody else, that’s how the authoritarian police state works. Any attack on due process should be fought against as vigorously as possible. Instead we have ‘conservatives’ siding with police state types like Guiliani and wanting the war on drugs to go on indefinitely. That kind of shit that was done to Roger Stone, has been done to small time drug dealers all over the country, the government gun punks showing up at six in the morning, with semi automatic rifles, bullet proof vests, 15 or 20 of them to arrest one lone pusher. It’s overkill and they want to intimidate the public.

    The system has given all kinds of power to prosecutors especially at a federal level, the people on the right are not fighting against this shit. The conservatives always seem to want to find some petty authority figure and turn them into a stained glass window, like the army or the police, ‘they protected us, they saved us’. Oh bullshit. None of these piddly countries the U.S. have been at war against were ever any real threat to America.

    • @William…

      “I would say that Americans not abandoned the constitution, but it has steadily been taken away from them.”

      Truer words have not been spoken.

      They took it, and now that we will not accept this theft of theirs anymore, they havin’ a snitfit and callin’ us names!

  10. The Constitution has been dead for a very long time. Perhaps since 1964. Perhaps since 1865. But the Constitution Party will get their 0.05 percent of the vote in 2014.

    • @TW…

      1861-865, The South fought for The Constitution, The North won that war.

      Then the Confederate veterans reformed as the Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan and fought ‘The War of Reconstruction’, the long and the short of which was that The North kept minding it’;s own business, but, we still had to stop calling Negroes Slaves and field hands and call them ‘Sharecroppers’.

      The offshoot of The North’s meddling against The Constitution was the development of what is known as Jim Crow – and they started it in 1865, when they freaked out that millions of Southern Negroes were descending on their Yankee towns, looking for that mysterious thing they felt that they had been promised, ‘Freedom.’

      When the North began meddling again, about 70 years ago with Brown vs. The Board of Education’, The South was no longer made of the same mettle that it had been before.

      Our Klans fought this new unconstututional meddling, but, most of our oligarch and political class just caved to it.

      By 1970, The South had surrendered and the Constitution was on oxygen supply.

      ‘The Patriot Act’, and Reagan’s hire, Alan Greenspan, finished off what little was left of it.

      Now we are back to square one.

      Everyone knows this – we just argue over what must be done.

  11. Politics just keep getting weirder and weirder.

    The notion that a Boomer Huckwaffen is forming in Arkansas but that Mittens Romney is retiring is a lil shocking.

    I figured ‘Magic Under-roos’ Mormon Mitt would be the one to want to form a militia compound in rural Itah. Mormons have a lot of prophecies about a Russian nuclear first strike and they can tend to be prone to going into militia mode.

    I am not prepared to go that far but have thought about getting a bug out bag and a mystery machine van ready to head to the hills.

    • @Rangewulf…

      That’s a very important thing you said here – all documents will be interpreted.

      Nothing exists in a vacuum.

      That was the revolutionary premise of the Buddhist seer, Nagarjuna, 2,500 years ago, namely that being there is no perception without a certain degree of projection.

  12. They take us to war, flood us with gimmegrants, allow manufacturing to go offshore, use foreign aid funds that should go to the poor, and all without your consent. But hey………..your vote counts!

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