Mitt Romney Is Retiring

The haters and losers are leaving politics.

Note: Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Liz Cheney and soon Mitt Romney will all be gone. The True Cons are going extinct.


  1. Some good news for a change.

    The powers that be, especially that J people we’re not supposed to notice on both the anti White Left and Neo Con Right, always like to use nice, neat well scrubbed LDS Mormon pols to front for them like they did Egg McMuffin running as an independent in Utah to try to tip the national election for Hillary against Trump.

    The powers that be really love to get well scrubbed, pretty dumb as* White LDS Mormons like Mittens Romney, Mitt’s father George Romney, Utah Senator Orin Hatch to be featured on some “Let the Blacks riot and loot in Detroit and Chicago, it’s just protest against RACISM” or mass POC illegal alien amnesties legislation. So, the Great Replacement doesn’t just look like its done by White hating J Communists and Black Revolutionary hate White people LaRaza types.

    The LDS Mormon church and its political side has fallen down in to typical tax exempt, go with the money, wear a suit on the weekend a sweater during the week and agree with whomever is in the room with you at the time including homos, Js, Muslims.


    So very tired of listening to this man, a former corporate raider who pillaged untold Workers’ retirement funds, lecture us on how we might be, IF we, The Average Joe who objected to thieving and selling off of this country by our political class, were virtuous!

  3. Mitt Romney represents what the Republican Party actually thinks, while Trump represents what the Republican Party is wiling to say to get elected. The truecons always get their way policy wise, it’s just that now Republicans make a bunch of promises and don’t keep them.

    Anyone who seriously thinks Trump will result in a non truecon policy didn’t learn from last time that he is indeed out for his own economic class while Romney is just more blatant about being the candidate of the rich.

    • @Metal Gear…

      “Anyone who seriously thinks Trump will result in a non truecon policy didn’t learn from last time that he is indeed out for his own economic class while Romney is just more blatant about being the candidate of the rich.”

      You take some inarguable truth and blow it up so much it loses validity.

      Yes, President Trump is an oligarchist, but, no, unlike most other oligarchs, he does not despise the country or common Americans.

      Tens of millions of our countrymen love this man, and though I do not share that love, they cannot be entirely mistaken.

      Moreover, he singlehandedly blew up many of decades of political patterns, and got what was hidden to come out and expose itself.

      And he takes one blow after another, and yet, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps on ticking.

      There is greatness in the man, even though his presidency was marred by inconsequential behavior and ridiculousness.

      As to what he does – I have a hard time seeing him prevail over the systemic cheating that is bound to occur.

      But, if he does, I would bet he does better than his first time out.

      The first time he thought that he could make them love him, and he tried to charm and reason with them

      Now, he’s under no such illusions.

      I’m supporting RFK Jr., but, if he falters, I will vote for President Trump … again.

  4. There are several species of rhinos in this world. Pretty much all all them are endangered. Unfortunately. However I am very happy THIS species of “rino” is going extinct. Good riddance.

  5. Swamp is draining like stable genius promised.

    This a good sign. In every collapsing system, wiser rats jump the ship first. If someone hasn’t committed very serious crimes then it is better quietly dissapear until there is time window left.

    Also this is a sign that regime is weakening. Regime doesn’t have means anymore to force it’s servants stay on post and fulfill the duty.

    Soon this process reaches lower levels. Bureaucrats, police, procecutors etc. refuse to commit illegal act’s, adjusting the elections for example.

    • @Juri…

      Yes, the Swamp is getting drained, though, by a very unintended circuitous route.

      That said, something is happening, which is a good thing.

      That said, we’ve yet to see what replaces him.

      Will it be like him or not?

      Let’s see if the Utah voter has changed his mindset enough to thwart the same oligarchs who will try to fund his replacement.

  6. This lowlife never worked a day in his life, getting in from his daddy, retiring from his career in the senate. Does this piece of mitt have a 401k? More likely insider trading. He’s getting off easy. Selling out Utah piece of garbage.

  7. Spencer saw a fellow manchild in Romney. He cast all of his latter day anxieties onto Romney: Romney is a chad, Romney is eugenic, Romney is smart, Romney is rich, Mormonism is actually Apollonian, etc. Romney really was just another cuck like Sasse, McCain, Cheney, Jeb, or any of them, but Romney did live off his parents his whole life like Spencer and never once worked a real job. I guess Spencer fixated on Romney because he thought Romney was good looking? It was one of those desperate post-Charlottesville cope routines.

    And now Romney is gone forever lol.

  8. Get ready to have our zone flooded with 87 billion articles about Romney’s “integrity.”

    Back in 2012, Kris Kobach personally told me about Romney’s “integrity,” or, more accurately, lack thereof.

    It might seem strange to write this, but the more time goes on, the more I came to believe that the people who just couldn’t with Romney in 2012 made the right call.

  9. Perhaps Mittens can retire to the ‘Big Love’ family compound down in old Mexico. He could then meet up with them aliens who brought the magic lenses to Joseph Smith.

  10. One of Mittens’ really disgusting acts was labeling Tulsi Gabbard a “traitor” for her lack of loyalty to Ukraine and the war-monger agenda.

  11. One would be hard pressed to find a worse living human being than Willard Romney. A perfect example of the snob upper classes. He’s had every thing in the world handed to him, money, college, position, and he’s spent most of his life avoiding taxes and shutting down factories in the United States, to find hapless Chinamen that can be worked for ten hour days, six days a week, for 99 cents an hour.

    He also said something about half of the people in the U.S. being on the dole or something, in 2012. How could this man be more revolting, it never occurred to him that most guys don’t grow with a father who is a governor, auto company executive , and a presidential candidate? He is as sorry a fucking bastard as anybody I ever saw.

    Wouldn’t have voted for him if he’d been running against Pablo Escobar.

    • @William…

      “One would be hard pressed to find a worse living human being than Willard Romney. ”

      I agree.

      He, Romney, was a part of buying the trucking company my father-in-law worked for for many years, and my father-in-law lost his pension because of Romney’s raiding.

      And the officials of the state of Alabama did nothing to stop it.

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