Florida Arrests Neo-Nazi Demonstrators

I was concerned that something like this would happen.

USA Today:

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida man was arrested Tuesday for his participation in a neo-Nazi demonstration over the summer, where members of extremist groups hung banners with swastikas and hate messages over an overpass.

Jason James Brown, 48, of Cape Canaveral, Florida, is accused of hanging swastikas and other antisemitic banners along the Daryl Carter Parkway Bridge in Orlando on June 10, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He was charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. …

Three additional warrants for other demonstrators from out of state were issued in connection with the demonstration that was seen by thousands of motorists. …

Kerner credited DeSantis, who has been criticized for his slow response to public antisemitic displays, for signing a new law into effect that prohibits the display of intimidating and malicious images on buildings or other structures without permission. The governor’s office said the bill provides “law enforcement agencies with new enforcement mechanisms to punish perpetrators of antisemitic incidents and those who target religious communities.” …

Ron DeSantis signed that anti-Semitism bill into law in Jerusalem which was an attempt to criminalize activism by the Goyim Defense League.

Jewish Weekly:

Over the last couple of years, antisemitic groups have rallied outside Walt Disney World and a Chabad house in Orlando; displayed messages of Jew-hatred on a Jacksonville stadium during a highly watched college football game; and visited Florida universities trying to provoke students with messaging including “Ye Is Right” (referring to the rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, who went on an antisemitic tirade last fall).

Many but not all of those activities have been fueled by members of the Goyim Defense League, whose founder specifically said he expected Florida to be more hospitable to him and his worldview when he moved his operations there from the Bay Area.

The Goyim Defense League’s signature tactic would transform into a felony under H.B. 269, which has bipartisan support and this week advanced to the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, a crucial step in the passage of legislation. …

Other sections of the bill describe activities that the state’s neo-Nazi groups have undertaken in recent months, including displaying messages of ethnic intimidation on sports stadiums and other buildings, and entering college campuses in order to intimidate. The bill would classify such activities as third-degree felonies, with violations carrying prison terms of up to five years

In related news, Boneface has been exposed as a fraud in a public trial that was held by Blood Tribe. He has been excommunicated from the group.


So, to see if they had a liar in their midst, Pohlhaus and his fellow members of Blood Tribe made the baffling decision to hold a public trial of their member. This two-day event consisted of the neo-Nazis going over “evidence” for and against Boneface’s involvement in the Ukraine war for hours. It was broadcast on the Pohlhaus’s Telegram page and simulcast to other racist video streaming services.

On the first night of the trial, which VICE News watched for hours for some ungodly reason, it seemed like Boneface—who referred to himself solely in the third person—was winning over the Blood Tribe’s leaders. How could they not be swayed by arguments like he accidentally got his travel documents wet in the rain earlier that day and that’s why they looked forged, and that he has a legion of fans who won’t stop photoshopping his face onto actual photos of Azov soldiers? But when he was asked to speak Ukrainian things fell apart.

The neo-Nazi said he knew how to speak it and attempted to get some sentances out but, according to a person listening who knows Ukrainian, he was just saying random words and making vaguely Slavic noises. …

I know …

It is hard to believe a group like this would spend the last two weeks on public infighting before its members started getting arrested.


  1. The naïveté to believe that someone who preaches “Blood Tribe” would want “brothers” to go die on foreign soil…
    The foolishness to believe that Azov was nothing more than a lightning rod to try and seduce over-radicalized nuts to go die (which, ironically, the Reddit Volunteer Army did with fervor)…
    The silliness to think that Ukraine, the EU, or Russia have any interest in the US’ success…
    Is it a lack of intelligence, awareness, or experience?

    • Not to mention covering yourself with tattoos.
      To me, tattoos have always been a caution sign, the more tattooed, the more caution.

      Azov, if not designed as a trap for ardent nationalists, certainly serves as one.

      • There aren’t any pro-WHITE organizations for them, so they go off in juvenile misdirection.

        You can’t expect young ppl to find a sensible direction without guidance, they don’t have enough life experience.

    • Whether it’s joining the Azov nazis, The Wagner PMC (Priggy was a jew), or the Imperial Rainbow USMC legions of Adm. Levine, signing up to go and fight for any jew-run enterprise to fight overseas is truly Darwin-Award level peak stupidity. There are more than enough enemies hell-bent on our extermination right here in Murika – and most of them are fellow whites.

  2. “new enforcement mechanisms to punish perpetrators of antisemitic incidents ”

    Something I read about,
    …….abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE

    If this isn’t abridging the right to assemble, nothing is.

    • Thanks to a carve-out in the law regarding the right of Free Speech, Press, Peaceable Assembly etc. in Florida, these pro-Nazi types are in violation of Florida law, signed in Jerusalem by that Great White Hope, Gov. DeSantis. If this isn’t a clear violation of U.S. Constitutional rights under the First Amendment, nothing is. Had these fools been parading with Israeli flags, hanging placards off the bridge saying “Kill all Palestinians, Now!” nothing would have happened to them.

      There is always one group that is above the law.

  3. “Boneface has been exposed as a fraud in a public trial that was held by Blood”

    Ryan Dawson exposed his lack of knowledge of common Ukrainian geography as a sure sign he was a fake, days before this ‘trial’.

    I suspect this ‘trial’ was the result of Dawson’s exposé.

  4. If I recall correctly they were endorsing Desantis. I guess that’s Desantis’s way of saying “no thank you” for your support.

    From an ACLU free speech type position, I don’t support these arrests. I also don’t think from a Machiavellian perspective, he’ll gain many Jewish voters in exchange for arresting nazis. That said my sympathies with these nazis ends with defending their rights – not with defending them.

  5. What the heck? Where are all the libruls who wanted Skokie Illinois Nazis to he able to march?

    Oh wait that was last Century.

    America is becoming more and more tyrannical every day.

  6. Bottom of the barrel moronic scum like this have always been a ball and chain around pro-whites’ legs. Arresting them and thereby discouraging people from joining these useless grouplets is actually advantageous to pro-white efforts. (Thanks Ron!)

    • The jwz have destroyed any pro-WHITE organisation that could give them a good direction. So, being young and inexperienced they spiral out into uncontrolled rebellion.

      If they had a good organisation, like the German American Bund teen camps, they could have had good training from their early teens and not gone in these goofy directions.

      Our culture has been wrecked by the jwz.

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