Matt Walsh: Our Justice System Has Been Corrupted

A few years ago, conservatives like Matt Walsh wouldn’t have touched this. Today, they are chiming in on the verdict before I have a chance to gather my thoughts about it.

Note: The National Justice Party held a rally in Ohio about the Ethan Liming case.


  1. But what does Matt Walsh suggest we actually do to rectify the situation?

    I think we need to use the tactic of economic warfare against those whose propaganda created this situation.

    More than any other segment of society, Hollywood is responsible for the outrageous situation we currently face.

    The only ethical response to these outrages is a complete, total and permanent boycott of Hollywood.

    Don’t go to the movies. Don’t rent movies. Cancel your cable TV subscription. Cancel your Netflix subscription.

  2. These blacks should’ve got 2nd degree murder or at least manslaughter.
    This is a pattern, it’s obvious to anyone who isn’t an idiot the justice system is to some degree anti-white.
    These are the kinds of problems you get living in a multiracial society where Jews and self-hating whites are running the show in many parts of the country.
    White separatism would fix the problem.

  3. That being said, this white guy did deserve to get severely beaten, what he did to them was traumatizing, they were under the impression they were about to be murdered, so I have some sympathy for them, still they went to far in murdering him, should at least get manslaughter.
    It is a nuanced case here, both parties are guilty of an egregious offense.
    What the white retard did was very serious.

  4. ‘Jury nullification’……hahahaha

    Bronx jury, is the real term.
    Expecting alien races to abide by our sense of justice is just absurd…SMH

  5. The dindus literally got away with murder and laugh in our face. It happens all the time now. Have the family come around and apoIogized to the Platinum Kangz yet? Note the badge-gang went along with the farce for their customary thirty pieces of pension. Walsh is correct. The entire criminal justice system has been infiltrated and subverted across the land. Some places moreso than others, but Soros et al keep in installing district attorneys even in red-state locales. No resistance as usual.

  6. White people do not have the protection of the law in interactions with blacks or other minorities. Whites are permanent second class citizens. To some extent, the dead white teen brought it on himself by having any interaction with blacks. He should have known better. Every white person should know better. “Avoid the ‘groid.”

  7. Wait… I’m supposed to give a shit about some wigger who “shot” at a group nogs at a basketball court with a plastic beebee gun???

  8. They pushing their supporters towards violence. Dear communists, you have licence to kill, please use it.

    Whole point is scare Trump supporters into submission or launch a large war and hope that they come out winning. Basically like Jews did in Russian civil war. White liberals won white conservatives and Jews emerged as new ruling elite.

    They doing similar in Europe too. Our side task is not pick up fight and ignore provocations except direct attack. We do not need war with tens of millions diversity. We lose. They have unlimited manpower supplies, we have very few white youth and we can’t afford lose the entire generation again.

    Jews and white communists are our only enemies and we need diversity to our side or at least neutral. We shall not push them into arms of communists so they get tens of millions fighting age males and this army will wipe us away.

    • “…Whole point is scare Trump supporters into submission or launch a large war and hope that they come out winning. Basically like Jews did in Russian civil war…”

      I think you are right. Their rein is running into big trouble with the internet outing the Jews and all of their evil, If they can get a good civil war going they can hide out while we slaughter each other like Ukraine.

  9. Walsh is an extreme head wagger. Indicates insincerity. Holy Scripture warns against it. Beware of the wagging of the

    Never associate with blacks. Avoid them. If they are around, stay alert. If they are behind you in line, turn so you can see them. Never relax around blacks.

  10. When you don’t have deterrents, you don’t have safety. Being gentle and nice is great for them, civil rights at it’s finest, blah, blah………but it’s not good for the whites.
    Pandering to minorities and the left exposes you to grave danger.
    On an individual level, play your part:- keep fit, learn self defence, stay off drugs, eat well.
    Don’t look for trouble, but be ready for it.
    You won’t face such threats most of the time. But shit does happen. Be ready!

  11. The justice system operates at the pleasure and behest of a corrupt, Jewish, power structure. This is a sectarian state. One, false I might add, religious group controls all levers of power and uses it to abuse and controls all other groups that are not on board with its corruption. No different than Northern Ireland was.

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