Philadelphia Journo Killed Inside His Own Home


Who killed him?


The Dilbert guy has responded to Josh.


The Philadelphia Inquirer:

A Philadelphia journalist was shot and killed inside his Point Breeze home overnight, police said, after a person with a gun entered his home and started shooting.

Just before 1:30 a.m., police responded to reports of gunshots and screams on the 2300 block of Watkins Street. Outside, officers found Josh Kruger shot multiple times and collapsed in the street, said Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore. …

Detectives believe someone entered Kruger’s home, then shot him at the base of his stairs, Vanore said. The shooter fled, he said, and Kruger ran outside seeking help from neighbors …

I guess the house is going to be sold now.


  1. The TTK in these blue cities is lower than Tarkov.

    These urban swpls need to be ready to ADS when they take their trash out.

    • Yes, that was my thought — I hate it for the kitty, and hope someone rescues him. Can’t help but notice, the poor little creature could use a trip to the animal doctor to get something for that seepage around the eyes, from the looks of the photo.

  2. Sometimes, a person’s highest use is to serve as a warning to others.

    Some percentage of the white populace, the shitlibs for the most part, are people we can’t save. They’re a lost cause.

  3. Openly gay and HIV positive. Ugh. Killed by one of the “downtrodden” for whom he spoke so eloquently against normal people.

  4. A week or so ago, I took a walk with an acquaintance who lives on the edge of Fishtown. That’s Philadelphia’s neighborhood whose name was used as shorthand for white-working-class disintegration in Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” (2012). While my acquaintance handled the navigation, he and I walked over to a sort of neighborhood-in-progress that’s being built to Fishtown’s east, along the Delaware. It’s separated from Fishtown by a recently-rebuilt and thus very-fresh-looking section of I-95.

    What struck me about this manifestation of gentrification was that, as my acquaintance pointed out, there are homeless camped under 95, not far from this neighborhood that developers are pulling out of thin air. Also nearby, on 95’s other side, is a nail salon where a female Asian employee was shot two weeks or so ago. The news story I originally read about it, when it was reported, said the robbery had been carried out by two men dressed as Muslims. It didn’t make clear that that meant they were dressed as Muslim women, i.e., with burqa-type outfits, as my acquaintance informed me.

    Later, when we were back at his home, I mentioned to my acquaintance a remark that I’d seen a gentrify-type make in a news-story-video some years ago. After a crime had occurred in Brewerytown (the gentrifying neighborhood in which was her residence), she, a slender, youngish white woman, nice-looking, said something like, “I don’t think of this as a dangerous neighborhood.” I also mentioned to him a comment I’d recently seen posted in response to an article, at, about a rise in American city-crime. The commenter had said, somewhat patronizingly, that persons who don’t live in cities don’t realize that city life involves friction.

    My acquaintance’s reaction, re those two persons: “They’re not city people.”

    That’s my reaction, too. The gentrifiers think of themselves as living the city life, but their neighborhoods aren’t really city neighborhoods, not in my maybe-antique view. My acquaintance is an old-timer, a “neighborhood” person as he might say, who’s watched his part of the city undergo gentrification. The area where the new neighborhood is being built, along the Delaware, was probably industrial space for much of its history. It’s near, I think, the ancient site of Cramp’s Shipyard.

    Down there in Fishtown, I’ll add, is a strip of five, new, modern-looking rowhomes whose site includes what was one of my own grandfather’s childhood homes. His father, i.e., my great-grandfather, was one of the rural Irish who came to Philadelphia circa 1890 and was a teamster on the streets of the then-horsedrawn industrial city. The gentrifiers have inherited the Earth—where they’re being picked off one by one.

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    (Includes, in intro, a mention of Point Breeze, the neighborhood where this Josh Kruger was killed.)

  5. Homosexuality is a mental illness and the great risk of being a homo is the company you keep……..violent dangerous mental ill homosexuals.

  6. Hi Hunter,

    I was so excited about the great nationalist, Zero Muslim migrant victory in Poland today – I went ahead and wrote, published an OD blog. I hope you don’t mind. 

    It looks good. 

    I think we should publish more, honest good news to give hope to our people, there is good news if we know where to look – in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Orania SA. Just not very much  in Zio TV addicted tackle football Amurikun zombie land. 

    Hey Hunter, I think it’s time to change the Captain American OD logo – CA was pretty much a J*w propaganda comic to get weak White Americans to take steroids and go off to slaughter our German kinsmen in World War II. I love most Jack Kirby creations from 1963 and later, but his World War II stuff was ugly and anti White propaganda. 

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