1. All these biblical references by American and Israeli leaders in the 21st Century to justify a war of annihilation is depressing. I can’t think of any other nations who quote their book of Bronze Age fairytales with such abandon to justify mass slaughter. We know the Muslim world is overwhelmingly poor, backward, and primitive.

    • The way I explain it to my sons is that I am going to bury a book in my back yard saying that God promised me and my sons Alaska and then when I die they can dig up the book and go claim all of Alaska for the Ringo Family. That’s literally how ludicrous all of this 3000yo Book Of Jewish Fairy Tales stuff is.

      • The Book of Alaska, I like it. I’m going to do the same thing with my Book of Fort Knox. I hope there is still some gold there though.

        • Long gone. Not even sitting members of the congress of whores can get a full view – just a “showroom”. Most likely somewhere in the City of London – the magical square mile where the Goldman Rule is absolute law. It even has it’s own police force and is known as “the Crown”.

        • Yeah. No. None of you are omnipotent, eternal, nor have all-seeing knowledge. So, to disparage the FOUNDATIONAL RELIGION of ALL THAT YOU CLAIM AS YOUR PATRIMONY- Western Civ, Medicine, Literacy, Knowledge, the University, A Government founded on Biblical Norms…. is the nadir of ungratefulness.

          But then, that’s what sinners are all about. Being ungrateful for the life they were given. Tit. 3:10

          That some heretics and Christ-killers have airwave dominance, also does not negate their ‘take’ (however evil and/or flawed) on the reality behind their delusions.

      • @Ringo,

        Not all Bronze Age literature is rubbish.

        When we were assigned to read The Iliad and The Odyssey in high school, they were fantastic. History, heroism, danger, and adventure. Based books.

        The Bible has some fine wisdom within, but going forward, we only need the elements that could be considered “positive Christianity” without the content that bends all the rules of nature and the universe.

    • Braun,rot in Hell Jewboy.Whites love God and the Master Jesus and we aren’t following you kikes into eternal Hell.Keep trying you blasphemous hook nose.

    • If these Judeo-Christians were honest, they would just openly say they support genociding the Palestinians. Instead, they pretend that Israel is defending itself. “Christians” have chosen to partake in the sins of their jews, and on the Judgement Day they believe in, they will get the punishment of the jews.

      Never before in Christian history have Christians worshiped jews or considered them “God’s chosen people” but they sure do now.

      Actually, Christians captured the holy land multiple times, and ruled it for hundred-year stretches. Never did they think of putting a bunch of greasy, hook-nosed, beady-eyed jewish banking criminals, pornographers, homosexuals and baby-killers in charge of Jerusalem. Instead, they either killed the jews or forced them out of the city. What has happened to the believers? Glad I’m not one.

  2. They only quote Bible references that suit their war propaganda. We never see the quote about Israel’s house being left desolate or the curtain in the temple being rent after Christ’s death.

  3. What is most disgusting is not quoting the Bible to justify domestic law and educational policies but only quoting it to justify foreign policy. That’s all ass backwards. Foreign policy is where real politics reigns not moralizing biblical concepts. It’s domestic politics where the Bible should be quoted if at all. The idea of using interpretative prophecy to guide US foreign policy is sick. Fortunately, most pro-Israel Democrats and about half pro-Israel Republicans don’t use it.

    The Hamas representative should be censored because she is a third world revolutionary inside our government. She is a disgusting anti-American and an enemy of every American Patriot. In fact it’s goddamned pathetic that she is a representative at all because there isn’t a law at this time requiring a natural born citizen requirement for elected office except for the Presidency. Rectifying that is something I could see every Southern Red State get behind if you all would stop worrying about “Duh, Jews.”

  4. Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. (Galatians 3:16)

  5. The Jews God kills innocent children in their sleep and the Jews have been celebration their Jew Gods child killing annually for 5,000 years. He is not Christ and he is not the God in the heavens above, ours is a caring merciful God not a killer of innocent kids. There are big differences between Jews and gentiles, we are different and it is our blood and souls that makes us different.

  6. When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.
    —?Matthew 2:16

    Btw that phrase refers to all of Abraham’s descendants. Which include the Arabs.

  7. You’ve always known that Charlie Kirk is a mutant. Look at that face.

    Have you seen the strangest political/military recruitment ad yet?
    It’s really a propaganda piece but ….wow!

    • Speaking of mutants. I’ve always been convinced that the Jews have an Asshole gene, and so do the Irish Roman Catholics have an O’Asshole gene. Kirk proves it, most of the time.

      It would be amusing to see how many Irish Roman Cathoics Kirk has in his family tree. Genetics play a big role.

  8. Quelle surprise! Just imagine, if you can, my total shock and awe at this revelation. Always remember the Goldman Rule, zeks: He who has the gold, makes the rules.

  9. The problem with Christian Zionists is the cannot tell the good figs from the bad figs. They think the Jews, all the Jews, are the good figs. They want to hurry up the war pace so Jesus can come back. That will mean building the third temple and destroying the Dome of the Rock. Why are they so zealous for that? Have they not read in Revelations the Antichrist will be proclaimed God by Jews and will worship him as such. Jewish Messiah= Christian Antichrist. Does not Revelations say only 144,000 Jews will be saved out of millions of other Jews who are the bad figs which are apparently are the overwhelming majority of the Jewish population. 144,000 good figs survive out of 9 million. So that means over 8 million Jews experience the wrath of God. Those 8 million are the ones Christian Zionist currently worship.

    • Only the Jews believe the end justifies the means, and you can not be a Christian if you believe killing the innocent is good because it will bring you to God, that is Jew thought. A Christian zionist is a Jew, and have the same belief system as a Jew.

      • So, I guess that you mean most Christians then. Jews are successful and dominant in America because judaism values race and racial unity for jews, while christianity is the opposite. Unfortunately, most christians believe their God, Jesus Christ, was/is a jew, so, for them — christianity = worshipping jews. Hence, christianity is antiWhite.

        • How was Christ a Jew, schmuck? What personal qualities, traits and or characteristics do you as a worthless kyke scumbag share with the Christ? are there any Christ killer? So how was he like you retodd? You are such a fzxcking clown do you know that kyke?

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