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I saw this in the comments.

After the implosion of the Alt-Right and the Great Hushing on social media, I have lost track of a lot of people who I used to follow in those circles, particularly TRS who have mostly been on Telegram and who paywall a lot of their content. I know that they formed the National Justice Party. I have covered some of their black-on-White crime rallies in Wisconsin and Ohio. I’m not particularly up to speed though on what they have been up to in recent years. I listen to one of their shows every now and then.

In sum, I listened to this Telegram rant this morning and Greg Conte is accusing Tony Hovater and Mike Peinovich of transferring $10K out of the NJP account into a private crypto account. I won’t pretend to know what is going on here because I am not a NJP member. I don’t have any dog in this fight. In the rant though, I was struck by how Conte says he has an unshakeable faith in the ultimate triumph of National Socialism. He says he is for the Führer. The rant culminates with the Horst Wessel Lied (!!!)

Last December, I pointed out how the history of White Nationalism is an endless series of waves and rebrands and how every rebrand eventually contracts before settling into its final position of Third Reich nostalgia. After pushing the Alt-Right to splinter over Neo-Nazi optics, Nick Fuentes and America First also eventually circled back to “Hitler was epic.” We haven’t heard a peep about the Yedolf 2024 campaign since then. Going all the way back to George Lincoln Rockwell who was killed by one of his own followers, these groups usually splinter and collapse when the people involved give up hope on engaging with outsiders and the negative energy grows before they publicly turn on each other.

Anyway, this demoralizing track record along with several bitter experiences is why I decided not to go that route. I have also genuinely never been interested in European fascism. I have been watching the rise and fall of similar groups – each with their own flag and symbol – for over twenty years now.

Note: In related Alt-Right news, the SPLC is accusing Millennial Matt of being an FBI informant and another Charlottesville attendee who renamed himself after a video game and who became a drug trafficker committed suicide. He leaves behind five children.


  1. NS is not corporation fascism which leads directly to Trotskyite global communism! WTFU people… and where did the concept of the personhood of “corporatism” come from?
    I’ll leave it to to lazy sheeple f*’s to figure out…

  2. ” the history of White Nationalism is an endless series of waves and rebrands”

    I think Dr. Pierce was travelling the right path, with a viable plan and organization. He failed in not naming a responsible successor.

    • Many of these organizations are almost like personality cults. Once the leader goes they fold up shop pretty quickly. Honestly, that really isn’t unusual if you look at small businesses. Most small businesses close pretty quickly once the original founder dies/leaves and its actually fairly unusual for small organizations to continue on or succeed once the founders are gone.

  3. The great enemy of the Jews, is Christ and Christian morality not Hitler. The Jews wish to rule over human kind as moral supremacists but they lack in their blood moral virtue by the will of God. The Hitler stuff is a tell, just like the Muslim hatred and anyone who advocates for either should be viewed with suspicion.

    Christian morality—no harm comes to the innocent.

    Why did the Jews kill Christ?

    Why do the Irish hate Muslims,……Chinese, Russians, etc?

    Because they are not Christian. They are moral inferiors. And have no business ruling over a moral just peoples……and must go.

  4. Yes, the man who committed suicide was Teddy Von Nukem…..a “veteran” of Charlottesville.

    Surely if it is true that he trafficked drugs (although he denied knowing the drug content of the packages he was carrying) he did wrong and suicide is not the solution. However, I am sorry because he was someone who participated in our battles.
    The left as usual has shown its hatred:

  5. N.J.P. has become a cult.

    Any sober Nationalist with common sense would have fled that organization after Penovich, Dunstan, and McNabb actively concealed from Supporters the Yidwife, Ghoul the Pedo, and Jayoh the Fed.

    Now it’s an Island of Misfit Toys where spergs and auteests can pay $30 per month for someone to pretend to be their friend. The only semi-normal White Man it in, Warren Balough, needs to get out now before they burn him too.

  6. I was impressed with the few videos I saw of NJP in action but you never know. Not everyone is who they appear to be.

  7. I like Greg Conte’s “Prussian Socialism” podcasts, but he made a mountain out of a mole hill on his accusation against Peinovich and Hovater.

    Per Jason Kessler’s Telegram channel: https://t.me/TheMadDimension

    Use the search option on Jason’s channel to see that it was a rush to judgement by Greg, and that there was NO embezzlement.

    In other NJP/TRS news, Joseph Jordan aka “Eric Striker” confronted Ohio US Representative Johnson at a community forum about the lack of federal (FEMA) resources being provided to the people affected by this toxic chemical disaster and exposure.

    Joe Jordan also called out POS Governor Mike DeWine for not attending the forum, and not requesting federal assistance.

    The following day, both Johnson and DeWine requested FEMA assistance.

    I cannot say that Striker was the deciding factor in both retardican pols changing their position on federal aid and assistance to those impacted by the train derailment in East Palestine, but NJP was on the ground advocating for poor and working class rural White folk.

    • If you ever ran a small business you would know the instant an Employee attempts to conceal financial transactions from you, *it’s serious business*.

      Everything stops. Employee Access is immediately suspended. Auditors get called it.

      Anyone stupid enough to still associate with NJP after their long history of deception and malfeasance deserves what they get.

  8. I’d rather go the way of some KKK groups: small rallies and local activism. The Councils of Conservative Citizens are also a good example for us.

  9. NJP was just in East Palestine, OH confronting politicians and standing up for the local folks.

    The fact that community has stayed together in these turbulent times says a lot.

    Their allies ‘Media2Rise/Will2Rise’ recently had a successful MMA tournament in California.

    Please stop hating and trying to drag people down…..


  10. Disappointing situation… The Southland has been fighting and losing since about 1804 after the Louisiana Purchase, so I don’t think it is wise to continuously pile on the NSDAP. The NSDAP came a lot closer to winning and were founded on a stable system, unlike the slaving gentry who hobbled all whites here for the foreseeable future.

  11. It probably doesn’t matter, but over the past week, both Dogecoin and Bitcoin have been on significant rallies. Maybe Mike and Tony pulled funds to throw at them? That seems like the sort of sporadic thing a know-nothing socialist would do…trying to gamble with other people’s money. It may be stupid but not necessarily sinister.

    (As a quick aside, I also think Bitcoin is a sure thing, but it’s a long-term sure thing and will experience many dramatic ups and downs between now and the inevitable final ups. It shouldn’t be thought of as an investment vehicle, but rather a tool for independence, very much like land and gold. It will allow us to make transactions free of state interference and that is worth many times its current dollar value).

    Socialism is utterly retarded and none of you jack-a-napes have yet to prove otherwise. In fact, everyone born in the ’80’s and onwards, has been programed to be socialist. If you think of yourself as a socialist, the burden is on you to prove your position isn’t just basic b-word indoctrination and has some merit in its own right.

    Otherwise, the market, much like the UFC’s octagon, will prove a hard reality for anyone caught up in their ridiculous mysticism (be it in economic policy or martial arts).

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