Am I Milquetoast Now?

After he showed up here yesterday in the comment section, I reread Michael Edison Hayden’s “Extremist File” on me at the SPLC. It got me thinking about my ideological journey over the last 23 years. I have tried on all sorts of ideas and tactics and discarded them over the past quarter century. Everyone changes and learns through experience. I don’t think that I have changed much over the years.

1. White Nationalism 1.0 – I have been criticizing White Nationalism 1.0 since I launched this blog in 2008. I started to explicitly back away from it in 2011. In my view, it is reduces White people to race and flattens the cultural differences between them. I became much more interested in regional cultures in 2011 and 2012 and spent most of the 2010s identifying as a Southern Nationalist. I still believe that race is real and important, but I think the cultural and political divide between White people is more intense. Nearly all the violence that I saw at street demonstrations was between White people.

2. Eugenics – In the 2000s, I was interested in eugenics and argued in support of it on online forums, but I eventually lost interest in it and turned against it. It first struck me as silly to focus on eugenics in the midst of a global demographic collapse. We have much bigger problems. After I was blessed with children of my own, I grew more opposed to abortion. I have rejected eugenics for years now.

3. Violent Accelerationism – I have never supported violent accelerationists. I have been arguing with people like Alex Linder about this for nearly twenty years now. I was doing it on online forums even before I started this blog. I have always criticized them including William Pierce on this blog.

4. New Atheism – Undoubtedly, this biggest shift that has ever occurred in terms of my ideology and political views and has been away from Nietzscheanism and atheism in the early 2000s to Christianity and Lutheranism in the early 2010s. I began to back away from atheism around 17 years ago when I realized how much I disliked other atheists on the Richard Dawkins forum. I was married in a Lutheran church in 2013. I have been a practicing Lutheran for years now.

5. Alt-Right – Since I wrote My Alt-Right Biography in 2016, I have lost interest in the Alt-Right. Specifically, my problem with the Alt-Right is that it defined itself against mainstream conservatism and that toxic space became a grab bag of incompatible ideologies, which was revealed by the Nationalist Front fiasco when we found ourselves marching shoulder to shoulder with the NSM.

As a happily married, church going White Southern Protestant with two kids, I gradually realized that I have little in common with people like Andrew Anglin or Weev. I’m not an American Nationalist. I’m not an incel who hates women. I’m not one of these people raging against Christianity on Twitter like Adam Green. I’m not a Nietzschean neoliberal like Richard Spencer. I’m not trying to pump air into the tires of the Third Reich like TRS and NJP. I’m too old, Southern and Protestant to be a Groyper.

The Alt-Right vanquished True Conservatism. The old guard has either decamped to The Dispatch and The Bulwark or has been forced into retirement on MSNBC like Liz Cheney. We are in a new era.

6. Street Demonstrations – As recent years have shown, we don’t need to engage in pitched street battles with Antifa to erode taboos or “move the Overton Window,” which is why I no longer believe in The Logic of Street Demonstrations. We are better off sitting at home and doing nothing. The old taboos have been eroded by permeating the online Right with memes and a culture of criticism.

7. Trump – I have changed my mind about Donald Trump. I have gone back and forth and circled back around to my original view in 2015/2016 which is that Trump is a useful blunt instrument for crushing old school conservatism. You could say that he has already completely buried these people in the 2024 primary. We are also strapped in and stuck with Trump anyway until 2028.

8. Conservatism – I spent most of the last 23 years in the White Nationalist 1.0, Alt-Right and Dissident Right eras raging against conservatism. I was still extremely alienated from mainstream conservatism when Trump was president. I organized a Hard Right rally in Shelbyville in October 2017.

In recent years though, conservatism has radically changed under Joe Biden. I began to pick up on this in the first weeks of the Biden presidency. Conservatives were suddenly radicalizing after COVID, the George Floyd riots and January 6. It was showing up in polls. The shift was evident in the SPLC’s own poll. The rhetoric of the online mainstream Right and the Dissident Right began to blur.

We’re at the point now where Charlie Kirk is attacking MLK and even criticism of Israel is becoming mainstream. If Trump wins the presidency, I think the Alt-Right and Dissident Right eras will be in the rearview mirror. The constituency is evolving into just the Right. It is the way our politics is now.

9. White Ethnostate – I don’t give much thought to it these days. 

In this sense, I am the opposite of Walt Bismarck who no longer identifies as a White Nationalist. I’m also from the Sun Belt. I am turning 44 years old and have spent my entire life in Alabama. I believe racial differences exist, but I am accustomed to racial diversity. Walt Bismarck acted on his White Nationalist ideology and moved to his Hyperborean utopia in the Midwest only to find out that he had little in common with the more settled German Midwesterners who lived there.

In contrast, I have never wanted to live anywhere else. I don’t have any plans to either. I like my home. I like my neighbors. I have deep roots in my area. Hell on earth for me would be uprooting my family to move across the country to live in a suburb among a bunch of White libtards. Now, I can see myself happily living in a place like near the beach in Baldwin County, AL or perhaps in Huntsville – a whiter, nicer area with the same Deep South culture – but never in a place like Portland, OR or Massachusetts.

I’m pro-White. I’m a race realist. I am a proud Southerner. I am a Lutheran. I am more optimistic about engaging in mainstream politics than in the past. I associate with the same people, but I don’t define my politics in terms of living or wanting to live in an abstract place.

A White ethnostate is like Barbieland for angry, alienated White men. Sure, it is a nice thought, but it is just an escapist fantasy. It doesn’t exist in the real world.

10. The Internet – I am not nearly as active online as I used to be.

Online communities are not real communities. I have a larger family now. I have more responsibilities. For years, we agitated to push our ideas into the mainstream, but that has mostly been accomplished now. It doesn’t feel as urgent in light of the way our politics is trending.

11. Nietzscheanism – In my early twenties, I went through a Nietzsche phase and briefly an Ayn Rand phase. It was the only philosophy that I had read and I was highly impressed with it at the time. Unlike Richard Spencer though, I quickly moved on to Aristotle and virtue ethics and from there to Aquinas and Alasdair MacIntyre before landing at Martin Luther who fleshed out an entire social order. Today, I look at Nietzsche as more of a cause or symptom of our cultural decline and a herald of modern pop culture than the solution to it.

Am I milquetoast now?

Am I moderate and wholesome now?

No, I think it is more like I am about average. Virtually everything that I believe or have defended on this blog is either mainstream and has a lot of traction on the Populist Right now: White identity politics, immigration restriction, secession, isolationism, anti-globalism, Christian nationalism, even criticism of Israel. There is nothing remarkable about what I am saying anymore in my demo. Maybe it was 20 years ago when it was taboo. I am only notable for saying it back then.

In 2024, the “Radical Right” would be explicitly NS, hardcore atheist or pagan and supportive of violence. Paleoconservatism is ascendant. Trumpism is ascendant. Softcore WN like VDARE is ascendant. Labeling people like Trump or Tucker Carlson as “extremists” implies that people like Liz Cheney and Mike Pence are still normal and mainstream. This is an exercise in liberal self deception.


  1. “I have rejected eugenics for years now”

    You may reject eugenics, but nature won’t.

    Humans can exercise eugenics in a rational controlled method or nature will , with violence, terror and unimaginable suffering.

      • I also concur. As Disraeli wrote in his novels, (and as a Jew, HE WOULD KNOW!)

        “Disraeli noted that idea of Race often, and he knew whereof he spoke. Born of Jewish heritage, he was yet baptized and a member of the Church of England (when it mattered) and lived while Kipling was around- author of ‘The White Man’s Burden.’ As Howard wrote in the New Statesmen: “Disraeli [wrote] Tancred – or, The New Crusade…published in 1847. Its hero believes he can find inspiration in the Holy Land, where his ancestors once crusaded. Before departing, he takes advice from Sidonia, who articulates his belief in Jewish superiority and the centrality of race in human affairs. Tancred and Sidonia share a disdain for modern ideas of equality and democracy. Sidonia regards progress as a sham. Scientific change and social forces do not explain the rise and fall of nations:

        “It is an affair of race . . . And when a superior race, with a superior idea to Work and Order, advances, its state will be progressive, and we shall, perhaps, follow the example of the desolate countries. All is race; there is no other truth.”

        As I have investigated more and more the witness of unexpurgated Scripture (i.e., restoring the Apocrypha to my entire Bible) the witness of the fathers, and the ethno-nationalist nature of Orthodoxy outside of Western Europe, I have become MORE, rather than Less, ‘race realist.’

        Yes, Brad, I would say, as someone who has read you for over a decade, you have become completely milquetoast- it accelerated when your first child was born. It was already there, when you got married, even if your Pop-in-law was a LOS member. (is that right? It’s been so long)

        This is a quote I kept from those days. I rarely (if ever) hear you say ANYTHING this overt, these days. Which is why I so rarely come on to comment. I remember the days of Stonelifter and Denise, after all….

        ““Ultimately, I realized that White racial consciousness never emerged from the European intellectual tradition. It grew out of the New World colonial experience. ‘

        ‘When Englishmen started to live among Indians and negroes, “whiteness” became a badge of ethnic identity. The “justification” that I scoured the Auburn [University] library looking for in the texts of European philosophers, wasn’t there. The real justification for White racial consciousness was that it was a practical adaptation to living in North America.’

        ‘Colonists who thought of themselves as White men were less likely to run away and join the Indians. Englishmen, Irishmen, Huguenots, Germans, and Dutchmen could rally around “whiteness” and merge into a stronger people. While an Indian or Negro could convert to Christianity, he could never become a White man.’

        ‘Whiteness united plantation owners with indentured servants, gentlemen with workers, Protestants with Catholics, Englishmen and Irishmen, etc. It was the glue that prevented other centrifugal forces like religion, ethnicity, and class from ripping apart the colonies.’

        ‘Whiteness made sense because it worked.”

        • I miss Lew and Trainspotter for their visionary commentary (although they posted more on Counter Currents and Radix than OD). And I miss 313Chris for his humor.

          Online White Nationalism was better before 4chan memes. I don’t miss the so-called “hey days” of 2016 at all. That was all nihilistic bullshit.

    • Actually entire American Resistance instinctively choose the right path. First time in 1000 years when Jewry is seriously in ropes.

      All Jew problems since fall of Khazar Kaganate back in 960 were local. When somewhere got hot, they just moved to more friendly territory. Everybody who tried to fight them off, lost. Russian Whites back in the 1917, Hitler etc.

      So despite beefs, bad optics and million other issues, wise American Resistance and their stable genius leader, managed to find proper weapons of war and thanks to those wise decisions, first time in 1000 years, we are really winning. Strategically, not temporarily and locally.

  2. Anyone with a rose colored lenses chap holding an AR page header is alright in my book.
    AJ has come around to the JQ!?
    There is something changing in the climate of human consciousness as Malcolm X said.

    • He wanted to carpet bomb Gaza with MOABs a few months ago. This seems like an abrupt change for him

      • I am still okay with using MOABs on Gaza. But carpet bombing it with them seems not only inhumane but almost impossible. However, I understand the instinct. Basically, what the Israelis have shown the world, is what the US should’ve done after 911.

        Meanwhile,, ut would be best if the Gazans were resettled in Somalia. There they could be organized into fortified settler compunds, like we did with the Vietnames in the early Vietnam War. We would provide humanitarian aid including housing, health, and education. We would form cadres trained by US SOCOM, to protect the Gaza settlers, root out the Jihadis, and maintain law and order. In the end Hamas and other Islamic mkvements in the Gaza community would die up and disappear. Better still, the Gazans would be our allies against the Somalis. Overseeing this like a giant cheery on this unlikely Sunday, would be Ilan Omar, who would be the Presiding Trust Administrator. Solve three problems with one solution.

          • @ Robert Browning,

            I wholeheartedly agree.

            These I suspect Ashkenazim hasbara trolls have really come out of the synagogue tunnels since October 7th.

            Let us celebrate that the myth of jewish high IQ, especially verbal IQ are obviously in an inverted hockey stick trajectory, and their Svengali tricks to gaslight Gentiles is not getting the returns they once enjoyed. That is why jews and their Shabbos goyim traitors like Nimrata Haley, Dick Durbin, and Bath House Barry Obama want to shutdown the internet because of “disinformation.” Their ROM talking heads repeat verbatim how “misinformation” is a “national security threat.” Truth is a security threat to their malfeasance, malevolence, crimes, lies, Ad nauseum.

        • Perhaps the EurAsian-mongrel land-thieves should be resettled in Somalia. What do you think about that, kike?

      • “wanted to carpet bomb Gaza with MOABs”

        Why bother, it’s easier to starve then to death and shoot the starving at the aid trucks.

        “Oy very, such sadistic delight, kosher slaughter, with the goyim as victims”

  3. How about High Investment Parenting and Identitarian Competitionism?

    So we raise our sons with athletic conditioning so they’ll be star athletes and dilute the black athlete power in the colleges and universities and get the white sports groupie chix before Tyrone the power forward and Jamal the linebacker gets them.

    Also train them in math and physics in a home laboratory so they’ll be able to get the high paying jobs instead of Jagdish Patel?

    Two birds, one stone. By raising your sons to be successful athletes and maths whizzes, they’ll be personally successful and they’ll get the best white woman for a wife

    • @Rob,

      Both athleticism and creative, autistic, and focused intelligence with the ‘hard sciences’ (physics, chemistry, biology, and hybrids of them) are primarily (>80%) at the genetic level. One might be able to obtain coaches and tutors, and they might be able to turn a 4.7 40-meter dash into a 4.55, and a raise someone’s GPA one point, but no amount of extra mentoring is going to turn Edward into a peer of Usain Bolt or Michio Kaku.

      We can push a larger cluster of Whites into those categories using eugenics and CRISPR gene editing technology. I am sure that most of the Christians here and elsewhere would recoil at using either option because of some hurr durr biblical nonsense.

  4. I think your work Brad has been very great……. in the sense that it has influenced not only southern Americans or at any rate Americans in general, but also people like me who live on another continent. In fact, this website or blog is followed by Europeans like me and also by South Africans and Australians because the analyses are well done. I personally started following the politics of the dissident right independently, not influenced by anyone in 2011. At that time if followed dissident right in Europe. In 2015 I started following the politics of the American radical right a lot, I started with Taylor, the Klan, Schoep, (although I was never attracted to the klan and NSM but saw them as a bulwark of defense against wokism) etc…. Then I landed on this website and became attached to it. It represents much of what I think, not least because I have always defended the Southern cause even though I am not an American as I consider it folly and an abuse to destroy a history and its culture. Finally said sincerely I have always liked the way you, Brad, deal with the reality of the facts: you have a great capacity for self-criticism and improvement and to this you combine the ability to always believe and safeguard your values that over time have changed expression but not content. Instead of the traitors changing the army they fight for, changing the army by switching to the opposing side………. you Brad like other American and European people whom I hold in high esteem, understood that you have to change the armor you fight with and not the army or the deployment. Changing the armor and weapons means changing tactics, being able to improve with self-criticism without, however, changing one’s values and betraying one’s side.
    I consider myself fortunate to have encountered this blog and part of the influence it has had on me and others like me.

  5. Blompf got his payoff for playing his supporting actor role in the Farce Known As the US Political System – the jews let him list ‘DJT’ on their phony-assed stock market and it now has a valuation of $8B +/-. Trump is now the most well-paid Shabbos Goy in the history of Shabbos Goyim. And, no – Blompf isn’t going to spend one second in jail.

    • “the jews let him list ‘DJT’”

      Yes, but someone??? Has an 11% of float short.
      Someone is in the wings to drive DJT down.

  6. Wallace – you look like every White guy in the student cheering section of any given SEC football game in that picture.

  7. A very insightful personal account. Reminded me of my own personal transformation, but also set forth a very thought provoking account of the political scene since the turn of the last century.

  8. Most of your views are normal amongst Southerners who follow politics. Libtards like Edison are just outraged that no one wants butt plugs sold at the grocery store.

  9. Well I’m new to your site so I can’t say very much. I completely agree with you dropping back from the internet. It’s a breeding ground for demonic, obscene people. You don’t come across as anything but a decent patriotic citizen. I liked your recent comment at The Unz Review about relaxing and not worrying about the future. I might start to keep an eye out for your contributions there and you might put them straight as it seems a heavier environment for the fundamentalist characters. Best of luck to you and thanks a bunch for ‘keeping it real’ as they say.

    • It is mainly due to the fact that a wife, a job and two kids absorbs so much of my time that I have very little time to even keep this site updated

      • That’s lovely to hear, congratulations for setting your example and prioritizing, hard as it surely can be. I bet they’re glad for that 😉 though there’s a lot going on right now and a lot of anticipation. It’ll be good days when Donald Trump gets immigration curbed. I saw the weird South American Hispanic guy here obsessed with his own race attachments, whatever that is, which I don’t really know that much on to *that* degree and he just seemed envious like he’s been out for a while to stir up trouble. He should get a job. His kids aren’t exactly going to win any football trophies or math prizes to get them to the big money if all he’s doing is the outdated fascism remarks and the petty violence insecurities. If he has any that is. There’s more to it than just being a racial lecturer, and it alienates his people in the long term from what we can do better already, just by being normal. Have a nice, busy day.

      • ” I have very little time to even keep this site updated”

        That’s too much for one man to do.

        I wish you had like minded folks who could help you edit and maintain the sites content.

        What’s wrong with WHITE people, that they can’t form cooperative groups ?

      • The main thing is disagree with is “White” is NOT a “Race”. Ethnos are real but “races” are social constructs.

  10. “I like my home. I like my neighbors. I have deep roots in my area. Hell on earth for me would be uprooting my family to move across the country”:

    I appreciate and agree with your natural sense of belonging to one place, your home, your people, your native soil.

    It is a very good, natural affection. Cosmopolitan, urban or suburban “rootlessness,” the opposite condition, seems predominant in North America. The descendants of seventeenth, eighteenth and even nineteenth century European settlers absolutely BELONG in formerly British colonial North America now. There are five or more generations in the graveyards now. The strong attachment to home, or a longing to be home, is called “hiraeth” in Welsh. If you were ever forced to move away, you would experience hiraeth: Some old songs that I find awaken the sense of it (if you really have it) are “The Ash Grove” (John Whitehead on YT) and “The Old Church Yard” (versions by the Watersons and Offa Rex, on YT).

  11. That Walt Bismarck read was fascinating. Sure, he’s clearly angry and bitter about his experience living in North Dakota or Iowa or wherever the hell it was that he decided to move to in the late 2010s, but, as he described the type of White people who live there, I had a eureka moment:

    The American Heartland, the “Middle American Radicals” that Sam Francis idealized and that most WNs (including myself) implicitly try to recruit, are composed of a specific type of German/Teutonic stock that has a strong will towards comfort and safety above all else, but, due to their Hobbit/Peasant temperament, and their strong desire to be Left Alone – hence why they abandoned Germany and Old Europe for America in the first place, and hence why they feel so alienated from the government and from the levers of power – they don’t have the will to take a 10,000 foot view of their living conditions, identify that they are under attack, and take necessary preventive action to defend themselves.

    Midwest Tueutons/Hobbits such as myself that have the will to defend the Shire with ferocious tenacity are extreme exceptions to the rule. We alienate our own kind precisely because we are so fanatical. It reminds them too much of the very tyrants they tried to escape from in their ethnic memory.

    The other type of White American, the type that founded this country and then lost it, is the Faustian type Walt Bismarck describes. This type comes in two forms: The Libtards of the Big Cities and the coastal states, and the Contards, of which Walt is quite obviously the later, what with his impertinent concerns about bankrupt social programs such as Social Security, or the Group Competition that his Class experiences against the H1B1 Pajeets, East Asians, Persians, etc.

    What Faustian, Imperial Whites all have in common is their sense that they have a vested interest in the policy outcomes of the U.S. government. Our Alt-MSNBC buddy Pat – who I stopped following last summer when Elon instated that daily read quota – identified this phenomena. Pat said that the difference between “Rural Retards” (American Heartland Whites) and Libtards is that the Heartland Whites feel alienated and disconnected from power and from society, whereas Libtards feel fundamentally integrated into power and society.

    The two archtypes – “I have agency and can use it to change the world” vs. “I’m not interested in being In Charge, leave me alone!” – are about as incompatible as Nazi Germany and Jewish Power. And these two archetypes lie at the heart of the divide within the White Race, the divide that makes Racial Unity – the dream of White Nationalism – impossible.

    Among both Imperial Whites and Heartland Whites, there are subdivisions with distinct differences, but its like parsing the differences between Scandinavians or Slavs. On the whole, they share a remarkably similar Weltanschaungg.

    I predict White Nationalism will continue to exist in varying forms, as there will always be a need for it as long as Jews, as the hostile, vicious force they are, attempt to consolidate their World Domination and eliminate competitors who identify them as such, but, the explicit identitarian questions we all need to ask ourselves going forward into the late 2020s, the 2030s and beyond are these:

    Which *type* of White person are we defending?

    *Who* is our people?

    *What* makes us want to defend them and secure their existence in the first place?”

    My maternal grandmother liked to recount a story of how when I was 5 years old, I stormed off to my bedroom in a huff and declared, “I want to be alone!” So, I’m a Heartland White through and through. TV shows like “Stranger Things” and mass produced movies like “Inside Out” are seen by someone like me as love stories to Suburbia, whether they are intended that way or not. (Oh and btw, Suburbia is the opposite of Faustianism. Suburbia is what the 80s band Rush critiqued, in a moving way, with their classic song “Subdivisions.”)

    With all that said, White Nationalism is, for me, an ideological project designed to secure the existence of Heartland Whites in America, Europe, and the rest of the world by optimizing and prioritizing our group interests. Someone has to defend the Shire. And it ain’t going to be Walt Mismarck or Richard Spencer.

    Which brings us to the Imperial Whites that dominate the cities and the coasts: I don’t have a problem with their existence, but I do have a problem with their vibe. They are wannabe bullies who lack the looks and the temperament to qualify as stereotypical Chad’s and Stacy’s from a Disney Channel film or a Rachel McAdams classic. In British speak, most Imperial Whites aren’t Proper Bullies. They are attracted to the levers of power because it allows them to exert influence in a passive aggressive way as opposed to a direct way.

    Insofar as they insist on engaging in this type of behavior, the relentless LOLbert critique of society and collective actions will continue until morale improves. We’re not getting vaxxed. We’re going outside. We’re eating hamburgers and steaks. Get used to it.

    In summary, I’ve learned a lot and gone through several phases and iterations myself since “Taking The Redpill” in January 2012 when I was a 22 year old college student wrapping up senior year. Reading that Walt Bismarck piece – and then bingereading some of his other stuff last night – was illuminating and cathartic for me. We don’t all need to be in this together as a race. I’m personally never going to stop until I feel that “our” existence (however “our” is defined) is secure. But none of us – not me, not Hunter, not any of the commenters on the Pro-White internet – need to worry ourselves about what happens to Libtards, Contards, and all other Whites who feel a sense of connection and integration to power and society. Let the Wine Aunts and the Louder With Crowder audience continue to duke it out, Pro-Wrestling style. As the kids used to say in 2015, it’s all Fake and Ghey anyway.

  12. Here is your friend’s reference, comment #53.:
    What is this? One minute you’re writing mature commentaries on your personal experience latter-day perspectives regarding normal actions and prudent withdrawl under conditional inevitabilities and yet all I see is an cynical self-marketing note, poorly recycled (and evidently written in a hurry), on a secondary website forum you have randomly butted into, a gesture adding nothing of specific contextual value to the discussion in progress, and contemporaneous to an explanatory public recollection on extended absences for personal life reasons.
    I respect your overarching decision, if genuine, but I hope it’s not a fool’s wisdom to to encourage you to stand by these principles more consistently, and take your own advice.
    Regards for the rest of your endeavours.

  13. IMO – or just “My Observation” our most intelligent, idealistic young (White) men don’t stay with any of these movements (American White Nationalism, Southern Nationalism, Identity Europa, Patriotic Immigration Reform, Alternative Right, Dissident Right, anti Zionism, Christian Nationalism that is aware of the JQ) because ….

    1) We always seem to lose
    2) It’s a career killer – terrible for one’s social life, love life etc

    We protest the removal of Confederate Statues and Confederate graves – but despite some initial enthusiasm and support – the statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and other Confederate heroes, Christopher Columbus, renaming of Robert E Lee Park in Charlottesville VA – we lost.

    At least our Hunter Wallace found a decent White bride, wife, mother of his children. Very few White activists every do.

    It’s almost impossible to make any kind of a $ living as a full time White, Alternative Right writer, activist, you get blacklisted by mainstream media, cuckservative media, and your relatives will mostly disown you.

    The few people like David Duke who have managed to make some decent $ living and have some modest success breaking through in mainstream politics, they are deeply resented by others in our “movement” .

    So basically, these movements have failed us because we keep losing the issues and it’s a terrible life, huge sacrifices and few rewards for the intelligent, idealistic young White men who attempt it.

    What do we do about that?

    Well, I think we have to get better at fundraising, finding some way to bring in women as GFs, mates, lovers, mothers.

    Also, just learn the basics of:

    Rewarding people on our side who take our side and



    Just go down the Instauration Magazine, American Renaissance Magazine or our OD year end White Renegade Traitor of the Years. We don’t punish them!

    985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

    1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

    1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glenn Miller

    1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

    1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

    1990 Conservative TV talking head George Will

    1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

    1992 Conservative TV talking head Fred Barnes

    1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

    1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

    1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

    1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

    John McCain

    Coke-A-Cola CEO James Quincey

    Look at all these horrible, #*$&@ White Traitors. But outside our small circle regular Americans never recognized them as traitors, let alone punished them in any way like running them out of their home towns, throwing rotted eggs, and bags of urine, turning their children against them.

    Pretty much most regular Whites were trying to get photographed with the likes of John McCain, Dick Lugar, George Will until they died.

    We should have been burning these traitors in effigy and at least found some ways to reward our young, idealistic White men who dare stand up for our people – how about getting them a PG rated “date” with one of our sisters, daughters?

    Hunter did get a nice wife, mother to be of his 2 children with a legacy Conservative White advocate family – we need more of that?

    That’s my take.

    • If you dont have any balls and wont fight, what’s the point? That’s like saying it hurts when you get hit, therefore it wasn’t a good idea to become a boxer. You quit because you never had any real skin in the game like I did. When something destroys your life, you don’t quit like you do when your hobby gets stale.

      Bitch Boy Lucas Gage tried to sell out to the jews one last time, but they wouldn’t let him. They kept threatening his wife and kids, so he finally lost his temper and went full on balls out. Good. I hope they never leave you alone either. Trump was the biggest blowhard on the planet, and if you voted for him, you need to get the crap kicked out of you because politics should be about real life, and not a stupid fantasy.

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