Alt-Right 2.0 Is a Terrible Idea

Count me out.

Alt-Right 2.0 sounds like a terrible idea.

Let’s run through the reasons why the original Alt-Right collapsed and why the contrarians who want to bring it back are acting on an impulse in search of an ideology.

1. Attention Seeking – I had a front row seat to the collapse of Alt-Right 1.0. I have also had years to reflect on our mistakes. A big part of the reason why the Alt-Right collapsed in 2017/2018 was the Richard Spencer College Tour which in retrospect was about nothing but self promotion. The big idea here was to fill the void left behind by the implosion of MILO by leapfrogging from campus to campus to stir up a ruckus so that we could play free speech victims in the media and sue universities.

Richard Spencer came to Auburn in 2017, not to persuade anyone here of anything, but to launch into a diatribe about sportsball at an SEC school. It ended with his supporters getting chased off of campus that night. There were several fights with Antifa and students. A friend of mine went to jail that night. The same thing happened at the University of Florida and Michigan State. Spencer responded to the disruption by announcing to the world that “Antifa is winning” and by blaming his supporters.

As a tactic, it was expensive and divisive. It demoralized the movement while strengthening the opposition. It hurt people who supported the movement who were either doxxed and lost their jobs or who were arrested or who came away from it with medical bills. At least two people who attended the University of Florida event went to prison. Cameron Padgett, who booked these events for Spencer, was countersued and committed suicide after sinking into debt and relapsing into drug abuse.

Does anyone even remember anything profound that Spencer said in his speeches at these events? No, the point was simply to get his name in newspapers. He wanted to be famous. That was it. Vanity was the core of this ill conceived project which brought down the movement.

2. Personnel Decisions – There is a reason why I chose to include Evan McLaren in the featured image of this article. In the Alt-Right 1.0 days, McLaren was the executive director of NPI and Richard Spencer’s handpicked right hand man before he became a shitlib turncoat and handed over all the personal information of everyone who had been associated with NPI to his Antifa friends on Twitter. You can find him on there these days groveling to those people and raging against the Right.

Disloyalty reigned at the top level in Alt-Right institutions. Why would anyone be foolish enough to trust those people and go down the same road with them again?

3. Cultivating Liberal Journos – Richard Spencer had a bizarre obsession with cultivating liberal journalists like Elle Reeve and Rosie Gray. This led to fiasco after fiasco that steadily deflated and winnowed the movement: Heilgate, Charlottesville III when Spencer returned to Charlottesville with a CNN camera crew after the Unite the Right rally, the New York Times expose of Eli Mosley’s stolen valor, etc.

The coda to Alt-Right 1.0 was the interview that Spencer gave to Elle Reeve during the Charlottesville trial when even she appeared to be baffled by his lack concern for the well being of the people who came to his events. “It should have just been about Richard Spencer” summed up the whole era.

Literally no one was attracted to the movement because Spencer was reaching converts on CNN or constantly sucking up to liberal reporters from The Atlantic, BuzzFeed or VICE News.

4. Playing the Villain – As the public face of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer played the role of a Bond villain for the media. The punch in the face at the Trump inauguration gave Antifa a big boost. The video that he released in which he complained that “Antifa is winning” gave them another big boost. He was caught on tape screaming “I rule the world” in a meltdown after Charlottesville. This is the same person who later came to the Sines v. Kessler trial with a stuffed animal for emotional support.

5. Burning Bridges – As Keith Woods once quipped, Richard Spencer has a lost a hundred friends and burned a thousand bridges and none of them are his fault. It would be a cheap shot to point to how his marriage ended or his breakup with Megan Bobonick, but it is all part of the same pattern. He simply had no talent in leadership or management and burned through his relationships. Political success requires doing exactly the opposite. No wonder the Alt-Right fragmented and collapsed.

6. Scorned Women – At the height of Alt-Right 1.0, I was puzzled about why Spencer lived in Alexandria, VA and his wife lived in Whitefish, MT with his kids. I wasn’t surprised to learn that he was screwing around with groupies like Samantha Froelich who testified against him in the Sines v. Kessler trial or running around with Megan Bobonick who was some kind of academic researcher. This is just one of many examples that come to mind of the moral void that brought down the movement.

7. – There was no bigger nerd in the Alt-Right with delusions of grandeur than Jason Jorjani who created with Spencer. It was all part of Jorjani’s master plan in which he would be installed as the leader of the Alt Right and play a central role in the restoration of the Persian Empire and the de-Islamization of Iran. This was supposed to be funded by a mysterious figure known only as “X” through “a multi-billion dollar black budget for a classified project to be implemented by the Trump Administration.” It all fell apart when the promised funds never materialized.

8. Negative Definitions – The Alt-Right defined itself as a big tent space outside the pre-Trump Conservatism, Inc. consensus. It was originally a space where White Nationalists rubbed shoulders with paleoconservatives and libertarians in the George W. Bush era. It was conceived as a means for White Nationalists to reach a larger audience. If there was anything of substance at the core of the original Alt-Right, it was White Nationalism or what Richard Spencer called Identitarianism.

In 2024, the contrarians who want to give “Alt-Right 2.0” a whirl have abandoned White Nationalism and Identitarianism. Paleoconservatism is ascendant. Reactionaries are influential. Libertarians have a voice in Congress. White identity politics is increasingly mainstream meat and potatoes discourse on the Right. National Socialists remain as marginalized as ever. There is no longer any ossified conservative establishment to challenge like the tottering dinosaur that was Reaganism in 2012.

By defining itself in purely negative terms against True Conservatism, the incoherent Alt-Right was always destined to disintegrate once those people were toppled from power. There is no need for an Alt-Right or Dissident Right when White identity politics is simply the Online Right in 2024.

9. Pseudo-Intellectuals, Dandies and Dilettantes – Far from offering “intellectual seriousness,” Alt-Right 1.0 is remarkable for producing virtually nothing of intellectual substance, and particularly Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. The lowbrow popular version of the Alt-Right on 4chan, YouTube, Daily Stormer and TRS was even less intellectual.

Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis did all the heavy lifting in fleshing out a nationalist vision and political agenda. Jared Taylor and the race realists like J. Philippe Rushton were around long before the Alt-Right. Identitarianism was borrowed from the European New Right. Peter Brimelow and VDARE had been pushing for immigration restriction since the 1990s. Even the accelerationist mass shooters were inspired by James Mason’s SIEGE. Spencer gestured at vague Nietzschean platitudes.

10. The Lowbrow Alt-Right – In its heyday, Alt-Right 1.0 was known for Nazi toilet humor, gas chamber memes, trolling journos on Twitter, sonnenrads, Pepe the Frog, anime, Kekistan flags and parody songs, not original groundbreaking ideas. When this culture came offline into the real world, it produced gladiators like Based Stick Man. Ten years later, most people who were amused by that have matured. It looks juvenile and ephemeral to grown men who are now in their late thirties and forties.

Is it all Richard Spencer’s fault?

No, he is simply a rich target. He also isn’t wrong about a lot of things.

11. Incels – In Spencer’s view, he was slumming with losers and ankle biters – low status White men who are incapable of attracting women – who brought him down in Charlottesville and pushed him aside in its wake. He tried to lead those people. He more or less jumped in front of the crowd and tried to ride the wave in an effort to become famous. There is a kernel of truth to this.

While Richard Spencer had created the original Alternative Right website, he quickly lost interest in the project and had a bitter falling out with his colleagues. He ditched the Alternative Right in favor of Radix Journal and hosting NPI conferences. The true social base of the 2015/2016 Alt-Right emerged out of Gamergate and was centered on 4chan and cultivated by Daily Stormer and TRS.

There really was an insurrection against Spencer after Charlottesville that was led by angry manlet types like Weev, Beardson Beardly, Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin. Those people also took over the main body of the movement in 2018 and increasingly defined it in terms of their resentments about women. Weev would post psychotic rants about his desire to beat and rape women. Andrew Anglin spent years celebrating Elliot Rodger. Fuentes would come on his show and talk about burning women at the stake.

In retrospect, why would anyone want to go down the same road again in light of how it turned out? This is another reason why we don’t need an Alt-Right 2.0. At a time when White identity politics is increasingly mainstream, why would you want to attract legions of bitter, marginal, sexually frustrated losers? Spencer is correct that to a large degree this is what the movement always was.

12. Censorship – Alt-Right 1.0 rose and fell with the tides of social media censorship on Twitter and YouTube. As with the pre-Trump conservative establishment, the conditions which facilitated the rise of the original movement no longer exist. It is a different world now.

13. Third Reich Nostalgia – I’m tired of rebrands.

White Nationalism was a rebrand. The Alt-Right was a rebrand. Identitarianism was a rebrand. The Dissident Right was a rebrand. As the TRS / NJP saga shows, no list of why Alt-Right 1.0 failed would be complete without bringing up the cycle of how the movement always returns to its origins of George Lincoln Rockwell trolling the normies on a street corner.  

The movement is like an alcoholic. After a major failure or collapse, it will sober up, rebrand and promise to be a new me. A new guy will come along who will promise good optics and success in mainstream politics. A few years later, the same guy will be throwing up Roman salutes or praising Hitler. Everyone in the organization will turn on everyone else. See NJP and America First.

14. Antisocial Personality Types – I can already hear it now.

Sure, White identity politics is increasingly mainstream. The taboo on criticizing Israel is beginning to erode. Immigration restriction couldn’t be more mainstream. Nationalism is no longer the preserve of edgelords. Pretty much everything we used to say we wanted has gained traction.


For lots of people who were involved in Alt-Right 1.0, the marginalization was the point. Being a fringe edgelord was their whole reason for getting involved in the scene in the first place. Political success and normalization is by definition the worst possible outcome for these types. They were in it to shock the normies or for the contrarian hot takes. They enjoyed being outrageous.

Outrageousness has a low ceiling. We need the support of boring, normal people.

15. Contrarians – This brings me to the contrarians who want an Alt-Right 2.0.

These people have an itch to scratch. They are driven by an impulse, not an ideology. When neocons were the conservative establishment, they were for White Nationalism, HBD, populism, anti-globalism, immigration restriction and so on. But today, they have rejected White Nationalism and HBD and want free trade, mass immigration, a neocon foreign policy to weaken Russia, etc.

The same people who were marching through Charlottesville with tiki torches and beating the drum of Identitarianism a few years ago have become accounts like this Twitter:

I don’t know about you.

I’m too old for this though.

My two sons are Generation Alpha.

I want them to grow up in a world where pro-White politics has been normalized. Winning metapolitical battles on the Right also isn’t enough. It is a small consolation prize. The ship is still sinking even if some conservatives are grudgingly coming around to our point of view.

We can’t afford to spend another decade goofing off and shooting ourselves in the foot. Trolling epileptic libs with strobe lights on Twitter is great for giggles, but we have work to do.


  1. I’ve lost hope for both the United States and the broader Western world. I’ve left the US and now call Argentina home.

      • It’s manageable for me, and the cost of living in Argentina is much cheaper compared to the US. Around $1,000 a month should do for a single person living in Argentina. Even Uruguay isn’t a bad option either. Both countries have a strong European heritage.

        • @Enlightenment Absolutist,

          My Spanish language ability is far from fluent.

          What degree of fluency in Spanish iyho does one need to function in those countries?


    • “I’ve left the US”

      You’re on the leading edge of an ever growing movement, so long as the dollar holds its value.

      So many are going to Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Panama, etc.

      Won’t surprise me if USZOG puts currency controls on the average citizens taking money out of the US.

      • This opening response to the article is spot on hilariously correct.

        “Its okay heart, we’ve been thru worse.”

  2. One other problem is that “Alt-Right” during Alt-Right 1.0 never got a proper commonly accepted definition. Which meant that it wound up meaning anything to anyone and everything to everyone, and of course depended on one’s particular political purpose. Some people tried to define it so narrowly that it only meant their own selves, while some tried to define it out so wide that it meant just a grab bag of any and every one to the right of center.

    However, to the extent that “Alt-Right” had anything close to a proper definition, it was too wide, which meant you had too many divergent people, personalities and groups trying to participate under the same big tent, which of course inevitably led to infighting.

    BTW, Hunter, and I know I risk making you a bit jealous, but greetings from Wittenberg. No better place to spend Easter weekend.

      • Double benefit of Easter and my birthday on the same day, 47th. When you have a b-day that falls within the 35 calendar day date range of Easter, as I do, then the possibility of both happening on the same day is likely at least once in your life. For me, it happened on my 14th (1991), 25th (2002), 36th (2013) and this year. You’ll note those are all 11 years apart. But, after this year, it won’t happen for another 62 years, and I’m unlikely to live to 109. Before 1991, the last time it happened was 62 years prior. On a hunch, I looked it up, and that pattern does not repeat in perpetuity. Over a long enough time, the pattern of how many years separate March 31 being Easter Sunday changes. Mainly it’s due to the complex interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth, as the formula for Easter Sunday’s date is first vernal equinox then full moon then Sunday.

        What it means is that tomorrow will be the final time in my life where Easter and birthday are same day. Let’s just say I’m going to enjoy it, and in the perfect place to do so.

          • Happy birthday, but the reality is… Pascha is not for another month yet. The reason why you have this conflation is due to Pope Gregory, the calendar reform, and chopping 10 days out of God’s calendar, back in the 1500s. A very unsteady relationship between Sun, Moon, Christ, God, and the resurrection. Just saying.

    • The Alt-Right was mostly a bunch of standard American libertarian types that became racist and anti-semitic during the Trump meme war. They never developed a comprehensive illiberal ideology. This is why most of them liked TRS (racist libertarians) and Spencer (racist liberal)

  3. As an aside, I checked my own archives, because I remember floating proposed definitions of Alt-Right and Alt-Lite.

    For Alt-Right:

    The alt-right is the space of the political right consisting of people and groups whose rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, and at the same time are not comfortable with associating with the incumbent categories of modern rightist politics.

    For Alt-Lite:

    The alt-lite is a ergoregional space surrounding the alt-right, which consists of people and groups whose rightist politics have some noticeable and obvious anti-egalitarian propensities but are not chiefly motivated by anti-egalitarianism, and whose relationships with the incumbent categories of modern rightist politics are generally strained and murky but could range to amicable to hostile, and may be but are not necessarily sympathetic to the alt-right.

    In retrospect, Alt-Right 1.0 did wind up trying to be my proposed definition of it. Yet and still, that was too wide of a net.

  4. The “Atlantic Elitist Globocrat” screenshot that you posted from Twitter/”X” says the Alt-Right’s “role and destiny” is/was about “reviving 18th century Liberalism” and that now the Dissident Right needs to get back to fulfilling that role. What happened to Liberalism that made it need “revival” (defense) now? I wonder what could have spoiled Liberalism’s image and threatens to end its worldwide hegemony? What is this nemesis of liberalism?

    I always say the Far Right, the right, and Conservatism in general, which fake leftism and the liberal mainstream claim to oppose, serve a vital purpose in conserving the system, confusing and distracting the masses from the reality of their condition. If the far right did not exist, the system would need to invent it. Liberalism (aka the capitalist system) is the common ground of both “left” liberals and far right liberals, and also of all those who are in-between, the “normal” conservatives, moderates and liberals. Alt-Right was reaction; the right has always been reaction; moderates and the fake “left” are also reactionary. No matter which color lipstick and what style of clothing the pig wears it is still a….

    • To ask the question is to take them seriously. That is the mistake.

      They are a clown show. There is no answer.

      As far as the altright etc, of course alienated men would be your base. Why would anyone rebel? This goes back to the Brown v Board decision. The lower class whites and the Bourbons were alienated by integration and so rebeled into Massive Resistance. The “New South” business class lost nothing because they had the money to buy their way out while giving lip service to opportunity for blacks. So, they happily capitulated and the modern GOP was born. Likewise, a right minded white man must necessarily be alienated by Black Run America and our bizarre sexual dysfunction. These men will thus be considered “low status” if status is contingent on approval or disapproval of such a system. It’s why so many seemingly normal whites in the GOP are downwardly mobile and the GOP is considered backwards even the other party promotes womb removal surgery and rubs shoulders with pedophilia while worshipping blacks. What then is status? It’s all relative.

      The simple fact is that Spencer was a paper tiger when the going got tough…and so were a bunch of other “leaders.” It was easy to blame the “low status” men you depended on. It was easy to pretend like you weren’t one of them or didn’t really believe in the same things as them. They “lost” in Black Run America by design…so we could safely call them “losers” and look the other way. Not unlike with the GOP, the base itself was a convenient scapegoat. The Altright gave witness to a petty imitation of the Cuckservatives the same Altright “leaders” so despised.

  5. No one went to jail or was ruined because of Richard Spencer, but because we are ruled by Jews and Whites do not have the protection of the law under Jewish rule.

    We have very limited power and you do what you can and it’s all kind of trial and error. You don’t know what works until you stumble on it and you don’t necessarily know what fails until you try it.

    Our people are not perfect but we need to have a little more compassion for them even those we don’t necessarily like based on hindsight.

      • Yes, but it has revived my faith in you as a political commentator. This is the stuff that you were once known for, HW. Excellent! By the way, the only thing I was wanting to read about was the trailer trash trauma of Parrot and His erstwhile son-in-law, Heimbach…

    • False. Eli Mosley is in jail because of his association with Spencer. Probably 10 or more people are in jail because of Charlottesville (an event Spencer promoted and was scheduled to speak at.) People are still being arrested for the torch march.

  6. After reading your article and the “alt-right 2.0” I have a couple of thoughts. Do you think that the “leaders” in 1.0 were intelligence agents. The feds seeing the growing back lash decide to make a movement to bring people back into the fold. Or do you think that people like Spencer were urban-liberals who had no point being in a “far-right” movement?

    • No, I don’t.

      I think Spencer was a theater kid who was genuinely deep into Nietzsche. No one else wanted the heat from being the face of the movement. He tried to ride the tiger and it ended badly for him.

      Evan McLaren isn’t a fed. He is simply a bitch. A weak man who folded under pressure.

      • I think the deal with Evan McLaren is similar to Matt Drudge.

        I doubt either of those two “conversions” were ideological, but rather were done for the sake of narrow personal interest at the expense of abandoning one’s former allies who are doomed anyway

        Many on the right are simply fed up with paying personal costs just to see those sacrifices squandered by joe-normie conservatives who don’t want to win.

        It is one thing to sacrifice for a greater community that is vital and wants to survive. But when your own side is determined to fail, the only rational option is total self interest even if it hurts your own people.

        Oh and by the way, your support for Trump isn’t going to help the clownshow, but rather extend it. The stupidity and lack of seriousness is partially incited by Trump’s own carnival barker demeanor.

        • @Burger I disagree because it is one thing to leave politics and activism if things start to cost too many sacrifices to oneself and one’s family, it is another to betray one’s friends and go over to the opposing side…….in the latter case (which is McLaren’s case) one is just infamous.

  7. There is no “Generation Alpha.” Why do good people fall for these Jewish fables? Kikes have ruined our discourse.
    There are no “boomers” no “millennials”, no “zoomers” it is all Kike nonsense. You do know it is all a kosher joke, right? They are laughing at us.

    As to those alleged kids of Spencer, I was under the impression that there was this English dude that was plowing with Spencer’s heifer and those kids were the result.

    • Kikes have ruined our discourse

      They control all the major media, define the vocabulary, set the terms of dialogue and direct the focus of attention.

      It’s very difficult to fight that.

      • Not everything, but they have such an overwhelming influence that it steers the national direction.

        Who’s running the major media corporations, banks, ad agencies, majority leader of the Senate, 75% of Biden’s cabinet, his chief of staff ?

    • This is an interesting point. The naming of different generations is something that only arose in the last 70 years. It’s all the creation of the Madison Avenue propaganda ministry created by Bernays in the 1920s. The first generation who fell for the scam was the first one reared on Talmudvision – the boomers. Their parents (Greatest Generation) weren’t formally named until they were passing from the scene in the 1990s. Before that if they were referred to at all they were known as the ‘GI generation’. The one that followed the WW II vets, got named as the ‘lost generation’ or (earlier) the ‘beat generation’. Since the boomers came of age (ca.1968) every generation has fallen for this bullshit. It’s now even been transplanted to societies whose histories are totally different than Chiquitaland’s.

      There will no doubt be some here who’ll be quick to point out the jewish hand in all of this bullshit and they’re not wrong about it. The important detail they seem to forget that the choice was always there refuse to buy into it (that choice still remains in many ways).

      * Unless you are truly capable of carefully curating what you see, get rid of your television.

      * Remove your kids from public school. They are literally woke concentration camps for white kids whose purpose is to destroy their futures. They are not reformable. 100% enemy territory.

      * Stop doing business with enemy corporations. That’s a huge task right there.

      * Do not borrow money. Even home mortgages are controlled by the usual suspects. The entire land-title system of the country was undone in the 2008 crisis, in which zero of the bad actors were punished.

      * Because the Pope Noseferatu’s Church of Woke has taken over countless businesses, now is a great time to start your own. Look at Disney. Massive as they are, they are bleeding money like crazy. Boeing – thanks to their wokeism they now are best know for ‘Planes ‘n sheeit’ (emphasis on the latter).

      Richard Spencer should be ignored. If he wasn’t a fed, he should have been. He’s kind of a poster-boy for Yankee faggotry. A real leader would make his skull into a wine-goblet.

  8. C-ville was an obvious setup and if, after this long, seeing the J6 setup and how the media lied about the situation to put it lightly, if you can’t see that you’re a fool. We’re all being used no matter the class or ethnicity. There is a solution and an easy one, rope, lamp posts, billionaires and their servants hung by the neck and televised (add some predator capitalism and televise it for a fee on pay per view, I would happily pay, hell I’d have a watch party).

    • Kikes have ruined our discourse

      They control all the major media, define the vocabulary, set the terms of dialogue and direct the focus of attention.

      It’s very difficult to fight that.

    • Cville was not a setup, but the police and state reaction was an attack. Know the difference. Not everything is architected by THEM.

      • Kessler wasn’t talking to ANTIFA, knowing it would cause physical violence ?

        Court records show he was.
        Seems a setup to me.

      • Yeah goon marching for a statue at a university full of shitlibs was totally not a setup after 8 years of a race baiting conspiritard president, especially after Dump was elected, there is no motive to make white people look ridiculous. The state is never watching or provoking and never has their own goons in the groups.

  9. I followed the alt right, and while I had hoped for it and even for its development beyond America, I always felt that everything was reduced to a game and a joke. Politics or activism should not be done by immature men who want to joke around on the internet or who take everything as a game…….people who pick on each other over personal issues and spite and fight like babies. Politics should be done by movements formed by mature men who seriously believe in what they preach and not people who experience it only as a phase of rebellion (like teenagers).

  10. Following is for the weak and all movements and groups are co-opted by Long March maggots.
    You don’t vote your way out of Rocky Horror Picture Show and milquetoast poseur Grand Old Politburo quislings are CPUSA (D) in disguise.

  11. Hardcore facts. I’m getting some mild PTSD from this piece. ?
    I still have the same beliefs I’ve had for a long, long time and the whole Alt Right thing felt great for me when it came around because I thought I’d finally found “my people” but being female & much older, I didn’t even fit in there because there was a lot of young male infighting and ridiculousness, mostly due to immaturity and life experiences.
    It didn’t help that most “leaders” were unmarried, didn’t have children, had incel tendencies. People IRL think that’s weird. You can’t translate that positively offline.
    The many stories I’ve been told and things that I witnessed that I think were not ok things, are still secret, and always will be.
    It’s not my place to spill them. Take them up with your Creator.
    I’m living a regular life with kids & grandkids, I really don’t care who thinks who is a Fed or a manlet.
    Time to move on and I’m not changing my worldview for multi racial,watered down paleocon/conservative politics plus degenerates, just to “get the
    gang back together again.”

    Hard pass.

    Happy Easter to you & your family, Brad.

  12. I just opened your website, saw the title, laughed because I thought it was a joke, and then I clicked on the link and laughed again because apparently it is “serious.”

    I read this part and immediately knew it was a clown show:

    “I was recently a guest on Richard Spencer’s Alexandria podcast, where I had a fantastic conversation with him and fellow guest Daniella Pentsak.”

    I am no longer on Twitter but I am tempted to come back just so I can warn others, like younger men that Spencer is apparently trying to catfish like a creepy old cougar. He must think he can wait for Millennials and Zoomers to age out of the movement and his history then might be forgotten so he can ruin everyone’s life all over again, especially since his own is ruined, but that must not be enough for this spiteful mutant. Let’s not forget his perverse scapegoating cope over Charlottesville where his great idea was to vilify everyone who ever followed him. But he wants to do it again!

    Then again Spencer ruins everything he touches so the problem will likely take care of itself…again!

    Not to mention that Spencer doxed at least Mike Benz and is close to the SPLC. It could be a law enforcement trap. I wonder if Evan McLaren will remigrate back to the USA from his evasion of law enforcement in Scandinavia to serve as Spencer’s sidekick AGAIN? “Mark Brahmin” must be nervous.

    Spencer is EXACTLY where he needs to be. Constantly flailing about as the walls get closer, forever trapped in a Charlottesville humilitation loop. Truly there are fates worse than the big one! Now that I think about it I’m actually a bit happy about all this. In a way I hope it happens! Give him even MORE.

      • RFH is eternally butthurt that she got roped into a Gileadean marriage with an actual, unironic TradCon. She’s funny as hell, but her bitterness gets the best of her and makes her a low value woman herself. Hence why she rages against low value men, since those are the only men who would tolerate her in a relationship.

  13. One Ayla Stewart is worth dozens of these flash in the pan activists.

    Her ‘wife with a purpose’ and the WHITE baby challenge are worth more than a 100 Richard Spencers.

    Her encouragement of WHITE women to be mothers, advice on children and economizing have real value.

    If WHITES had any loyalty they would have rallied to her cause, defending her from slander and threats.

    Her practical encouragement has more value than dozens of stuffed suits quoting Friedrich Nietzsche.

  14. “Does anyone even remember anything profound that Spencer said in his speeches at these events?”

    That White identity is an idea whose time has come.

    Other than that, him and Evan are the same libtards they always were.

  15. It sounds like the root of all of Wallace’s problems with Spencer stem from disparaging comments that Spencer made about SEC niggaballers. Also – the ultimate White Supremacist sport now is lacrosse which both of my sons play but knowing the South it’s probably considered “That Sport That Is Played By the Men North of Richmond”

    • It has nothing to do with football.

      Some people here assume I am obsessed with football or basketball because I live in Auburn. That’s not the case.

  16. “[Spencer] is the same person who later came to the Sines v. Kessler trial with a stuffed animal for emotional support.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are the deets here?? That is outrageous.

  17. Alright. Time to untangle the web of confusion and misinformation with some Snopes style fact checks + value judgements.

    “Paleoconservatism is ascendant.”

    True, and that’s a bad thing. Paleoconservatism is fashionable again among Normie Right Wingers. It was also fashionable in the 1930s when Father Coughlin was popular, and in the late 60s as a reaction to the Counter Culture (Nixon’s mythical “Silent Majority,” which wasn’t even a thing by WW1 much less the Vietnam War). Paleoconservatism, as a worldview, is insufficient to save the White Race – whether that’s “Leave Us Alone!” types or “Change The World” types, the later of whom have no interest in, or use for, paleoconservatism in the first place. Radical solutions are needed. A transvaluation of Christian values is needed. National Socialism, as prototype for a new worldview fleshed out by Rockwell, Oliver, and Pierce, is needed.

    “Reactionaries are influential.”

    Reactionary energy is the lifeblood of Republican Party electioneering, as started by Nixon and perfected by Reagan.

    “Libertarians have a voice in Congress.”

    So did Ron Paul and Rand Paul. I think Justin Amish was the most outspoken of them. They are called LOLberts for a reason.

    “White identity politics is increasingly mainstream meat and potatoes discourse on the Right.”

    I disagree. As Walt himself said: You still can’t use the word “White” in a serious context within polite company. You can say “as a White man” with a dry sense of humor and get some chuckles from everyone, which would have gotten you odd looks in 2013, but that’s not progress. Its simply low key mockery of Woke scolding. Whites as a race – both the Imperial Whites and the Hobbits – still hate it when you bring up race in a serious context.

    Whether this is because of a lifetime of antiracist conditioning, or whether its because Whites as a people are too weak to handle it, either way, the situation in every day interactions is the same in 2024 as it was in 2013. White Nationalism isn not winning.

    “National Socialists remain as marginalized as ever.”

    True, and that’s a bad thing.

    Look, all caveats apply here about the Skinheads, internet shitpoasters, and even Rockwell himself giving National Socialism a bad name. White Nationalism, in all its iterations, has its sect of weirdos that insist on making a cult out of Hitler and Nazi iconography, which has the obvious effect of alienating White Advocate types such as Jared Taylor, while repulsing Normies entirely.

    Now after that’s all out of our system, go watch “The Greatest Story Never Told.” Or listen to a weekly segment from American Dissident Voices. Or read the works of Pierce and Oliver. Take a serious view of National Socialism and its place in history.

    Its not about a cult of personality around Hitler, and its not about reviving a Lost Cause like in the American South after the Civil War. Its not about LARPing or role playing or edge lording. Its about the historical fact that National Socialism was the first real, manifested, institutional expression of what can loosely be called the White Racialist worldview, what we call White Nationalism, and what our enemies call White Supremacy.

    America was never a White Nationalist country. It had a grab bag of White Nationalist policies, most of them reactionary in origin, but it’s only real attempt at forging a nation built on White Nationalist principles was during the 1920s, right after WW1 devastated Europe. Men such as Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard were the intellectual vanguard of this attempt. Hitler himself modeled German racial policy off American racial policy. It was all a crude first attempt at actualizing what had previously been instinctual and unconscious.

    Let me put it this way: If you cross-reference what Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer believe with what the Nazis believed, it’s effectively the same thing. In the wake of WW2, we deny this because we implicitly accept that the Nazis were mean-spirited and genocidal, whereas 21st century White Nationalism is just a revived form of 19th century Ethnic Nationalism: “Self-determination, everyone has the right to a homeland,” etc.

    Nazi Germany was not a genocidal regime towards Jews. There was no Holocaust. There were no gas chambers. “6 million” is a Kabalistic prophecy number. Nazis wanted Jews removed from all positions of economic and cultural power, they acted to make that a reality, and Jews reacted with hysteria, as they always do when the Goyim Cattle dare to challenge the status of God’s Chosen People.

    Insofar as the Nazis had a serious lebensraum project for Eastern Europe, this is no different in practice than the Barbarians invading and sacking Rome, the Vikings sailing and pillaging the coasts of continental Europe, or the Russians invading Ukraine. White nations didn’t invade and conquer other White Nations between 1945-2022 due to a “Never Again” mentality. I wasn’t horrified when Putin did it two years ago, and I see no reason to concern troll over “HiTLeR wAs gOiNg tO eXteRmiNaTe tHe sLaVs!!!” National Socialism was German Ethnic Nationalism reloaded in 1924. By 1942, it was the manifestation of the 14 words.

    “Sure, White identity politics is increasingly mainstream.”

    It’s not. Conservatives and Republican voters have become anti-antiwhite, hence why Charlie Kirk and Candance Owens are capturing and channeling it, but they aren’t interested in securing the existence of their race and a future for their White children. They still want to think of themselves as “Simply Americans” just like they did in 2014.

    Honestly, if there’s one thing unexpected that’s changed, its that Libtards, Contards, *and* WNs all misread Hispanics back in the 2012-2013 academic year. Hispanics are going to continue to have their city gangs and drug deals for the time being, but once they mix and miscegenate with the White population, their Castiza descendants will integrate like the Italians and Irish. The H1B1 pajeets that are taking Walt Bismarck’s job will do the same. White Hobbit culture is superior and preferable to Mexican culture and Indian culture, and they know it. We aren’t “Boring.” We are…well, we’re the standard for humanity. Brown people don’t want to imitate Richard Spencer. They want to imitate the fictional character Jim Hopper.

    “The taboo on criticizing Israel is beginning to erode.”

    Antiracist Zoomers on Tik Tok are responsible for that. I’ll take the W against Jews where I can find them, but lets not pretend that Israel is being criticized from any sort of Pro-White viewpoint.

    “Immigration restriction couldn’t be more mainstream.”

    The opposite is the case. Its a red meat issue for Republican voters. The Hobbits are still too dull to figure this out. Ted Cruz grilling Mayorkas is so obviously a comical WWE script. Joe Biden, who has dementia, and who was always a paradoxical combo of a naive liberal and a honest observer, is being scapegoated for a Jewish agenda decades in the making. Nothing has changed at the borders that wasn’t happening, at a slower rate, in the last 60 years. Nothing that has happened since the start of 2021 is out of the ordinary, except for abortion being converted into a new hot potato that benefits the existing power structure. I saw a post on Reddit in June 2022 of Nancy Pelosi sending out an email blast *hours* after Roe vs. Wade was overturned saying “help us restore Roe vs. Wade!” On and on it goes.

    “Nationalism is no longer the preserve of edgelords.”

    I think further examination should be given on what kind of retard psychology led someone like Walt Bismarck and legions of other LOLberts to support Ron Paul in 2012. These people actually believed he was electable, and that he was going to win the GOP primary until the big mean establishment stole it from him. Then they went to TRS and /pol/, then they coalesced with the serious intellectuals from Pro-White sites like this one and Counter-Currents to form the heydays of 2015-2016. Walt’s story diverged so far from my own that I openly question what motives led him to ever supporting White Nationalism in the first place.

    “Pretty much everything we used to say we wanted has gained traction.”

    We gave silly fools like Rick Wilson and David French a hard time, but that’s not the same thing as breaking into the mainstream. White Nationalism, whether in the soft Jared Taylor form or the vanguard William Pierce form, is not mainstream among “Leave Us Alone” Whites, and its as universally hated as it ever was among “Change The World” Whites. Hence why Taylor himself said in his weekly email blast that Whites are “weak and pathetic.”

    I think that we all need to lay low and let everything on the pro-wrestling stage play out. Let Texas and Florida duke it out with New York and California. Let the Imperial Whites have their Civil War. In my case, continue to have a soft spot for the loveable nature of “Leave Us Alone” Whites, who are the gold standard of Whiteness and Aryan virtue but will need to evolve an Arya Stark side once the Jews settle the Orcs all over their communities. Let the Tik Tok Zoomers find out the hard way once ByteDance gets shaken down that antiracism is a tool of Jewish dominance and not a foundation for global relations. We cannot force any branch of our race to defend themselves or care about their continued existance *as a race,* but we can say “I told you so” when their Christian values fail them.

    Grab the popcorn. This will be an entertaining show.


    • “White Nationalism, whether in the soft Jared Taylor form or the vanguard William Pierce form, is not mainstream among “Leave Us Alone” Whites,”

      The reason for that is Christianity. The Christian Right is just another version of political correctness. People after 1970 were told that they weren’t allowed to identify as white Southerners anymore, so they identified as “Christian” southerners instead, pretending their dispute with NYC whites was over religion rather than race. The generation after 1970 grew up being told it was about religion. That directly led to cuckservatism, DemsRRealRacist, and all the rest. Now, 95% of Americans support interracial marriage.

      • I forgot to reply to Hunter’s comment at the end there about Christianity, as my comment has gotten so long I didn’t want to lose it. Suffice to say, I agree with the indictment of Christianity laid out by Nietzsche, the 1700s historian Edward Gibbon, as well as Dr. Pierce and Professor Oliver.

        I’m sure you’re aware that in 1928, the Rothschild historian Marcus Eli Ravage laid out the entire conspiracy. It was an “Evil Guy Reveals His Plans” moment.

      • This is false.

        1.) It was Christians who created race based citizenship and laws in the United States. White identity mattered in a Christian culture for three centuries.

        2. Here in the South, my grandparents were raised under Jim Crow and my parents remember the Civil Rights Movement. This is a problem that developed relatively recently and it has nothing to do with Christianity.

        3. “Racism” became taboo during World War II. It was the development of the mass media – mass circulation national news magazines, film and television – that stigmatized White identity. This was imposed from the top down by media elites in New York and Los Angeles. It sparked a grassroots rebellion and political realignment that destroyed the New Deal coalition

        4. The genealogy of political correctness has been covered a thousand times on this website. It was developed by European and Jewish Marxists in the 20th century

        5. White people in the Northeast and Northwest are significantly more secular than in the Deep South and Middle America. They have different values, priorities and politics. No one is imagining this. It is one of the most meaningful divisions in our politics.

        • “. “Racism” became taboo during World War II”

          Yep, the US had one of the worlds strongest eugenics movements prior WW II.

        • Excellent and succinct reply. I will also add though, that not just Jews propagated political correctness. Although its logical ideals stem from the cultural Marxist Jews, especially from the Frankfurt milieu, its institutional enforcement stems from Catholic absolutism and Puritan authoritarianism.

          Thus, some of biggest promoters of political correctness in the 80s and 90s were Catholic and Puritans from the Northeast. Regardless the history of this progressive liberalism does arise as you say from the media elites just prior to WWII. But again, this was a whole community effort by Judeo-Catholic-Yankees based in the North East.

          In turn, it was most initially accepted outside of the North East in those areas of Yankee settlement patterns or in Yankee financial domination. Thus, the Northwest and certain metro areas in the West and Midwest accepted it the soonest. Overall your work on explaining this was outstanding work. Thanks Hunter!

      • It’s even worse than that. Take a look at this map on support for Sodomite “marriage”. Even in the bible belt, it’s up to at least 50%. That being the support for it is less by far in the so-called bible belt than in shitlib strongholds like the Northeast, which tends to buttress HW’s argument. Not only that, but take a look at the various proclamations farted from Shitpants Joey’s white-washed outhouse. They even send one out for a government-invented holiday for kneegrows as they declare Easter “Transgender Day of Visibility”. Kang Cyrus will be no different. As the kneegrows in Fergudishu like to say: Burn the bitch down. Murika is toast and deserves all that will befall it.

  18. Another thing I got tired of over the years. Most of these people spent much of their time sticking shivs in the back of everybody else, and I noticed everybody think’s everybody else is a grifter. No movement ever gets anywhere this way. I have dropped listening to people who do these things. Everybody’s a grifter, a gatekeeper, etc, and so on, and so on. What’s needed is normalcy. Life Hunter has with his family and faith. Building something permanent, and long lasting things.

    • Sadly, yes.

      This is the norm online.

      In the offline world, I have built productive relationships with people that have lasted well over a decade now.

      • “This is the norm online.”

        Sadly, the Internet like cars, by the anonymity, brings out the worst in many people.

    • “Building something permanent, and long lasting things”

      I only trust, rely on, people who have been in this cause for decades.

      The newcomers who run to the front of the parade are always suspect.

  19. Yes, Alt-Right 2.0 is a terrible idea if Walt Bismark really cares about Taiwan & Ukraine. He doesn’t want isolationist heartlanders like me in the movement. He advocates for a “Kissingerian foreign policy of imperial self-interest”. Dude, that’s Globalism! Have you seen the national debt lately? We can’t afford being an empire much longer.
    He also claims that “white people aren’t under attack like they used to be”. Wrong again! I guess he missed what the leftist Woke revolution is really about: Celebrating the coming white minority.
    He is right about one thing: There will indeed be a huge vacuum when Trump and MAGA are gone, but it won’t be Alt-Right 2.0 that fills it.

    • I disagree. Aggressive defense on behalf of American interests is not globalism. The question is not interventionist v isolationism, but rather what are America’s interests. Thats where the debate is. If someone can tell me why it wouldn’t be in America’s interests to stop the Chinese from dominating international lines of communication, or why its not in America’s interests to stop Islamic Jihadis conquering the Middle East then surely Id agree. But simple statements that we need to pull back and abandon our frontal defenses is not going to cut it.

  20. I agree with many of Hunter’s points but think this too narrow and cynical, especially about Richard Spencer.

    The Alt Right wasn’t “founded”. No one started it. What really happened was: the internet and especially newly created “social media” gave us unparalleled access to each other and to each others’ ideas – unlike any other time in history excepting maybe the invention of the printing press.

    We were wildly raucous and celebrating the unleashing of our inner anger towards government-school, anti-white indoctrination, and all the other liberal institutions. We were discovering we weren’t alone. We were attacking taboos and committing contemporary sacrilege. We were a giant wolf-pack (not a herd).

    Spencer, as the most vocal and well-spoken, found himself riding this tiger-of-a-populist-whim. He was a flesh-n-blood instantiation and did the best he could. It was an astoundingly difficult position in which to be and I think he did marvelously.

    His college tour was selfish? He wanted his views out there and in a way that was, at the time, popular and trendy for conservatives. We forget but, other than Milo, there were Ann Coulter, Charlie Kirk, etc. etc. et. al. college tours. Everyone was doing it. It’s disingenuous to pick out Spencer for jumping on the trend. In fact, it’s something a de-facto leader ought to have been doing. (Heimbach, for example, tried doing his own college tour).

    In any case, the best thing about Spencer is how he’s always been consistent with his own ideas. He can present them in this way or that – to make them more or less controversial to this or that audience, but we can’t charge him with inconsistency.

    This wildfire of an Alt Right spirit was stamped out by our overlords (to put it cynically), although it took them a few years to get a handle on it. They had to learn new methods of control. This is why there’ll be no Alt.Right 2.0. Hunter mentions censorship of course, but we need to extend this to the so-called “lawfare” and the very real ruin of lives. That, along with the censorship, cut out all the fun.

    …a man without a spine leans whatever direction the wind’s blowing…

    • 1. I focused on Spencer because Walt Bismarck was inspired to write that after being in a Twitter space with him. He was also referring to contrarians like Richard Hanania. No one else wants an Alt-Right 2.0 focused on crusading for liberalism.

      2. Spencer created the website and gave it a name in 2010, but the movement was gestating on forums long before he showed up.

      3. If he hadn’t done the college tour or the rallies, I don’t think it would have ended so badly for him. And yes, there were other people like Heimbach who tried to do it. It was a bust for him too.

  21. Nothing will fill the vacuum because there won’t be a vacuum. The millennials were the last white generation and now they are about 40 years old give or take a few. Non-white births within the US were majority in 2011. That’s just births, that doesn’t factor in immigration legal or illegal. Whites don’t have the numbers because whites and quite frankly, white women don’t have kids. We don’t need to relitigate the reasons why, that’s just the factual end result.

    You can go on about how “everyone one is dying off not just whites,” which is false, or “muh whites were always a minority” etc, it’s all a cope. The era of white dominance in the modern world coincided exactly with a young, fecund population. Youth is the future. All of your productivity and dynamism in society comes from the young. Lonely welfare nursing homes do not accomplish things.

    This is an excerpt from a Pat Buchanan interview with Politico from 2017. This is what waits “after Trump”

    “He’s not unlike the countless Trump voters I met across the country in 2016, many of them older folks yearning for a return to the country of their youth, a place they remember as safer, whiter, more wholesome, more Christian, more confident and less polarized. The difference is that Buchanan refuses to indulge in the illusion that a return to this utopia of yesteryear is even possible. Economically and demographically and culturally, he believes, the damage is done.

    “We rolled the dice with the future of this country,” he tells me. “And I think it’s going to come up snake eyes.””

    You could say “we rolled the dice with the future of this race.” If you don’t have the numbers, you lose. It’s that simple. Look at the two new congressional districts in Louisiana and Alabama. Blacks keep breeding but whites don’t. It just proves the futility of the abortion “eugenicists.” Guess what? Blacks have more power in congress now.

    If white women can’t figure out how to shake the feminism and sexual revolution, get married, and have kids, it’s over. It’s that simple. You can call me an incel. You can call me a loser or low status for pointing out this elephant in the room. That doesn’t make the elephant go away. That doesn’t change the fact.

    • That’s my district.

      We have Brett Kavanaugh to thank for this disaster. Federal judges forced Alabama to adopt a new map to comply with the Voting Rights Act.

      The Alabama Black Belt has always been majority black. The region has also been steadily losing population for a century now

      • What spurred the debacles in Louisiana and Alabama was the 2020 census. The NAACP was and is carefully watching white demographic decline and sued accordingly. Regardless of Kavanaugh, the argument was based on raw statistical data. If black population is relatively greater than whites via representation, is it “democratic” to deny them an “equitable” representation? Thus they get new districts. So the question then is why is the white population declining?

        Thanks to morons like Beardson Beardly and company, feminism has become an elephant in the room for the online right. No one wants to get called an incel or a loser, but “women in the movement” ends up functioning as a ideological Trojan horse for liberalism broadly because we kill the messenger. This inevitable contradiction is best represented by our favorite clown show, radfem hitler.

  22. The Alt Right failed because it wasn’t pro White. Instead it was defined by people like the operators of TRS, Daily Stormer and everybody else in the media as anti semitic.

    Had the focus been on White interests instead, it would have been a vanguard to the grassroots identitarianism that is now all but mainstream.

    Everything bad about the Alt Right has been shed as people realize its cringe and fringe, while the best aspects which only a minority of us were focused on in those days, have been soaked up by the mainstream as self evidently true and legitimate. Our opposition to Jewish power and influence of Israel is now in the context of it being explicitly against our interests as White Americans. As it should always have been.

    As you said, a movement defined by opposition has no legs or foundation and can’t last. This absolutely can, and may well define the direction of politics in this country for a generation.

    The worst thing that could happen is for the bad actors of the Alt Right to reemerge only to undermine Trumps support yet again in 2024. Which is probably exactly why it will happen. All of these people should be kept at arms length and shunned. The ones that aren’t feds, are sociopaths and grifters.

    I won’t lend a single view or click to anything having to do with it. There is zero interest in the mainstream right for any kind of authoritarian reactionary natsoc revivalism. It didn’t work in the 40’s and it won’t work now.

    All centralalization of government is anathema to the freedoms that are the optimal conditions for White prosperity.

  23. anonymous wrote: “If white women can’t figure out how to shake the feminism and sexual revolution, get married, and have kids, it’s over.”

    ^^Young/younger White men — excepting, perhaps, those on forums like this one — don’t want children, either. (Whether or not those who support having children actually have them, themselves, is another question.)
    We are living in a very hostile politically, hostile economically, hostile socially, and hostile criminally world. Also, men and women are hyper-focused on individualism and materialism and don’t want the burden and expense of children. It’s a foolish trade-off, but there it is.

  24. Some core ideas of the Alt Right are still valid, esp. since they derive from the prior work of Francis, Buchanan etc. When it went Nazi is when it derailed. The woman hatred was a big nail in the coffin too. We just need normal political actions, like George Wallace’s 1968 and 72′ campaigns for president. We need our own ADL, run by boring guys in suits and ties.
    I remember after Charlottesville we tried to make a comeback and then got sidetracked with the goofy Amnats vs. Wignat craziness. Then we had almost a year of stupid ‘bloodsports’ just dull hours long conversational podcasts about nothing. At some point we need to face the fact that the enemy is better than we are at political organizing.
    My hope now is that white preservation is becoming so obviously needed, the situation is so in-your-face, that this propels white nationalism solidly into the mainstream, despite our apparent stupidity and lunacy.

  25. I always thought it croaked due to entryism. A bunch of young people had new ideas about Right politics, and the old nasty far right said, “Hot Damn!” and jumped on the bus. They were not immediately shoved off and they freaked out the mundanes with their disgusting ideas and ALL CAPS discourse about DA JOOZ that made sense to nobody.

  26. I fundamentally disagree with this middle aged attempt to dismiss the movement which is really a placeholder for living in a society…
    The altright did the impossible, break the market democratic system this country has uses as an oligarchic mechanism. Trump was elected, changing the usa. Our generation reached its greatest influence with moving the societal needle with social media.
    The alt right didn’t implode, it was persecuted, like iccupy wall street.

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