1. I think he’s right that men are given bad advice about pick up artists and game. Political extremism drives women off and most people who have to resort to all these pick up techniques are political extremists. Endorse extreme views, pick from a smaller selection of women. That’s pretty much my two cents. Women are bandwagoners who like to jump on trends after they become successful but not hard charging people who go against the grain though they deny this.

    • “Women are bandwagoners ”

      And those controlling the media know this. They started injecting this covertly hate filled toxic feminism into our culture in the 1960s, knowing the destructive consequences.

      They have progressively injected more poison into the culture, homosexuality, trans etc. as a long term plan to corrode every strength of gentile society.

      • “Women are bandwagoners…”

        If we know they use this to their advantage it illustrates how dumb so many “seasoned” WN’s, NatSoc’s, DR’s and NRX are for falling for the obvious subversion of the “thot wars.”

        WN’s & NatSoc’s have bad actors and DR’s & NrX are probably mostly astroturfed but to the extent honest actors existed it shows how weak and stupid they were for falling for it.

        Being out of power means we can’t compete with the size of their wagon, nor would it help to be constantly bending over backwards for more women (like boomer cons). But driving women away, especially women who aren’t even trying to be e-celebs is the dumbest thing ever.

        Those who control the women control the flock. We want women so that high status men are attracted to our scene.

        People can hate Richard Spence for many things but being out of power means we can’t play to mass appeal but can appeal to exclusivity.

        It’s like fashion designers that don’t have access to Walmart or Target instead focus on exclusivity. This can be done in a fake to you make it and pretend to be on the cutting edge, be on the cutting edge or highly skill craftsmanship. And most likely a little bit of all three but leaning harder in one category or the other.

        You can create high status social circles based upon exclusivity. Not easy, but achievable and our best bet. Having a social scene with a lot of high status women will bring in more high status men which will bring in more high status women.

        What many manosphere/pick up artists/incels get wrong about women is that it’s not necessarily money that women are attracted to but social status and social proof. Now money is one of the strongest proxies for social status and social proof but it’s not the only… women are attracted to men with lots of friends.

        This is why broke artists and broke party guys can get girls. Guys think “talented” artists get girls- NO! Artists who are apart of a scene with lots of friends get girls.

        Talent while not unimportant to girls is secondary to social status and social proof.

        Men who have successful social circles are attractive to women.

        This is why a man who works 60-80 hours a week, makes decent money at the expense of his social life are not attractive to women.

        Men who are successful at their job BUT also have a lot of friends from work and are treated with respect by his co-workers are attractive to women.

        This is why the concept of the wingman became a thing but has lost its appeal because most men are terrible wing men and will be “honest” instead of backing up their friend.

        If a women sees other men being deferential to a man she’s attracted to it can seal the deal. It shows he has status and other men listen when he speaks. Most men while wingmanning won’t back up their friend, “I thought that movie sucked…” “I prefer master of puppets over ride the lighting”

        Your homie already knows your taste, when you’re around them as a couple always take his side, always.

        Double dating is almost always a bad idea in the beginning. You don’t want to play second fiddle in front of your girl but it’s shitty to be or be alpha in front of your friends girl.

        Women want you to have friends with higher social status than you and double dating with them isn’t a bad idea. Your women won’t care to see not be “alpha” as long as the dude is considerably higher status to you and he pays you respect. Rich friend scenario or your boss etc that backfires if he’s not that much higher status than you but he still is “alpha” in your interactions.

        It’s always better to be a man amongst men than a king of bums.

        Anglin, like many insecure people in our society today are sadomasochistic narcissists. Which is a huge turn off to women. Sadomasochistic narcissists do not have peers but people they abuse and people they allow to abuse them. In other words all of their friends are either ass kissers or they’re sucking someone else’s dick.

        This seems at odd with what I just said about always backing your friend up. It kinda is but women aren’t known for being rational, also it should play out more like WWF wrestling than just dropping to your knees and blowing your friend in front of her. Banter a bit, argue a bit but let him win. Also this advice is really only important in the very early stages of your friend talking to a girl. First introductions, first few times hanging out etc

        In short, if you want a girl. Get a social life. The more male friends you have the better. The more other men see you and treat you like a man, the more women will see you as a man.

        Money will become more important when starting a family etc and is never unimportant. But men put too much emphasis on that. Rich men have social lives because they either have more free time or even if they’re the working rich people still want to be around them for opportunities.

        Unless you’re a millionaire, making money won’t give you a social life. But provide you the opportunities to have a social life. Having a social life won’t fall into your lap unless you’re a millionaire making mid-six figures and up.

        Obviously location determines what that cut off point would be where your money will hand you a social life. But having friends that actually like and respect will always be the most powerful aphrodisiac to women.

        • There were a fairly large number of young women that were interested in the 2015-2017 Alt Right era that were not a bunch of thots, but all of the weirdos and Anglin types ran them off and Fuentes has continued the trend.
          Every young woman that tried to make AR content or be a part of the so called “movement” is gone from the public space now because not enough normal dudes fought back when it got so bad.
          I’m an old woman so none of that involved me, but there were some nice girls that were attacked until they got the message and without women & children, it looks like a weird & culty militia and the normies don’t get into militia cult stuff. Even if there is cool esotericism and dank memes.
          Too much of the spergy stuff and not enough of the just be normal stuff add in paranoia and calling everyone a Fed? It got way too weird.

          • Di Butler,I believe our society was beyond repair 60 years ago when White troops of the 101st Airborne were holding bayonets on Whites trying to rightfully protect their culture and survival.Eisenhower called out those troops.Eisenhower purposely killed millions of German POW’s in WW2 when Germans had treated their POW’s honorably.Basically it can be shown Eisenhower was brought along by Jew Barauch and others as their puppet from the start.My point is that all this is the culmination of hundreds of years of Satanic Jew machinations and we are now seeing Hell on Earth.I believe this will be the one world control mentioned in the Bible.It is now so far gone that all we can do is hold fast to our own beliefs and wait for Christ.I am proud to live now and see the Jews get their punishment from God as He promised.

          • “weirdos and Anglin types ran them off and Fuentes has continued”

            So true.

            Those two and their ilk have all the finesse of a bull in a china shop. They behave like preteen boys, “ooooh, she has cooties”.

            It’s one thing to caution men, another to condemn the entire sex.

    • Well Mr.Many names,for all of history being proud of the White race wasn’t extremist.And now all other races can be proud but Whites.So just because females accept this obvious Jewish framing with which to destroy the White race then White men must fall in line?Sounds like you care a little to much about what gals think.The Lord said the man shall lead.The Jews knew the way to destroy the White race is to empower modern Eves.All past generations until the last several were taught to support their White men,and they did.

    • Arrian,it must all be allowed to collapse.The Jews control of education and media and judiciary and politicians gives little chance for gullible White women to know the truth.Some men find the truth because God made us to lead.If most of our women don’t have the wisdom to see that they are supporting the destruction of their own people then let this whole Satanic entity collapse.As Hitler said God made nature and when people go against nature they will receive a great correction.I trust in God and my White race.Thank you for your great comments,you are one of the few who always seems on the mark.

  2. Pro tip: Tidy up your medicine cabinet and empty your trash cans. Your girlfriend is a snoop. They all are. In fact, most people are snoops. If there’s anything in your medicine cabinet you wouldn’t want other people to see, like herpes ointments or medicine for depression, hide it somewhere. Same goes for the trash. A half-full or full trash can can divulge a lot of information about you, aside from revealing to others that you don’t empty your trash much. Pizza boxes in the kitchen can, wipes and dirty Q-tips in the bathroom can, none of this is very appealing.

    • @JimB,
      When I brought my first girlfriend home back in the day, the kitchen bench was a scene of empty beer bottles placed alongside a bowl of rotten, uneaten apples!
      Of course now, I don’t drink and do frequent the gym, but back then……

    • JimB you are correct.A past girlfriend of mine who never seemed nosey or the type to bother what wasn’t hers was left alone several hours in my bedroom(family was in other parts of house).Well she must have gone through every drawer,looked in every book,rummaged in any possible nook and cranny because she found several girls numbers from years back that I had long forgotten.In her jealousy and anger she destroyed several old posters I had.Quite upsetting.Some time later she was found to be cheating and I can say now that it was the best thing to happen.Glad to be rid of her and many lessons were learned the hard way(but what other way is there truly)

  3. “sleep with at least 50 women” ….uh, STDs ?
    ……. They can keep their herpes and clap, I’ll keep my health.

    What’s almost never mentioned , learn psychological evaluation methods, learn how to evaluate their real character.

  4. Dissing on the guy using cardboard boxes for furniture ?

    After two divorces he’s probably doing good to have that.

    • @Arrian, I agree. He should have mentioned that as a probable cause for that fellow. Lucky that he at least had the couch and TV.

  5. I’ve never really had a desire, to talk politics, with women, I find them to be, desirable in other way’s, these days, I think it is wiser and smarter, to be a good listener, I prefer conversation, with other SOUTHERN nationalist and other 2nd Comers, so i am pretty picky about who i have any conversation’s with, of meaningful substance, seems like mostly small talk, with everyday people, advice for younger guys, you dont have to advertise your political views, right away, let them talk, you listen, see if you can TRUST them ..

    • Well said. The media elite are trying to politicize everything. Literally, the meme is politicizing food and drink. About as far as we should go along with this is counter politicize in the initial stages. Discuss “how lame it is some people follow trendy politics instead of tasting and smelling the aroma of a good cocktail like we are.” Then linger etc etc.

      Don’t talk about body count, don’t talk about the ex, thats all in the past, what is important right now is to enjoy this moment. Going into politics is later. Going into religion is later. At any rate, if you are doing it correctly, you should be in a community where those questions are self evident. Otherwise you got you work cut out for you.

  6. The pendulum swing to the right will begin with them as they can’t even afford a comrade’s hovel with nothing in it as Marx said?
    Dreams Are Free.

  7. So I watched the first two critiques of the “male living space” video, and these are my thoughts.

    *keep in mind that I’m not trying to be overly critical of the young man presenting the video, or the overarching theme of “creating a pleasing living space for having female company over and making her feel comfortable and at ease”.

    However, I find the guy’s communication style about this subject to be a bit pretentious, and it felt like I was watching Christian Bale in American Psycho. I’m not a big fan of grown men attempting to come across as “Dapper Dandy”.

    My thoughts about the first apartment. Yes it was filthy, and that’s probably the primary concern. Filth makes a negative impression because it presents laziness, sloth, lack of ambition. As far as impressing a woman goes, I don’t think any of those negative qualities are going to go over well with a woman worth having.

    However, I think the guy was too harsh about the sparingness of the apartment. Here’s why:
    If you are a young man, or even a man in your early 30s, and unmarried and don’t have children, I don’t think a woman expects your home to look like the cover of Southern Living. All the pretension about paintings, furniture, beverage cart, etc…well, what if a young man, say of 28, is saving all his earnings for a down payment on his first piece of real estate? Or maybe he’s working on an entire investment scheme that will have him eventually renting out properties that will handsomely supplement his income? That 4-5 grand that he might blow on decorating an apartment that he plans on moving out of in 6 months might be better put to use in flipping an investment property that will help him pay $50k on a real home.

    Having said that, I do see value in at least covering the cardboard box with an old sheet, or maybe covering it with cheap wallpaper, or even a can of black spray paint.

    The point of all this is? A young woman is going to be more impressed with how much money you have to spend on entertaining HER, and with plans/ambitions for the future, than she’s going to care about what kind of platform you put a gaming system on in an efficiency apartment that you won’t be living in very long.

    A guy who only goes home to sleep and spends the rest of his time earning a good living and having fun outside of the home is going to thrill a woman a whole lot more than the turn off of a guy who doesn’t have a headboard on his bed.

    In fact, I think here in the straight, Christian, white working/middle class world, a guy who spends too much time thinking about interior decorating and about the hard cut part in his hair style, and what beard oil he uses, (ie a hipster) is going to come off as a little too homosexual-adjacent and effete. He’s going to more likely wind up having a lot of “girls who are friends” instead of girlfriends, who will be calling him up to invite to go shopping so that he can help coordinate their fashion chooses.

  8. “James is my favorite Zoomer YouTuber”:

    He is very urbane. “Urbane” is the correct word. “Genteel” is another apt description – the very opposite of a “coarse” hard-working (at manual labour) Christian peasant. The peasant would not hang Bauhaus art on the wall of his small cottage or hovel.

    (I only watched a little bit, so I am really only guessing, not sure.) Does he work, or does he do wealth management (aka investing)? If so, he won’t die prematurely of black lung, or suffer from occupational arthritis. He is probably conservative in politics, a Tory most likely. He also seems to be addicted to alcohol, in the form of fancy cocktails. I appreciate his good grammar and diction, but he is not opposed to using profanity, which he says he uses sparingly, strategically, for maxiumum impact. He gives advice about dating women. He doesn’t seem to recommend marrying a young woman at an early age, having children early, and not having relations with anyone else before or after marriage.

    A new Proletarian Cultural Revolution is needed for the West, in which such well-off, urbane and genteel conservatives are transported to rural areas to work in the fields, to experience hard work and “eat bread by the sweat of the brow” as the Scripture says.

    • Agreed, this guy looks way too pampered to be a proper role model for gen z youth.
      Stick him in the fields with the peasants.
      Conservatism doesn’t have to be capitalist, it can be protectionist and socialist.
      Ultimately all these upper class conservatives are about the same.
      For them conservatism = neoliberalism.
      They don’t really care about blood and soil, faith and flag, God and country, they just care about money.
      As long as their taxes are low and the peasants are barely surviving, toiling away for peanuts in their corporations, they’re happy.

    • I can only hope, Merthyr, that I’m exactly the kind of person you’d be happy to put to death.

      • I am unalterably opposed to war and capital punishment and all killing. John, I wish you well and may God protect you from all evil. It makes me sad that we cannot all agree and be united and perfect in knowledge like God. I am willing to admit I could be wrong about many things. “Let God be wise and every man a fool.”

        • Spare me your docility, Merthyr. If I’m recalling it correctly, the very-first image in the “Lenin’s 100th Birthday” video you recently linked here was an explosion—maybe the destruction of the swastika surmounted on the Reichstag. The video ended with the usual Soviet belligerence—the military parades and some artillery footage from World War II. Communism’s greatest hits—all violent and nasty.

          I wouldn’t push you out of the path of a moving car.

          • I would save you from an accident or drowning, donate blood or resuscitate if needed. I had forgotten all about that video, but based on your description I remember that it showed intelligent young people from all over the world (but apparently not from the U.S.!) re-discovering socialism, which might appear to you to be “violent,” but realize that the two systems (the old and the new) are complete opposites, incompatible, just like capitalism was incompatible with Feudalism that it replaced, but socialism is even more different because it does away entirely with class and private wealth (but not personal property). So it has been under constant attack by the dying but established system from the very beginning. Unless it had mounted a vigorous, “belligerent” defense it would certainly have been killed in its infancy. The private-profit usury system has no love for people and respects only power (strength). I look forward to the end of all war, the state withering away, and all swords being beaten into plowshares, as it says in Scripture.

          • Oh, yes, Merthyr—the dying system. I’ve been hearing about that for half a century or more, however long it’s been that I’ve been hearing about these things. I’m sure others were hearing about it for scores of years before I was born.

            It’s always in crisis, always collapsing of its contradictions, whatever they are. And all the while, it manages to provide its enemies the technology, one new bit of technology after another, that enables them to inform everyone that it’s dying.

    • Lol. Funny Merthyr. But yes I agree to a degree. However, the fact is upper class genteel always directs fashion and taste downward. All societies are fairly complex. So, whether lower orders adopt to a T, his recommendations or not, the fact remains there is a class that can certainly adopt these mores. As Americanists, we accept the need for both upper, middle, and lower class involvement each with its own different but similar class behaviors. It is correct to direct this downward, not in a sense of better than, but the betters direct.

      I am reminded of a scene written by a European correspondent visiting the Texan frontier and coming across a band of Texas Rangers. He describes their clothes, equipment, weapons, and grooming. While commenting on their toughness, he noted their clothing wasn’t exactly utilitarian but well made, with expensive accessories. He noted their grooming habits which in the field while not exactly genteel, but very close. He was most marked by their background which included a philosopher, a historian, a lawyer, a businessmen, and various skilled independent tradesmen with their own business and a few farmers, ranchers and a couple landed gentry. That is the epitome of American. Imagine this guy in the video but mixed with a bit of mma fighter, a brad Griffin, and a killer and you got what is the beginning of a movement.

    • James (James the apostle) wrote about how GENTLEMEN are almost always respected: “If there come to you a rich man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment, ye have respect for him that weareth the gay clothing and say unto him, Sit down here in a good place, and you say to the poor man, stand over there.” James also writes: “God has chosen the poor of this world (…) but ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you?” As the defrocked priest John Ball asked in his last open-air sermon before being captured, and hanged, drawn and quartered, “When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the Gentleman?” The Scribes and Pharisees also looked down on the poor workers who fed them with their manual labour for little wages and could not afford the money and time to perform all the required rituals: “These ‘people of the land’ who know not the Law are cursed.” The Scribe and Pharisee gentlemen who oppressed the poor (including evicting widows) were polite, well-dressed and respected, having all the signs of “being of the elect” – the first and foremost sign of their election being, of course, their wealth.

      • So, not only does being Aryan mean you are an oppressor, but being White means you are an exploited, but also well dressed means you are all of the above? I guess that is why you want to reduce all of us into a state of immiseration and claim God to justify it. Perhaps read between the lines. Christ didn’t say being a gentleman means you are wicked oppressor. Rather, he was saying remember your obligations as a well off gentleman to the less fortunate and for the common folk to not degrade the less well born others in the presence of the well born. Simple courtesies that all Nordic nations traditionally understand and which were reinforced by Christian morality. But, they don’t justify brutal leveling.

  9. Try to frequent some Amish or other Mennonite businesses. They will talk to you in English. Their advice will always be the same, put Jesus Christ first. Follow him. Virtually no one does

  10. speaking of ‘Leveling Up’:

    Good News everyone !

    O.J. Simpson dead at 76

    O.J. Simpson, known as a superstar football player, actor, and for his infamous murder trial in the 1990s, has died, his family announced Thursday.

    Simpson, 76, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. His family shared the news on X, formerly known as Twitter.

    “On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer,” the post reads. “He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”
    Simpson’s attorney confirmed to TMZ he died Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

    Once a beloved athlete, Simpson won the Heisman Trophy as a running back for the University of Southern California in 1968 and the NFL MVP award with the Buffalo Bills in 1973.
    He played 11 years in the NFL for the Bills and San Francisco 49ers and was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.
    After his football career Simpson turned to sports broadcasting and even acting. He was known for roles in Roots and The Naked Gun film series.

    Simpson had the attention of the nation on June 17, 1994, when he infamously evaded police in a white Ford Bronco driven by Al Cowlings after he was accused in the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

    Both were found stabbed to death outside Brown’s home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood.
    Evidence found at the scene seemed overwhelmingly against Simpson. Blood drops, bloody footprints and a glove were there. Another glove, smeared with blood, was found at his home.

    Simpson didn’t testify, but the prosecution asked him to try on the gloves in court. He struggled to squeeze them onto his hands and spoke his only three words of the trial: “They’re too small.”
    His attorney, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., told the jurors, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

    The jury found him not guilty of murder in 1995, but a separate civil trial jury found him liable in 1997 for the deaths and ordered him to pay $33.5 million to family members of Brown and Goldman.

    Simpson served nine years in a Nevada prison from 2008 to 2017 after he was convicted on charges including kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

    “I’ve basically spent a conflict-free life, you know,” said Simpson, whose parole ended in late 2021.

    Public fascination with Simpson never faded. Many debated whether he had been punished in Las Vegas for his acquittal in Los Angeles. In 2016, he was the subject of both an FX miniseries and five-part ESPN documentary.

    “I don’t think most of America believes I did it,” Simpson told The New York Times in 1995, a week after a jury determined he did not kill Brown and Goldman. “I’ve gotten thousands of letters and telegrams from people supporting me.”
    Twelve years later, following an outpouring of public outrage, Rupert Murdoch canceled a planned book by the News Corp.-owned HarperCollins in which Simpson offered his hypothetical account of the killings. It was to be titled “If I Did It.”

    Goldman’s family, still doggedly pursuing the multimillion-dollar wrongful death judgment, won control of the manuscript. They retitled the book “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.”

    “It’s all blood money, and unfortunately I had to join the jackals,” Simpson told The Associated Press at the time. He collected $880,000 in advance money for the book, paid through a third party.

    “It helped me get out of debt and secure my homestead,” he said.

    Less than two months after losing the rights to the book, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas.


  11. Hey heads up to the British gentleman who is appalled at the divorced bachelor using cardboard boxes as furniture. His ex wife took ever cent he has and every cent he ever will have. America is a Matriarchy, laws protect people who vote for Democrats including empowered women. Does that get him any leniency?

  12. OT completely, my apologies but has anyone noticed gold quoted at $2,373+/Troy ounce today in London and NYC, Ag up too? This is a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the system in a broad and deep manner. There is obviously no financial solution to the gross indebtedness of GloboHomo Empire except bankruptcy through inflation. Inflation destroys the value of debt every single time (by destroying the currency it’s denominated in) and no one is more indebted than GloboHomo Empire.

    The Usual Suspects on financial TV are mostly ignoring the rise of Au, still hawking stocks no doubt while they covertly buy up Au at whatever the USD price. The public is angry over inflation but isn’t ready for the even worse surge in inflation that’s coming for them soon especially if Our Greatest Ally attacks Iran. Inflation/currency destruction leads to impoverishment of the White middle class, what’s left of it anyway and that’s what’s for breakfast for the unprepared: poverty.

    • You’ve noticed US Steel has been sold to Nippon Steel?
      Is anything more American than US Steel ?

      Shadows of things to come, America will be sold of to aliens as payment for the fantastic 35 tril debt. Already much of our farmland is going into Chinese hands and others.

      Yes, Au has been on a rocket ride since March 1.
      It’s up almost 10x since 2000.
      That’s a true measure of REAL inflation, not this BLS CPI nonsense.

      • Arrian;

        Absolutely true about BLS cooking the books to try to help Dementia Joe but it’s not working at street level. Everyone knows inflation is bad and worse than U.S. Government figures because people shop for necessities constantly and see the price increases. When gasoline goes to + $4, $5, $6/gallon and higher it will simply collapse the Dementia Joe campaign. That’s when beauty queen Gavin Newsome “rescues” the Democrat Party at their convention.

  13. James is a faggot. Single men aren’t supposed to be prim little fucks. Young men should be spending their time socializing and learning a trade/going to college instead of wasting time on interior design. One healthy pattern I’ve always noticed with young men is that they’re happy living to live a pigsties until they get a date, at which point they’re motivated to clean up and order things. Men are generally happy to leave interior design decisions to their partners.

      • Arrian,
        My son and I have just renovated his unit (condo in your lingo) that was built in 1982! We pulled out the dated, vile brown , orange and cream colors everywhere and put in new flooring, bathroom, kitchen, toilet and wall paint using a fresher, far more contemporary colour theme…… silver, black and white.
        He purchased all new furniture to match the new look, again sticking with black, white and silver (black lounge, white dining set, etc). To add some colors, he used items that could easily be moved once they dated, such as plants, artwork, etc. The effect is very modern and clean looking, without appearing sterile and cold.
        Interior design from the 70’s and 80’s…….you gotta wonder how it ever looked new!

    • An interest in personal decorum is not really a sign of being a fag, but the way it is presented can be cringeworthy. It’s a facile criticism to make, as Samuel Johnson did of Lord Chesterfield’s Letters to his Son, that “they teach the morals of a whore, and the manners of a dancing master.” We have to keep in mind, nevertheless, that to be some sort of “gentleman” – is to have money. Without lavish expenditure beyond the means of most young men, there is not much point. That being said, in a society as slovenly as ours has become, even the slightest efforts in the direction of being more presentable can be advantageous.

      So what should we aspire to? Artistic handiwork is something that appeals to women. Perhaps beyond the capabilities of most young men, but something to keep in mind. Mechanical skill, skill in making a dwelling presentable, these are things women appreciate. If we wish to have guests where we live, then we must maintain some sort of standard that avoids causing unnecessary disgust. It may be cringeworthy to go into details, as cringeworthy as it is to talk about shaving and haircuts, or which sort of watches and shoes to wear, and what scents are most suitable and pleasant and least offensive.

      The simple fact is that before the white world went to hell, Men dressed properly, maintained some bare minimum of decorum, and generally lived MUCH BETTER than they do now.

      I think Americans should be cautious of mimicking British or Europeans and what they wear.

      Any sort of effort at personal style, even the most ridiculous, meets with approval from some quarters. The popularity of tattoos and piercings proves that. Women are attracted to any and all vulgar novelties. The importance of decorum is to learn to tastefully deport oneself and arrange ones dwellings and transportation so as to avoid creating discomfort in our acquaintances. It may seem like a waste of time for radical right-wingers like ourselves, but maybe the right-wing fanaticism is our substitute for the vulgarity of the pierced and tattooed.

  14. With regards to women, politics, race, the economy, etc, it’s important to question everything you’re told from any media format. Are you being told the truth, the whole story, or just their take on it?
    Always judge things from personal experience, not from what you’ve seen in the news or a Hollywood action movie, who’s only goal really, was to entertain the audience.
    We all want less diversity, but are blacks and immigrants total models of society, or are they all useless drains on society whome we’re better off without? The true answer is likely somewhere in the middle. I’m opposed to diversity not because any non white individual has harmed me. I’m opposed to it simply because I believe every race deserves their own homeland where they can thrive, free of division and differences in values and IQ.

  15. Government marriage is a rigged game.
    It makes bank for divorce lawyers and wrecks the rest of society.

  16. Yeah, I discovered the fellow in the YouTube videos too but he takes it a bit to the extreme. Or, maybe it would be better to say that he’s aimed more at city men with upscale jobs (investment banker, etc.) It would be better if he’d also make recommendations on aspects for blue collar guys as well as the upscale men.

    I’m an old man (mid 60’s) but I did live through an era when men of all social levels had some class in the way they dressed. My dad, for example, was blue collar but he never owned a pair of blue jeans. When he did jobs around the house, he wore dark brown chinos and a sweat shirt. You can see TV show fathers from the 50s and 60s dressed in similar style when they are working around the house. On Sundays, when we went to church or visit relatives, my dad, me and brothers wore a suit while my mom and sisters wore dresses. Even when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I wore a suit jacket, pants and clip on tie. We’d bring along play clothes and change in to them to play with my cousins.

    When I started my engineering career in the 80’s, a shirt and tie was required in the office. At that time, it was still majority male. By the early 90’s, there were more females and management started with “casual Fridays”, which basically meant office casual (no tie). This eventually degraded into casual all the time – blue jeans, shorts, sandals, whatever. Gone was the feelng of professionalism.

    The spectacles at “People of Walmart” would have been unheard of in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. So, I know where Zoomer James is coming from.

    I also got a chuckle out of the couple of videos he did on cologne. Cologne is an interesting topic and a hobby of mine. European men are more likely to wear cologne more often than American guys. When American men do wear cologne, it’s typically something their wives picked up at Walgreens or Walmart. That is, these days American men wear cologne that their wives or girlfriends like vs. what men would like and pick for themselves. There was an evolution in men’s cologne from the 1950’s culminating in the late 70’s and 1980’s where it reached its pinnacle, IMO. The colognes of that time were strong, staunch, hyper-masculine scents. (Some examples are Antaeus, Drakkar Noir, Quorum, Kouros and others.) Through the 90’s the trend moved towards the blue fragrances up to today, where young men typically wear scents that are ultra sweet – what little girls wore back in the 80’s. Most of the new colognes coming out are all “unisex”. I can only shake my head.

    Anyway, I can appreciate where Zoomer James is coming from, but I think he is taking it a bit extreme. And his latest video – the ins and outs of condoms – is a disappointment as far as being a role model for young men.

  17. “Women are bandwagoners”

    Yes, but it’s actually far worse than this. They generally do not search for or arrive at truths on their own, like we do, but rather wait for a consensus to be built among the chattering class (news media talking heads, drugged-up musicians, slimy politicians, advertisers, pollsters, & any of the other Jewish-led pressure groups), then simply absorb it into their DNA and shun or attack anyone with a deviating view. This explains why attempting to communicate with a modern woman, even a centrist one, is such an exercise in futility. If what you think does not match up with what she has been programmed to believe, she will have you pegged as an “extremist,” “racist,” “incel,” etc., and will forever view you as an “other” to be shunned. Psychologists think they are hardwired to not make waves due to being the physically weaker sex; thus agreeing with the herd’s consensus confers protective benefit upon them.

    I’m no longer a Trump supporter (due to him being too swampy & not being right-wing enough), but we’ve seen almost every female member of his inner circle flip on him over the years in direct proportion to all the Zio-lawsuits piling up against him. Hope Hicks, whose career was made by him, will likely testify against him this week.

    P.S. Why does this guy in the video have not one but TWO Bauhaus posters behind him? It was a far-left / commie “modern” architecture school / movement tasked with destroying classical European architectural beauty and harmony. Its goal was to make every structure look like a toaster oven or prison, to put it mildly. Thus I will never watch any more of this guy’s vids. (Note: I have had a poster of the band Bauhaus, who named themselves after it & even swiped its logo, on my wall for almost two decades.) The big G in his logo is reminiscent of the one in the Freemasons’ logo, & of Freemasonic agent provocateur Andrew Tate’s “Top G” branding.

    • Tom Wole on Bauhaus: “From Our House to Bauhaus”, a great (and short) read.

      Hint: He didn’t like it.

  18. I highly recommend these things :

    Dress well

    That includes spending more for the right blue jeans , boots

    Learn to partner dance – put in the time and $ money

    Put the word out that you mostly date and dance out of your neighbor- go for something more exotic like South American , French

    Never talk any politics with women , not even ours

    Always try to be in a group . The only time you want to be alone with a woman , including your wife and GF is when you are making love to her .

    These all work for me .

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