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  1. I find her so obnoxious, so divisive, so absolutely conductive to a snarl of my upper lip, that she could turn me against the idea that it is a good idea to spread butter on my toast in the morning. In the words of Hugo Chavez….”I can still smell the sulfur”!

  2. Maddow’s worse because she’s smart and chose to use her verbal dexterity to cudgel straight white people for profit.

  3. Maybe No-man cares to explain what he finds so objectionable about Spencer, a man who is openly speaking out for the interests of Whites?

  4. Collin Liddell is asshole. Always attacking other nationalists and writing second-rate satire that gives fodder to people like Maddow. Richard Spencer came off very well.

  5. VanSpeyk,

    No-Man has all these objections to white nationalism, but he come from a different perspective than Maddow and her ilk.

  6. She’s actually More of a white supremacist that Spencer.

    A supremacist doesnt mind having their work done my servile blacks and browns. See Brazil. A white supremacist paradise in many ways.

  7. VanSpeyk,

    Richard Spencer is probably a nice guy. I just don’t think his “semi-intelligent” thesis is something that will inspire anyone to do anything. No one is going to rise-up because they’re part of the IQ “sweet-spot”. He also appears to have the God damned holocaust on the tip of his tongue. Not sure why, Americans from Jim Crow states liberated those camps. That revisionism only becomes our battle if we forget who we are.

    Maybe Maddow is jealous because he’s more handsome?

  8. She’s insane. At no point did she even attempt to disprove that Hispanics are more likely to be criminal and more likely to like in poverty because they are low IQ.

  9. Is the MSM frightened or is it crowing in triumph? What do they think they have won? It’ll just result in separatist wars unless they let the Folk go. Most of us are uninterested in living like Effendis while the cattle plough and reap.

    It’s also funny to see a butch lesbian present herself as the norm. She’s in for a shock.

  10. @ John. Re: MSM

    And we are starting to piece the puzzle together. The leftward direction is, itself, the principle of organization. In a two-party democratic system, with Whigs and Tories, Democrats and Republicans, etc, the intelligentsia is always Whig. Their party is simply the party of those who want to get ahead. It is the party of celebrities, the ultra-rich, the great and good, the flexible of conscience. Tories are always misfits, losers, or just plain stupid – sometimes all three.

    And the left is the party of the educational organs, at whose head is the press and universities. This is our 20th-century version of the established church. Here at UR, we sometimes call it the Cathedral – although it is essential to note that, unlike an ordinary organization, it has no central administrator. No, this will not make it easier to deal with.

    This strange chiral asymmetry implies some fundamental difference between right and left. What is that difference? What does it even mean to be left rather than right? How can an entire system of independent thinkers and institutions, without any central coordinating agency, recognize that everyone should go left rather than right?

    First, we need to define left and right. In my opinion, obviously a controversial one, the explanation for this mysterious asymmetric dimension is easy: it is political entropy. Right represents peace, order and security; left represents war, anarchy and crime.


  11. Thanks for the answer, No man. I agree that a too narrow focus on IQ is too weak a reason to get people motivated about White interests.
    Fundamentally, people do not become pro-White ‘because White people invented a lot of stuff’, but because they want to live among their own people. When people realize the worsening demographic future if nothing is done and shed their imposed feelings of guilt about having racial feelings, then they have the potential to become a pro-White activist.

  12. She’s insane. At no point did she even attempt to disprove that Hispanics are more likely to be criminal and more likely to like in poverty because they are low IQ.

    It’s the classic point-and-sputter.  The emotional content is enough to sway the irrational, and most people are irrational.

  13. I just want to say I donated to the NPI when it first started. My views have changed since back in ’05. Now that I see the multiracialism as unavoidable I want it to play out in a way most favorable to whites.

  14. If you strip the libtards of their pretensions to moral authority you own them completely.

    I assume Maddow pointed sputtered and then made the intellectuals defend some esoteric abstract point and then she repeated her moral outrage. Without that she is nothing.

    Here is a line from Whitaker that can help you defeat a libtard, assuming you wish to defeat a libtard. “In your opinion.” This destroys the consensus that every libtard requires since consensus is their sole authority such as when you hear them say “everyone thinks.”

  15. Richard Spencer is standing up for our people and being slandered by a vicious lesbian Jewess Rachiel Maddow. MSNBC is now an openly Frankfurt School cultural Marxist propaganda machine promoting genocide of our people.

    Please stop trolling. The difference is night and day, our side against the enemy.

  16. “Our people” “jewess” “frankfurt” “marxist” “genocide” “our side”.

    These buzzwords and floating signifiers may stir crowds in Montana but they don’t interest me.

  17. “Genocide” is a polemical term, it’s not a value neutral word that can be effectively used in a political context against those that have long ago appropriated the term.

    Now I’ll duck out of this thread. /no troll

  18. What “interests” me is why MSNBS would air an entire advert from “White Supremacists” on national television. It’s worth thinking about.
    Mindweapons had this up as well and the comments are worth reading.
    There might be something more at work here than first appears…….;)

  19. ““Our people” “jewess” “frankfurt” “marxist” “genocide” “our side”.

    These buzzwords and floating signifiers may stir crowds in Montana but they don’t interest me.”

    No-Man. They Should. Because they are the sources from which all this filth flows.

    Of course, only government infiltration agents are allowed to use those words on co-opted blogs, such as this one; right Ryan?

  20. Hunter this “Fr. John+ ” is a loon, CT krank, nut case. Isn’t there a way to filter these comments?

    Otherwise, the words going to go out to the legions of Internet kooks, nut cases, screwballs, societal misfits that they can hang out on OD.

  21. You’re wasting your breath, Jack. Hunter lets Martin Lindstedt post here, so I doubt he’ll ever ban Fr. John+.

    (*Note – Although I usually write the ‘Fr.’ that preceds his name, I’m not referring to that nutcase as ‘Father’ as in the religious sense, because the guy is in no way a priest, but rather a disturbed diaper-pisser with an internet connection. No, let me clarify that whenever I address him, it should be phonetically read as “F-R dot John plus”.)

  22. If hispanics assimilate into the american middle class, then raw self interest would drive them to support the republican party over the democrat party regardless of rhetoric. And if they don’t, then far more than the republican party is in trouble.

    Of course it should be obvious to us that assimilation hasn’t ever happened, and doesn’t describe what occurred with previous waves of immigration.

  23. Absolutely no refutation of the facts. This is what is important: Maddow thinks that the usual liberal cliche rant is enought to suppress this. But many people looking at this sort of data for the first time will wonder why there is no counter-argument.

    As long as we stay in the focus, this question will be asked until our enemies are forced to debate the issue.

    Then, we win.

  24. I think genocide is a totally valid word, and its use amply supported by the facts.

    I enjoy No-man’s comments when he is positing his own theories. He fails when he attacks others.

    Fr. John+ and Jack Ryan have about a similar good/bad comment ratio.

    313 is always entertaining.

    Occigent is always on point, relevant, thoughtful and inciteful.

    Conclusion: Occigent for the win.

  25. Hey guys, sorry to come back after ducking but this thread has taken an interesting swerve.

    Please allow me to express the fact that outside of our little racialist demi-monde, we’re all arguably “kooks”. The man in the video, Mr. Spencer was exposed as a holocaust-skeptic. Mary, you’re a sweetheart, I adore you. That doesn’t change the fact that the idea o’er at MW that this will play in Peoria is anything other than an expression of complete confirmation bias, not to mention their isolation from the mainstream. My “wild ass guess” is Maddow’s audience is no more than half “white”; at least what those in our demi-monde consider “white”. It’s also slavishly shitlib.

    Personally I could do without the 9/11 Truthers, vast conspiracy people, mouth-breathers, self-crowned popes, trash-humpers…. No way am I trying to group them with all of ‘us’ but, they’re here and they’re queer.

    OD isn’t the kernal of a movement so much as a place to share ideas. We should be trying to function as a brain trust for Hunter too — when he has time to read our views, busy man he is. We should also be using the opportunity here to grow… Abandon weak worldviews, adopt stronger ones… Pick eachother’s brains.

  26. I think genocide is a totally valid word, and its use amply supported by the facts.

    Occigent, Whites trying to use the ‘G’ against the libs is like them calling us “race-traitors” to the Human race.

    It’s linguistic barbarism.

  27. Rachal Maddow one sided show of her yammering usually *click* the remote. I can only tolorate her screeaching voice for a minute. btw, operation wetback under the prez Enseinhower wasn’t a a fluke.

  28. Does anyone here actually personally know anyone who is a fan of Maddow’s? Family members, friends, fellow white workers and such.

  29. Technically Spencer was indicating that he didn’t care.
    Who cares? Honestly? Search your heart? Most people don’t care too much about friends…how improbable is it that you don’t care about strangers? Who gives a fuck about the suffering of strangers?

  30. Most people don’t care too much about friends…

    You’re basing this assertion on what? Sean’s story?

    Most people don’t have to consciously not care about the holocaust. By writing an article about it on his website he was by definition giving a shit.

    And no Brutus, she’s actually mocked in my real life circle. Nielsen breakdown anywhere?

  31. Even faggots don’t like her. It has been said fags and dykes are like vampires and werewolves (respectively) so no surprise.

  32. Great job Rachel. More of this please, and quit with the constant rants about gay rights; then I may watch you again.
    I also find it interesting that they actually played that advertisement on television. It was a badly done advertisement; the music was highly annoying; should have been folk or country.
    The guy interviewing the Heritage Foundation guy was great.
    Like Rachel, Dr Chris Matthews and our other friends at MSNBC, we are proud to be part of the high IQ elite which is working tirelessly on the project of smashing whiteness. Now go back to your rocks peasants.

  33. Rachel Maddow is actually a good reporter. She did a fine job when she went on location for a week to the Gulf Coast during the oil rig blowout. She interviewed real experts, Coast Guardsmen, and experienced drillers, oil cleanup veterans, etc. and let them do the talking. She was impressive.

    She runs over her guests with her big commie mouth on her regular political show though.

  34. Same guy. Thinks he’s Jonathan Swift or something. When a writer tries to model Swift, one can view it as either ambitious or foolish. I think I know what side of the fence Liddell lines up on in his work.

  35. “Abandon weak worldviews, adopt stronger ones …” The only WNs with large families seem to be Christian with an overtly pro-White theology.
    “We do our duty, and leave the consequences to God. … reforming this current system seems not only not desirable – it is not possible.” – Dr. Michael Hill
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovLGfoEo0Sc Dr Michael Hill 2012 LS National Conference
    The cultural Marxists know not what they do. They spread venereal disease and social anarchy to enrich a few capitalist wise-guys. White might sometimes be able to trust other Whites. Whites can never safely trust non-whites.
    http://news.yahoo.com/japanese-mayor-wartime-sex-slaves-were-necessary-042050746.html Japanese mayor: Wartime sex slaves were necessary

  36. “Rachel Maddow is actually a good reporter. She did a fine job when she went on location for a week to the Gulf Coast during the oil rig blowout. She interviewed real experts, Coast Guardsmen, and experienced drillers, oil cleanup veterans, etc. and let them do the talking”
    The only thing she’s useful.toilet paper.

  37. “Now go back to your rocks peasants.”

    Ah, the inspiring idealism of the Occupy Movement!

  38. Hunter, are you disappointed at the low quality trolls you attract?

    No-Man is nastier than Barbara Specter, and PGRT is more broken spirited than John Boehner.

    PGRT would marry his daughter to a donkey if someone told him it was the progressive thing to do, and No-Man would gladly serve as a NKVD agent in 1930s Ukraine.

    Seriously, MWIR and Counter-Currents get some clever top notch trolls, but third rate clowns like No-Man are sent to babysit your site?

    Its insulting, really. Write the ADL and ask for higher quality saboteurs.

  39. The Gramascian ‘Long March through the institutions of the West’ rolls forward with the Jewesses like Feinstein, Maddow, Spectre et al in the van with their fangs gleaming in the Red Dawn.

    Why are they not getting a white hot reception from White America?

  40. Filthy kikette..look at the gloating of this dirty jewess…….Hitler hat recht!

  41. How about some immigration reform for occupied Palestine Miss Sheeny Kike? Let the Palestinians freely return to the homes from which they were driven by the terrorist Jew supremacists!!

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