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  1. Proud Globalist..why don’t you fuck off you obnoxious troll? better yet take a stroll in the 9th ward of New Orleans around midnite sometime. One less white person, you should be all happy about that.

  2. No-Man,

    Your hysterical, scatological comments tend to confirm my suspicions as to your ethnicity.

  3. Whites Unite,

    When did you hit rock-bottom and become a white nationalist? Just remember you’re not a complete loser because you have the gift of deducing ethnicity from internet comments. Very marketable skill.

  4. Help me out with something, No-Man.

    Why does that famous Ashkenazi IQ seem to drop 50 points when confronted with calm and reasonable criticism of Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism?

    I’ve seen men reduced to a 4 word vocabulary: “Jew hater! Conspiracy theory! Jew hater! Conspiracy theory!”

    In the most extreme cases, men are reduced to a single word vocabulary “Canard! Canard! Canard!” (The ultimate duckspeak, you might say.)

    I am expected to remain calm and stoic when Weinstein produces “Django Unchained”, but you’re allowed to get all hysterical when Solzhenitsyn writes “200 Years Together”?

    Tsk tsk, its just not fair!

  5. Jews are corrosive because they reject Christ hence the legitimacy of Christendom. No need for a conspiracy. That being said, a frothing Jew and militant atheist might as well be tied together on account of their shared antipathy to Christianity and thrown in the proverbial well.

    What’s offensive about White Nationalism is the cretinous white atheist (or worse, cosmobuddhist odinist) is put on a pedestal on account of his magic DNA where he clumsily critiques not only Jews but inevitably his own culture.

    Now have a good night. I’m only frenetically posting because I’m re-entering hard ketosis on a cut. I need to go back to the gym and eat and pass out.

  6. Reynauld, why should I go to the Ninth Ward? I was born superior to you so I’ve never had to be in a place like that. Just because we have the same number of arms and legs and skin color, doesn’t mean we’re the same species. You peasants are closer to the black people in their level of species. So what if they commit a few more crimes or have different accents or have less impulse control? You’re trying to replace my kind as the elite, and establish yourselves as the elite, when you do not have the cognitive skills to be that elite.

  7. So what if they commit a few more crimes or have different accents or have less impulse control?

    lol: I can’t believe anyone takes this guy seriously! Total comic relief 🙂

  8. Well that’s right Rachel, just like when the Jewish Defense League uses the collective pronoun, they are being really, really specific about who they mean. When the American Israel Public Affairs Committee says ‘our’ they are being really, really specific about who they mean. This is Jewish Supremacy.

  9. Who gains from a loud-mouthed lesbian spewing liberalism? According to No-man, “… the intelligentsia is always Whig. Their party is simply the party of those who want to get ahead.” In the reign of King Solomon, the Jews had a reputation as warriors and religious fanatics. In their diaspora, the Jews now have a reputation as intellectuals and merchants. Liberals are wrong about race, group conflict, and human nature. Liberalism is a smokescreen used by hypocritical intellectuals and merchants to get ahead in the short run (even if they ruin everything in the long run). Warren Buffett learned his monopoly-seeking, vulture-investing bag of tricks from (Guess Jew?) Ben Graham.
    http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~prewett/writings/BookReviews/Buffettology.html “… Warren Buffett considers … companies with effective monopolies …”
    Who gains from cultural Marxism? Should the U.S. military becomes the bodyguard for Jews and homosexuals all over the world?
    If Prince Charles becomes “the defender of all faiths” and if all the White countries become non-white, then who gains?

  10. I thought Spencer did well in the clips. He’s well-spoken, thoughtful and presentable. We need more like him.

    Someone of his talents would be perfect for the independence series of videos. It’s too bad he’s wasting his talents on white nationalism, although I assume he’s a Yankee so there probably is little alternative for him.

  11. Hunter this “Fr. John+ ” is a loon, CT krank, nut case. Isn’t there a way to filter these comments?

    For whatever it’s worth, I’d prefer that he stay and you go. Your attempts to rally Southrons to the Yankee cause are obnoxious and boring.

  12. PGRT (at 5/15, 5:06AM) sums up very well the white, elitist thinking which would lead them to support the genocide of us “peasants” who are “closer to black people in their level of species”. Haven’t quite decided whether PGRT is foe or really friend (in an odd sort of way).

    Long Live Dixie (at 5/15, 12:57PM), I think you hit the nail on the head regarding Jack Ryan. Of course he’s free to start his own blog or website and he can ban whomever he wants to.

  13. PGRT will be like one of the old Bolsheviks who were consumed by the new Utopian order they ushered in. We illiterate peasants will survive..not so sure about PGRT. He will be hated by everyone of all races. It’ll get pretty lonely out there. Actually I think he’s a troll who comes here just to stir things up.

  14. PGRT, your idiotic suicidal positions indicate that you are not of the ‘cognitive elite’. No one who argues for the extinction of his own kind has any cognitive ability of any kind.

  15. More of the Same – PGRT loves us. He hates us cause he/it knows we are right, about everything, but he/it is fighting it’s attraction. It can’t say away. It hates us ’cause we’re beautiful.

  16. Are we notcing the principals in the IRS scandal, persecuting Patriotards (who DESERVE it) are of the Kikenvermin Persuasion?

  17. I’m not trying to put Hunter on the spot here, but I’d be interested in knowing how he feels about Richard Spencer given that Spencer openly stands for the creation of a white ethnostate on the North American continent. Technically speaking, both the Southern Nationalists and the White Nationalists believe in dissolving the Union, but the end goals are…different, to say the least. You’ve got the white ethnostate on one hand and an independent Dixie on the other. Maybe the white ethnostate will be a purely Yankee project? Other than Sam Dickson, I don’t know of any race-conscious Southerner who support the ethnostate.

    There’s also a third option: an American Renaissance, which was supported in 1995 by Sam Francis, and which to my knowledge he continued to support until his death 10 years later. But most of the pro-white movement, including Jared Taylor, has abandoned that concept. It seems likely to me that the movement is never going to come to a consensus on what the homeland should be, which is fine as long as we in the movement can agree to go our separate ways with our separate cultures. And lets be honest: Even among us in the pro-white movement, we sure as hell don’t share a common culture, a common philosophical outlook, a common religion, or, at least ethnically, a common blood. The Yankee-Dixie divide is just as strong in this movement as it is in mainstream politics. I used to think that’s a bad thing. I don’t anymore.

  18. @Dan Poole

    Hunter was pretty much ‘American Renaissance’-type WN until about late 2011. Then he got on this ‘Independent Dixie’ trip, presumably because he had some falling out with his one-time friends in the WN sphere. It’s actually quite similar to Harold Covington and his ostracization from mainstream WNism, and subsequent advocating for what believes to be the holy grail of white survival. Laughable internet-megalomania in both cases.

    Frankly, both Hunter and HAC’s ideas are just piss in the wind. America is a powder keg. In the near future, there will be racial war from coast to coast, internecine war among whites in all regions, the rise of despotic strongmen, and finally mass ethnic-cleansing. And every day that this inevitable descent into carnage doesn’t begin, is a day that white people should be using to prepare.

    I personally like Jared Taylor, but I agree with him that an American Renaissance, under present conditions, is not going to happen. I do believe that some form of America, both ideological as well as physically territorial, will emerge from the ashes of this coming hell-on-earth, similar to the way modern, ethno-nationalist Russia emerged from the Soviet Union’s demise. So I’m not despondent about the future, but I have no patience for stupid, self-serving fantasies about creating a country of one’s own.

  19. @Rudel:

    I agree. The biggest critique against the white ethnostate is that it assumes a common culture and common ethnicity among all white Americans. I used to delude myself into believing that too. But I know now that this simply isn’t the case. White America doesn’t have a common culture, a common ethnic background, a common faith, or a common philosophical outlook. It never did. Not even in 1776. John Jay’s comments that Pat Buchanan and other paleocons love to site was only true of the North. It wasn’t true of Virginia, the Carolinas, or Georgia.

    If the USA breaks apart, my guess is you’d see the following geographical boundaries:

    -Northeast + Midwest (Yankeeland, and not including Indiana)
    -Republic of Texas (assuming it doesn’t join Dixie)
    -Plains States and Mountain States
    -Northwest (YankeeWest)
    -Southwest (Latino Land)

  20. 1. Dixie — Completely overrun with niggers. The future ‘Black Homeland’ on this continent.

    2. Northeast + Midwest (including Indiana) — Default America. Likely where the successor America comes into being.

    3. Republic of Texas — Very realistic. Likely to become the economic power on this continent in the future.

    4. Plains and Mountain states — Some will likely integrate into Texas’s territorial boundaries.

    5. Northwest — Hard to say. Very liberal, rapidly being colonized by chinks. I’ve never been up there, so I can’t speculate.

    6. Southwest — May end up a permantly war-torn no-man’s land, similar to Somalia or Afghanistan.

  21. @313Chris:

    Yeah, I’ve read some of Hunter’s old stuff and was intrigued by his clashes with a “New Right” webzine of which I won’t speak. Personally, I’ve come to respect Southern Nationalists, particularly Michael Hill and his League of the South. But as a Yankee from the Midwest, I know Southern Nationalism just isn’t for me. You have to be a native Southerner to be a true Southerner, or else Dixie is just a racialized proposition state where transplants can become Confederate Sons.

    That said, I mostly agree with your analysis of my 6 part geographical breakup. Yankeeland, where I live right now here in Michigan, wouldn’t be for me because there’s too many damn ethnomasochists screaming for diversity and multiculturalism even though they live in +90% whitopias. I’d move to North Dakota tomorrow if I could. 3.9% unemployment in an otherwise shitty economy. A booming energy sector despite the existence of the EPA (anti-environmentalism remains a pet issue of mine). A successful state bank not controlled by private greed like the Federal Reserve. And of course, an 88.9% non-Hispanic white population that, in a dissolved Union, wouldn’t be subject to the tyranny of the 65 immigration law.

  22. @Mary:

    For years now I’ve been hearing Dave Bing’s “I’m a believer” commercials all over the radio. 313Chris probably knows what I’m talking about. Lulz.

  23. I couldn’t be happier the more this place declines. The niggers are leaving in droves — migrating back home to Dixie.

  24. “After a tumultuous four years overseeing a city long riddled with blight, corruption, crime, and historic financial issues, mayor Dave Bing has had enough, telling a stunned audience at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History Tuesday that he’d leave when his term ends in December.”

    That’s because he no longer has anything to do since the Governor of Michigan appointed a manager for the city’s affairs in March.

  25. I’ve met Richard Spencer in real life several times.

    There isn’t much difference between our views. I tend to think of the “White ethnostate” as an abstraction. It’s a good idea in theory, but in practice it means a number of things: rejecting Americanism, embracing secession, and most importantly, choosing where the “ethnostate” will be located.

  26. 1. Dixie — Completely overrun with niggers. The future ‘Black Homeland’ on this continent.

    Southron states range from 7.7% black (Oklahoma) to 37.3% black (Mississippi), thus making your statement that Dixie is completely overrun with niggers an absurdity. And I think this is the third time I’ve refuted this particular lie of yours.

  27. @Hunter:

    Thanks for sharing. Insofar as Americanism is defined as a creedal/propositional belief in the “universal values” of liberty and equality, than I’m also against Americanism. What I’m undecided about is what comes next. A part of me really doesn’t care what comes next as long as this disastrously failed experiment in equality is razed to the ground.

  28. “I think this is the third time I’ve refuted this particular lie of yours.”

    You’ve refuted nothing. The niggers in the South are spread out everywhere and are the majority in a significant number of counties. In the rest of the country they are almost exclusively confined to urban ghettoes leaving the vast majority of American territory white.

  29. Percent black doesn’t mean much in states with a small pop. Let’s see the raw totals. There are many blacks outside the south.

    • Less than 18 percent of blacks live in the rural South. County level maps are meaningless. Blacks live in major cities and around 55% of them live in the South and 45% live in the North and West.

      BTW, all this talk about a “Great Re-Migration” to the South is nonsense. It is mostly public sector retirees who are moving to Florida and Georgia. Some blacks have moved to the Sunbelt, but their numbers are dwarfed by the Northern White transplants who are moving here.

      As the White middle class is squeezed out of high tax blue states (i.e., California, New York, Illinois), those states are becoming less White.

  30. In the rest of the country they are almost exclusively confined to urban ghettoes leaving the vast majority of American territory white.

    Here in exurban New Netherland we had a bit of a scandal lastweek, covered by the local paper. Turns out Negroes were taking the bus out of the ghetto and panhandling in some historic districts and shopping centers. They were quickly arrested for not having “permits”, good thing is, panhandling permits don’t exist. 🙂

  31. Easy.

    Less than 18 percent of blacks live in the rural South. That’s because not all counties are created equal.

    There are 584,345 blacks in Detroit alone. To put this in perspective, there are only 212,413 people in Birmingham, which is the biggest city in Alabama, and only 155,911 of the people who live there are black.

    The sheer number of niggers crammed into Detroit doesn’t have a parallel anywhere in the South … in fact, anywhere else in America.

    50.9 percent of the population of Stewart County (GA) is black. That means there are about 3,075 blacks living there. Alabama and Georgia are two of the most heavily forested states in America.

    If you look at the county map, it looks like counties in the Deep South are full of blacks, but in reality, there are only a handful of blacks there, which are usually concentrated in a certain area of a small town, and the vast majority of the county is timberland or given over to crops like soybeans, cotton, and peanuts.

  32. “Less than 18 percent of blacks live in the rural South. County level maps are meaningless.”

    That map belies your statement. You are no doubt counting any incorporated area as a “city.” Nice try but no cigar. Anyone who has been in the Deep South knows that niggers are everywhere! It’s not the same when driving around in the rural North or West.

  33. In 2013, there are fewer blacks in the rural South than ever before. There are fewer Whites too because 21st century agriculture is capital intensive and only a fraction of the population works in agriculture.

  34. No, it doesn’t.

    The black population hasn’t been concentrated in the Deep South, especially the rural South, in more than half a century. 1/3 of the black population lives in the 7 states of the original Confederacy. Most of them live in Texas and Florida which are less “percent black” than the other 5 states.

    55 percent of blacks live in the South as a whole. 45 percent live in the North and the West. The “percent black” map only shows that small counties like Stewart County (GA) are majority black, but 50.1% of 6,042 doesn’t add to much when there are 44 million blacks in America.

  35. “The “percent black” map only shows that small counties like Stewart County (GA) are majority black, but 50.1% of 6,042 doesn’t add to much when there are 44 million blacks in America.”

    It’s the massive contiguous area of black counties that is telling.

  36. Really?

    If there is a “Great Re-Migration” of blacks going on, then surely we would see a major shift in the black population from the North and West to the South since the 1960s, but that hasn’t happened at all.

    Some blacks are moving to the South, but it is nothing more than one facet of the larger trend of Northerners moving to the Sunbelt. Most of the blacks moving here are retired public employees or professionals.

  37. Not really.

    I’ve been to most of those counties in Alabama and Georgia. Macon County (AL) is 81.5% black. Jefferson County (AL) is 42.3% black. There are 660,009 people in Jefferson County and 20,535 people in Macon County.

    That rounds out to 16,736 blacks in Macon County and 279,183 blacks in Jefferson County. The results aren’t surprising to anyone who knows that most Americans have lived in the cities since the 1920s and the black population is more heavily urbanized than any other racial group.

  38. This graph shows why we need not fear a negro takeover of the South, despite the longstanding yankee tradition of desiring such an outcome.


    After the federal teat has run dry, I think we can expect to see negro numbers diminish substantially. Then again, without federal government interference, their numbers would be much smaller than they are today.

    The eternal yankee dream of a completely negrified South will not come to pass.

    You folks have been at this since the days of Henry Ward Beecher and John Brown. Yankee exaltation of the negro is a project doomed to failure due to the innate qualities (or should I say lack thereof) of negroes and their effeminate yankee supporters.

    Deo Vindice

  39. In 2013, Alabama is 66.8% White.

    The United States as a whole is 63.4% White. What does that tell you? It tells you that America, not Alabama, is rapidly changing.

  40. The entire demographic issue is contrived by the federal government, which lavishes NAMs and other undesirables with every incentive it can concoct.

    Once federal subsidies for the diversities are gone, so are the diversities.

    My advice for yankees panting like rutting sows at the prospect of a completely negrified South:

    Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

    And change your underwear…er, panties before you disgrace yourselves completely.

    Deo Vindice

  41. @Apuleius

    They’ve already taken over the South, and you and Hunter damn well know it. They control all of your major cities and counties, and they’re migrating back down there in increasing numbers every year. Please, why else do the two of you spend every day whining about “The Union”?

  42. The south is packed with niggers. They brought them here in the first place so it’s only fitting that they should be around them.

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