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  1. What foul beast is this, lumbering towards Tel Aviv to be born?

    Methinks ’tis the Hollywood/Wall Street/Harvard axis of evil, and it should be wearing a black hat and beard, not Uncle Sam’s honorable garb.

    At any rate, I know how Yeats felt. There is no Burke to cry aloud, no Pitt.

  2. Leave behind that old failed contard reactionary shrieking, we are the social critics now.

  3. Why don’t those little guys in the ‘toon just snip those cords? Why all the hanging on?


  4. Nice metaphor for our situation and also the solution.

    Now, on the count of three, everybody let go and watch the lumbering beast fall.


    Deo Vindice

  5. A literally godless Constitution derives legitimacy from the mob.

    The organic GC concept (multiracialism from above) is the balm that can salve this land.

  6. The Golem Circle?

    Thesis: White. Anglo. Prot. (Sub antithesis: post-racial, deracinated atheism)

    Antithesis: Brown. Latin. Catholic. (Sub thesis: racialized, swaggering heathen)

    Synthesis: The Golden Circle

  7. It’s also lumbering toward erasing from existence every last memorial to the Confederacy. A recent NY Times’ Op-Ed (written by someone surnamed Malanowski) arguing that every military base named after a Confederate “traitor” ought to be renamed has given rise to a flurry of responses, almost all of which have been sympathetic to the proposed rebranding.

    What a disgusting pseudo-nation the USA is, that a Polish late-comer can tell Southerners, the people who largely founded and settled this nation, that the generals who led their people into battle are not fit to be remembered. At this point, secession may well be quixotic, but it’s the only hope the South has.

  8. What a disgusting pseudo-nation the USA is, that a Polish late-comer can tell Southerners, the people who largely founded and settled this nation, that the generals who led their people into battle are not fit to be remembered.

    People that arrived here after the war are “fitting in” by being civic nationalists. That’s what they’re told being American is. Every liberal American Jew or Pollack or whomever whose family came here after 1865 was just chia seed slathered onto the Yankee chia pet..

  9. When destroying a Jewish boarding school graduate who just called you a racist bigot, it helps to be slightly gay… But it also helps to have a long memory and kinda sorta name the Jew but not name the new, but instead mention her fee.


    Lol. Best video ever. I’m surprised she didn’t claim RAPE!

  10. “We need to be like the rest of America. If you want to be the party of white people, we’re winning all the white votes. We’re a diverse nation. We’re going to win when we look like America.”

    ~ Rand Paul, 2013
    Full Article

  11. I was told, decades ago and on I know not what authority, that “Uncle Sam” was the figure of a New England bachelor dressed in the fashion of the 1840s.

  12. No-Man, I fail to follow you on the GC comments. Brazil had a White majority until last year. It still has a population which is Whiter than Texas. Venezuela is about 42% White with about 30 million people, very similar to Texas, actually. In both of these countries and in other plantation societies in the region White people, not mestizos and mulattos, ran the country – and to a large extent continue to do so to this day (although the current trends in both of the above named countries are very negative politically). The idea of the GC was not a mixed population. In fact, the laws and social pressures against mixing were very strong in these places until recently (when, in most cases, egalitarian laws were imposed upon the former plantation areas by cosmopolitan Progressives (in the USA read ‘Northern Whites Leftists’ and in Brazil read the urban elites in the southern part of the country who had few connections to the plantation world in the northeast).

  13. “Yes, “jumped up public schoolgirl” really hit the nail on the head.”

    Yes, indeed. She became noticeably agitated at that remark and began sputtering about personal attacks, oblivious that he had just disrupted her own personal attack against him. Leftists cannot hold their own in any debate, so are trained to just keep spewing the same bullshit over and over.

    Deo Vindice

  14. Brothers, as a proud descendant of my Confederate ancestors, I ask you to clarify, for me, the meaning of the political caricature above. I don’t fully understand. Believe me I take great pride in my forefathers who served under Pickett, J.B. Hood, and and many others; however, this is my first visit to your website and I’m not quite sure of where you stand. Please don’t read this as an accusatory request, by any means, simply one of clarification. Thanks.

  15. Slouching toward Gomorrah- Judge Bork – 2000’s

    Lumbering toward Tolerance – Judge Sodomgomorr – 2010’s

    Bending over and taking it – Judge Bergsteinwitz – 2020’s

    Timeline of apostasy.

    “And then comes the end.” – Jesus Christ

  16. “John says:
    May 29, 2013 at 4:14 pm
    The Golem.”

    Sad to say, John, the allusion is lost to many on this forum….

    At first, I was going to say Frankenstein’s Monster- but, on further thought, I believe you to be substantively correct.

  17. John!

    Starkey is a Hero!

    The Jewess is crazy. See how they start whining, and making excuses, the second some-one calls them out?

    I read up in her/it’s background. Mental, crazy, spoilt-rotten solipsistic JEW.

    When the rock’s pulled up, their pasty essence is exposed to the light. Why have Whites put up with any of of ’em, for one second?

    Starkey did what I’m always advocating – call them OUT.

  18. Huckleberry,

    I’m a Yankee Virago, but on behalf of the Regulars – welcome!

    Settle in!

    You’ll find some wonderful things, here-in.

    Hunteris a scholar and a gentleman. As such, his interests range far and wide.

    This is mostly a Pro Southern site. Hunter, and the rest of the Men and Ladies of Dixie want secession.

    I do to. I love Southerners. Best folk on Earth, You sound like you come from superb stock. Stick around.

  19. Michael,

    I’m really just looking at the cultural side of things playing out due to demographic change. The idea is basically that the operating principles of the Golden Circle are redeemed through diversity, not that multi-racialism itself is the goal. Multi-racialism is the reality and Golden Circle was an organic sprout of European culture in the Caribbean where “whiteness” was a proxy of Christianity which I would argue remains the case to this day and the failure for people to understand that is the cause of much disorder and unnecessary pain.

    The radical core of the South was always Catholic with a High Anglican orbit. Surrat, Booth, Loreta Velazquez, all the radicals we

    I cant see what I’m typing now but will aubmit this… tablet error.re Catholic.

  20. Fr.John +..isnt this stupid christian system responsible for our plight…sorry, but my god..all the false statements of the so called Jesus,,I will be arriving before some of you are dead,,,Let’s ditch this semitic 2000 year old superstition..after all why did jesus have to die? to redeem us from something noted in an ancient scripture of a desert tribe..which european white science has since disproved..let us white people unite without this ancient fraud jesus

  21. “Why have Whites put up with any of of ‘em, for one second?”

    For the usual reasons: money and connections, and, perhaps most of all, because their interests did not really conflict, and thus they did not care.

  22. ‘“whiteness” was a proxy of Christianity”‘

    They were an identity. People commonly referred to Europe as “Christendom.” It was always evangelical though. From the pontificating Christian propaganda of the British imperialists to the old-fashioned “convert or die” stratagem of the Portuguese and Spaniards.

    Here in the USA we just exterminated them.

  23. @RobRoySimmons: “… we are the social critics now.” Can we trust non-whites? Can we trust Jews? Does a welfare state with open borders make sense? Does it make sense for Israel to control U.S. and U.K. foreign policy? (Well, yes, … in a way.)
    “We are ruled by fools, cowards and traitors.” – Nick Griffin
    http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/jamesedwards/ Jihad murder in the United Kingdom
    We want diversity and variety. – Milton Friedman
    “Never, never trust a Jew.” – Carolyn Yeager
    All of White western civilization is H.M.S. Titanic. Make your individual and collective plans accordingly.

  24. @Hunter Wallace: “… reform is futile.” Jews cannot be reformed – Jews create a Jewish culture. Mexicans cannot be reformed – Mexicans create a Mexican culture. Blacks cannot be reformed – blacks create a black culture. Whites can be brainwashed – Whites formerly created a White culture.
    Dishonesty is everywhere, money and greed destroy civilizations – it has happened before. Lincoln was a dishonest lawyer.
    “Most of the big increases in government spending occur in wartime. … Abraham Lincoln … never split rails … He was a railroad attorney … mostly an Illinois Central lawyer.” – Murray Rothbard
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2ndkCvHGj4 Murray Rothbard: The Civil War and Its Legacy
    Bernanke attended Harvard University, where he lived in Winthrop House with the future CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics ”summa cum laude” in 1975. He received the doctor of philosophy degree in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979 after completing and defending his dissertation, ”Long-Term Commitments, Dynamic Optimization, and the Business Cycle”. Bernanke’s thesis adviser was the future governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Bernanke
    Hitler fought a science war against the British and Americans and a war of attrition against the Soviets. He should have done nothing or perfected jet planes and A-bombs before doing something. We need a pro-White demographic plan based upon psychological warfare, human cloning, and genetic engineering. Develop a good plan, execute the plan, and hope to win.

  25. No-Man

    “A literally godless Constitution derives legitimacy from the mob.”

    Exactly! This is a truth that the far majority of white Americans, particularly conservatives, are unwilling to face. Liberal whites actually do us pro-whites an unintentional service when they bash the original Constitution as a dead letter. We NEED the Constitution to be discredited so we can forge ahead with a new vision that is currently considered off-the-charts radical. That vision is the dissolution of the United States into different sovereign nation-states, one of which would be Dixie.

    The Constitution is not the answer. The Declaration of Independence is not the answer. “Returning to the values of the Framers” is most certainly not the answer. The Constitution is a Civic Nationalist pact that was forged in complete secret. Why the secrecy? What we’re they trying to hide? What kind of rat did Patrick Henry smell? Whatever the answers to these questions, we know this: The Constitution says nothing about either whiteness or Christianity, which means it was a house built on sand from the start. It was destined to fail, and as Richard Spencer explained at the 2013 Amren speech that I attended, it failed 70 years later when the Civil War broke out.

    Dissolve this disgusting Union.

  26. @Fr. John:”Slouching towards Gomorrah – Judge Bork – 2000’s”
    “Tolerance” means intolerance of anything White and celebration of anything anti-Christian or anti-White (even arson, rape, and genocide).
    “Our ambition is really to do as little as possible.” – Stockholm Chief of Police
    “We go to the crime scenes, but when we get there we stand and wait. If we see a burning car, we let it burn if there is no risk of the fire spreading to other cars or buildings nearby. By doing so we minimize the risk or having rocks thrown at us.” – Lars from the Stockholm Police Department

  27. Dan Poole: Yeah I always LOL when Alex Jones and libertard brigade scream that 1776 is the answer. 1776 was the biggest mistake the South ever made.

  28. Reynauld- I could not even begin to refute your fallacies, esp. as we need to stay on topic, via HW’s wishes. But, let me be brief, and clear.

    I do not consider ‘Xtianity’ as practiced in the West, to BE Christianity. I am not a Roman, but I am a Catholic priest. I am Orthodox, and therefore, see things totally differently from the Western, Egalitarian framework many of the posters here- even those who say they are ‘free’ from ‘religion.’ They may be free from ‘organized religion,’ but they aren’t free from the filioquist philosophy that imbued the entire West for over a 1000 years. Heck, they don’t even know they are held captive by it!

    I also do not consider the “Jews” of today to be Semites- for they deny it themselves! Men like Freedman, Koestler, and Schlomo Sands. I consider the Church to be Israel, as opposed to an age-old heresy now held by most ‘Evangelicals’ in the YOU-ESS-AYYY, known as Chiliasm, or Dispensationalism. (think “Left Behind,” Falwell, Robertson, Dallas Heresy Seminary, and most of the Tea party idiots…) I believe that only the nations of Christendom are God’s ‘Chosen People’ now- in line with many of the best writers such as Stephen Sizer, Charles Provan, as well as 2000 years of Church Fathers, etc.

    So, I neither see Biblical morality as somehow ‘tainted’ with Judaism, as Judaism (as it exists at present) only came into existence, some 700 years AFTER the Resurrection. Nor do I see biblical morality inapplicable to the West. I see the West and the Byzantine’s law codes (Justinian, Magna Carta, British Common Law) as suffused with Mosaic Commandments, biblical case laws, and often, self-consciously so. (Blackstone’s commentaries were the blueprint for pre-1776 law in America.)

    And, I believe it is only as we return to those earlier laws, repatriate the ‘other’ (including the godless Jews) and repudiate the man-centered Enlightenment crap (French Law, Diversity Law, Sodomite Law, Corporate Law, Papal law) and return to a Christocracy under Theonomy (what many in the Southern Secessionist movement desire, even as they quote Dabney, et al.) will we then be free. And that is my heart’s desire. Deo Volente.

  29. Dan Poole gets it.

    If people cannot see a clear historical arc from the quaking liberal slut Betsy Ross to Kim Kardashian then they belong in the political wilderness.

    Authority is “oppression”.
    Religion is “social control”.
    Aristocracy is “elitism”.
    When the mob wins is “progress”.

    Understanding that these are founding American principles helps to put the counter-culture of the 1960’s in context. It was a radical reset to traditional American ideals and a backlash against cultural “southernization”….

  30. “Why have Whites put up with any of of ‘em, for one second?”

    Because White people don’t see them as a separate tribe.

  31. This is something the founding modern civil rightist Vernon Johns understood..

    The United States is becoming like the South rather than the South being transformed into a non-racist area. This transformation is being large ignored by American sociologists, and, worse, is being justified in the name of multicultural separatism. By the time American sociologists and other intellectuals wake up to this process of southernization, it will probably be too late for them to change it and they will have to accept it as a reality. Indeed, once fully established, the few American intellectuals who protest against the new southernized America will be largely ignored and punished into quietness.


    Vernon Johns is required reading to understand the Golden Circle ‘creep’ I’m trying to formulate here.

  32. Vernon Johns Society. Johns himself couldn’t be bothered to collect his thoughts supposedly losing them in a “fire” but his in-your-face preaching and rallying of the US against “the deep south” where it was “safer to be a rabbit than a nigger cuz de always be in season” was passed on to MLK, his acolyte. The Society is white people interpreting his rants and collecting books that share the message minus “nigger bullshit” (as per Silver).

  33. The Constitution is a Civic Nationalist pact that was forged in complete secret

    You mean it’s a forgery like the Protocols?

  34. “The Constitution is a Civic Nationalist pact that was forged in complete secret. Why the secrecy? What we’re they trying to hide? What kind of rat did Patrick Henry smell? Whatever the answers to these questions, we know this: The Constitution says nothing about either whiteness or Christianity, which means it was a house built on sand from the start. It was destined to fail, and as Richard Spencer explained at the 2013 Amren speech that I attended, it failed 70 years later when the Civil War broke out”

    Race was never an issues at that Time. The U.S. Constitution is outdated. 1933 25 points NSDAP put the the Masons of London, New york, etc out of bussiness.

  35. I’ve recently come to same conclusions as many posting here about the Constitution. From the beginning it was never ever about liberty and self government–the various states already had that. It was about centralization of power and making States irrelevant. Since then it has been continually modified into a machine to legitimize leftism.
    The left should love it now–absolutely no protection for the culture, religion, or desires of the majority. The mob always gets what it wants, unless it wants something conservative, at which point our grand old Constitution is activated to defend the minority and Federal judges override. This has been continual for at least 50 years now.

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