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  1. Southwest goes so will the U.S. In a generation or so. Washington DC will make further concession of a bipolar world that will sealed its unipolar dominant .

  2. The Upper Midwest does not deserve to be attacked here. It is FAR more socially conservative than the Northeast and West Coast. In fact, the Upper Midwest may be more conservative than the Interior West on “tolerance” issues. Wisconsin in 2006 voted 60% to ban gay marriage AND civil unions, and Michigan voted by a wider margin than Virginia to ban gay marriage, civil unions, AND domestic partnerships. Minnesota in the last election voted by a very narrow margin to defeat a gay marriage constitutional ban in a state where gay marriage was already banned. At the same time, Washington, Maine, and Maryland were voting by greater margins to outright legalize gay marriage.

    Upper Midwesterners are blue because of economic issues, not really social issues.

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