SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally: (Montgomery, AL – May 9th)


In February, the SPLC filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get a US federal judge to strike down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

The League of the South will protest the SPLC’s attack on the Southern family and the traditional Christian definition of marriage at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL on Friday, May 5 at 11:00 AM.

This rally will publicize the cause of Southern Rights which is the right of the people of the Southern states, not unelected US federal judges, to govern themselves and make their own laws in their state legislatures.

The SPLC, a multimillion dollar hedge fund that masquerades as a charitable “civil rights organization,” will no longer be allowed to trample on the will of the people of Alabama and other Southern states without public opposition.

Note: I assume the date of this event might be changed to Saturday for more people will have the opportunity to participate.

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  1. Let’s start putting together lists of potential supporters in the area:

    Conservative churches, GOP donors, alternative Conservative media etc.

    We need to start getting much better at fundraising , learn to ask rich people who donate to other causes to donate to us.

    Look at how successful the SPLC has been at fundraising. We can learn from the successful things they do.

  2. Add Michigan to the list of States whose gay marriage bans were struck down by federal judges.

  3. Pennsylvania is still struggling, at great taxpayer expense, to defend its Defense of Marriage Act against continual legal challenges.

  4. Hunter, if the date changes keep in mind that scheduling it at 11:00 makes it harder for people who have a drive of several hours to attend. It also requires them to either get a hotel room for two nights (waste of money) or skip the after-rally fellowship (which means lost networking). I can’t promise I’ll go to this one in any case, but an afternoon demonstration would be much easier for me and other out-of-staters to attend.

  5. @Hunter

    I’m hoping everyone remembers to send you a few dollars to help out with this event. Politics costs money, and the logistics of politics cost money, lots of it. We should all be willing to share a small burden.

  6. Jack Ryan makes some good tactical points.

    Here is one observation: the Left can dish out, but they can not take it. Especially when you confront them on their own ground. The Left is so used to be setting the agenda that even the smallest attack will skunk them.

    A point to consider: the SPLC likes to talk about “tolerance.” Yet it is incredibly intolerant of those who do not tow the party line. This is a contradiction that needs to be exploited. Point out that an organization which claims to be for tolerance gets people fired from their jobs, or works with the federal government to attack dissenters (by smearing them as “hate groups”). And now it is undermining democracy by supporting federal judges against the will of the people.

    This is a struggle for freedom–good luck!

  7. awed bawl, please don’t start that conspiracy theory mongering crap! All the available evidence point to one of the pilots having a mental illness. Sometimes these things are not discovered until it’s too late. And your idea of a Jewish conspiracy behind this tragedy is balderdash. So want if the Israeli’s have a jet just like it? So do a lot of other airlines. Are they all in on this ‘conspiracy’ of yours too?

  8. Stephen the psych system is the biggest cult conspiracy theorists out there…apparently our brains are conspiring against us and evolution.

    There is no such thing as mental illness. There are organic brain disorders like manic deperession and schizophrenia, which come from genetics.

    It’s just incredible that you claim some poster is grasping about this missing plane when you’re shilling for the biggest paranoia-industry out there, that being the psych system.

    Give me a break. According to the psych establishment, you, me, and everyone on here is mentally ill, bipolar, schizotypal, borderline, and PARANOID for thinking whites are under attack.

    Except Spelunker. Now in a world where he’s ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ and we’re all physiologically ill to have these ‘thoughts’ about Diversity you need to ask what’s wrong with this picture.

    You are paranoid that everyone has a ‘mental illness,’ plain and simple. I ignore the silly plane issue, but think it perfectly possible it was an intended distraction. I do not think it possible that folks on here are ‘mentally ill’ for hating Diversity Cult’s hatred of us.

  9. Good comment, NYYankees. Their deadly weapon of psychology becomes harmless when we no longer believe in it.

  10. NYYankee, I don’t understand why you took offense at my comment. It wasn’t aimed at you and I certainly didn’t accuse you of having a mental illness. I said one of the pilots might have had a mental illness. I based that speculation on some stories I read about the missing flight. And I ridicule conspiracy theories when anybody puts up one to explain something without looking at the facts first. I only believe in conspiracies when the facts point to one.
    Then you go on a rant that mental illnesses don’t exist. Oh? Tell that to the people who’s lives have been messed up by these non existing illnesses. Some are caused by organic brain disorders, some by traumatic shock(s), like PTSD, and others as a side effect of diseases and illnesses. (Scarlet fever, for example, can set someone up for schizophrenia.) Your statement that the entire mental health establishment thinks everybody here is cuckoo is sheer nonsense. Maybe some members of the mental health establishment think that way, but all of them? Pardon me for saying this, but that’s crazy! And when did I say that “everybody has a mental illness?” I said no such thing! Your whole reply to me was totally detached from what I actually said in my post. If someone has called you crazy, nuts, or cuckoo in your life for a sane, but controversial idea or opinion you had, I’m sorry. But at the same time, lashing out at me for stating what was, (and probably is) the most logical explanation for the tragedy, isn’t exactly a ‘sane’ thing to do either. I do hope in the future you look at all the facts in in a story before you go off on a silly rant like this.

  11. I live in the heart of Big Pharma. NJ, Connecticut…this is where the system is basically hatching it’s plot to essentially call dissident whites mentally ill. Some pro-White recently proffered the evidence, maybe I’ll try to look it up.

    I’m just pointing out that believing in their schlock is paranoid, as their entire thesis is. I’m older than you I suspect, so I’ll give you a history lesson. Before the early 90’s there was no such thing as ‘bipolar.’ PTSD, yeah, but ‘bipolar?’ Nope, just manic depression which is genetic and which is wholly different than this issue of maladjustedness or socio-political oppression. PTSD isn’t classified as a mental illness according to the psychiatrists, who control the psych system. Did you know only their word matters in court? Only they can officially give diagnoses.

    They ‘discovered’ ‘bipolar’ when it became profitable for them to do so. Do you really think that there was some genetic mental illness for all these hundreds of years and no one noticed?

    Every person I’ve known who is manic depressive has had both psychosis and genetic history. Every one. It has nothing to do with ’emotional problems.’ I read case law from the 70’s in NJ once to research this. A guy sued and won (if it makes precedent it’s considered a major case) because the psych system took him in and refused to release him for five years, when all he was was totally neurotic and under major stress.

    His main argument was that he was clearly not schizophrenic nor manic depressive, and hence had no real mental illness and should not have been interned against his will for so long. He did have highly neurotic symptoms but even the shrinks didn’t try to lie and say he was truly psychotic or at least not in the deeper and more systemic way real mental illness would cause.

    He won, but that was in a world that didn’t call everybody and their freakin’ brother ‘mentally ill.’ It was before psychopharmaceuticals were created to address ‘mood’ issues that are merely emotional or psychological. I have known of people who get committed for nothing, because their wife who is about to divorce them wants them to be, because they made some stupid overly dramatic remark to their best friend. That happened at work; a coworker who was a spoiled and lazy (and jewish) liked to say she had ‘bipolar’ to get out of doing anything she didn’t feel like doing. This causes emotional issues, not ‘mental’ ones. The drama queen made some silly remark and her BF called the cops and they came and pulled her out of work. After a week in the ghetto psych ward, she realized what truly ‘sick’ was and stopped bitching so much. In NJ one can literally get ‘evaluated’ for sneezing. Another coworker (in the same company) had to be ‘watched’ for awhile in some capacity in high school because her jealous ‘BF’ made up a lie that she supposedly said about hurting herself or who knows what. That was pure lie, not one iota of truth in it. Both girls are about 15 years younger than me, mid twenties, and the conditions here in the northeast, especially Conn (from what I’m hearing from pro-White friends) and NJ, are terrifying.

    I’ll rant all I want. You have an allergy to contemplating plots. There is more substance to wondering if there even was a plane than there is to wondering why every white woman who was raped during the 80’s and 90’s is ‘bipolar.’ Or if our returning vets who know they killed for evil jews, are. Or if some disgusting lazy degenerate black who murders whites for fun or ‘revenge’ is.

    The plane is possible, the idea that the above categories have ‘mental illness’ isn’t. No schizo, no manic depressive = no mental illness. The state cannot carry everyone’s self-indulgent pity parties, whether it be the people who lie about their ‘friends’ or ‘family’ to get them committed or the pathetic weaklings who can’t eat right, exercise now and then, and stay away from drugs and booze. It’s that simple, about 98% of the time.

  12. I remember as far back as 1992 looking through library reference sections for scholarships. Almost none applied to my situation at the time. I dismissed it.
    Increasingly I’m finding that undergrads (white) complain about the lack of any support system via private foundations that might apply to them.

    I point out to the more angered one’s that it is essentially anti-white by design and pro black/brown in practice. Then the lights switch on.

  13. NYYankee, it’s obvious you have brought into the propaganda of the anti-psychiatry movement. I heard all that nonsense twenty years ago, and I saw that the people pushing it had a political agenda that had nothing to do with helping mental patients. Many of the leaders of this movement are hard core leftists who push the ridiculous idea that the mentally ill are the ‘victims’ of oppression by society. So they push a form of leftism called mad liberation. They tell the mentally ill to reject psychiatric care, and work against psychiatry. It’s like telling cancer patients to reject medical care. How well does that work out for them? Do they get better or worst without medical care? Do I even have to answer that?

  14. Stephen, you are indeed crazy to buy into crazy.

    There are mental illnesses.

    Then there are just fucked up people. Fucked up people have to choose not to be fucked up. About 10% of fucked up people are ‘psychiatric’ in that they take on some semi-psychotic symptoms and potentially benefit from drugs, internment, etc.

    You’re the one who’d drinking Kool Aid. If you need to take a happy pill here or there, fine, lots of people do, but don’t call it a mental illness when it’s just some neurosis.

    Sorry if this is sensitive for you and maybe we should move on.

  15. If you feel like it I’d like your definition of mentally ill as mine doesn’t suit you.

    In the northeast where everyone is Type A, full of power trips, plots and psychopharmaceuticals, we *know* psychiatry is a lie, plain and simple. They have MD’s yet they cannot proffer any empirical medical evidence to interpret.

    Instead they interpret reality for all of us. Ever read Kurt Vonegut? In one of his books he made fun of the owner of a beauty shop: ‘Bella weighed 300 pounds.’

    Everyone is nuts, Stephen, in varying degrees. Poverty and the system to oppress people. But only manic depression and schizophrenia are actual mental illnesses, and both can be found genetically – yet the psychiatrists somehow won’t allow them to be.

    Are there some people in between? Yes, but they have character and personality disorders, and they don’t need anything but to get their act together. Some happy pills can help a little if they like them.

    But in a world where we as pro–Whites are all one not so random cop stop away from internment and chemical castration, I don’t tolerate you propagating lies.

  16. NYYankee, I know people who are mentally ill. I know their illnesses are real. Your statement that there are only two kinds of mental illnesses is false and that they’re all genetic is incorrect. Did you ever hear of Disassociate Identity Disorder? It’s not genetic, like PTSD, it’s caused by extreme trauma. I know one person with it, and her genetics are just fine.
    All of your statements reveal that you have an irrational fear of psychiatry. The only people I have known to has such fear are hard to treat mental patients or political activists in the so called mad lib movement. And oh, lets not forget the Scientologists either. I don’t know what your thing is, but regardless of what angle your coming from, you’re the one spreadin BS, not me.

  17. All the people I know who believe in the Pschlyck system are fear-based sheep. I guess coming from NJ most know it’s essentially corrupt.

    Your friend might have psychological problems but that’s not an ‘illness’ per se, which is only something biological. If she wants to believe crazy stuff, I don’t think it’s the state’s right to somehow dictate what her beliefs should be. If she wants some sort of help, then I guess she should go get it.

    But stop projecting. If you’re dependent on drugs or some paid shrink to listen to your problems, then I suggest you either own it or stop trying to project that weakness onto others.

  18. Oh and deal with the fact that psychiatry is based on the notion that women reporting rape are ‘hysterical’ and have ‘penis envy,’ etc. It’s foundation is the idea that rape and sexual abuse of women is in their heads. Freud first said that his ‘patients’ had been raped; when the rich rejected that some of their men had committed these atrocious acts, they forced Freud to recant and he then he called women survivors mentally ill.

    You don’t know much about the realities of the psych system it seems to me. Women have been fighting for decades to get them to stop pathologizing women victims. Ever read Paula Caplan? She describes in one of her books how the DSM-V authors fought over whether or not to ‘diagnose’ women who were victims of abuse as ‘masochists.’

    The psych system is pure evil, plain and simple. All the people abused by it shouldn’t have to pay such a price because a tiny percentage of the populace either has genetic disorder, or even the very rare psychosis that is non-organically-induced.

    Basically, I’m of the opinion that without a genetic test proving schizophrenia or manic depression, there should be no way to legally commit a person.

    Susan Lindaeur was prosecuted for trying to rat on the neo cons right as they were trying to justify invading Iraq (she’d been working with the CIA and knew there were no WMD). She became the first US citizen prosecuted under the Patriot Act, except the government was so scared of her truth being aired that they had her declared unfit to stand trial, and tried desperately to drug her to shut her up.

    She actually told me she doesn’t believe there is any such thing as mental illness in the wake of that experience.

    Sorry Stephen, but trying to call everyone who exposes the pseudo ‘field’ of ‘mental health’ some kind of ‘mental patient’ just makes you sound totally overbearing and overwrought.

  19. NYYankee, all of your remarks show you have brought into the propaganda of the Anti-Psychiatry movement. I read all this foolishness years ago, and listening to you parrot this crap is like going back in time for me. When you claim psychiatry is evil, you’re showing the simplistic, paranoid mindset of a conspiracy theorist. I’ve seen this mindset in every member of the anti-psychiatry movement and in several mentally ill folks I’ve known over the years. As I have already said, these anti’s are not motivated by love for the mentally ill, they’re motivated by leftist politics. If you want to do something practical about what you perceive to be the defects in the mental health system, join the National Association For The Mentally Ill aka NAMI. Or are they a part of the grand conspiracy too?

  20. Folks: I had more than a few courses on psychology, and I worked several years with severely mentally-ill juveniles.

    Mental illness is a reality. And BigPharma is both a vital tool in treating that reality: and, sadly, a racket.

    Clearly some mental illness is caused by brain injury: a blow to a head, deprivation of oxygen (as in a near-drowning), a high fever, genetic defects, etcetera.

    What is less understood is how emotional trauma can also cause brain injury–what is beginning to emerge is how our interactions with the outside world continually ‘wire’ and ‘re-wire’ our neurological pathways.

    Intensive behavioral-modification therapy, assisted by short-term use of medication, could probably help significant numbers of persons currently drawing disability checks to return to partial or full productivity, leading happier lives.

    Stephen Dalton and I know and have discussed certain folks who could benefit from such an approach. Many mentally-ill folks, kept in a clinical setting closely resembling the real-world: but with trained behavioral therapists ready-to-hand to help the client deal with the situations which provoke emotional distress or cause acting-out; could eventually ‘mainstream into part-time or even full-time work, support themselves and live better lives.

    Sadly, the sort of systems which would be needed are expensive and involve establishing institutions which have potential for being abusive. While a purely-pharmaceutical approach, with nominal ‘counseling’ accompanying the dispensing of drugs can be quite profitable. (If you want to entertain a conspiracy theory–contemplate that many, if not most psychotropic medications have, as an unintended consequence, a life-shortening aspect to them, causing weight gain and various other side effects, especially when used long term).

    What complicates things is that some diseases–such as schizophrenia–will never be treated using behavioral therapy: the medications are the only effective treatment we currently have.

    That many sorts of mental illness went undiagnosed for centuries and millenia is scarcely surprising. The connection between hand-washing and disease went undiscovered as well. Who knows how many lives were adversely affected and even shortened before we understood what sleep apnea is? Or the connection between tobacco and lung & heart disease?

    Don’t know what happened to Malaysian Flight 370: I favor the idea that an electrical fire led to the abrupt ascent, to attempt to smother the flames. When that failed, the pilot set a course to an airport, but being overcome by smoke, was rendered unconscious so that the plane overshot its course and went down after it exhausted its fuel.

    It’ll be fascinating to see if someone can somehow link all of this to Hunter Wallace’s original article on the SPLC. LoL!

  21. HS, take anything Denise says with a big grain of salt. I followed the links she gave in her silly misinformed article, and frankly, I believe Dr. Bratman has a good case for the “healthy food” obsession being dangerous. The orthorexic restricts his diet like the anorexic, and becomes malnourished as a result. Denise is just overacting to Bratman’s ideas because he’s Jewish. I looked at the evidence he presented and found he had a good case, regardless of his ethnic background. In parting, I’ve known two persons with eating disorders, and anyone who is minimizing something like this, like Denise is doing, is doing these folks no favors.

  22. “PTSD isn’t classified as a mental illness according to the psychiatrists, who control the psych system.”

    Actually it has, and has been officially recognized as such in the DSM for years and described anecdotally for millennia. Before it was specifically classified it was often called “acute anxiety disorder”, “combat fatigue”, “shell shock”, “soldiers heart” etc.

    Despite the screening by the US Army of draftees for susceptibility to psychiatric stress in World War II, the ratio of rear-area support troops to combat troops was twelve to one. In the four years of war, no more than 800,000 soldiers saw direct combat, and of these, 37.5 percent became such serious psychiatric cases, they were permanently discharged.


  23. ‘HS, take anything Denise says with a big grain of salt’:

    HS, you would do well to always take positions the OPPOSITE of Dalton’s (unless he begins to use ‘negative psychology’ here). So far he has advocated or defended psychiatry (legal drug pushing) in mainstream medicine; mainstream dietary habits against the natural health movement; mainstream ‘conservatism’ against full-fledged WN; mainstream (urban-style) waste disposal against composting toilets and outhouses (remember that long argument!); and mainstream Babylonian Global-universalist Christian heresy against Biblical ethnic Christianity — all on this blog!

  24. ‘HS, take anything Denise says with a big grain of salt’:

    HS, you would do well to always take positions the OPPOSITE of Dalton’s (unless he begins to use ‘negative psychology’ here). So far he has advocated or defended psychiatry (legal drug pushing) in mainstream medicine; mainstream dietary habits against the natural health movement; mainstream ‘conservatism’ against full-fledged WN; mainstream (urban-style) waste disposal against composting toilets and outhouses (remember that long argument!); and mainstream Babylonian Global-universalist Christian heresy against Biblical ethnic Christianity — all on this blog!

  25. Rudel, thanks for being a voice for sanity on the subject of mental illness. Mosin, thanks for making me look good with your foolishness and narrow-mindedness!

  26. No claim to Saxon ancestry by me, Rudel.

    Hereward is the mastermind of composting projects and local Fifth of November festivities that you in particular would enjoy, Dalton.

  27. Rudel, do you have any non-Talmudic, non-psychiatric, non-drug-prescribing, NON-ALCOHOLIC (for us teetotalers) White recommendations for resistance to battle shock? While some are ‘shocked’ by a single one-on-one self-defense encounter, others can be at war for years and still sleep all night and remain functional. Thorough training for conditioning to the experience of conflict is required, but also conviction and righteous indignation that are often lacking in mercenaries.

  28. Mosin, HS’s 5th of November celebrations are going to be replaced by Eid and Ramadan if his fellow Saxons don’t reproduce themselves more than the Muslims do. When that happens, he and his buddies will be able to put out all the night soil their guts can excrete!
    Your self-righteous comments on PTSD are heartless. I suppose you would criticize a soldier who got one of his limbs blown off in battle because he didn’t have enough training. convection, and righteous indignation, eh Pharisee?

  29. “non-psychiatric”

    What do you mean non-psychiatric? It’s a neurological medical condition caused by repeated fight or flight responses the results of which are retained in the amygdala and some other parts of the brain. I don’t think a noble heart or good intentions have a goddam thing to do with it.

    There are what are called immersion therapies where you constantly remember-retell your bad experiences that don’t necessarily rely on drugs. I don’t know if they work or not but there are enough of them around that they must be doing some people some good. I wouldn’t know about the Talmud as I have never read any of it other than snippets of quotations from time to time.

    I don’t know any combat vet who hasn’t had a bad dream from time to time and what in hell do you have against alcohol? I’ve found that a good stiff drink is often just the ticket after a particularly hard day at work.

  30. Some of it might , just might be the more thorough psychiatric screening and diagnosis.

    How was madness diagnosed 300 years ago anyway?

  31. Cap’t John, madness was basically diagnosed the same way it is today. Is the patient hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting thing that aren’t real? Is he acting in a self-destructive manner? (Suicidal, self-mutilation, extreme neglect of hygiene etc.)

  32. “Cap’t John, madness was basically diagnosed the same way it is today. Is the patient hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting thing that aren’t real? Is he acting in a self-destructive manner? (Suicidal, self-mutilation, extreme neglect of hygiene etc.)”

    You are leaving out homicidal behaviors and all sorts of destructive behavior aimed at others like torture and cannibalism.

  33. Rudel , thanks for adding those behaviors to the list. Most mental patients I’ve known were not homicidal, so I neglected to mention those kind of behaviors.

  34. Hate to mention it but Foucault gives a good account of some it.

    Imagining things that are literally not there is a good working definition. Cannibalism (unless starving in extremis) good point too.

    The latitude given psychiatry has expanded though. Might be a good might be a bad.

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