SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally: (Montgomery, AL – May 9th)


In February, the SPLC filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get a US federal judge to strike down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

The League of the South will protest the SPLC’s attack on the Southern family and the traditional Christian definition of marriage at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL on Friday, May 5 at 11:00 AM.

This rally will publicize the cause of Southern Rights which is the right of the people of the Southern states, not unelected US federal judges, to govern themselves and make their own laws in their state legislatures.

The SPLC, a multimillion dollar hedge fund that masquerades as a charitable “civil rights organization,” will no longer be allowed to trample on the will of the people of Alabama and other Southern states without public opposition.

Note: I assume the date of this event might be changed to Saturday for more people will have the opportunity to participate.

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  1. I don’t know if you realize this or not, Dalton, but Lindauer’s psychiatrists in prison didn’t go along with the notion that she was ‘mentally ill’ at least in terms of having hallucinations, etc. Having talked with Susan some, I’m under the impression they didn’t really have much to say but that the court couldn’t bear to have her truth aired in public.

    The reason for this is that Susan has money and friends, as otherwise the shrinks would have gone along with the court and Patriot Act. Once the psychiatrists know there is support behind a person, they back down, as they fear that their ridiculous racket will be exposed for what it is – a ‘science’ with zero science backing it that essentially comes down to one person’s word against another’s, in terms of the ‘medical evidence,’ and a power-hungry sicko projecting his or her problems onto their ‘patient.’

  2. Mosin, did you even bother to read Kincaid’s article? Snowden compromised our national security. The information he gave the FSB can be used to harm this country and it’s citizens. what part of that don’t you understand man?!

  3. ‘Snowden compromised our national security’

    That’s just ONE of many Neocon propaganda memes you’re pushing on these blogs.

    WN must be mainstreamed, so it doesn’t ‘compromise the national security’ of the Global Obamanation.

  4. “The information he gave the FSB can be used to harm this country and it’s citizens.”

    It is our own Federal Government that is murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians world wide. These reporters and the humanitarian man and his children who tried to help them are perfect examples of this and would not have been caught in the act without the video being released by people that you erroneously call harmful.

  5. Rudel, what I said still stands. The information that Snowden gave to the FSB can be used to harm our country. If somebody here in Peoria, Il. is harmed or killed because of information leaked by that fool, I’m going to be very angry with Snowden for providing the data that made it possible. And if these ninnyhammers would stop giving aid and comfort to the terrorists in the first place, may be their asses wouldn’t be blown to hell!

  6. Those people wasted by the choppers in the video were innocent civilians as are the hundreds of thousands of others we have killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan over the last ten years. We need to stop thinking we can somehow police the world by unleashing predator drones and cruise missiles indiscriminately against foreigners all over the world.

    Snowden hasn’t harmed anyone and I hail him as a true hero who is trying to stop the monstrous military/police state the U.S. has become since WWII. Actually it’s been since Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground. I actively hope for the destruction of this unholy Union and fervently welcome its demise.

  7. Stated perfectly. Thanks, Rudel. Dalton reveals once again which side he’s REALLY on. We hope the Union and Federal-Global Beast really WOULD suffer insecurity. I wasn’t going to look this morning, while checking the weather report, but this made it worthwhile. Sunday greetings all.

  8. I forgot to add: ‘Milonov is the same politician who has proposed that Russia outlaw the promotion of homosexuality, grant full citizenship to embryos and force women who have not given birth by the age of 23 to join the army’ — hence its relevance to the thread topic.

  9. “Snowden hasn’t harmed anybody?” I suggest you read Cliff Kincaid’s columns over at http://www.renewamerica.com starting with this one http://www.renewamerica.com/column/kincaid/140325 BTW Rudel, we may not like what we’re living under now and long for it’s demise, but our enemies don’t see us as Yankees or Southrons. They don’t give a damn whether we wave a stars and stripes or a stars and bars, we’re just Americans to them. So it’s absolutely stupid to cheer on a jerk like Snowden as a hero.

  10. Dalton, please prove this assertion that Lindauer had a mental illness. First, define what that would be. Second, explain how that applies to her.

    I can say you have a mental illness. Does that make it true? I think you’re ‘paranoid,’ just as you claim I am.

    Mostly I think you’re just very neurotic, which doesn’t equate to being psychotic, which in my definition means experiencing hallucinations, whether audial, visual, or emotional. I don’t use the word delusion because too many human beings have some sort of delusions. An ugly man thinks he’s hot, etc. etc. So since delusions are a dime a dozen, I refer to the phenomenon of emotional hallucination; a manic person thinks they’re Thomas Jefferson, for eg. This can’t be physically true, and is not a function of his relational reality, as there’s really no such thing ultimately.

    So please explain what Susan’s ‘mental illness’ is. A judge who didn’t want the truth that she had been working for the CIA (a military guy told me it’s quite common for the CIA to use non-CIA people for various projects) to be considered in court calls her mentally ill. I call you mentally ill, you call me that.

    If you can’t see how absurd the entire concept is I really am at a loss. Without empirical scientific *medical* evidence that’s not one person’s word against another’s, I don’t see how anyone can call mental health ‘diagnosing’ ‘science,’ or a psychiatrist a ‘doctor.’ And again, in Lindauer’s case the prison psychiatrist didn’t even claim she was hallucinating, not that psychiatrists don’t generally lie.

  11. “Without empirical scientific *medical* evidence that’s not one person’s word against another’s, I don’t see how anyone can call mental health ‘diagnosing’ ‘science,’ or a psychiatrist a ‘doctor.’”

    If you have ever had a disconnected “conversation” with a person diagnosed as schizophrenic you would be under no illusion that the mental disorder doesn’t exist. As for cognitive science in it’s entirety it is most certainly a legitimate branch of science. Dissections, brain scans, observational testing of subjects under controlled experiments, and the empirical evidence garnered from people with physical damage of different areas of their brains compared to those with no damage have conclusively proved that their is a condition that can be described as mental impairment. Helping these people are the branches of medicine called psychiatry, neurology, physical and mental therapy, and brain surgery.

    I have personally known people with brain tumors and brain damage whose aberrant behavior has been cured by removal of tumors and also stroke sufferers who have regained their faculties through intense therapy that has allowed them to regain the ability to move and communicate by training alternate pathways in their brains.

    Your assertions about the non-existence of cognitive science is sheer pig-ignorance. Please stop posting here.

  12. Rudel you don’t own this website.

    Never have I stated that schizophrenia doesn’t exist. Stop putting words in my mouth to obscure the truth I’m elucidating. If there is scientific evidence of schizophrenia, as I know there is for manic depression because that is genetic, then it needs to be proffered in order to somehow ‘diagnose.’

    This is what you get when you indulge such sophistry and witch doctoring:

    The animal who home invaded and raped a 4 year old white girl is now being termed ‘mentally ill.’ He’ll get ‘diagnosed’ with ‘bipolar’ of some kind, spend a couple years max in some state psych ward, and then get discharged into the federal housing so that state resources are further depleted for his gibsmedats. In Iowa poor whites are living in tent cities while the blacks usurp all the Section 8 housing.

    This is what your ridiculous mental illness hysteria accomplishes, and it’s what it’s design has been from the beginning of Big Pharma.

  13. I challenge anyone who reads this site to somehow prove or even assert that the savage didn’t know what he was doing. He is a demented savage and needs to be put down. He is not somehow ‘ill,’ he is merely evil.

  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stark_County_Sheriff's_Office


    Read and watch, tell me that ‘mental illness’ isn’t being used to torture white women. So all these attractive white women were ‘suicidal?’

    Racism has recently been declared a ‘mental illness,’ by the psych system. The Nanny/Police State has basically given cops and Diversity carte blanche to do whatever they want to white women, and white men, too. White women trying to defend themselves from assault are dragged into custody, claimed to be ‘suicidal’ and strip searched and worse for fun. Anyone can claim someone is suicidal and get them committed and drugged, raped, etc.

  15. NYYankee, you bitch constantly about many mental illnesses not having a physical diagnosis. Well deary, I’ve got news for you. Until the progress in medical science in recent years, no physical diagnosis was possible. You could only diagnose mental illnesses by behavior patterns. And as Dr. Sidney Walker says in his “A Dose Of Sanity” the brain is the organ of thought and behavior. If a person’s thought’s and behavior’s change to where they work against him, we can assume something is wrong with the brain. Hallucinations indicate psychosis. Exaggerated moods point to affective disorders such as mania or depression. A deeply ingrained, inflexible pattern of relating, perceiving, and thinking serious enough to cause distress or impaired functioning is a personality disorder. Yet you claim that if there’s no physical diagnosis, the illness doesn’t exist. Yet, for most of human history, behavioral patterns were the only way to diagnose mental illnesses. That’s still the basic method used today. Yet you would want us to throw away centuries of observations and the wisdom gained by medical science because they have not found the physical causes for some mental illnesses. Your demand would condemn millions of people to hell on earth because ‘they don’t have a known physical cause for their illness.’

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